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Dost, I Miss You

By Dr.Vasudha Theertharam

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

I have nothing to give my friend Rafi saab except a few thoughts. A tribute to the maestro on his 31st death anniversary.

I miss you.
In your absence-
the blue sky is barren
the once rosy cheeks are ashen
Nature is somersaulting
Memories abound.
Where are you? Where are you?
I miss you.

In your memory dost, a humble submission of my ego—here I go.

I started packing my dreams.They were in myriad hues; some black and white, some in eastman colour, some resplendent and some in shades of grey too.The wrapper was soft and velvety like the thoughts that constructed my dreams.Then, there was a sash which kept them intact,a sash made of pure love and tied with the most intricate of feelings .The bundle was attractive,the contents of the bundle even more so.

I set off to a world unseen, unheard of, holding the bundle close to my heart, like a baby being cuddled in the cozy haven of its mother’s arms, like a man being held snugly in the warmth of his lover’s embrace,like a sibling being protected from his foe,as if a long lost friend was back and was effusively being hugged, as if all relationships in this world had only one name, that of my idol– Mohammed Rafi.

On the cover was inscribed—DOST- -I MISS YOU, in bold striking letters.

Inquisitive eyes hovered over the letters and asked—Who? What? When? Why? How? Where?

The smile on my lips, the luster in my eyes and my ecstasy, they spoke.
Silence can be overpowering at times.

Dreams dreams and dreams—were the contents of the bundle.
Some of them had entered the REM state, some of them handpicked and some of them sown.
Some of them saplings, some of them mammoth aspirations, some larger than life images! Some of them raw and some overripe !
Some of them in solid state some liquid and some in ethereal form.
Some of them complete,few of them aged and some in a state of uncertainty ,all packed in one to make a heady concoction!

I got into the mood elevator to the 7th heaven!

I reached my destination. to see the world of fantasy unfold before me.

Dismantling my emotions one by one I started unpacking my dreams, gingerly, with utmost dexterity, trying to adjust myself to the ambient world…

I opened the bundle.It contained so many sachets with different names — The lover, the parent, the teacher, the leader, the protagonist, the Lord, the psychologist, the guide, the researcher, the healer, the patriot, the artist, the sculptor. All roles rolled into one. This was the omnipotent, omniscient singer Rafi.

Inside each sachet were immortal melodies so painstakingly rendered to suit every phase of life. I savored them one by one. The thirst was insatiable.. I longed for more. This all rounder of a friend, this sovereign of sur had been with me through thick and thin and continues to be.

“Continues to be? Only in memory”, a voice ridiculed..

The stony silence mocked at me. My dost had left this world to appease the higher Being.. I was jolted back to reality.

I plodded onwards wearily, the bundle seemed heavy and my heart heavier.

Groping my way in the darkness that engulfed me I set off , in search of another dost.

Nowhere could I find any.

This void will remain a void, my inner voice mumbled in mockery.

My dost had pitched a permanent tent in my heart.

He will always remain mine and I his Vasudha_babbi @ yaaaaaaahooooooooooo..

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28 Blog Comments to “Dost, I Miss You”

  1. OnikaSetia says:

    i love extrimaly to rafi sahab

  2. OnikaSetia says:

    mohammed rafi sahab looking so cool and cute in this pic., i love his all-over personality. and miss all time and all life.

  3. gayathri says:

    hey vasudha,

    Never realized that we had a poet amongst us. I am dumb stuck… Your article was out of this world. Your narration beautiful and full of emotion. wow…. wow… hats off. Keep it up

    Love gai

  4. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Vasudha Ji,

    What an article, almost a great tribute to Rafi Sahab. I read and re-read so many times just to know how rafians love and adore Rafi Sahab. It is just wonderful article, amazing and superb.

    Please keep your pen in motion to flow some more pearls like this article.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  5. dr vasudha Theertharam says:

    Nawathe jee
    I am glad you liked my write up.Main aisaa hi hoon nawathejee main aisa kyun hoon maloom nahin.I find it difficult to give a direct report about anything.I have to think from a different angle.I am so happy you liked my presentation–I will try writing more often.

  6. dr vasudha Theertharam says:

    Hi vidyuth
    A man with profound knowledge, a singer ,a writer,an intellect -all in one –I fall short of words to thank you.

    Hi ASM
    OMG! Your praise has already shoved me to another land–Vasudha in dreamland–Rafiweekly editor–Lots of reporters at my disposal,press conferences,ads galore –wow! what a pleasant dream ASM–and with your blessings and love I should realise it someday;-)
    Thanks ASM -very very much .It is your good wishes and support that is making me write.

    Hi Satyesh
    A praise coming from a prolific writer like you has really made me very very happy.Thanks a lot

    Chinnu dear
    You are my guiding light. whenever you dont read what I write I miss you a lot.Now that you have found time to read I have everything in life.It feels really good and I feel complete.

    Thanks a lot sir.Rafi’s magnanimity is worth a thousand praises.Thanks for sharing.

    I know that facebook can do wonders.I searched for your face frantically on FB just to thank you.I could not find .Please share your mail id with me.I would love to be your friend on FB.Thanks a lot for the good words

    It is an exhilarating experience to read comments from a devout Rafifan like you.Thank you very much sir.Will try writing more.

    Thank you so much.I am happy you liked my style of writing.Words of encouragement from a veteran journo– I couldnt have asked for more-Bahout shukriya-

  7. Utthara says:

    Hi Vasudha,

    that was a unique way of paying tribute to the legend. And you have done it yet again in your inimitable style. Made fantastic reading. Loved the thought and your style. Bahut khoob.



  8. Narayan says:


    What a Dil Se sweet poetry on your love for our Farishta… You have expressed and represented all devotees of our icon so well..
    Keep them coming
    Best wishes

  9. A S MURTY says:

    Binuji, that is a wonderful anecdote to relate. Such benevolence is indeed not found every day. Thanks for sharing the story.

  10. Bhavana says:

    Dear Vasudha ji, just read the write-up from facebook link and i couldn’t help but leave behind a small note of sincere admiration. the way you have placed your dreams, your love and your admiration to rafi is just awesome. hearty congratulations. long live rafi….

  11. Binu Nair says:

    Vasudha ji… was busy in july so my late entry and delay in complimenting your write-up. well done.

    one more story of mohd rafi benevolence. a true account from sharad vaikool mohd rafi friend.

    after the lunch on a lazy sunday, our own tansen was relaxing when a persons voice was heard outside his home window. mohd rafi came down who this singer was along with Sharad vaikool. the man was in fact singing asking for alms.

    mohd rafi told him: u are singing wrong and u must sing your tune like this. the man got a bit excited and asked mohd rafi : “who are you to tell me this. i am begging for my stomach.
    mohd rafi then asked him :”why cant u work? why are u begging like this having an able body??
    the man extended his hands and showed mohd rafi his ruptured palm without fingers. sir, i cant work the man said. I was a singer he added but when bad times came, i found a job at a factory. there i had an accident and lost my fingers.

    mohd rafi was moved. and asked the man : where he stayed?

    he stayed somewhere near a pipeline he mentioned. then and there mohd rafi took the man in his car along with sharad vykool, went to his zopada , in slum land, put his belngings in his car and brought him home. then he asked the man to work in his house as the watchman.

    how many of us or an singer do this??

    as we all say, a mohd rafi will come only once in thousand years.

    the rafi foundatin
    cell 9833 250 701

  12. Dr Theertharam says:

    Vasu dear
    Finally I found time to read your article.Good one.Great work.In future I will try to find time to read such articles.Good luck dear!

  13. satyesh Bellur says:

    Dear Vasudha,

    wow – is my only comment !

    The thought is great and so is the ending. When things start well and end well, then the journey should be pleasant..

    Write more – You have an excellent way of communicating your thoughts..

    Warm Regards


  14. S Nawathe says:


    Really superb….Wah- sudha ji, I could find the real expression from the heart …In fact the title itself reveals everything and one can easily think of a masterpiece writeup on the way.
    I liked your idea of presentation too much…
    DOST- I MISS YOU are true lines for Rafi saab ,,,but one more fact is that DOST WE MISSED YOUR WRITEUPS FOR A LONG TIME is also true for you from the forum..wish to see you more from your pen. Regards;


  15. A S MURTY says:

    Two of the best articles that I have read today are by two of the best people that I know. Achal Rangaswamy and now Vasudha. Fans of Rafi Sahab are now truly vying with one another in expressing their true love for Rafi Sahab and how well they can. I have never read better write ups on an idol by a fan. Mark my words friends – the fans of Rafi Sahab are simply beyond the normal. Vasudha, you are on top of such an illustrious list with your easy flow of writing, which carries readers like us on a heavenly journey. We had all known Vasudha the great writer earlier too. We all had known Vasudha, the great Rafi Bhakt that she is. What we are discovering are how well Vasudha can articulate her feelings. This is the best compliment that Rafi Sahab could get thus far – the best of prose writing by an ardent fan. Vasudha, you have done a marvelous job in paying your richest tributes to the king of music. Start a journal – The Rafi Weekly – which will cross the combined sales of all the national newspapers put together.

    Thanks a lot for such a lovely presentation of your thoughts. Made my day.

  16. Dr.Vasudha theertharam says:

    I have decided to treat my patients with Rafi songs,sung by yours truly, what say?Thanks a ton for the praise.I am bloating,er floating!

    your continual support and encouragement is making me wanting to write more often.Thank you so much sir

    Jo dear
    Thanks a lot.Keep reading other articles on this forum.

    The artist Rafi can bring out the best in everyone.He is my inspiration.And with friends like you to back me up its a total celebration.Romba romba thanks.

    See the power of Rafi.I thought you had forgotten me and you spring a pleasant surprise by your heartfelt commentsTo know that my write up has been read by veterans like you is itself an exhilarating feeling.Thank you,Thank you.

    vatsala dear
    Your comments surpass my write up.Too good.You should write more often.
    Thanks kane

    Jay dear
    Ooooo I am flattered!I will definitely write more often and surprise you.You have always given a big pat and every pat seemed to be saying–buck up gal,you can do it!!Thanks dost

    Ro deary
    You are always with me sharing my joys and sorrows,editing,correcting my pronunciation and helping me improve my hold on the language.I am not going to thank you you deserve a big fat hug!!

    Your praises are like a sprinkle of water on a wilting flower.whenever I feel I have lost my writing ability you are the one to pep me up and say wah!Sudha get set go and it is that push you give that revitalises me.Thanks for the good words

    Farmaayiye–Aap joh bhi kahenge main likhne ki koshish kartee hoon.waise mujhe hamesha log zara hatke vasudha kehte hain–maloom nahin kyun.
    I feel good when I write hatke articles.Thank you so much sir.

    love and regards to all my well wishers

  17. Vidyut Shenoy says:

    Dr. Vasudha,

    Your fantastically scripted piece was just awesome. Didn’t know we had yet another hidden talent amongst our midst.

    Like you have pointed out, the ethereal quality of Rafi Saab’s voice transported one to another plane in an instant. Will there be another Rafi? Unlikely. Thankfully for us his melodies are wonderfully preserved …


  18. Suresh says:

    Simply outstanding vasudhaji !!

    The lover, the parent, the teacher, the leader, the protagonist, the Lord, the psychologist, the guide, the researcher, the healer, the patriot, the artist, the sculptor. All roles rolled into one. This was the omnipotent, omniscient singer Rafi….

    Couldn’t have been said better…….I expect more such hatke and out of the box write-ups from you.

  19. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Waah-sudha,

    Hitherto I’d say ‘ why dream things that never were?’ and upon reading this my inner voice now says ‘ why not?’.

    wonderful words of imagination straight from your personal laboratory. your deep love for rafi couldn’t have manifested in a better form.

    Dost I miss you….A brilliantly worded and creatively portrayed tribute to
    Rafi sab that I’d cherish for long.

    Adaab Rafi !

  20. Ro says:


    This beautifully written piece is ample evidence of how devout a fan you are of the legend that is Mohammed Rafi. Yes, there will never ever be another like him.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and transporting me to another realm, albeit for a short while.

  21. Jay Iyer says:

    Oh my god……… Every time i feel that i have seen the best from u, u surprise me more the next time. As a doctor u r in the wrong profession vasudha. Loved ur play with words and passion for ur and our dost. keep writing my friend…. we all have lot of fun reading.


  22. Vatsala Sampat says:


    You have beautifully encapsulated the greatness of Rafi Saab in what may be described as one of the most sensuous tributes to the legend that is Rafi. Mohammed Rafi is like a shadow which never leaves your side, rain or shine. Whether you are floating on a cloud or in the abyss of sorrow, the melodies of Rafi Saab prove to be a mood stabilizer. The question of missing him is just not there because he has been immortalized through his innumerable numbers. Million megabytes of space will not suffice for his eulogy. Kudos Vasudha I can very well imagine the depth of your admiration for the master singer.

  23. M V Devraj says:

    Dear Vasudha:Thank you for a wonderfully intrically woven and ‘packaged’ gift.Yes,Rafisaab was a friend,philosopher and what-all rolled into one.It is impossible to find another like him in our life-time,nay,never.We live with his memorable songs and in the hope to catch up with Him in the other world.

    Best wishes.

    M V Devraj

  24. achal rangaswamy says:

    hello doctor

    this article is beautifully written and the expression is clearly that of a devout fan and lover of music. you have peeled off layer after layer of emotions to bare your inner most feelings for your idol and “dost”.

    please accept my congratulations on this lovely work of art

    achal rangaswamy

  25. Jyothi Kunjoor says:

    Dear Babbi
    A touching tribute to the great legend.May his soul rest in peace

  26. Jyothi Kunjoor says:

    Dear babbi
    A touching tribute to the great legend.May his soul rest in peace.

  27. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Dr. Vasudha, Adab Araz hai,
    Bahut khoob, We all miss Rafi sahab.

    ” Is ghirath naheed ki har taan hai deepak
    shola sa lapak jaye hai aawaaz to dekho ”

    long live rafi sahab,

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  28. vasu – kay – jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

    aah daktarnee toh aap hohee – lekin

    ab pandithaayin aur kaviyatree kaa khitaab bhee derahaa hoon – kabool farmaaiye ………………

    yes – i knew – you have a huge quality of expression – original and loving –

    yes – rafi sahab is your dost – and how true none can take his place.


    my salutations – madaaaaaam

    hsemar rolias.

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