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A Voice that touched every soul

Badshah-E-Mausiqui Mohd Rafi.

From The Rafi Foundation, Mumbai. Cell: 9833 250 701. Mail :

Mohd Rafi Portrait being handed over by Artist C.S. Pant to Binu Nair of Rafi Foundation

Mohd Rafi Portrait being handed over by Artist C.S. Pant to Binu Nair of Rafi Foundation

It’s rare that a singer’s giant sized pictures are splashed on giant bill boards and hoardings three decades after his moving away from us.

Yes friends. It’s Dec 24th. The smiling picture of Badshah-E-Mausiqui Mohd Rafi Sahib looms across Mumbai Suburbs on the occasion of his 87th birth anniversary celebration which will honor ‘Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho’ composer Ravi Sahib along with another Co-singer going by the name Shailendra Singh.

The musical event will be held at Rangsharada at Bandra and hosted by Ashish Shelar, Corporator and avid Mohd Rafi Lover.

“Artists Never Die” said a Mohd Rafi enthusiast the other day showing some sketches of the legendary singer.

Audience in applause at the Shaam E Rafi Sahib show at Mumbai

Audience in applause at the Shaam E Rafi Sahib show at Mumbai

He was echoing the feelings of millions of fans who think Mohd Rafi is still around entertaining them with his time-less melodies.

Even today 70% of all old songs played by various radio stations are Rafi songs – proving the uninterrupted popularity of music creations.

Mohd Rafi songs sounds so easy when you listen to them but its complications realized only when one tries to copy them says G.B. Mathur who has arranged several musicals in the capitol.

Anchor Vinayak Shinde in full flow

Anchor Vinayak Shinde in full flow

“Each of Rafi songs carries his signature. It’s like software that can’t be hijacked. Many singers are trying to copy the soul of his songs without much success” adds Mathur sahib.

One can’t stop eulogizing Mohd Rafi’s multi-faceted, multi-dimensional repertoire says an eminent Rafi commentator.

That, Rafi could sing all kinds of songs with equal finesse and could go on the lips of Dilip Kumar with the same ease as he could on Johnny Walker’s.

Star Singer Anil Bajpai with Kya Huwa Tera Vada singer Sushma Shreshta

Star Singer Anil Bajpai with Kya Huwa Tera Vada singer Sushma Shreshta

Mohd Rafi – was known as a paragon of virtues and God’s own emissary in many ways. Tales of his generosity, singing prowess and glittering career are far too well known to mention a repetition. Even the best of platitudes will fall short when we talk of Rafi Sahib.

Such was Rafi’s perfection that when Filmfare used to have a single award for the Best Singer, he won it more times than legendary Lata Mangeshkar.

And, in the “tel maalish ” song it was felt that Johnny Walker was himself singing the Sar Jo Tera Chakraaye number.

Binu Nair, founder Rafi Foundation greeting Ajay Madan Mohan

Binu Nair, founder Rafi Foundation greeting Ajay Madan Mohan

Says Naushad Sahib : At the recording of Baiju Bawra, Rafi Sahib left the audience flabbergasted by climbing one note higher in the climax of ‘Oh duniya ke rakhwale‘ towards the end. The audience was too stunned to even clap as the singer gave a mind boggling demonstration of lung power and breathe control.

If music is the poetry of life, Rafi’s voice is the flame that soothened our soul. The versatile voice moved from the deep yellow mustard fields of Punjab to large territorial landscapes across continents – never stopping or tiring itself during the glorious four plus decade of a singing career.

The voice burns continuously on CD Players, heard on iPods and radios, at road side dhabas and tea stalls, at night clubs and college canteens, stirring millions of forgotten memories in private rooms and evoking devotion at puja pandals.

Mohd Rafi is still there. Still conquering hearts – in this age of meaningless shors dished in the name of music in the times of hard selling clones, 24 hour ear hurting blitzkrieg from the FM blaring out loud-and-leud Punjabi Pop, “amidst” the mediocre stuff being rolled out week after week.

Mr Javed Badayuni with guests at the Shaam E Rafi Saheb Musical Evening

Mr Javed Badayuni with guests at the Shaam E Rafi Saheb Musical Evening

The Dj’s and RJ’s thrive on Rafi songs. Singers, musicians, music companies live off them.

Even foreign companies could not resist the temptation of using a Mohd Rafi number. The Dutch, makers of Heineken drink recently used it for advertising their product in far-away English speaking America.

The song : Jaan Pehchaan Ho from Gumnaam with music by Shankar Jaikishan recorded some four decades back.

Nearer home it is Ranbir Kapoor driving away a brand new car happily singing “Savere waali gaadi se chale jaaayenge.” Rafi songs do make big commercial sense each day.

During the heady days of soulful golden era music, several heroes and character artists depended on the Rafi grace to shoulder their careers. There was a Rafi clause written in various music agreements by prime actors.

An entire industry sang in the vocals of one man. An entire generation was set aflame by one-voice-many-faceted Mohammad Rafi.

Mohd Rafi Portrait being handed over by Artist C.S. Pant to Binu Nair of Rafi Foundation

Mohd Rafi Portrait being handed over by Artist C.S. Pant to Binu Nair of Rafi Foundation

Any other nation would have been proud to brand Mohd Rafi as their most notable and noble citizen. Any other country – would have knighted Mohd Rafi with their highest award.

Alas, not our country. Bharat Ratna for Mohd Rafi seems to be too far away as politicians , lobby-sits and string pullers wish to garner it for their masters.

Innumerable music lovers have therefore decided to keep their hero Badshah-E-Mausiqui Mohd Rafi well entrenched in their hearts. And, gone one step ahead and declared him as their “Bharat Ka Ratna”.

An apt title which no one will dispute.

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51 Blog Comments to “A Voice that touched every soul”

  1. shammi says:

    Nice article-thanks!
    I agree there are lots of people who have come and gone in droves trying hard to imitate and copy the great mohd rafi but without much success.If it was that easy we would have thousands of mohd rafi juniors by now but it’s very important to remember that just because the late great mohd rafisahab made his songs sound effortless his songs most definately were not. He could sing all types of songs/ghazals/qawaalis and had a range with his voice like no other which I’m sure lots of artists have realized and that’s why so many singers like sonu nigam respect him so much.

  2. Binu Nair says:

    the rafi foundation will hold the Part 5 series of :

    off beat numbers in …….

    “shaam – e – rafi saaheb” at Mumbai on

    May 18th Friday 2012 at 7.30 pm…..

    at mysore auditorium, matunga C. rly… near maheshwari gardens.

    Singers : Mukesh Bhanushali, Soumya Varma, Dr s.p. verma, N V Krishnan

    Music by : Nandu kerkar – a veteran who performed with mohd rafi saaheb in live shows ………………………………….

    supported by mohd rafi lovers and his friends.

    for details : call …. 9833 250 701 or mail at :

  3. Binu Nair says:

    the rafi foundation is promoting the one stop destination for mohd rafi lovers… on facebook – with great success.

    we welcome mohd rafi lovers to facebook. pls get in touch and do send an invite.


    binu nair
    cell : 9833 250 701

  4. Sachin Sharma says:

    Binu ji

    Thank you very much for providing such good moments of GREAT RAFI SAHAB and best of luck for RAFI Foundation. Whenever our help is required , pl inform.
    Sir if you have any clippings of RAFI SAHAB live program in Pakistan where RAFI SAHAB performed songs in a very very different way alongwith Krishna Mukherji. I will be very greatful to you.

  5. Mohammed Ali says:

    Binu Nair saab,
    Rafi saab ne aapne songs ke Zareye 100% insaaf kiye,magr kitne Film stars thy jo us awaz ke sath aapna acting 100% insaaf kiye,jaise Dilip saab aur Shami kapoor saab 100% performance diye jaisa….isliye ye sawal abhi songs sunte hy log tabi sunte the,pasand badlgaya magr Rafi saab ki awaz nahi bhool sakte bahoot sare log,

  6. Binu Nair says:

    ghazals and geets of legends :

    mohd rafi / talat mehmood / Jagjit singh

    by riyaz khan and poonam bhatia


    feb 12 Sunday at mumbais birla matushree hall next to bombay hospital….

  7. Suhana Safar says:

    sorry binu ji- i realise i have not send you one.

  8. Binu Nair says:

    Post 42… and few points……

    Suhana safar ji… i have not got your mail. Possibly re-send it or pls do call me.

    as my friend pointed out, mohd rafi works are debated, discussed and heard by his legion of fans.
    this indeed will be unstoppable.

    yesterday at the dev anand musical held in mumbai a small lad of 19 years on stage was there who sang two rafi songs and immediately struck a chord with the audiences. he sings new songs but approached us and we gave him two mohd rafi songs : ‘Khoya Khoya chaand ‘ and ‘Kabhi na Kabhi kahin na kahin’.

    mr vaibhav vashista is the lad who made a name for himself and the golden era of mohd rafi songs. this is the boy to be ‘watched’ for rafi saaheb songs.
    the audience were mesmerised and there was an ‘encore’

    we wish him the very best from the rafi foundation and he will be there in our forthcoming mohd rafi musicals.


    on to jan 27th for the musical : Mai zindagi ka saath nibata chala gaya where mohd rafi saahebs great gazals will be presented by playback singers : dr ashok khare and mr samir date.

    It will be held at manek sabhagriha… opp Leelavati hospital – at bandra at 8.00 pm .

  9. Suhana Safar says:

    Binu ji

    Naam tho badnaam hota hai. Ha Ha…I feel very pleased that good and decent people like you are involved with Rafi foundation.

    I have sent you and email, that will tell you more about me. Many people know me as Suhana and many have used this nickname to bring me down but like Rafisaab, even his fans are always on the top and overcome all propoganda and lies.

    MYK…how are you brother. Did you get my message.

  10. Binu Nair says:

    Hi….Suhana Safar Post 40..

    yes. i did read your post’s. as always mohd rafi fans are great….

    aap kaa naam bhi to hum jaaane rafi sahib fan..

    any way thanks


  11. suahan saffar says:

    binu ji…..please read my posts and respond if you have the time.

  12. Binu Nair says:

    a Big Thank You s.m. Pasha ji….Post 36 & 37 for giving the link of he advt of heineken…

    from the Rafi foundation….

  13. suhana Safar says:

    The songs of rafi are forever. The rafi magic never stops and with time gets stronger and younger.
    The world of music and singing would never be the same if not for Rafisaab. The fact is that Rafi’s voice has become a part of this universe and will remain till the last day.

  14. S M Pasha says:

    Rafisaab’s magic lives even today, and the rate at which it is catching on it is a foregone conclusion he will live on as the best world has seen. More than 1 million hits on a simple youtube add on heineken has created the hysteria amongst Americans and world over, and it has only just started. A great amount of credit also goes to Rafians like Binu Nair, P Haldar, MYK and other Rafians (I can’t write all other names). I consider myself lucky to have been born an Indian.

    Great work and Rafi Academy.

    more than 1 million hit and they are not even Indians.

  15. S M Pasha says:

    Hello Rafians,

    I thought to let you all know of a great new commercial by Heineken which is attracting huge popularity in the US. It takes after the famous Rafi number in Gumnaam “Jan Pehchan Ho”. Enjoy!

  16. suhana Safar says:

    Binu Sir, shame i have never met you. I was recently in India and it was great to see Rafisaabs boards all over.

    I have seen with every year passing the Rafi magic and following just keeps increasing. I visited a records store in Mumbai and did not see any Rafi CD’s and I was upset and told the owner that a music shop without Rafi’s songs is like a garden without flowers.

    he smiled and said, sirji, they get all sold out as soon as they come. Rafisaab is truly immortal.

  17. vikram says:

    Post 5,
    Please keep religion away from this discussion. This forum is about the God of music. And mind you, gods do not have any religion.

  18. Binu Nair says:

    My heartfelt condolence to the family of ardent mohd rafi lover and president of mohd rafi lovers forum of kasargod – kerala mr sulaiman.

    a journalist, social worker, travel professional and avid mohd rafi lover – mr sulaiman breathed his last at age 54 on dec 30th – overcome by a fatal stroke.

    good people die young its said………and we have lost a gem of a person in mr sulaiman.

    may his soul rest in peace.

    the rafi foundation, mumbai

  19. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear binuji,
    let me congradulate for making such a wonderful article about the “farishta”.
    can we expect more article from you.

    yesterday there was an article about shahid rafi saab in the local malayalam
    paper “malayala manorama”.it was awonderful article.

  20. Binu Nair says:

    good morning friends:

    parachute advanced oil is the latest to use ‘ mohd rafi song in its video advt. ‘ ‘Hamdam mere maan bhi jaaao ‘ – is the song.

    and, we all saw ranbir kapoor singing ‘savere waali gaadi se chale jaayenge ‘ driving a new car away.

    and, ‘ jaan pehchaan ho jeena aasaaan hai ‘ was used by heiniken beer a dutch company in holland for english speaking consumers in the united states.

    this advt became such a hit that now the jaan pehchaan ho song theme music is being used for american football matches on sunday nights.

    the economic times says in an article : “what we have not done, foreign advertisers are doing.”

  21. sunil kumar says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Bajpai. for a baby boy born on the b’day of Rafi saheb i.e. on 24th DEC. It is really coinidental and let us hope another Rafi saheb fan in the making and will further take the work of Rafi saheb to newer generations. May God Bless him

  22. Binu Nair says:

    breaking news now…

    anil bajpai – the lovable mohd rafi styled singer (see Picture in this section ) and making musical waves got a pleasant surprise.

    he was blessed with a baby boy on guess which date….

    on dec 24 th, 2011.

    we wish the family a very pleasant “musical journey”.

    from the rafi foundation…

  23. Binu Nair says:

    Sunil ji….

    mohd rafi is the greatest ever indian born and every community may want to “own” him.

    when he sang bhajans some groups were not very happy with it its mentioned. even i heard a friend telling the same thing.

    in a vast country such as ours, such outbursts can be expected and need to be tolerated or taken in from one ear and sent out from another.

    the fact remains that mohd rafi belongs to all. he would talk of ramayana more than many a hindu would do says our rafi friend mr sharad vykool. he says that mohd rafi saaheb was godly in every respect.

    so let’s enjoy the works of this godly person who was sent by gods for a specific purpose. lets celebrate his works…

  24. sunil kumar says:

    sir, somebody has commented since rafi saheb is a muslim it is hard for him to receive Bharat Ratna. It is a very negative statement I condemn such a statement i had condemned such a statement in Kishore forum also and asked the administrator of that forum to remove it. Such a comment should have been removed from this forum also . Does our forum believe in such kind of statements. Does that person not know A vast majority of Hindus treat him as their god and have made temple for him. Has anywhere in any part of the world such a thing happened where the photograph of a Muslim is in temple. Here in India we love Rafi Saheb and music has no religion and Rafi saheb is the god of Music. Don’t create differences like politicians. Music Unites all of us. Rafi saheb was such a humble person all of us know he always had respect for every religion and if we are his true bhakts we should never indulge in such talks.In fact he sang bhajans for every religion. People of this country have already awarded him and placed him in their heart permanently and there is no need for any Sarkari Award.
    Long live India Long live Indian Music Long Live RAFI SAHEB.

  25. KVSRAMBABU says:


  26. Irfan chand says:

    Hi Binuji

    Thanks a million for you great work,may god bless you and your family,keep up the great work,world is a fan of Mohd Rafi,I am your fan.




  27. K S MOHAN says:

    True listen to Rafi Shab 24 hours this is a message from the God also it is 24-12-24 (the date of birth of rafi Shab)

  28. shridhar.kulkarni says:


  29. K S MOHAN says:

    To listen Rafi Shab 24hours a day is a given honour by the God with 24-12-24

  30. Binu Nair says:

    thanks ramesh bhi and all our esteemed mohd rafi sahib lovers.

    happy 2012 which is just hours away from us…….

    the rafi foundation, mumbai
    9833 250 701

  31. very well said binuji – u have echoed my vibrations – jai rafi sahab – ramesh.

  32. Binu Nair says:

    Thanks a ton our readers and friends for following this earliest mohd rafi saaheb site prompted by our own Yahoooo shammi kapoor sahib – one time president of the internet users club…..

    shammi saahib gave us great joys at every step, his voice never leaving him behind .

    mohd rafi was the voice of many but with shammi ji, there was a special blend – like the best darjeeling teas available.

    would like to tell mohd rafi fans that there is a “time constraint” for many of us but we still do very little “often” to take our love for rafi saahib forward.

    pls do appreciate the work of rafi lovers everywhere and love them as rafi saahib is the common factor for all of us.

    please do not be “over Judgemental” as every rafi lover is doing things according to his capacities i strongly believe.

    lets all make this world beautiful by the great music our ancestors has provided us.

    lets enjoy this……and appreciate the doers of the society in general and mohd rafi in particular.

    regards and love..

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai

  33. Ashok Parekh says:

    dear binuji,

    heearty congratulations for remembering our dear rafisaab successfully through ‘shame-e-rafi saheb” programme. this is in succession of your very recent two earlier shows, in memory of shammi kapoor, o.p.nayyarsaab, madan mohan saab, jagjit singhji, devsaab. also, it was pleasure to read press release in gujarati daily mumbai samachar on 25th.

    please keep up the good job. rafisaab is always with you and all of us.

    ashok parekh

  34. shakeel syed says:

    consgratulate Binuji sahab

    Best wishes for future
    Allah aap ko saheth de aur hum
    younheen shaam e rafi dekhtein raheen

  35. krishna Paramathma says:

    I liked the statement by Mr.G B Pant.. Rafisaab’s songs look simple but very very complex when tried by others.. There are people who compare other singers with Rafisaab… But all of them do not have one thing… Rafisaab’s voice… The voice of God..

  36. Bela Kothari says:

    Binuji ,


  37. dhananjay maharaj says:

    dear binuji,

    we have been meeting on just phone. i am very much eager to meet you


    – from dhananjay maharaj,


  38. Mr Shammi says:






  39. jkb – bhai,

    yourself n hans – all your great feelings of rafi sahab, though i share, is useless – cause – these scoundrels ( rajneetiwaaley ) are falling head over heels to confer the highest civilian award of india to a 40 year old chap ( though i love him too ).

    anyway – kyaa faidhaa – koi sunthaa nahee.

    he bhagwaan – kyaa karein ???????

    ramesh narain kurpad

  40. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Binu ji,

    After reading your write-up, the only word that comes to my mind is ‘excellent’. Please accept my hearty compliments for coming up with such brilliant piece. Hours after reading the article, sentences “If music is the poetry of life, Rafi’s voice is the flame that soothened our soul” or “Each of Rafi songs carries his signature. It’s like software that can’t be hijacked. Many singers are trying to copy the soul of his songs without much success” kept lingering on my though process. How true and how beautifully presented.

    Hansji (Post 4)

    Aapne mere munh ki baat cheen li. I feel precisely the same (that Rafi saab’s popularity, his fan following is increasing). Recently I was conversing with a relative of mine whom I knew as some one who rejoices modern dance numbers and is always willing to shake a leg on such songs at parties etc. Our conversation which normally is centered around family matters took a different turn this time and touched the topic of music. What he told was something pleasantly surprising. He said that every night before sleeping he listens to old film songs especially of Mohammed Rafi. He said,”Rafi saab ke gaane sun lo to aaj kal kaa ye sab bekaar lagta hai. Unke gaane kaanon se hote hue seedhe dil mein utar jate hain…”. Remarkable, it was, coming from a person who was trying to match dancing steps with young crowd just an hour back on ‘ooo la la la…’

    Yes, the voice that touches every soul is Rafi saab’s

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  41. binuji,

    let me congratulate you on a most comprehensive write up, encompassing a lot facets in one of the greatest avataars india has witnessed and lived with.

    rafi sahab’s life story clearly indicates that only an avataar could perform such deeds as he did.

    in my list of great rafi bhakts, yourself and achal rangaswamy stand out because i persoanlly like people who have the guts and gumption to write about rafi sahab as a ” per and personality ” too.

    any one can pick a song of rafi sahab and write ten pages about it, but witing about the man himself comes from the bottom of your heart and i credit you and rangajee for that.

    keep writing binuji – you have the habit of bettering your own levels of writing.

    long live rafi sahab in the hearts of all the humans in this world.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  42. Man Mouji says:

    Mohammad Rafi’s birth anniversary falls on December 24 (b 1924) and Naushad’s on December 25 (b 1919). This close proximity also extended to their music. Rafi was to playback singing what Naushad was to music composing – both at the commanding heights of their profession for over two decades. Their collaboration produced some of the best and most memorable music of the Golden Era.

  43. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Hearty Congrats Binuji, for being an ace Rafi fan in words and deed.
    Heartening to see a full house enjoying shaam-e-Rafi sahib to the hilt.

    Keep up the spirit and let’s continue to celebrate Rafi !!


  44. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Hearty congratulations, Binuji.

    “Hazaron saal nargis apni be noori pe rothi hai
    badi mushkil se hota hai chaman me deedawar paida”

    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  45. pnarfar says:

    Due to the fact that Mohamed rafi is a muslim it’s very hard for him to received the Bharat Ratna.

  46. Hans says:

    i posted the following message in the other thread ‘rafi and dev magic lingers on’. actually it should have been posted here.

    “here in rohtak rafi sahab’s birthday is being celebrated in an open stage – in a cold amawasya night – with lesser known singers singing his songs like door rehkar, hui sham unka, suhani raat dhal chuki etc. with nominal local orchestra. neither is their singing anywhere near the great legend, but the real thing is the heart-felt love for him.

    actually his popularity is gaining day by day in my opinion. every rafi lover remembers him daily and 24th december is only just a special day. thats all.”

    binu ji you are doing really great work right in the heart of film nagari.

  47. Ali says:

    I am wordless today..

  48. abdullakallachi says:

    binuji you also great

  49. varun bhatia says:

    binu sir u r truly great fan of rafi saab…………….love u sir & love rafi saab.

    take care

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