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An open letter – a clarion call

By Ramesh Narain Kurpad – Rafiaarenkay / rameshkurpad (gmail)

Rafi Sahab with his awards

Rafi Sahab with his awards

Dear Rafi fans / bhakts from near and far away land – I have voiced myself vehemently in my own country through this beautiful dedicated Rafi website, but in vain – the Indian fans in India are meekly whispering “ alas Rafi Sahab cannot be conferred Bharat Ratna since he is no more and he cannot be given posthumously.” – says who?

Now this letter is being addressed to all international fans / bhakts who are not living in India they may be Indians – Pakistani’s – Bangladeshi’s – Afghani’s – from UAE – Saudi – America – Canada – UK – Europe – New Zealand – Australia – Germany – France anywhere.

All international Rafi fans / bhakts – if your nation has shown an inclination / love for Rafi Sahab and expressed that they wish to and love to honor Rafi Sahab with a civilian award – then please do so – the time has come.

The government of Pakistan has already expressed categorically that it wants to award Rafi Sahab with one of its prestigious awards – they should do so at the earliest as the time has come.

The Indian government has not even come as close to even ever mentioning Rafi Sahab’s name at any given time and hence the Bharat Ratna is far from happening.

Rafi Sahab is such a huge name – that – none can attach a tag like “ begging for an award “ – as he is above all awards available in the world.

I have always maintained that the Lord God – came to this earth in the form of a singing Rafi Sahab and hence the universe is left with a mass treasure trove of his songs.

One could float in balance and just keep drifting listening to his renditions whether it is love – pathos – separation – about the nature – about divine feelings – his songs leave a magical spell which keeps all moving things spell bound – simply lost in totality.

Ramesh Narain Kurpad

Ramesh Narain Kurpad

Irrespective of the song – you can imagine a smiling Rafi Sahab – his countenance radiating an everlasting joy never to fade away.

His songs evoke Godliness, friendliness, love, brotherhood, positive vibrations, even the ones who had drifted into a path of destruction and evil have come back to becoming normal nice humans – just by listening to Rafi Sahab songs – their minds eternally changed.

He is the true embodiment of love – passion – romance – poetry – ghazal – shayari – highest of musical traditions – divine singing.

None of his songs are easy to sing – the most difficult of compositions have been made to appear easy when it flows out of the lips of Rafi Sahab – mortals have tried and failed to achieve desired effect when they tried singing his songs.

Millions have failed to sing even the Alaap. Many aspire to sing his songs and they do so – simply because they are mesmerized by Rafi Sahab, his songs and his singing.

My dear international fans from far flung nations the world is blessed to have got a perfect human being like Rafi Sahab – the almighty came in the form of Rafi Sahab – sang – won over the hearts of billions of humans and set a benchmark so so high that none could do any better and none could match.

There never can be another Rafi Sahab. A sincere request to you all to lobby in your respective countries – Rafi Sahab for international awards.

This request is being made – as the union of India has deserted this great son of the soil.

Jai ho jai ho jai ho – Rafi Sahab

Tussi vakai great ho

Adaab Rafi

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  1. post – 22, khajaa Aliuddin, MD sahab,

    mai muaafee chahtaa hoon – aapkaa bahut hee umdaa comment kaa mainey jawaab nahee diyaa.

    it is an honour to hear from a rafi fan from as far as CHICAGO.

    thank you for echoing all our sentiments in the United States of America.

    you and all the fans in chicago are doing yeomans service to this cause – and i am certain – rafi sahab is watching all this – and blessing all of us – for walking on the path of righteousness.

    please keep us posted of all the positive developments in CHICAGO and other parts of USA.

    for your information – shahbaaz mahmood and large number of fans in PAKISTAN are also highly active and are putting in their best forward in this cause.

    God willing – rafi sahab will definitely rein in the entire universe with the due respect.

    All nations far and wide will stand up and shower respects on rafi sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  2. post – 47, d.p.bijoor sahab,

    thank you very much for saying aloud that you agree with me. atleast you have the gumption to accept the fact that – yes – the greatest singer of all times has been purposefully neglected.

    everybody knows everything – but – none likes to accept it.

    bijoor sahab, inkee ( govt authorities ) besharmee hadein nahee hain, lekin meri aur aapkee hadein paar hochukee hai – aur abb ghinn aney lagaa hai.

    lagtaa hai – sabhee logonkaa bhee – chaltaa hai attitude hochukaa hai aur rafi sahab ” also ran ” chand saalon mein kehlaayein jayengey.

    isee baath kaa darr sey mai – baahar kee mulkon sey nivedan karr raha hoon.

    bijoor sahab, 27 feb 2011, koh ek aur article chapp jayegaa – iss thread aur meri clarion call koh sab log bhool jayengey aur meri awaaz dabb jayegaa.

    rafi sahab kaa rutbaa bhee aisey hee kuchal diyaa gaya hai.

    mujhey sharmm aatee hai – aur baahar key mulkon sey appeal karoonga zaroor. hamaaree desh parr sey abb bharosaa utth chukaa hai.

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  3. Mr D P Bijoor says:

    Rameshjee Aadab Rafi
    It is indeed a pleasure to read your views & feelings on the greatest ever Mohammed Rafi Sahab. It is indeed a sheer shame on those who are sitting at the helm of affairs. These people have probably decided not to hear or read what the Rafi Fans say.
    A personality of the calibre of Rafi Sahab actually speaking deserved the country’s highest award 31 years back when we a small lot of his admirers had gathered together and were actually running behind the rulers to honor Rafi Sahab but all our efforts went in vain.
    Dearest Rameshbhai you have today echoed the internal feelings of one and all and yes the rulers of the world will definately have to wake for the clarion call you have given to these sheer rulers.
    We all are with you boss. JAI RAFI SAHAB

  4. Saifullah says:

    Dear friends, I am writing something which has no relevance to the point of discussion here. Sorry for that.
    Looking for a song, by the master, which starts off like this – Teri parchaiyan meri raahon me he, ,,,,,,magar tu he kahan.
    Heard this song on this site. Could some one tell me where I could locate the song – I tried in vain on the net. If someone has the song in mp3 format, could you send it to which is my personal mail id. Would be very much obliged.

  5. Narayan says:

    Hats off to you Ramesh Garu
    for an emotional appeal to all and a call to all international Rafi Poojaris who passionately visit this site….
    Infact to my knowledge Maharashtra Govt had recommended Rafi Sahab to be conferred Bharat Ratna to the authorities thrice thru their erstwhile chief Ministers ….
    But they did not follow up properly and the heat was lost….
    I agree with uttaraji, Sarah ji and many others who have expressed that Rafi Sahab is above any award..
    We should try to pressurise govts to give award in his holy name
    thats all

  6. post 44 – binuji,

    if the senseless babu’s sitting in the govt had applied logic and reasoning to their actions, 40 years back they would have conferred the bharat ratna to rafi sahab.

    since these jokers are corrupt to the core – they are just some paan chewing chaps – they care two tuppence who is bracketed with whom.

    if they over hear or read what we write – all that they would guffaw and laught it off is – ” yah madhyam varg key logonko aur kucchh kaam nahee hai – jab dekho inkey mann mein koi na koi bakhedaa hotaa hai. sab key sab paagal hai. ”

    in our country most affairs connected with the govt is a big farce and a huge huge dikhaawaa. walk in the corridors of the govt and you will understand better.

    due to his simple / humble self – rafi sahab was a poor bussinessman – he could not project himself commercially – as that was not his nature – and hence we are all running helter skelter around these govt babus.

    rafi sahab’s humble background was his undoing – otherwise on sheer MERIT he shines on top of the world – you dont require any JURY to decide that.

    sharmila’s son and helen have their own space – and they dont care if they are bracketed with rafi sahab.

    the govt will come out with much more hillarious things – just keep watching – it never surprises me.

    no amount of logic or reasoning will work with the babus.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ramesh narain kurpad

  7. Binu Nair says:

    Rafi Lovers :

    What irks me and many of us i suppose is how can Mohd Rafi Saaheb be bracketed with saif ali khan (charged with deer killing offence ) and a cabaret dancer like helen.

    all the three are padma shri winners. should not the govt upgrade the award of padmashri awarded to mohd rafi for his greatest contribution to indian music, indian way of life and patriotism of the highest order ?
    if doubtful politicians culd be honoured with bharat ratna – posthumously then why not the emperor of singing mohd rafi saaheb – is the question.

    the rafi foundation, mumbai :

  8. shahbaaz mahmood sahab from pakistan and scores of rafi fans in our neighbouring country – a humble request for you all to move the proposal for a befitting award to our dearest rafi sahab.

    as you would aware that the thespian actor ” dilip kumar ” has already received an award from pakistan – long back.

    we will all support you in your endeavours in this regard. the entire indian nation will welcome this award from your country.

    it will further the strong bondings already existing with regard to people to people interactions.

    the field of art, music knows no boundaries and we wholeheartedly welcom your efforts in showing your affections with regard to rafi sahab.

    please keep the dialogue – continuous.

    allaah haafiz,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  9. binuji, ( post – 39 ),

    yes i suppose so – any indian can invoke a PIL in almost everything and anything.

    in this case – there is a point beyond which the govt wont jell at all. they have an inbuilt nature to talk to general public in a most lacadasical fashion.

    if our querries – puts them in a tight situation – they have the wherwithal and muscle power to smother our voices effectively – with no sweat from their side.

    one thing is certain – even if they confer the bharat ratna ( 110 % will not happen at all – as i have said in my article ) and award rafi sahab, the millions fans all over the world will literally condemn the govt to get their act 30 years after the death of the avataar.

    the indian govt – should have bestowed this award immediately when rafi sahab left all of us to go back to his actual home in the heaven.

    the entire world would have heaped a lot of praises for their noble actions.

    govt say PIL ky dwaraa – pangaa hee hosaktaa aur kucchh nahee – merey vichaar sey. baakee log bhee issmey roshni daal saktey hain.

    over to the fans.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Filmfare awards itself is a big joke now a days…

  11. Ali says:

    I was looking film fare award one Sony tv where they gave award to great singer mannay da but the joke that when they spoke about him they said that he sang many songs with kishore da!!? What a great joke? Also there award in name of RD Burman!!? Where Anil biswas ji, naushand ji, sj,opn,sd ,madan mohan ji ,ravi and many other names?
    I think we shound stop asking about award to mohd rafi who is himself a award to us…

  12. Binu Nair says:

    Can we file a Public Interest Litigation against the govt for doling out padma awards to law breakers (Saif ali khan ) and cabaret dancer (Helen) ?

    One can ask the government why they dont consider mohd rafi’s stature and contributon to music and honour rafi saab with the Bharat Ratna.

    I agree with rafi lovers in totality and rajesh ranga too.


  13. N.G.Ramaswamy says:

    Refer post 31/32.

    one vvvvvip’s name that is missing from your list is none other than Mrs.M.S.Subbulakshmi, the Queen of carnatic music who was conferred the title much much before anybody else in the respective field.

    Kudos to all for all the stupendous efforts already taken, being taken and efforts to be taken till our last breathe for conferring the bharat ratna on our duniya ka ratna shri Rafi Saheb.

    don’t be surprised if himesh reshamaiyaas, abhijeet sawants etc.etc. pick up the award in the very near future. I hope u all agree with me.

    With full devotion to Rafi Saheb.


  14. Man Mouji says:

    For the third year running, there will be no Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award.

    The last person to get it was Bhimsen Joshi in 2008. The music maestro passed away recently.

    Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan & Padma Shri were already announced.

    The list has 128 names –

    > 13 Padma Vibhushans,
    > 31 Padma Bhushans,
    > 84 Padma Shri awards.

  15. kabeer aman sahaab,

    aashaa aur ummeed – insaanon sey kee jaatee hain ………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yahaan toh chatey huey avval darjey key haivaanon sey paalaa padaa hai.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  16. thanks bhushan ji (post 32), i missed pt joshi’s name.
    keep writing ramesh kurpad ji..

  17. Kabeer Aman says:

    post 33

    khush fehmiyan dukhon ko kaafi had tak door rakhti hain.

    jhute dilason se insaan apna gam bhool jata hai…….

    yehi to hum sab milkar kar rahe hain………

    hum sab aasha karte hain… baharat ratna rafi sahab ko miley….

  18. post 30 & 31 – raviji and rangasahab – agree 1000 % with your beautiful posts with a lot of truth in as far as the past bharat ratna awardees etc.

    talking to indian govt – is ” bhains key saamney beeen bajaanaa “.

    look at them struggling at the moment – they are not able handle or properly adminster a highly successful nation like INDIA who also happens to be a POWER.

    its like serving a pudding in a silver plate and one does not know how to eat it.

    iss key aagey kyaa boloon – dimaag kaa dahee bangaya hai – as the coloquial saying goes ……. ha ha ha – in a lighter vein.

    i am confident – the pressure will be unbearable when other nations start confering/heaping awards on rafi sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  19. Bhushan says:

    Post 31

    an addition – Pandit Bhimsen joshi – 2008

  20. Thank you ramesh ji (post 25) for responding. let us see the list of bharat ratna awardees from the field of art, so far
    1.satyajit ray in 1992. ravi shankar in 1999.
    3.bismillah khan in 2001 and
    4 lata mangeshkar in 2001.
    now we can genuinely analyse and decide in what respect mohd rafi is second to aforesid awardees, perhaps none and in fact he should have had been conferred before the aforesaid recepients.
    Also it is pertinent to note that many personalities like aruna asaf ali, lokpriya gopinath and jay prakash narayan were conferred this honour posthumously and therefore nothing debars government in honouring great mohd rafi now.

  21. Ravi says:

    Dear Ramesh ji,

    It is time GOI acts now there have been enough representations given but nothing materialized till today.

    Rafi sahab does not need any awards as he is above it, even after 30 years still people get emotional when they speak about him or hear his songs this is one side of the coin.
    If anybody deserves Bharat Ratna from music industry than it is only Rafi sahab,without his voice the indian film music would not have been so popular.

    I think it is duty of every rafian and citizen of this country to make GOI acknowledge the greatest singer ever and confer Bharat Ratna to him.

  22. A S MURTY says:


    On the website where we all have been voting for Rafi Sahab, there are two links for Rafi Sahab. The first one where
    we vote is at No. 1 – on top of the ladder. But there is a second page created by some ghost Rafi Bhakt which figures at No. 82 i.e. the
    penultimate page. There are no votes at all as of now. This is given so as to mislead Rafi Bhakts who will start using that page whereby
    the vote count would not be added to the page where we usually vote. Here are the two links :

    Our Regular voting page :

    Please continue to use this one only.


    The other link is this one : ….. Please ignore this one.

    Now you can see that there is a very thin difference in the two links. In this second link, the spelling of Rafi Sahab is MAHAMMED. I have
    given this just in case someone forwards the link in any fora asking us all to vote for Rafi Sahab and if we are not careful, we will start voting
    at this second link and loose precious votes on the first and genuine one.

  23. Rounak says:

    I also support that RAFI SAHAB deserves Bharat Ratna.

    But Manmohan singh and complete UPA govt. can not able to control prise rise, crime, corruption so i think they are not paying attention on awarding bharat ratna to Mohd Rafi.
    First of all they will try to clear there image for next election.
    Rafi Sahab is king of our hearts

  24. Ali says:

    We mohd rafi fans maybe will be able to force the govt to think to give mohd rafi Bharat ratna but what we are able to do that we should vote for him at to make him the best singer of the world by giving our votes and show that he got more fans…he is number 1 in India now but we should make him world number one…..

  25. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Bhakts of RAFI SAHAB,
    This is very good that we are discussing the matter here on this website but it is not sufficient because who have the powers to do something on this issue they are not seeing our discussions here. Therefore it is very necessary to knocking the our respected SLEEPING INDIAN GOVT. by writing the letters regarding our issue & demand again and again by all of the fans of RAFI SAHAB across the world. The name of our FARISHTA is in the list of the person to whom govt. is thinking to give “Bharat ratna”. Only we rafians can make this dream true.So friend don’t be late, Awake & write the letters to the govt. at lease once in a month.

    -Sanjeev Dixit

  26. post – 23 – rajesh k rangasa sahab,

    very well said – you are addressing to the wall ( not rahul dravid ) – the indian government. they are not one bit bothered about rafi sahab, about rafi fans/bhakts. we could be shouting on roof tops, tearing our hair, singing paens about our maestro – our avataar but its like ” water on ducks back ”
    ” bhains key saamney beeeen bajaaanaa ” – ” our govt beha es just like the Buffalo’s treading lazily when it is raining thunderously “.


    hence – by talking to our international rafi fans continuously – we could establish better relationships and very soon many nations will start confering their prestigious civilain award to the singing avataar rafi sahab.

    the nations which would confer the award – would in the eyes of the world rise as a benevolent nation – which understands and recognises an icon.

    rajeshji and all other rafi fans – lets become united and relentlessly write in this website and definitely internationally the hearts will melt and we will see some happy actions taking shape.

    adaab rafi.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  27. Ali says:

    Mohd rafi body is not with us today his voice is gift to us upto the end on the earth,many things said about mohd rafi in 1970’s that he as been replaced but mohd rafi answered them by his voice said by dilip kumar, actors said about them none mohd rafi actors like Rajesh khanna and mr Bachchan but listen to all songs of mohd rafi sang to them are super hit,as Talat ji said mohd rafi voice is gift of the God but he gift it to God, I don’t think there be any award bigger than what said about mohd rafi by people who worked with him, super star of his time shammi ji said I am because mohd rafi, opn said the same as said by shammi ji,OPN the only music director became super hit without lata ji he said any time that lata ji voice is not fit for my tape of music Which I give also he didn’t use mohd rafi for two years but he said that was my biggest mistake so this the real award to mohd rafi by god,,,the biggest award by god to mohd rafi is still no one able to replace him…..

  28. an open question to govt of india ministers and bureaucrats-“what are your criterias for conferring ‘bharat ratna’ which mohd rafi is not meeting?” has any other singer sung so soulfully and with utmost ease songs depicting all emotions? has any other singer matched his pronunciation of hindi, urdu, all regional languages and even sanskrit? can any one repeat his high pitch songs and alaps? can any one come close to even his low pitch songs? If- no, then bharat ratna be conferred to mohd rafi immediately without insulting rafi fans any more !!

  29. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Janab Ramesh Narain Kurpad Sahab, Salaam,
    Rafi sahab ke saath, Aapki ki chahath ek din zaroor rang layegi.
    Ek shayar ne kya khoob kaha hai,
    ” Woh azm rakhta hoon jo hadisson me palta hai
    Hawaae tund me mera chiragh jaltha hai “.
    Hum aapki aawaz yahan Chicago me bhi pahuncha rahe hain.
    Long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  30. A S MURTY says:

    Rameshbhai, you have poured out the feelings of your heart in a manner that only you can. I really appreciate the sentiments that you have expressed and
    we all can fully understand the urgency that you have sought in the matter. We are all of the same opinion. The crusade for grant of Bharat Ratna to Rafi Sahab continues in various forms at different levels. I know of Rafi bhakts trying to rope in politicians too in this campaign and perhaps in the next couple of years the government will realize that the sentiments of music lovers in the country are too strong to be ignored. Let us be optimistic on this.

  31. shahbaaz mahmood sahab, ( 17 ) – thank you very much for responding and telling us – you are a pakistani.

    if you are residing in pakistan – it is all the more sweet as – you are amongst your deshwaasee and fellow rafi fans – please do voice your opinion to bolster the already considered thought of the pakistani authorites to honour our dear dear rafi sahab – with your country’s honour.

    i wish you all the best in your efforts. inshaallah – allah-haafiz

    ramesh narain kurpad

  32. uttharabehen ( chells ) – its an honour for me to receive an encouraging comment from you madame. your kind words of encouragement will prove to be blessings in disguise and would have actually pipped people’s thoughts and move them to tread the path of righteousness.

    walijah saheb, binuji, sarahbehen, sanjeevji, saifullahbhai and saathi – fans/bhakts – thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement – rafi sahab has taken a lot of stick – and his only fault is – he happened to be an avataar in the form of a human being.

    it is our responsibility to ensure that his name stays right on top and he gets his due in that human form – even though he is not with us.

    we want to enjoy his music but we do not want to ensure that his name gets its due. – one cant be more selfish than this. atleast i have to admit this and i feel the time has come for all bahkts to get up – irrespective of nationality, caste, creed – colour – stand up and ensure that rafi sahab gets the highest ” KHITAAB ” of every nation – on sheer MERIT as DIVINE SINGER.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  33. Utthara says:


    You are a true Rafi fan. It is amazing to see your single-minded devotion to your cause. You have written many times on this forum on the same subject. Your touching article showcases Rafi’s greatness while stirring fans to take up the cause that is close to your heart. Your emotional outpourings, I am sure, have struck a chord in all.
    To me, Rafi is above all these awards given by mortals. Having said that, I wish you success in your endeavours. Hoping to see your dream come true. i too will be happy.



  34. Shahbaz Mahmood says:

    Dear ramesh narain kurpad sahib,

    I am truly agree with you. I am Pakistani and big fan of this True Maestro to whom world know him as Muhammad Rafi. my heart beats with the rhythm of Muhammad rafi’s vocals. Whenever i listened to him my eye shed tears. This is true impact of his great voice.

    No other singer can compete him as he was unique, he is unique and will be unique till the resurrection.

    No one could break record of Muhammad Rafi sahib even Lata Mangeshkar, nevertheless she is biggest female singer of indian film industry. The record is that Muhammad Rafi was awarded to different category awards on song KEYA HUWA TERA WADA – FILM HUM KISI SE KAM NAHIN. (1- film fare & 2- National Award).

    My all praise are for his soul.

  35. Ali says:

    We are speaking about award to be given to mohd rafi but we forget one thing that mohd rafi already got biggest awards from the God,the Indian people are crazy about singing every day there is new singer but no one is able to reply mohd rafi so if this not a award so what is this?

  36. balwantsaqi says:

    My dear Rafi sahib.

    Dear sir i want to share few words with you.Dear sir i am sure you are listening me because you are Almighty you are immortal and a goddess of singing then how can a human give to you any award. O! my Almighty Rafi sir i only request Please some how arrange for your award of Bharat Ratan because I can not see your fans worried and saddened. Dear Rafi sahib i am sure you will certainly very soon work out for this Bharat ratan award.

    Yours worshiper.

    Balwant Saqi

  37. Sal P says:

    Girish Masand,
    Can you please tell me which qayamat hai song you are talking about? the movie or music director etc. Thanks.

    Nice article. I gave up hope for Bharat Ratna for our greatest soul and singer. May be if Pakistan honors India will follow.

  38. Binu Nair says:

    ramesh ji: in our country we don’t have any dearth of opinion makers. good luck to them and do not bother too much and lose your sleep.


    If ever there was a first in fusion music – it was in indian music said mr shashi vyas an authority on music and a mohd rafi lover – to a packed 800 strong music loving audience at bandras manek auditorium – sunday 20th.

    presenting live mohd rafi songs, mr vyas said, many rafi songs had classical nuances although to most it seem simple and straight. most of the music composers used various ragas in film music and made their songs immortal – he added.

    the mohd rafi wave is hitting all over and the radio stations and concert planners cannot do without rafi songs.
    i am aware that atleast three persons are planning to make a movie on mohd rafi saab. people want melody and rhythm in their lives.

    enjoy the beautiful evergreen songs.
    enjoy the

  39. jayesh says:

    thank you rameshji for this great post,
    time has come now to unite & persuade/compel govt. so that it may honour bharat ratna to rafi saheb, the greatest playback singer of india, at the earliest.

  40. anurag says:

    Full support for Rafi sahab getting Bharat Ratna… He deserved this in his life time.
    Can someone suggest whom to approach for this? Can we have a signed paper which can be submitted with relevant authorities?

  41. Dear Rameshji thanks for your support and it is correct that such a greatest legend has been ignored by government of india to give “Bharat Ratna”. The government not only forgotten rafisaab but they should wake up now and should try to give this award atleast this year. Nobody is interested maybe, possible they are more concentrating new scams and corruptions in India, rather doing good things. i want this award should give to rafisaab and other legends in this film industry. I openly want to tell this government if they really respects this legend they should give bharat ratna to rafisab atleast now

  42. Girish Masand says:

    Sir one one can beat Rafi Sab is clear. This song Qayamat hai, thanks for bringing it upfront as it had unfortunately faded from my favorite list which i have added.

    Please keep us posted on this great articles, songs.

    Girish :

  43. Dear Rameshji, thank you very much for awakening we millions of rafians acroos the world. Indeed only rafi saheb is the only male singer in India who should be honoured by conferring “bharat ranta. No matter if rafi saheb is not present in physically. Rafi saheb live in millions of hearts. If our government do this it will be a great tribute to rafi saheb as well as the music industry. I request to all the rafians across the world please vote for rafi saheb in this noble cause and request to goi for conferring rafi saheb “bharat ratna”. I also agree with ms sarah modiji that no award is above than rafi saheb as he is himself an award of god gifted to this universe. but on the other side if the bharat ratna given to rafi saheb we all rafians feel honoured after all we are human being and want to our beloved rafi saheb honoured by “bharat ratna”. Ek diwana ek pagal of great rafi saheb. Regards, Birendra Singh

  44. Saifullah says:

    Hats off to your post
    There are many of us who are now totally frustrated with the way the GOI has gone about this matter of awarding Rafi Saab with a Bharat Ratna. The other day when Binu wrote that he has come to hear from reliable sources that Rafi Saab may be awarded with The Bharat Ratna this time around, we were all thrilled. But, we awoke to the reality slightly later. Politicians will promise so many things, but when it comes to action, all of them are almost – i say almost- the same. None has time for the great Rafi Saab. But they have time to listen to Rafi Saab mesmerizing them through his voice. They listen to his songs when they want to relax. They adore him and admire his voice to no ends. But, no one takes that final step to get things done . It is totally frustrating. Your article brings out the pains and pathos of a sincere Rafi fan. But, mind you, the moment any neighbouring country bestows some civilian award on Rafi Saab, you will see how negatively our people will react. They will say, he is not the son of our soil and that is being proved by a neighbouring country’s act. You know what I am trying to say. Remember what happend when Dilip Saab was recognized by our neighbour? We are a bunch of narrowminded people and we dont even deserve to have a noble soul like Rafi Saab in our midst – I am just pouring out my frustration , please dont take it in the wrong sense. You can garner all the support that you feasibly can, but our higher ups will not be moved. There are other powerpoints which are pulling the strings from other directions. There are people who are opposing such moves for the sake of opposition or just out of jealousy. None of them can tolerate Rafi Saab dominating the scene 30 years after his death. They are too jealous, Ramesh ji. Their own success in their musical careers were not solo efforts. They were also supported by the likes of Rafi Saab. Without Rafi saab around, many of their musical creations which we crave about today would not have been as great as they have turned out to be.
    But, alas, this is a world with abundant ungratefulness. while I am not giving up our efforts to get Rafi Saab bestowed with a Bharat Ratna, I somehow feel we are calling on a whole bunch of deaf ears.
    Ramesh ji, thanks for your article and I sincerely appreciate your sentiments.

  45. Ameer says:

    It is very correct what you have commented about the all time great singer Rafi saab who enthralled people acrosss boundaries. Actually God-gifted man like Rafi saab creates history. Someone has truly said Rafi saab is above such petty awards which are given by biased jury. Rafi saab is the king among his listners around the globe. His songs still has the charm to delight you whenever you switch on. It is really unfortunate on the part of the insensitive officials who could not yet realized
    what a great artist has passed through their lifetime. A piece of trophy or shield will make no diffence to his stature but it is revealing how small these people being not yet to recognize him one the the Greatest in the Indian Cinema history !

  46. Sarah Modi says:

    Dear Kurpadji,

    I appreciate your tremendous love for Rafi saab. The purity of your request is also touching.. However, Rafi saab has been given an Award from God himself, i.e., his divine voice. No other award can measure up to the divinity and perfection in his voice. He remains Allah’s chosen one. I personaly don’t care whether or not he has received this or that award. Like you said, he is above and beyond any titular recognition or plastic awards. He has undying love and devotion of millions of fans….he has our hearts, our souls with him. Why then even bother to acknowledge that any award or metal trophy is missing?!

  47. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafi more than any Award,I think Bollwood should feel sham(sorry to use this word) if mohd rafi got award from outside India,Ask any Pakistani about Mohd Rafi the aswer will be he is the best singer ………..

  48. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    “jai rafi sahab”
    Sir, I am agree with you & requesting agai to every RAFI BHAKT that pls write to sleeping govt. for bharat ratna award to our farishta RAFI SAHAB. Link for the letters are given below-

    Thanks a lot sir for this lovely & encouraging write up.
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  49. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    I fully and whole heartedly support the move taken by one of our ardent and sincere lovers of Rafi Saab for awarding bharat ratna.

    Rafi saab has done same sort of job in light hindustani music what our great classical maestros have done for hindustani classical music or karnataka style music. In fact with his work of art he has reached millions & millions of masses around the world. Mohammad Rafi is a house hold name in all countries of the world including those mentioned by our great friend. Even today there not a mehfil or stage show without few songs by rafi saab.

    He is the only singer who sang songs in maximum languages of our country. Rafi Saab has been an icon in hindi film world with songs sung for any artist old or new. Even today there are thousands of song in his total collection of songs is still a mystery ,

    I am surprised we have to demand to govt for bharat ratna for such a person, the world will not see any singer close to him for a few centuries.

  50. my dearest rafi bhakts/fans,

    these innermost feelings from the deepest realms of my rejuvenated heart have poured out in the form of an open letter – a clarion call. what ever i have expressed is my personal opinion – more of an inner call.

    different people will react to my thoughts differently – as it may not be – to their thoughts. fair enough – every one has a birth right to his/her opinion and i shall vehemently support this right and ensure its fruction.

    as there is a saying nobody flogs a dead horse and none living would ever make fun of a disabled person. today they are addressed as ” differently abled “.

    my sincere request to one and all is – to be normal and gentle with your comments – if any one ever gets a very harsh or replusive feeling after reading this article of mine – i would like that to be addressed to my personal email addresses given below – rather than ” destroying the peace – decency and decorum of this unique webiste dedicated to our avataar ” rafi sahab “.

    jai ho jai ho jai ho – rafi sahab – tussi vakai grreat ho.

    adaab rafi

    ramesh narain kurpad

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