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Great Personality And Great Respect

This article is written by Mr. Shashank Chickermane

Great Personality And Great Respect A great man is one who has a great following. Several names of great human beings come up in our mind and the sheer following that they command is a true testimony to their greatness. Hindi film world and music has produced hundreds of such great men and women, who have been or are still household names and the country is proud of them all. And one such tall and towering personality is known by the name MOHAMMED RAFI SAHAB. Such is the aura attached to this great name that his name will rank first and foremost as long as music is discussed by all lovers of Hindi film music.

However, all ‘great’ people depart earlier than expected and Rafi Sahab suddenly bid adieu to the shock of millions of grief stricken and shell-shocked followers throughout the world. 31st July 1980. A black day indeed. It was on this day that we lost a great legend and a great playback singer Mohd Rafi Sahab.

However, we as a civilized society also continue to shower our respects to all our noble and great personalities by celebrating their birth anniversaries and mourn their death anniversaries. Although 27 years have elapsed since Rafi Sahab’s departure, fans throughout the length and breadth of the country as also overseas celebrate his birth anniversary and death anniversary paying floral tributes. At many centres, programmes are held in auditoriums by various groups remembering the beauty of Rafi Sahab’s songs. If at a centre the ‘evening’ is titled as “RAFI KI YADEIN”, it is aptly called “EK SHAM RAFI KE NAAM”.

I came across this wonderful news item that was published in the “Rajasthan Patrika” reporting news of the birthday celebration of Rafi Sahab at the Patliputra International Trade Fair organized by a school “The Miller”. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Look for yourself at the photograph below –

Fans pouring the respect on Mohd Rafi

In one of the school named “The Miller” one trade fair was organized in this school maiden called Patliputra International Trade Fair, they organized Mohdrafi’s anniversary. The school children and the teachers along with the authorities were seen feeding cake to the late singer mohdrafi’s photo and it was greatness to this legends respect from the school children.

Just by a fleeting glance at the picture I had a feeling that we should report such activities on the website for the benefit of all Rafians. And we should do similar activities in other cities too. I have earlier informed A S Murtyji and Shirish Kulkarniji about a procession in my native place – Dharwad – every year on the birth and death anniversary of Rafi Sahab with his photo sprinkled with flowers. What a great respect from the people of Dharwad. I wanted to express this with great respect that Mohd. Rafi Sahab is there with us and will be there forever till this world ends.

I request all the Rafians to report similar activities from their towns or cities so that we are benefitted with this kind of information and the Rafi Foundation should chronicle them for the forthcoming issues of their magazine.

Shashank Chickermane, the author of this article
Shashank Chickermane, the author of this article

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18 Blog Comments to “Great Personality And Great Respect”

  1. A S MURTY says:

    sha khan sahab, thanks very much for the links. i watched ameer ali sing the two songs and he is doing a good job.

  2. Shad Khan says:

    The author writes “I request all the Rafians to report similar activities from their towns or cities so that we are benefitted with this kind of information and the Rafi Foundation should chronicle them for the forthcoming issues of their magazine.”

    Here is an event that was arranged in Karachi, Pakistan for legendary Rafi Sahab. Hope you enjoy!!!

  3. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    I had a dream yesterday that I visited rafi saab in his home (he was practising
    in the early morning) and was telling to me that he wants to expand his home
    since he cannot accommodate all his fans in his home.

  4. Binu Nair says:

    Rafi Foundation is being formed in many places which includes Chandigarh, Kasargod (Kerala), Ludhiana, Dubai and Chennai. rafi lovers are gaining strength and the magic is “indeed” travelling fast in every direction. Listening sessions of Rafi Saaheb songs if started on Every second Saturdays : would hasten formation of rafi foundation units in all parts of the country.

    a feat which “No” other singer will achieve. this is the splendour of rafi saaheb.

    binu nair…
    rafi foundation, mumbai : 09833 250 701

  5. rafi saahab was gandharv,and placed on earth by god

  6. Anmol Singh says:

    Thanks for the article Shashank Chickermane Ji. Rafi sahab is a great topic of research. There are so many hidden secrets in this great voice and a great personality as such, that more and more deep we go there some thing new that surface. Infact a full fledge encyclopedia can be made on Rafi sahab as such.

  7. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    when mohammed rafi saab died on 31st july1980,a malayalam daily,mathrubhoomi (published from kerala) they have given a very small
    report about his death even without his photo.the next day they recognized
    who is rafi saab and put on the front page of the daily talat mehmood saab
    kissing the dead body of rafi saab.this mathrubhoomi is issueing their own calender also which is very popular in kerala and they are putting 31st july
    as the death anniversary of rafi saab! the interesting thing is the calender did
    not have the date of death anniversaries of great malayalm actors.from this
    it is clear that rafi saab is a house hold name in kerala from where a great singer like yesudasji hails.

  8. A S MURTY says:

    Dear Sanjaya Srivastavaji, what you have said is absolutely right – gandharva of the modern era. and I envy you for having seen rafi sahab perform live and that too in the durbar hall of rashtrapati bhawan singing that lovely patriotic song – apne sabhi sukh ek hain, apne sabhi gam ek hai, awaaz do hum ek hain – you are really lucky to have listened to rafi sahab live and that too performing such a forceful and meaningful patriotic song.

  9. Lord Krishna said in Gita that I am Gandharva in singers. Likewise in Kalyug Lord Krishna was Rafi Sahab among singers! Living in millions and millions of heart till last day of the World!!! I have seen him in childhood days first, when he was performing in Durbar Hall of Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. The song was “Awaz do hum eik hai….!” Since than, I am his worshipper as a singer and as a nice person of great personality. – Sanjaya Srivastava, IPS, Commandant, 28 Bn. PAC, Etawah, U.P.

  10. ztas77 says:

    Wasn’t Rafi Sahab nominated for the Bharat Rana this year? Does anybody know the outcome? Rafi was should have been given this long ago!! Not only he excelled in the Art of his profession but excelled as a humanitarian, therefore what more proof does one need for Rafi to deserve this award !!!!!!!!!

    Is the Mohammed Rafi Award out there?? I remember Asha Boshle mentioning there should be one on a Radio tribute programme in the UK in 1985.

    There should be Video Biography on Rafi Sahab, including interviews from personalities from the industry past & present. What a seller that would be!!

  11. unknow says:

    that is a gift of God for a human before a great singer people remmber him.
    I like 3 singers 1st was Mohd Rafi 2nd is Mohd Rafi 3rd will be Mohd Rafi.

  12. Anybody have 1980’s newspaper of July 31/Aug 1st . plz. share in ths website

  13. Yes I am also trying that what ztas77 commentd. if anybody have the rafis funeral live recorded cd/tape plz send to the site.

  14. ztas77 says:

    Rafi sahab had so much more to give to the world of music & humanity but he was taken from us too early! I did not know who Rafi was until his news of his death was anounced on the Radio on the 2nd August 1980 (UK). Those days there was only one Radio station that broadcasted a two hour Indian programme.
    My father was listening with such shock & sadness while they were playing emotional tunes of Rafi.

    I often imagine how songs in the 80s & 90s would have sounded if Rafi had sung them!

    Does anyone know if Rafi’s funeral was broadcasted live, if so there must be a recording stored somewhere?

  15. I was deeply moved by the photograph where people were feeding Rafi Sahab with his birthday cake! It only shows what a legend Rafi Sahab is. There is no iota of any doubt that Rafi Sahab will be remembered till the end of this world. Or maybe beyond too.
    Great job Shashank!

    Shirish Kulkarni

  16. Gagan says:

    It is heartening to know that the greatest singer of all times is still alive in the hearts of billions of people and please keep posting these articles and photographs for the benefit of all Rafians.

    Long live the legend the one and only the greatest Mohd. Rafi.


  17. Hussein Sheikh says:

    The title of this article is 100% suitable for Rafi Saheb. No one will forget this legend till the world ends. People of all ages love Rafi Saheb and his songs as well and will continue to do so. We will never get another Rafi Saheb. But he is alive in millions of hearts all over.

  18. A S MURTY says:

    Lovely article by Shashank Chickermane, a true Rafi-fan as I have known him now for several months. a great collector of rare photographs of rafi sahab and others from the film world, shashank keeps posting articles/photographs to many websites and persons. the reporting about the ‘miller school” and the accompanying photograph tell a tale by itself. rafi sahab is deeply embedded in the hearts of millions of people as one of the greatest ever human beings and that reverence is reflected in their admiration and adulation manifested through various activities. like shashank says, other rafians should also periodically report such events in the name and memory of rafi sahab from other small towns, cities etc.

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