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Gayak Ek Nayak Anek

Written By : Suneil K. Makwana

Rafisaab's Resting Place

Rafisaab’s Final Resting Place

After 33 years, the magic of the gentleman and his noble voice continues, yes, I am speaking about the legend Immortal the king of the singing world Padmashree Mohd Rafisaab the numbers of his fans are increasing day by day from the older generation to the younger generation come to pay their tribute at his final resting place at Santacruz, Mumbai. My self Suneil K Makwana, My Father Mr. Kishore Makwana, Mr. Sandeep Pathak & Mr.Raju Gupta has been there on the 33rd death anniversary to pay our tribute to the legend Mohd Rafisaab.
Not only on this day but we also visit the same place on his birthday which is on 24 December and on the day when it is known as Guru poornima yes he is our guru too. No one dares to sing like him as he is the only master of singing of Indian Cinema (now Bollywood) as the industry had completed its 100 years. The contribution given by the master will be always remembered. Rafisaab is still remember and it will be always remember. Indian Cinema (now Bollywood) honored him as a Millennium Singer of Indian Motion Pictures.

Now lets comes to my article’s topic “Gayak Ek Nayak Anek”. I am very thankful to one of my friend Mr. Bablu Haq he is also the fan of Rafisaab I thanks him for suggesting such a beautiful name for my article on the site and also thanks the person who had created beautiful photo which is given in the article. Rafisaab rendered different, different songs for various actors like Dilip Saab , Devsaab, Shammi Kapoor Saab, Rajendra Kumar Saab, Shashi Kapoor Saab, Raj Kumar Saab, Joy Mukerjee Saab, Sunil Dutt Saab, Dharamji, Manoj Kumar Saab, Amitabh Bacchan Saab etc etc.

Songs of tragedy king was rendered tragically by Rafisaab successfully plus lite and classical songs for Dilip saab was very popular, rendered by Rafisaab. Lite and evergreen songs of Devsaab was also popular sung by Rafisaab, many singers rendered songs for Devsaab but Rafisaab was rendered, perfectly in the style of Devsaab than other singers.

Rafisaab's Resting Place

Rafisaab’s Resting Place

Mr. Kishore Makwana

Mr. Kishore Makwana

Mr. Kishore Makwana

Mr. Kishore Makwana

Mr. Suneil K Makwana

Mr. Suneil K Makwana

Mr. Suneil K Makwana

Mr. Suneil K Makwana

Mr. Sandeep Pathak In White & Mr. Raju Gupta In Pink

Mr. Sandeep Pathak In White & Mr. Raju Gupta In Pink

Mr. Sandeep Pathak In White & Mr. Raju Gupta In Pink

Mr. Sandeep Pathak In White & Mr. Raju Gupta In Pink

Courtesy By  Facebook

Courtesy By Facebook

Shammi Kapoor is not a Shammi Kapoor without Rafisaab. This are the words Of “Shammisaab”. Rafisaab completely change the style,which called “ Rebel” for Shammi Kapoor which is not done by any other singer for Shammi -Kapoor Saab. Perfectly match voice for Rajendra Kumar Saab, who was known as “Jubilee Kumar” due to the music and songs by Rafisaab.

Two songs of Rafisaab for Rajendra Saab won Filmfare award for best songs : 1: Teri pyari pyari surat ko, 2 : Baharon phul barsao, a very big thing for Rajendra Kumar Saab. Adaaon ka Raja, Raj Kumar was truely Raj Kumar having royal style, his royal style was completely match with the Royal Singing of Royal Rafisaab. Raj Kumar Saab himself was very big fan of Rafisaab. A younger Kapoor amongst Rajsaab and Shammisaab. Shashi Kapoor Saab is totally different a very soft spoken style actor, Rafisaab also rendered his songs in his soft style. Every song of Shashi Kapoor Saab is very famous and popular.

Rafisaab was favourite singer of all music directors like Shankar-Jaikishanji, Naushadji, S.D.Burmanji, Madan Mohanji, Raviji, Roshanji, Laxmikant Pyarelalji, R.D. Burmanji, Usha Khannaji, Khayyamji & Rhythm master O.P.Nayyerji. The style of composing songs of all music directors are different from each other but Rafisaab rendered nicely the songs of various moods of all music directors, which is not possible for any other singer except A Legend Rafisaab. This is the reason how Rafisaab alive in the heart of music lovers after 33 years of his death and he will be remembered for next 100 years and more than that (jab tak ye duniya kayam rahegi).

Even today his songs are much popular as they were at his peak time even after 33 years of his death. Thus the contribution of Rafisaab plays a very important role in the career of all actors and proves the title “Gayak Ek Nayak Anek”.

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27 Blog Comments to “Gayak Ek Nayak Anek”

  1. Suneil Makwana says:

    Yes I Agree With You Abdul Rasheedji.

  2. ABDUL RASHEED says:


  3. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks R Aroraji, K.P.Hasanji, Onita Setiaji, Vinod Mehruji, U,k Achanji, Sarwat Baigji & Shah Alladeenji for your comments. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  4. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Umesh Shukhaji, Shekarji & Shammiji for your comments. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  5. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Bhumeshji, Sunilji & suresh rafiji. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  6. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Rahulji for sharing and also Thanks for your comment. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  7. Suneil Makwana says:

    I agree with you Mr.R. Srinivasanji. Thank you for your comment on my article. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  8. Suneil Makwana says:

    I agree with you Mr.Salimji. Thank you for your comment on my article. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  9. Salim K says:

    @R Srinivasan

    I get your point but although there was no internet the badshah of singing had millions of fans all over the world, Rajendra Kumar once told me that Rafi Sahab was the Tansen of our era.

    The people of created nonsense in 70’s are forgotten and irrelevant, even then Rafi Sahab was the most loved and followed singer and today, his fan fololwing if anything has become more.

    Rafi Sahab’s voice contaisn pure magic and soul and I have yet not heard any singer male or female who comes even 1000000 miles near his class.

    So lets celebrate the voice of the only benchmark of singing.

    Teel Taal Par Naach…..

  10. R. Srinivasan says:

    On Aug 18 this year I turned 56 and I could not but help remember that Rafi saab did not make it to this age. God does indeed take away those like Rafi saab at a young age, while lesser mortals like me live on. I felt particularly sad that Rafi saab did not make it to the internet era, where his immortal voice can be heard by millions for 24 hours a day. If internet had been as easily accessible in the 1970’s as it is today, Rafi saab would not have suffered the nonsense that he had to endure then. Today no one is in any doubt as to who is, was, and will be the greatest playback singer of all times — at least in Hindi / Urdu / Hindustani, where Rafi saab is unmatched and unmatchable by any singer, male or female.

  11. Rahul says:

    Mohammad Rafi Saheb wins Greatest Voice (male or female) of Hindi Cinema poll conducted by CNN-IBN on August 15th. This is another very significant victory for the greatest singer!

  12. bhumesh sharma says:

    well said

  13. sunil kumar says:

    why u hold comments for so long who is the administrator first it got published later put on hold. very sad the way Rafi lovers are treated .

  14. sunil kumar says:

    It is nice to know that the old generation is passing over baton to younger one so that Rafi saab will continue to rule hearts of millions in next century also.
    This Rafi community will keep on growing. Thanks Bro.

  15. SURESH RAFI says:

    Tum Mujhe Yoo Bhula Naa Payoge
    Jab Kabhi Bhi Sunoge Geet Mere
    Sung Sung Tum Gun Gunaaoge

    Rafi Sahib Ne Sach Hi Kaha Tha

  16. Anonymous says:

    As it is rightly said, “Voice of GOD” !!!!!!
    His voice makes me feel that m in heaven.
    There was no singer as Mohd. Rafi was, n will nvr ever be …..
    We miss u !

  17. Umesh Shukla says:

    Thanks for the darshan of Mazar. I could not visit yet, but I want to visit at the earliest. Long live Rafisaab !

  18. Kishore Makwana says:

    Dear K P Hasan Sahaab,

    Rafi Sahaab aaj bhi wahaan par hai, bilkul ye ORIGINAL, hai. Aap kisi bhi romour pe vishwas mat ki jiyega. Mera beta, Suneil, 1985 born hai, hamare ghar mein Rafiana aur Devanandana atomoshphere hamesha rehene ki wajah se, wo bhi rafidev ka zabardast fan ho gaya hai. aap ne article padhkar, aur aap ka Opinion likh kar, uska honsla badhaya hai, is ke liye main aap ka shukraguzaar hoon. God bless you.

  19. Shekhar says:

    Thank you for lovely article on my favorite singer who is a legend in true sense. His voice has versatility which no one can match. And thanks for showing mazaar of Rafisaab.

    I am one of those unfortunates who could not hear Rafisaab in live concert.

  20. shammi says:

    Thank you sunielji, a lovely article and yes it definitely highlights that the acting legends of yesteryears as you mentioned the list is endless with the likes of the lovely shammi kapoor, Rajendra kumar (my personal favourite) and Dilip Kumar would not have been able to woo the beautiful actresses of their time without the beautiful voice of the great Mohd Rafi. I can never ever imagine all those beautiful songs he made famous with his amazing versatile voice being sung by anyone else. Mohd Rafi is the legend of all legends and that the way it’ll remain because let’s face it 33 years after his death and no one has the talent to come close and I don’t think anyone ever will!

  21. r l arora says:

    Thanks for showing Mazaar of our beloved Rafi Saab. True no one could match with his voice and during 100 years of Indian Cinema his song Baharo phool Barsao won the award for most appreciable song of the century.

    Article written by you is truly pleasing and describing Rafi Saab’s uncomparable talent in the world of music.

    r l arora

  22. K P Hassan says:

    I could see the mazaar of rafi saab through the picture shown by suneilji and I paid my tribute to the great singer of this world. thanks. I came to know that the original mazaar of rafi saab has been removed due to some renovation works in the area and a coconut tree which stood in the site is earmarked the place of mazaae of rafi saab and all his fans are paying tribute to this great singer on the occasion of his death anniversaries. his soul may rest in peace.

  23. Onika Setia says:

    nice article thanks for showing rafi sahab’s mazaar .

  24. vinod mehru says:

    dear suniel ji,
    god bless u,

    kya baat hai, jab tak iss badan mein jaan hai tab tak mein har saal us paawan teerth ki yaatra karta rahoonga, last 5-6 years se har saal jaa raha hoon .

    Suneil aap se ek baat aur share kar raha hoon, raj kapoor sahab ki film hai aab dilli door nahi us film mein rafi sahab ka gaaya hua song aaj mein pichale 56 saal se sun raha hoon chun chun karti aayee chidiya woh geet hai jo main apne bachpan mein suna hai aaj itihaas phir apne aap ko dohra raha hai meri one year half year old grand daughter bhi yahi geet pasand karti hai.

    doosri baat 1967 mein mujhe rafi sahab sahit kai mahan hastiyon ko ek saath live sunne ko mila sangeetkar roshan ji ka last public appearance hai, par us show mein naa lataji ,asha ji aur mahendra kapoor sahab nahi the.

    dher saari shubhkaamanaayon ke saath

    vinod mehru

  25. u k achan says:

    Very Very True;No other artist has ever received such adoration anywhere else
    for such a long time;I am great full to providence for allowing me to pass through this realm when Rafi Saab’s magic is working.

  26. Sarwat Baig says:

    Thank you for this article and especially the pictures. When young people like you give Mohd Rafi Sahib such respect then why despair. The anti Mohd Rafi Sahib lobby will never succeed, Insha Allah.

  27. As I always say for the past years after I heard the song” Bapu kee Amar kahanee
    ” The Giant leads others try to follow’s”
    We are all fortunate to be alive in an era when he bring life to those who understand.

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