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Contribution of Rafi in Biswajeet’s films

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi and Biswajeet

Mohd Rafi and Biswajeet

Bengali actor Biswajeet Chatterjee after acting in hit films in Bengali namely Mayamrigo in 1960 and Dui Bhai in 1961 went to Mumbai to pursue his acting career there. He made his debut in the film Bees Saal Baad where Hemant Kumar was the producer of the film and also the music composer.

In a short period of time Biswajeet got roles to play in films of different producers and directors namely Nasir Hussain, Satyen Bose, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and others. Mohammad Rafi played a very important role in the success story of Biswajeet’s films because most of the films ended up being musical blockbusters.

In the film April Fool, released in 1964, Shankar Jaikishan’s composition for Rafi picturised on Biswajeet became super hit including “April Fool banaya”, and “aa gale lag ja”. In Shenai in 1964, Ravi’s composition for Rafi namely “na jhatko zulf se paani” became smash hit. Composer Hemant Kumar used Rafi in Biswajeet’s film Bin Badal Barsaat in 1963 in the song “dil me teri yaad sanam”.

Mere Sanam released in 1965 was the greatest hit film of Biswajeet where Rafi was unparallel. OP Nayyar’s stylish westernized compositions were given expression by Rafi in the songs “pukarta chala hoon mai”, “hue hai tumpe aashiq hum”, “humdum mere maan bhi jayo”, “thukre hai mere dilki ay jaan teri aansoon”, “haji baba”, “humne to dilko aapke kadmo pe rakh diya”, “roke kaibaar maine dilki umangko”, to name a few. After that Rafi and Biswajeet went on giving hits after hits.

In Do Dil, composer Hemant Kumar composed a soft romantic song for Rafi namely “tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe”, which touched the souls of music lovers. All the songs in the film Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi in the year 1966 became super hit. OP Nayyar’s composition in the song “phir milogi kabhi is baat ka yaada karlo” stands out. It was a duet where Rafi was as romantic as Asha Bhosle. Ravi composed excellent music in the film Sagaai, in 1966, where Rafi’s song “nay eh zameen thin a aasman tha” became immortal. LP composed super hit song in the film Aasra, in 1966, where Rafi’s romantic song “sokhiyan nazar me hai” stands out.

Mohd Rafi and Biswajeet

Mohd Rafi and Biswajeet

Laxmikant Pyarellal made the musiclovers spell bound in Night in London in 1967, with Rafi’s songs “night in London”, “o my love” and “bahosh –o –awaz me diwana”. Rafi was sublime in all the songs. LP continued the dream run in the film Jaal in 1967 with Rafi’s songs “akela hoon mai humsafar”, “mizaaz-e-garami”, etc. Shankar Jaikishan composed excellent music in the film Hare Kaanch Ki Churiya in 1967 with hit Rafi number namely “aye janeman” and “panchi re panchi”.

Madanmohan was excellent in the film Ghar Ka Chirag in 1967, where Rafi’s song “aaj rota hai kyun” stands out. In the film Vaasna in 1968, all the songs of Rafi composed by Chitragupt became super hit including “itni nazuk nabano”, “yeh parbaton ke dayre”, “aaj is darja pila do”.  The Chitragupt and Rafi magic continued in Biswajeet’s next film Pyar Ka Sapna in 1969 in songs like “ay meri zindagi”, “tere chehere se haten ankh to”.

Rafi was the major contributor in Biswajeet’s other films like Do Kaliyan, Ishq Par Zor Nahi, Mai Sunder Hoon, Shararat, etc. In the 70s with the advent of action films Biswajeet faded away from the industry. All the giant composers of golden age namely Shankar Jaikishan, OP Nayyar, Ravi, Chitrgupt, Madanmohan, Laxmikant Pyarellal, Hemant Kumar and other composed music in the films of Biswajeet. Rafi’s songs in Biswajeet’s films require recognition and restoration.

Mr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

Mr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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42 Blog Comments to “Contribution of Rafi in Biswajeet’s films”

  1. feroj says:

    rafi is bounce back in 1976 with laila majnu. it’s truth that when rajesh khanna’s era completely down, that time rafi emerged again superbly, so rafi get back his quality. same thing is not happen with kishore, after rafi’s death kishore had no good songs . rather than him 1981 to until his death there are shuresh wadekar, sp, shabbir, mohd. aziz and pankaj dominated in hindi film music, so who is better rafi or kishore. but this truth is not accepted by kishore’s blind fans

  2. Dear Souvik Chatterji Saab,
    Thanks for providing a great reading on Combination of Rafisaab and Great Biswajeetji.
    I am 60 now. When I saw first hindi film Do Kaliyana in 1968, it made a great impressiom on me, and since then i instantly became a fan of both Biswajeet and Rafisaab. Till today and for ever, combination of these two legends take me to my youthful days. Whenever I listen the songs of Rafisaab from Biswajeets film, it gives a great amount of happines for the day. To be true, I started liking Rafisaab`s song because of them picturaisied on great Biswajeet.

    I have got collection of movie CD`S of almost all Biswajieet`s films.

    I was a big fan of Biswajeet and great admirer of Rafisaab. In Biswajjet`s acting there was a great amount of grace and charm in his personality.

    Thanks alot once again Shavikji,

    Raghavendra Harwalkar,
    Gulbarga (Karnataka)

  3. asha chohan says:

    Dear souvik, I absolutely loved your article and couldn’t agree more as I absolutely love mohd rafi and I don’t care what any body says but there is no one that can match that versatile voice of rafi sahab. His music will live on and in my opinion Kishore kumar doesn’t even come 2nd or close because the popularity of rafi’s music even today speaks for itself.

    Rafi was the best, is the best and will remain the best and that is a fact.

    Thankyou for your article it is well written and reflects the thought of millions!

  4. zorawar says:

    where i can download rafi songs of movie NAWAB SAHIB

  5. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Fazalji,
    Happy Laxmipuja.
    Please dont take my comment otherwise.
    I am a big admirer of Kishore Kumar for his different talents, including singing, dancing, acting, etc. Only the reason I reacted is because Biswajeet Chatterjee made the best impact in both bengali and hindi films in the 60s. As far as the 60s are concerned, it was probably the golden decade of melodious music. Mohammad Rafi dominated that period, and if you had read the interviews of legendary composers like Naushad Ali, Shankar Jaikishan, OP Nayyar, Roshanlal Nagrath, Madanmohan, all the composers had provided the greatest esteem only for Mohammad Rafi. The contemporary singers Mukeshji, Talat Mehmood Sahab, Manna Deyji all were legends. But the reference of Rafi comes in some other perspective. None of the singers in the Indian celluloid had sung film songs with the level of depth of words by lyricists like Shakeel Badayani, Hasrat Jaipuri, Sahir Ludhianvi, etc. and the greatest composers that graced Indian films, because 50s and 60s were the greatest decades of Indian music, which had not been replicated or matched ever.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  6. Fazal Ahmad says:

    Dear souvik saab,

    Sorry for writing that comment at the wrong place.

    I just wanted to bring to light some important points about greatness of Kishoreda that most of Rafi fans blindly ignore. I hope you agreed to me that Rafi saab=Kishore saab
    Warm regards

  7. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Fazalji,
    I read your big analysis on Kishore Kumar, but dont find any relationship of the comment with my article. The article was devoted to Rafi’s contribution in the career of Biswajeet Chatterjee. Did you want to write the article in another place but wrongly written it here?
    Reason is that there should be some relevance of an article and the comments. Biswajeet Chatterjee had also acted in more than 50 bengali films and numerous number of bengali singers including Manobendra Mukherjee, Hemant Kumar, and other rendered playback for Biswajeet in films like Mayamrigo, Shesh Porjonto, Kuheli, etc.
    But I did not bring the reference because the article was devoted to Rafi and Biswajeet. The record on playback singing says that Rafi had sung more than 200 songs for Biswajeet in hindi films and contributed the most in his career. If you want to comment any of those songs or add to whatever I had written it can bear some relevance, otherwise you had made an elaborate analysis having no bearing with the article.
    Warm regards,
    Souvik Chatterji.

  8. Fazal Ahmad says:

    Kishoreda was a maverick. His voice had a eternal resonance and “Khanak” that was unique! Voice was uniquely deep and the throw, punch and power in his voice make him the most difficult singer to sing. Rafi was undoubtedly a fabulous singer but Kishore Kumar was pure genius. Here is an anecdote (story) I would love to share with you all.
    I had always been a Mohd. Rafi fan, since I was a kid. Like my parents and friends, I, obediently followed the tradition to listen and admire Rafi and only Rafi. His “Makhmali awaaz” was always a treat to my ears. I would sing his songs at the school and with friends. People liked me because I was eventually, if not easily, able to sings those classical numbers. I was admired.
    But, then I had a chance to listen to Kishore da`s songs. I was moved! His voice was uniquely LARGE. The base in his voice was incredibly deep, unlike any other singer. His voice was inimitable. Such strong voice, reflected pronounced masculinity. His songs like ‘Hal Kya Hai Dilon Ka’, ‘Phoolon ke rang se’, ‘Aapke Anurodh Pe’ ‘Kuch to log kaheinge’ and many others, are great examples of his talent. Kishoreda`s ability to sing such diverse moods and styles can clearly be witnessed in above songs!! Interestingly, just notice the change in timber and texture he brings singing these diverse songs- something which Rafi never did; he just sang with the same timber/texture. Kishore could sing all the way from his upper part of the chest like in “Aapke Anurodh Pe” (where his voice comes out with so much depth and yet, he doesnt run out of air!!), then his throat like in Hal Kya Hai Dilon (his vocal chord sounds like this huge rod with incredibly high radius!) and all the way up to his mouth in Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhi Se(where he just whispers and the romance spreads in the air!!). I challenge anyone to do justice to these songs! Kumar Sanu and Abhijeet just copy one little “pehlu” or “style” of Kishore`s versatilty (just make Kishoreda`s voice thinner by 50% and add some nasality in it and you get Kumar Sanu, Yodell-ish singing style that too with erratic consistency and you get Abhijeet). One little Rang of multi-coloured Kishoreda has made their lives!! Just think about it. You would see many singers singing Rafi`s songs, giving him a good enough tribute. There are Sonu Nigam, Shabbir, Mohammad Aziz and many others who are fairly good at it (who have even sung O duniya ke rakh wale, the hardest song Rafi ever recorded and infact, Sonu has done considerable justice) But Kishore Kumar was UNIQUE. No one ever had such a tremendous throw and solidarity. AND now we can just imagine what Kishoreda could have done if he was classically trained from his childhood. His voice would have broken the boundaries and CONQUERED the world!!
    The khanak in kishoreda`s voice was a god-gift and the almighty has not given even one-tenth of that charismatic resonance that kishoreda was rewarded with, to anyone else.
    Kishoreda, sadly, recoginzed his talent quite late, way after he was already dragged into acting by his elder brother, Ashok Kumar– and surprisingly enough, his acting skills are still admired. What a multi-talented individual he was indeed. But its sad that we lost him early.

    Conclusively, I hope and pray that the Rafi`s fans break their old bias for an hour and just listen to the songs I have recommended above! And as for Rafi, he has been my guru and idol and I always will be his fan.
    Thank you.


    Rafisaheb has rendered so many beautiful songs in his melodius peerless voce for Wishwajeet.I wish to remind rafi fans here the classical number’Jane kahan dekha hai.kahan dekhaa hai tumhe,jaagi jaagi akhiyonke sapnomen’from “Biwi Aur Makaan”1967-68 having music of late.Hment Kumar.

  10. prince says:

    Rafi saab sang for most of the top actors from the 50’s to 70’s. The songs that Rafi saab sang for biswajeet made him look like an actor. Biswajeet was not an action hero but portray as an actor for love scenes.
    2 songs i like.
    o my love from night in london
    kitne nazuk from vaasana.

  11. prince says:

    Mohd. Rafi is all time great. He never had any differences with following singers such as KK, MD, Mukesh, TM, and the rest but We the fans of each singer are having the differences.

    It’s time the Government of India bestowed him with the Bharat Ratna, He deserved it even if he is not alive.

  12. Musharraf says:

    Dear Souvikda,

    Thank you for your kind remarks. I have read many of your articles and have become an admirer of your writings. You take lot of pains in finding out relevant facts to substantiate your statements. Sorry to know that you have lost your esteemed father.
    My e-mail address is as follows;

  13. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Musharrafji,
    Thanks a lot for your excellent comments.
    Please give me your email address.
    I was a great admirer of your father’s literature.
    I lost my father Chitta Ranjan Chatterji in May, 2011, this year.
    He was Chief Public Prosecutor, Bankshall Court, Kolkata.
    He was also a big admirer of your father Syed Mujtaba Ali Sahab.
    Warm regards,
    Souvik Chatterji.

  14. Musharraf says:

    Dear Souvikda,

    Excellent and a very informative article. In fact I am from Bengal too and a great fan of the legendary Mohammed Rafi.While I was a student of “Patha Bhavana” in Santiniketan in early sixties my late father writer of West Bengal Syed Mujtaba Ali, auther of “Deshe Bideshe”, Chacha kahini”, “Shabnam” bought me a Murphy Radio and showed me how to tune Radio Ceylon and later “Bibidh Bharti” which used to broadcast Hindi songs. When I heard Rafi from Radio Ceylon for the first time I became stunned and became his fan forthright that has continued till today. Indeed Rafi has sung great numbers for Biswajit whose pictures I enjoyed along with the legendary Uttam Kumar’s.
    Any how, thank you once again very much for the very beautiful article that you have written.


    Syed Musharraf Ali

  15. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Ahamedji,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. Mohammad Rafi is there in our hearts and will always remain in our hearts. I feel privileged to write about the great farishta whenever I get scope of writing.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  16. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear souvikji,
    your contribution to this divine site is too big.the informative
    articles which is appearing frequently is very attractive and
    gives rafians like us new power to learn more about the
    legand rafi saab.keep it up and wish to have more articles
    from you.

  17. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Sanjeevji,
    Thanks a lot for your excellent comments.
    I have mentioned only few of the excellent songs sung by Rafisahab for Biswajeet Chatterjee. There are many more number of gems created by the combination.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  18. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Souvik ji,
    Many thanks for this write up.Combo of RAFI SAHAB-BISHWAJEET JI is really given so many memorable songs to us. We never forget these GEM.
    Thanks again…..

  19. Hemant Mehta says:

    Yes.I fully agree taht Mohamamd Rafi’s voice was indeed a great contribution to the success of Biswajit.Specialaly the songs of Mere Sanam and Shehnai are worth mentioning.Though all other songs of his for Biswajit are none the less any inferior.Nice article.

  20. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Sangeetaji,
    Thanks a lot for your brilliant comments.
    In some of the songs, Mohammad Rafi had coveyed to the listeners that he was singing for Biswajeet. Only Mohammad Rafi could have done it. One example is in the film Do Dil, where Hemant Kumar composed the music. Rafi sang the song “tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe”. If someone closes his eyes and hears the song he will find Biswajeet Chatterji singing it. It was sheer brilliance of Mohammad Rafi.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  21. Sangeeta Saxena says:

    Good one Souvik. Infact I think Rafi sahab sang some of the best Biswajeet songs and of all moods. Duets and solos both. Infact his duets were really popular- Na yeh zameen thi, na aasma tha 1966 film Sagaai -Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho Gayi – Do Kaliyan, in addition to the ones you have mentioned.
    Ankhon Mein Kayamat ke jalwe. Pukarta chala and the list of Mohd Rafi solos picturised on him were great.

  22. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Aliji,
    Yes Shammi Kapoor had knowledge of music and also understood beat, rhythm and other essentials of western compositions with which Shankar Jaikishan did experiment one after the other.
    Both Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar had great knowledge of music. Whenever Raj Kapoor gave lips in Mukesh’s songs it looked like he had sung the song himself.
    When Dilip Kumar gave lips in classically oriented difficult songs of Mohammad Rafi like “madhuban me radhika nachere” it looked like Dilip Kumar was singing the songs himself. Rafi’s brilliance was matched by Dilip Kumar’s brilliance too.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  23. Ali says:

    Thanks sir Souvik,
    Even Shammi ji had great knowledge about music also if I am not wrong Dilip kumar ji also……

  24. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Shefaliji, Sumaji, Alisahab and Sudhirji,
    Thanks for your comments.
    One big factor of the songs of Biswajeet’s films doing great business was Biswajeet Chatterjee’s own knowledge in music. He learned music and had his own basic discs in bengali. He understood the songs of Mohammad Rafi and gave good lips in the songs too. For example in the song “hue hai tumpe aashiq hum bhala maano bura maano” he clapped his hand when OP Nayyar used the clapping in between Rafi’s rendition. Most of the songs were very melodious and had become immortal over the years.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  25. Sudhir Kumar says:

    Thank you mr. souvik for this excellent article

  26. Ali says:

    I think when media tried to ignore mohd rafi in 1970’s Biswajeet was one of the losers,if I am not wrong kishore voice used to him.Biswajeet ji always speak about mohd rafi greatness but no one say as said by Shammi ji about mohd rafi role in there films…….

  27. Suma says:

    Mr. Chatterjee, you have forgot to mention a Film called “Kaise Kahoon” released in 1964. The extraordinary music was given by all time gratest music director S.D.Burman but the film was flopped mainly due to Directors, Biswajeet and Nanda also. The S.D.Burman was awarded “Saint Haridas Award” for this film.

  28. Shefali Gandhi says:

    Souvikji, indeed a very nice informative right up…full of maximum songs of this wonderful combo that brought out magic! Biswajit was known as “chocolate hero” in that era…and i have heard that when it comes to a term called “acting” he was never considered a good actor. it was Rafiji’s versatile playback that gave his roles a significant lift up and helped him not only in establishing himself in industry…but making him one of the most popular heroes of all time!

  29. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Shashankji, Khajaji, Venkatadriji and others,
    Thanks for the excellent comments. Very significantly different types of composers composed music in the films of Biswajeet including Shankar Jaikishan, Ravi, Laxmikant Pyarellal, OP Nayyar, Hemant Kumar, etc., but the playback singer chosen all the musical giants of great Rafi Sahab. Rafisahab could maintain the image of Biswajeet while providing playback in the films and also did justice to the work of the composers and lyricists.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  30. The article is very nice and detailed information you have shared with us. Its different from other articles Rafi with Biswajeet. I really love to read this type of articles.

  31. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Janab Souvik Sahab, Salaam, excellant write-up.
    Four years back, Biswajeet was here in Oak Brook, Chicago, along with Moushami Chatterji in an exclusive gathering. He said before entering in the movies he used to sing. He started the show singing the song from “Mere Sanam”, pukarta chala hoon mai. During the show, he was talking all the time about Rafi sahab. This was his greatness. I took his auto-graph on the LP of ” Pyar ka Sapna”.
    I will add few more songs of Rafi Sahab for Biswajeet for Rafi lovers:

    O zindagi tu jhoom le zara – Kaise Kahun
    Dil ka dard nirala – Kaise Kahu,
    Yeh baat hoti hai paida, janab barson me – Majboor
    Kaanton me phansa aanchal – Do Dil
    Shokhian nazar me hain, masthiyan hain chaal me – Aasra
    Jaago jaago ankhiyon ke – Biwi aur makan
    Pahli nazar me dil – Hare kaanch ki chudiyan
    Akela hoon mai hamsafar dhoondtha hoon – Jaal
    Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi – Tammanna. Janab Walijah sahab wrote a beautiful review on this romantic song in this forum. It is an excellant write-up.
    Dil ne pyar kiya hai ek bewafa se – Sharaarat
    AAnkhon me chataki – Do Aankhen
    Kamal ke phool jaisa badan – Do Aamkhen
    Meri chahath rahegi haesha jawaan – Mehaman
    Haaye uf yeh jawani – Mehman
    Rooth kar jaate kahan sanam – Jay baba vaidyanaath

    All the above mentioned songs of Rafi sahab are collectors items.

    I agree with Souvik sahab’ conclusion of his article, ” Rafi’s songs in Biswajeet”s films
    require recognition and restoration”.

    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Good night,

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,

  32. b.venkatadri says:

    Good write-up, Sauvik ji!!!

    Rafi was instrumental in building the careers of many many leading men!!!

    But, in case of Biswajit, the contribution of Rafi seems to be near total, as the proportion of musical super successes is probably the highest in case of Biswajit!!!

  33. M.Bala says:

    Nice article. I think the same applies to Joy Mukherjee also who also attained stardom mainly because he had Rafi saab’s voice which gave many priceless gems.

  34. Rajiv Vijayakar says:

    Nice article. Hemant Kumar later used his own voice for Biswajeet but that’s because like BSB and Kohraa he had produced that film. In Ishq…, no sung was filmed on Biswajeet, while Rafi did sing in Kehtey Hain Mujhko Raja (RD) but I do not know if it was for Biswajeet or someone else.

    Biswajit came out with a cassette of his own songs in 1998 that he himself sang. The first song was Rafi’s Nazar na lag jaaye (Night In London) and that was also the name he gave to it.

  35. Hanuman Parshad says:

    Shovik ji
    I see a lot of films of rafi- bishwajeet i like very much of this cmbination. thanks.

  36. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Shouvik ji,

    Very good article. You have covered almost all songs of Rafi-Biswajeet combination. One error has crept: The song “dil me teri yaad sanam…..” from film ‘Bin Baal barsat’ was actually picturized on Mehmood (not Biswajeet).

    You wrote: “Mohammad Rafi played a very important role in the success story of Biswajeet’s films because most of the films ended up being musical blockbusters.” Now in this sentence you can replace the name ‘Biswajeet’ with many other names. Yes, the list of actors who owe a lot to Rafi saab for their on-screen success is a big one.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  37. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Vinodji,
    I had mentioned the film Ishq Par Zor Nahi. Most of the songs in that film had been picturised on Dharmender. Rafi’s landmark songs included “mehbooba teri tasveer” and “yeh dil diwana hai”.
    Warm regards,
    Souvik Chatterji.

  38. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Vinodji,
    I had mentioned Ishq Par Zor Nahin. The only reason the songs of the film was not mentioned in details is because most of them were picturised on Dharmender, although Biswajeet played a very important role in the film. The landmark songs included “mehbooba teri tasveer”, “yeh dil diwana hai”. SD Burman’s composition was excellent and Rafi was brilliant as usual.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  39. vinod mehru says:

    dear souvik ,
    biswajit saheb ki ek film thi sdburman ke saath jiska naam tha ishq par zor nahi, us film ke geet bhi hit hue the, baad mein biswajeet ji ne ek yaa do filmon ko produce kiya tha lekin rafi saheb ke geet nahin the

    thanks for sharing information to have seperate list of biswajeet and rafi saheb combination.

    vinod mehru

  40. N K V RANGA RAO says:

    I think Shammi Kapoor and Biswajeet both got benefited because of Rafi Saab’s voice. I like the following songs sung by Rafi Saab for Biswajeet .

    “bahosh –o –awaz me diwana”“
    “panchi re panchi”
    “na jhatko zulf se paani
    “pukartachala hoon mai”,

  41. Jae-Bee says:

    Good article, just one correction. In the movie mai sundar hoon md sj completely ignored rafi sahab for not only biswajeet’s songs, but also mehmood’s song and gave all songs to kk. No doubt the songs were good. Another point to note that md and a great singer himself hemantda knew the capacity of rafi sahab, so after the first 2 films of biswajeet viz. bsb and khora he used rafi only. there is great duet by rafi and arti mukherjee: sara mora kajra… and a solo: jagee jagee ankhiyone… under hemantda worth listening.

  42. Zaheendanish says:

    Rafi Saab sang for almost heroes of 50’s and 60’s and Biswajeet was no exception for that. He was mainly glided on success sail because of Rafi Saab songs as such acting wise he was a so so actor. It is true that due to the advent of action movies he faded away from the industry. The songs enlisted in the article are very much all music lovers favourites. I specially like to pick up the two songs of Night in london which are class of its own.

    ~ Bahosh O hawas
    ~ O my love

    A good review on contribution of Rafi Saab songs to Biswajeet

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