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Hamare Rafi

This information is shared by RAFI PUJARIS.

Hamare Rafi by Rafi Pujaris“HAMARE RAFI” = “RAFI PUJARIS” are found in largest number in India as well as all over the World. Rafi Pujaris would celebrate Rafisaab’s birthday on every 24th Dec. They did it this year too. “HAMARE RAFI” a group of RAFI PUJARIS celebrated their dearest Rafisaab”s 83rd birthday at Rafi Mansion, Bandra. A large number of Rafi Pujaris were present: Shri A.Narayan (Singer), Kishore Makwana (Singer), Bharat Dave (Artist), Hitesh Makwana (Singer & Graphic Designer), Shri B K Arte (Treasurer Cine Society), Dr .Ram Kataria (Dentist), Shri Kiritbhai Bhuta (Businessman), Shri Anil Mehta (Advocate), Arvind Solanki, Chanderbhai, Atulbhai Makwana, Tushar Trivedi, Manish Karnik, Dr.Yunus Sumra (MBBS) and Many more.

“HAMARE RAFI” Pujaris has organised free stage shows for Sr.Citizen At M M K College, Bandra under supervision of Shri Nandlal Jumani, B.E. a Social Worker and many more on 10-02-2008. “HAMARE RAFI” Organise such shows to encourage aspiring youngsters to sing Rafi Saab”s melodious songs.

Hamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (22).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (16).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (20).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (19).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (17).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (21).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (15).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (14).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (13).jpg

“HAMARE RAFI” formed by not a SINGLE PERSON but by “RAFI PUJARIS” named, Shri A Narayan (Singer), Kishore Makwana (Singer) Bharat Dave (Artist) Hitesh Makwana (Singer & Graphic Designer) Arvind Solanki, Atulbhai Makwana, Tushar Trivedi, Chander (Commercial Artist) Manish Karnik & Shri B K Arte (Treasurer- Cine Society, Mumbai) and many more. No one can claim that he is a FOUNDER of HAMARE RAFI. RAFI PUJARIS are also connected with “RAFI FAN CLUB”, ULHASNAGAR and also get guidance from them, also participated in their musical programmes. Dr. Prabhu Ahuja is a President & Shri Anup Madnani is a Vice President of this BIGGEST Rafi Fan Club of India.

Hamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (12).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (11).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (10).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (2).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (3).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (4).jpg

For Details Contact:

Shri A.Narayan: 9819 56 56 53/93233 84755
Shri Kishore Makwana: 9969 12 01 58
Shri Bharat Dave: 9869 11 33 45
Shri Hitesh Makwana: 9867 49 31 26
Dr. Prabhu Ahuja: 9822 01 82 75….RAFI FAN CLUB ULHASNAGAR
Shri Anup Madnani: 9422 57 38 39….RAFI FAN CLUB ULHASNAGAR

Hamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (5).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (6).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (7).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (8).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris (9).jpgHamare Rafi - Rafi Pujaris.jpg

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43 Blog Comments to “Hamare Rafi”

  1. andrea correa says:

    where is the hamare rafi group gone???

    mohd rafi saaheb sang for forty years and became one of the greatest indian and singer of our times.

    why do few people make groups in the great mans name and then vanish in thin air…. without lasting for four months..

  2. SABIR ALI says:

    Singer of the Millennium(female) ko Bharat Ratan milgaya to singer of Millennium(Male) aur padma shri ko Bharat Ratan kiyon nahi?????

  3. SABIR ALI says:


  4. Tapesh B says:

    We can not compaire Rafi Sahab and Kishor ….. ” Agar R.D. Burman na hote to Kishor da kuch nahi note, Lekin Agar Rafi sahab na hote to musicians like Naushad, Madan Mohan,Shankar Jaikisan, S.D. Burman, O.P. Nayyer,L.P., etc. music directors itne famous na hote khud R.D. Burman ki first movie as a music director TEESRI MANZIL ke saare gane rafi sahab ne gaye hai means khud R.D. na hote vaisehi many film actors got the name and fame just because of Rafi Sahab……
    he sung for Kishor also ….he is god and do not dare to compaire him with any singer because we are Rafi Bhakta……….. I respect voice of kishor da, but i saluete voice of Rafi sahab.

  5. Dear Nakil sir, we respect ur findings & will try to follow the instructions given. Pl comments on our home blog at or on my orkut a/c community.

  6. NaKiL says:

    Show on 1st Aug 2010 view
    Mrs Asha Ahuja & Smita Bhadrige were sincere
    Mr Puran,Raj,Anand were sincere
    Other singers including the above indicates lack of RIYAZ
    Rhythum side & Flute were wonderful
    Keyboard…reqd to be more sincere
    Male Announcer seemed to be overacting…to be controlled
    Female Announcement should have proper pronaunce of hindi word
    Continuity should be maintened

  7. NaKiL says:

    1. Keyboardside reqd to be sincere with singer,there should be tranceperancy
    2. Shaikh is reqd to be caution whiele high notes
    3. Rhythum & Flutes were sincere
    4. Every singer should compulsary go for regular RIYAZ
    5. Song should be distributed on vice level technique, this time wrong singer was given wrong song exp..Nache Man Mora…… singer was poor and hence could rich to hight
    6. The necessary precaution are reqd. to be taken before show on Dec 2010

    This has come from bottom of my heart,as a teacher

  8. ravi says:

    Lions club of bombay hilltop is conducting a musical program as a fund raising drive for its chariatble organisation.As you may be aware that lions international has been declared the best NGO in the world for the charity that they do for the poor and needy.
    This program will be conducted on the 3rd f oct 2009.
    Rafi fans are all welcomed .Please contact ravi on 9320095212 for further details.

    Any donation if you can make will be accepted gracefully and do remember that in turn you will be helping the needed

  9. jasbir singh zando says:

    WHY there was need for amit kumar to start programme k for kishore when he called himself kishore ….tried to prove by singing his songs..yet producers did not replace kishore after his death…so amit has failed…so he is finding another legacy….singers can not be made but they er born with nature’s gifted voice which has to be nurtured with care by rehearsing……HENCE RAFISAAB ALWAYS SAID AWAAZ KHUDA HI DAIN HAI ISKO NIKHARNA APNI MEHNAT HAI…….

  10. Manish Bajaj says:

    As far as Music is concerned and my knowledge of alaphabets is concerned right from A TO Z its just Rafisaab. The versitality and control of rafisaab is unmatched and the greatness of his singing and nature is uncomparable..

  11. vikas sharma says:

    as an great fan of rafi sahib i m bewildered that why these ordinary people have posted thier own photographs rather than the great legend.PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME THAT WHY ARE YOU DOING THESE SORT OF STUPID THINGS

  12. M.Saleem says:

    I agree with Manish Kumar’s view that Kishore Brought a fizz in his songs. Specially with SD and RD they created magic. Kishore and his elder brother Ashok were genius in any thing they did, whether acting singing etc. Rafi on the other hand was a pure singing maestro. I recently discovered that to hum Rafi’s songs we need to close our eyes and stress it out, where as for Kishore you can just hum it out without any effort.

    It is possible that the Music directors always decided the tune keeping in mind the capacity of a particular singer.

  13. Harvinder says:

    I sometimes watch K for Kishore with interest. Most performers are able to sing close to Kishore da with riaz. Such programmes need to be encouraged as this is in indication of the fact that the quality of singers today is so poor that one has to resort to past greats.

    I have no doubt that some promoters are already toying with the idea of R for Rafi or some other catchy name. I hope that they do not start such a programme side by side, but only after K for Kishore is over. Kishore da has an advantage that he has his wife and son to promote and cash in on Kishore da’s popularity amongst younger fans. Amit Kumar was not able to realy establish himself and till date does programmes singning his father’s songs alongwith his half brother from Leena. I do not think that once duplicate Rafi’s like Sonu Nigam will go that extra mile as this would only tarnish his own image.

    Bottom line is that I support a programme on Rafi saheb type of singning.

  14. Bernard N. Singh says:

    If i am not wrong kk only sang one song for raj kapoor in the movie pyar

  15. rafian1 says:


    Mr ANil Cherian has valid points.I do agree with you.At the beginning I too was a big fan of KK.But as I heared more and more Rafi then I realised.As you told KK’s voice is little heavy but when ever he sang with a mediom/low voice it was superb.Eg Ek ladki beegi bagi si.

  16. santosh says:

    Dear Rafi saab fans,

    Pl do not compare rafi saab with any other singer.Other singers may be techinically better than rafi saab such as mannadey,yesudas etc ., but what seperates rafi saab from others is his voice.The range ,the bass, the sweetness and ofcourse as his voice increased in pitch it became more broad.It was god’s own voice.One can feel the spiritual nature , the freshness, the clarity and the piousness in rafi saab voice.It was truly reflective of his own carachter .It reflected his god fearing nature , and good consience.

    So the truth is Rafi saab was is and will be the no 1 singer if not best singer interms of techinque , knowledge.

    He is great as I said because of his voice.the feelings which he lent in his singing, the ease with which he reaached the high notes, the sweetness like honey in voice and the godly scent to his voice.

    Long live our rafi saab

  17. unknow says:

    Dear suraj
    Aadmi Musafir Hai was only song in the film singed by mohd Rafi and music by LP if am not wrong,I don’t know abount music but the way singed by Amit Kummar that was so bad I think it should be easy for a singer like Amit Kummar but that is gift of God to Mohd Rafi when they made program on KK and forgot others great names in music world like Mohd rafi,Lata,manny dey,SJ,Nuashand ali,Madan Mohan and many more but they are not able to sing mohd rafi songs it mean that God show them that Mohd Rafi is Mohd Rafi
    No need to make programms on Mohd rafi because good singer should sing Mohd rafi songs to show that they are good singer

  18. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. post # 21: Amit Kumar totally failed in singing. It’s not the matter that he didn’t bother! You mean to say he ruined his career? Not at all. Amit kumar was given chance to sing just because of his father, and this is a fact. when KK died, no one bothered to make sing Amit Kumar in their films, maybe he sang few songs but he was washed out.

  19. xxx says:

    ref to post 22::
    im agree wd u that kishore was far more great actor than singer, his comic timing was superb…but rafi ji was singing phenomenon like none other, no one was close to him..

  20. Anmol Singh says:

    One has to be a properly trained singer to at least get the sur and taal correct. Then matching each and every range sung by Rafi Sahab is secondary. Still many singer after this could achieve some thing with lot of effort and strain. Where as what ever Rafi Sahab Sang was effert less.

  21. Anil Cherian says:

    Ref: post 11
    I for one wouldn’t subscribe to the often-quoted ‘Kishore has the voice, but Rafi can sing better’ thing. Personally speaking, KK’s voice, heavy and macho as it is, is not in the same league as Rafi sahab’s. I know several people (both musically well-educated and novices) who find KK’s voice too rough and not melodious at all. However I am yet to come across someone who thinks of Rafi sahab’s voice as non-melodious (although there have been charges such as the voice being not macho enough). I would like to term KK as a ‘different’ singer with a ‘different’ voice and I feel it’s this ‘difference’ (esp. vis-a-vis Rafi sahab) that has brought him the success he enjoyed.

  22. unknow says:

    as I think if we speak about KK body language I think it same as Shammi I thinK If KK used mohd Rafi voice as an actor as did Shammi kapoor today kk was knew as great actor(as I think)
    In this I don’t mean that KK was not good singer offourse he was good singer and actor I like him as an actor more than singer.
    who have the answer,How many songs singed by KK on Manoj Kummar and Raj Kapoor.on Shammi Kapoor if I am not wrong only one song after 1980

  23. suraj says:

    ref 19,

    It is one thing to successfully sing a song it is something else entirely to do the same justice as Rafi Sahab. I think Amit Kumar did the former e.g. successfully sing Aadmi Musafir Hai. That song is not difficult to sing – even I can do it and stay in tune – (which does NOT mean that my rendition is even 1% of Rafi’s). Amit Kumar could certainly sing that song – if he refused to do a second time – he probably didn’t bother too. Remember, he should have been the successor in the 90s but for whatever reason he didn’t bother.

  24. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. Post # 19: It’s not easy to sing Rafi Saheb’s songs.

  25. unknow says:

    there was programm on Zee TV on KK long time back when Amit kummar son of KK tried to sing Mohd Rafi song he was not able to sing it public on the stage said sing it again but Amit kummar said some other time he will sing it but he never.
    as I think and many more of us we don’t need programs on Mohd Rafi because who want to be the best singer he should sing Mohd rafi songs

  26. Anmol Singh says:

    Well just to comment on the classical angle. If KK was classically trained then possibly he could have never been an actor. He would have been a full fledged singer. It is indeed very surprising by his mentor SDB never insisted KK to learn classical singing, may be it never suited his mood or body language.

  27. myk says:

    Dear Korti-ji,

    Excellent post as always, and Thanks for those anecdotes as well, they’re great.

    I fully agree with your analysis, Rafi is miles ahead of any singer. Illayaraja, the southern genius MD, summed it up nicely when he said that his favourite singers are Rafi, Yesudas, SPB, and then went on to say, “but Rafi is Rafi”.

  28. Raju Korti says:

    dear myk
    i couldn’t agree with you more. there was no way anyone could beat rafi. for many reasons. first, his voice was god’s own. secondly he had the craft, ability and his hold on the sur and taan was unique. he was master of mood creation and his throw of words was such that it was his own inttelectual copywright. all these multi-talented dimensions made him out of this world. manna dey has shared with me how he was wary when rafi was singing with him or was even present at the recording room to await his turn. he acknowledged that though he himself was classically better trained, rafi made short work of him by sheer virtue of his voice. he recalled the mashal days when his uncle k c dey was once getting another young singer to sing a song for him. manna felt slighted and hurt that the senior dey was not using him. “but when i heard the young man singing, i just lay prostrate at my uncle saying i had made a grave mistake. i can never be able to sing like him,” he said pointing his finger to the shy, young man. “that was my first glimpse of rafi,” manna recalled.
    myk you are right. classical training helps, but that’s not the end in itself. we have umpteen singers who have classical background, but the voice culture is not strong enough to make the kind of impact rafi was able to. the fact of the matter is there won’t be another rafi, howsoever they struggle to find one. let’s be prepared to live in a world without rafi. and we have nothing to lament about. rafi has done enough to last centuries. suresh wadkar told me a few years back that rafi sang almost everything under the sun. “hamare liye kuch bacha hi nahi hai,” he admitted. as for salilda, despite his musical proximity with kishore, told me that he would always be loved to be addressed as “tute huye khwabone wala salilda.”

  29. A S MURTY says:

    Ref post no 1 by me, I had actually met Mr. Shrikant Narayan of the keep alive group and not mr a narayan. sorry for the mix up. i was duly corrected by mr binu nair ji. thanks binu ji.

  30. Real fact is that Kishorekumar and rafisahab was the playback singers, while imitating this 2 singers we want become playback singers, but i will congrulate this Hamare Rafi group.

  31. Manish Kumar says:

    i apologize! wrong forum! – i meant to post this at another web site – i will request admin to remove that post – it does not belong here – i apologize! 🙁

  32. myk says:

    Ref Post 11:

    You have to remember, classical training is not everything. Manna Dey had much more training than Rafi, yet could he reach the place occupied by Rafi ?, ofcourse not.

    Salil seems to imply that classical training will take you far. Yes it definitely will, but only up to a certain point. The rest is natural talent and god-gifted ability.

    Back to the Manna-Rafi example, Manna had more classical training than Rafi, yet Rafi could sing classical songs better than him. Pandit Gyan Prakash Ghosh considered Rafi the best exponent of classical songs.

    Even if Kishore had classical training, he would never have been able to reach Rafi. At the end of the day, its like comparing apples and oranges, they’re poles a part. Atleast Salil acknowledges that Rafi is the greatest by saying “the place occupied by Rafi”.

  33. Manish Kumar says:

    Only stating facts doston…here’s salil on rafi & kishore…

    “There is no doubt that Kishore possessed an exceptional voice. But
    voice alone is not everything. I have to say that if Kishore had
    classical training he would have been a different Kishore. Not only by
    popularity, but also by the yard stick of qualitative merit of singing
    Kishore could have reached the place occupied by Rafi. However, if I
    have to evaluate Kishore as a singer, it would probably be fair to say
    that Kishore brought in a new style of singing – something close to the
    pop style. In this style, there was no one close to him. I can say
    that with confidence.”

    i’m not trying to sell this to anyone – take it as you wish. i don’t always believe a famous musician myself. although salil does appear to be objectively analyzing here. 🙂

  34. Hamare Rafi says:

    Thank You Very Much to every body to encouraging pujaris of HAMARE RAFI .

  35. Majeed Khan says:

    post 7: well said hussain bhai. i am agreed with you. Rafi saab does not need any publicity like k for kishore.
    I want to share my experience to prove this,
    I am working on an American assignment for support activity, I have my heelo tune set to Rafi sahab’s evergreen number” Aaj Mausam bada” from Loafer.regularly americans call me on my cell, once one of the american seniors called me on my cell, he just dicussed about the hello tune, I just asked should I change it? the gentleman said “please don’t change ot, its really a sweet melodious voice, let it be there. I gave him a brief about Rafi Sahab.This is magic of Rafi Saab.

    Majeed Khan

  36. Aseer says:

    post 2 , manish ji
    well said, with u 100%

  37. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 4: K for Kishore is just a publicity and off key bathroom singers are presented in the show, as someone said. Rafi Saheb doesn’t need such publicity. World know the abilities of Rafi Saheb.

  38. biman baruah says:

    my heartiest congratulations to ‘hamare rafi’ group for their efforts to keep alive the Rafi magic and creations.

    ref to post no. 4 : it is too late to start a programme R- for Rafi mazic like K for Kishore to show the Rafi Saheb’s mazic to new generation of the whole world.

    biman baruah
    Sivasagar, Assam

  39. Manish Kumar says:

    i don’t support programs like k for kishore or r for rafi because kishore & rafi are both INIMITABLE. i’d rather encourage a singer to come up with his own original voice. trying to imitate the kishore personality – one will become an unintended caricature (only kishore was kishore). trying to imitate rafi – one will never succeed – the man had unprecedented talent & magic – one will appear hollow. trying to be your own singer – some day that singer may have his OWN magic and voice and personality. udit narayan is an original singer and imo he has been the most successful since the untimely partings of rafi & kishore.

  40. shahab says:

    Why cant we start a programme like K for Kishore for Md.Rafi saab, from that the younger generation can undersand the power of rafisaab.\

    There are lot of singers who sings like him example sonu nigam, who will be as judge and other film personalities to start this programme.

    From this programme we can tell the whole word about rafi saab in each episode.

  41. Manish Kumar says:

    but yes – it is good to see rafi fans unite and bring forth the memory of the maestro so music lovers from all generations will make sure to experience his magic. rafi sahab will always be alive through his fans – said many times – but very true eacn and every time. thanks for the article and keep up the good work.

  42. Manish Kumar says:

    not that this article describes such – but i discourage some fans from being fanatics and actually doing puja of rafi sahab. treat the man for who he was – a great, saintly, god fearing man. farishta is the perfect word to describe rafi sahab – as a singer and as a person.

  43. A S MURTY says:

    Congratulations to ‘hamare rafi’ group. i have met shri a narayan sahab here in Hyderabad when he came twice for musical programmes of the ‘keep alive’ troupe of mr manohar iyer. i had also the great pleasure of speaking to shri makwana sahab over the phone once when shri p narayanan sahab from bangalore had visited hyderabad. i have noted down the email ids given in the write up and request them to be in touch with us at the rafi foundation – hyderabad chapter – at or with a s murty at 093912 67272. thanks for providing the information on the great work that these true rafians are doing. if we can be of any assistance to you, sirs, at hyderabad, please feel free to contact. jai rafi sahab.

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