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Dil Ke Jharoke Mein

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Sateesh Wagle: Dil Ke Jharoke Mein Tujhko Bithaakar (Brahmachari) reminds me of another incident. Jaikishan and I had gone to Ahmedabad, when my friend insited on showing me the city. While roaming through the city’s heart-land, he noticed several minarets with small decorative windows (Jharoke). Almost instantaneously he thought of Dil Ke Jharoke Mein Tujhko Bithaakar. He composed the first verse, and left it to Hasrat to finish the song.

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Dil ke jharoke mein tujhko bitha kar
Yaadon ko teri main dulhan bana kar
Rakhunga Main dil ke paas
Mat ho meri jaan udaas…

Kal tere jalwe paraaye bhi honge
lekin jhalak mere khawabon mein hogi
phoolon ki doli mein hogi tu rukhsat
lekin mahek meri saanson mein hogi…..Dil Ke Jharoke mein….

ab bhi tere surkh honton ke pyaale
mere tasavur mein saakhi bane hain
ab bhi tere zulf ke mast saaye
birha ki dhoop mein saathi bane hain….Dil ke Jharoke Mein

meri mohabbat ko thukrade chahe
main koyi tujhse na shivka karunga
aankhon mein rehti hai tasveer teri
saari umar teri pooja karun……………Dil ke Jharoke mein…

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19 Blog Comments to “Dil Ke Jharoke Mein”

  1. atul solanki says:

    super song

  2. Satish Wagleji, aap kahan hai aaj kal. 1960-61 mein aapse khub mulaqat hoti thi jab main Jai se milne aati thi Bombelli’s

  3. Chetan says:

    My real love story Stage……..
    i Feel This song’s, daily i listen this Song long time………

  4. Maswood says:

    this is one of my favourite song.i like each word of this one can replace rafi sahab.

  5. Vishal says:

    It’s very heart touching song.

  6. Sanjeev says:

    the song reminds me of my neena whom I lost 2 yrs ago…

  7. sahil (W.B) says:

    this is so too much melodious song……. ei gaan ta sune ami ekdom pagol hoye jai…………..

  8. Hafiz says:

    I heard this song “Dil Ke Jharoke mein…” over Radio Ceylon (Sri Lanka) back in 1971 when we Bengali students were stranded in our hostel due to Indo-Pak war. I loved this song when I first heard it and longed to hear this song many time more. I would sing it silently many times till present days when I got to get the whole song through internet search. Thanks to Rafi Saheb and people involved with the song and making it available for me that I can cherish it again.

  9. sambit says:

    this is one of my favourite songs of rafi sahab

  10. rahul says:

    Man !!! This song touches heart

  11. bhargav says:

    good song i like it…….i love this song..and my girlfriend also love this song……she say when i forget(leave) u then please sing this song i back in ur life

  12. arundeep singh says:

    this song is really my life. i love it bcoz its a great work by a great indian. this is the heart of indians

  13. Adarsh says:

    this song reminds me of my love…… very nice and touching song….. and i respect each and every word of this song……..

  14. preet says:

    Thanks a lot

    good job done

  15. Deep says:

    This song is very attractive and nice have a brain affect thinking

  16. iqbal says:

    Yeh to bas ek geet hai!
    Can anyone pick up the best geet of Rafi Sahab?
    I’m 100% sure no one able to!
    Coz each geet of him is a best n there is the no second best!
    Thats why he is the king of all india’s legend!

  17. mukesh says:

    mai har roj ye site khol kar ye gane sunta hoon
    rafi ji ko mai bahut pasand karta hoon

  18. mukesh says:

    this is very good song I like verymuch this song

  19. monu says:

    it’s very nice to read tht many songs were preapare all of sudden in the music, thnks to all the team members of this site whom collect this information , thanks a lot .

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