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Ek Hasin Sham Ko Dil Mera Kho Gaya

This event coverage is written by Mr. H.V.Gurumurthy. Mr. Ramachandran can be contacted at

Ek Hasin Sham Ko

The audience at Ek Hasin Sham Ko Program

Suppose an evening commences with BAIJU BAWRA’s Man Tadapat followed by signature tune of the evening from DULHAN EK RAAT KI – Ek Hasin Sham Ko and followed by Rafi solos like Ye Mera Prem Patra from SANGAM, title song of MERE MEHABOOB, Teri Pyaari Pyaari Soorat Ko from SASURAL, Tere Mere Sapne from GUIDE, O Mere Shahe Khubha from LOVE IN TOKYO, Ehsan Tera Hoga Mujhpar  from JUNGLEE, Likhe Jo Khat Tuzhe from KANYADAAN, title song of CHAUDAVIN KA CHAND, Door Rehakar from AMAANAT and Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Me Aaya from JHUK GAYA AASMAN and if the audience mainly consist of die-hard Rafi fans, one can imagine the enjoyment and thrill any person present there would experience. He will remember the evening for a long time. 


The same thing happened on 28th February, 2009 at Rotary House, Lavelle Road, Bangalore when an evening of retro music was arranged by Fans of Mr. K.S.Ramachandran of Chennai Rafi Chapter, popularly known as Chandan. He is also called Mohammed Rafi of Chennai.    

Mr. Chandan was ably supported by Mrs. Asha Vijaykumar Mutalik and Mrs. Alka Jain from BAAR BAAR RAFI Fan Club of Bangalore as well as Mrs. Lalitha Sivaprasad and Mr. S. Narayan.

Mr. Chandan

Mr. Chandan

Mr. Chandan with his characteristic voice resembling Rafi Saab’s and his vast love of Rafi songs regaled the selected crowd with choicest numbers taking them back to the fifties and sixties. Most of the songs were romantic songs. Mr. Chandan was also able to give the Rafi touch, the way Rafiji used to express feelings while singing certain lines or words. 

Mrs. Lalitha

Mrs. Lalitha


In between Rafi duets like Rimzhim Ke Geet Sawan from ANJAANA (with Mrs. Asha) and Abhi Na Jao Chodakar from HUM DONO (with Mrs. Lalitha) were also presented much to the delight of the gathering. 

Perhaps, the highlight of the evening was the two classical solos Madhuban Me Radhika from KOHINOOR and Duniya Ke Rakhwale from BAIJU BAWRA. The way Mr. Chandanji sang the antara ‘Mahal Udaas‘ and the way he was able to raise his voice while singing O Duniya Ke Rakhwale in the end left the audience spell-bound. 

Mr. Narayan sang popular Kishore Kumar numbers like Deewana Leke Aaya Hai and Chala Jata Hun from MERE JEEVAN SATHI apart from a duet with Mrs. Alka from AAP KI KASAM, Karvate Badalte Rahe. 

Mrs. Asha

Mrs. Asha

Mrs. Asha won the hearts of the audience with Tere Karan Tere Karan from AAN MILO SAJANA and Kitni Akeli from TALAASH. A great fan of both Rafi and Lata, she considers them as her Guru, a modern Ekalavya and is a regular Singer during the Fan Club Meets. 


Another regular Rafi Fan club member, Mrs. Alka came out with the melodious Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat from MEHBOOB KI MEHENDI, but she bowled over every one with Ye Hai Reshami from MERE SANAM including the characteristic Asha Bhonsle giggling in the song.

Mrs. Lalitha enthralled the crowd with Ye Shama from JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE. 

The invitation to the participants stated,  

Lafz Aap Do, Geet Hum Banayenge,
Manzil Aap Pao, Raasta Hum Banayenge,,
Khush Aap Raho, Khushiyan Hum Dilayenge
Aap Bas Dost Bane Raho, Dosti Hum Nibhayenge 

After listening to the popular numbers, the Participants would have replied, “Aap Gaate Raho, Hum Sunte  Jayaenge“. The evening program of about three hours transported the audience to their youthful days of romance with Rafijis’ songs. As the invitation stated, the audience really enjoyed a ‘mast bhari evening of soul stirring songs of yesteryears’ and people were high with ‘music ka nasha’. The Fans were not satisfied and a second program to satiate their appetite is very much needed. 

Mr. Chandan became a Rafi fan at the age of 8 after listening to the song “Chal Udjare Panchi” from BHABHI. A great lover of both North as well as South Indian traditional classical music, Mr. Chandan is a regular Singer at many of the functions and competitions at Chennai and Bangalore with popular Rafi songs.  

Rafi Fans

Rafi Fans


The program was well organized mainly by Mr. Chandan’s nephews and nieces Mrs. Raji, Mr. K. Hari, Mrs. Lalitha and Mr. Sivaprasad who felt that Mr. Chandan’s melodies should also reach the Rafi Fans at Bangalore. Mr. Subramanian, popularly known as Subbu and Mrs. Anuradha Verma compared the show with lot of humour keeping the audience in splits. 

The photographs of the program can be seen on Google’s Picasaweb

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24 Blog Comments to “Ek Hasin Sham Ko Dil Mera Kho Gaya”

  1. Girish says:

    If there is any function where there are rafi songs to be song, please contact me at

    Thanks.. Girish

  2. shenaz110 says:

    Plz keep me posted n include in in ur group I love Rafi sahib

  3. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Murthy Saab,

    I think this Kairali program is not the one, which was referred to. Of course I am fairly regular for this Kairali program aired on every sunday from 9 to 9.30 AM, where Rafi admirers speek about Rafi (I wish I had known Malayalam). Also few movie songs of Rafi (video) are played apart from some Rafi singers singing Rafi songs. The program is failry interesting. Old and even young boys, fans of Rafi are interviewed.

  4. A S MURTY says:

    Well i could get some info on this programme on Rafi Sahab from “ and it reads as under :

    > To:
    > Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 12:21 PM

  5. Anil Cherian says:

    Murthy sir:
    I haven’t heard about the youngster so far. Let me check with my friends in Kerala.

  6. A S MURTY says:

    hello friends, particularly those from kerala. on doordarshan kerala i understand there is a weekly programme titled ‘dil ki awaz suno’ where a youngster – asad is the name i learnt – sings rafi sahab’s songs to near perfection. some of my friends have been telling me of this for sometime now. unfortunately we do not get this channel at my place and i have never watched or listened to the programme. one of our members (d subramaniam) had telephoned to me tonight at 10.30 p.m. when the programme was being aired and made me listen to two of the songs over telephone and i can say that this singer – asad – is making waves. those of our friends who have seen this programme themselves may shed some more light on this newfound singer. i tried to locate information and audio/video of this programme on the internet, but it is not available. i also checked up doordarshan, thiruvanthapuram programme schedules which are not uptodate. any one who can give more info ?? i understand the programme is telecast on every saturday and sunday though at different timings. looking forward to more info from our friends.

  7. Imran Rustam says:

    Good Work Rafians,

    Such events should be organized to pay tributes to Great Rafi Sb.


  8. chandan says:

    Narayan ji,
    Many thanks for your message. You have been such a great source of inspiration for all of us and I am sure Raji, Hari, Lalitha and Siva alongwith my good friend Narayan from Chennai (who sang Kishore numbers) will be immensely happy if I say that you have been the heart of encouragement in every way by attending not only the program on the 28th but also to the rehearsal sessions that we had right through. Thanks again

  9. Narayanan says:

    Adaab Rafi !
    Many thanks to Gurumurtyji for bringing those sweet memories of the evening where Chandanji mesemerised and captivated the audience with classics of Rafi sahab.
    Hearty congrats to you sir….
    Also congrats to the BaarBaar Rafi members Asha, Alka and Lalitha for an excellent rendering and support to our star Chandan saab..
    our friend from chennai gave his talent and enhanced the evening with peppy numbers…
    Last but not the least big kudos to Mrs Raj and Mr Hariharan and Mrs Lalitha and Mt Shivaprasad who took all initiative and great efforts for a high quality musical evening Ek haseen sham ko……

  10. chandan says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. In fact, I have already thought about it and to tell you very honestly, my thoughts are always with the Bangalore BBR group and every team member. The interactions which I had with the members of BBR members during my rehearsals each of the four weeks ending in Feb 2009 have drawn me very close to each and every one of you that I will certainly make frequent trips to Bangalore from now on. It will only be my pleasure to meet and spend good quality time discussing and singing Rafi numbers and also get to hear the talented singers of Bangalore especially BBR team members.

  11. binu nair says:

    all rafi saaheb lovers and singers : mohd rafi can never die; only death can die .

    where ever i go, i only meet rafi singers, rafi lovers and mohd rafi himself
    through his – immortal songs.

    long live the king, his melody and all his fans.

    binu nair, mumbai rafi foundation :

  12. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Chandan Saab,

    Your participation in the Rafi e-group has enriched the quality of discussions on Rafi Saab. In fact I have a suggestion. We, Rafi Fans of Bangalore usually have a get-together once in two or three months. We request you to make it convenient to attend one of the get-togethers so that the other rafi Fans of Bangalore get the oppertunity to interact with you as well listen to your songs. I assure you that there are many die-hard Rafi Fans in the group and you would feel elated meeting them.

  13. Chandan says:

    Dear Binuji and Murthyji
    Thanks for your kind words and I shall certainly try and mail all my mp3 recordings that I have with me. I cannot wait to be in Mumbai on 5th May 2009 amidst the musical maestros and passionate lovers and nothing in this world can be more satisfying and rewarding than to sing the songs of the legend who has been a “heartthrob” with all music directors, lyricists and the WORLD at large. Long live Rafi Saab and his songs. The avalanche of mails and heartfelt expressions from Rafi Bakts across the globe in many websites is so exciting and sometimes I wonder if there is anything else in this world than to dream, think and sing Rafi Saab numbers unending…
    With lots of love and regards


    Dear Chandan,

    Heartiest congrats on the performance at Bangalore ably organised by your nephews and nieces. The sample of your talent was given at the wedding reception of your niece (Narasimhan’s daughter), but performances at marriage receptions tend to be jarring, amidst the din of noise from the audience. Glad an exclusive programme was arranged at Bangalore and all the testimonials bear out the fact that you are a great performer of Rafi’s songs. Pl. inform me when you have your next programme in Chennai.

  15. Chandan says:

    Dear Nageshbhai,
    Thanks for the tip. I will certainly do it. Many thanks. In fact, as I had mentioned somewhere earlier, I am sort of drawn towards the BBR team members and cannot wait to come over to Bangalore more frequently to spend a good time with all of you to share and also know more about Rafi Sahab.
    I always felt that the “goodness” of a human being comes through perfect expressions with emotions and that is what is all about Rafi Sahab. Each of his song I listen to a million times, there is a “goldmine” of more learning and perfection that one needs to accomplish.
    I can only say ” What a great singer” !!!!
    Love and regards

  16. binu nair says:

    To have one more competent rafi singer in our midst – is indeed good news. I have heard about mr.chandar many a times and it will be also fortunate that he will be visiting mumbai on may 5th and singing at bandra bandstand open air auditorim on the naushad chowk road, diagnally opposite to the maestros residence often termed as the temple of music. mr.chandan along with many other singers will be paying tributes to the memory of naushaad saaheb on his third jayanti.

    its good news and best wishes.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai

  17. A S MURTY says:

    Hearty congratulations to Chandanji our very good friend and more than that a very good singer who sings with utmost sincerity. having heard him myself, though not live on a programme, i know how well an accomplished singer that chandanji is. yes chandanji can record his songs on websites too like to reach larger music lovers. i also request him to send to me all his recordings in mp3 format which will be uploaded on my blog page : where we do have a separate folder for such talented and good singers. chandanji not only sings with the sincerity that i was mentioning, but is also very modest and humble by nature and would encourage other singers, a trait that is sadly not available with many of the professional singers. gurumurthyji thanks to you too for the splendid write up, laced with the lovely photographs and for the link to the full set of photos.
    the choice of songs by chandanji was again a composition of all moods of rafi sahab. the songs presented by other singers are also very melodious and congratulations to each one of them. i wish i was there and keep it up chandanji and all other music lovers from bangalore.

  18. Bina says:

    Dear Chandan and Guruji,

    We have all experienced Chandan’s show live and his superb singing prowess.. and this article is a lovely finishing touch to, what was, a thoroughly enjoyable show of our favorite Rafi songs.

    Asha, Alkha, Lalitha, Anu and Babu thanks for entertaining a very eager audience with your individual talents.

    Guruji you have put together a fine picture of the entire show with your writing skills. Its been a pleasure to read your synopsis.

    Congratulations to each one of you..


  19. kprem says:

    I also fan of Rafi Sahab, the sangeet required voice of Rafi and he fully justified with the songs sang by him.

    Still many too much lover listning songs of Rafi sahab.



  20. c.m.devarajan says:

    great performance. i wish i was there i could feel the music . sir keep it up u r wonderful . u bring back all the good days back today. wish u more glory. love and regards u r small fan at chennai.

  21. Nagesh Sidhanti says:


    i strongly recommend that you post a weblink for your renditions, for the
    benefit of those who haven’t heard you sir.

    I know how i felt after listening to your ‘man tarpat’ and i genuinely wish rest of the rafi fans too get that opportunity.

    There is a site called ‘midomi’ which is an audio equivalent of youtube, wherein you can record your songs and simply share the links.

    Gurubhai, i appreciate your initiative and thanks for letting the world know the aroma of chandan bhai’s gifted voice. pure sandalwood.

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  22. Chandan says:

    Many thanks for your write up and publishing your article. My heart was full of happiness and it was personally extremely satisfying in performing before an excellent, reactive and very responsive audience at Bangalore, especially BBR members.
    Thanks again.

  23. Mohan (Gan Sharma) says:

    Hello Chandan,

    Congratulations from your nephew on a fantastic job. The folks in Bangalore can’t stop talking about this day! Raji, Lalitha, and others, congratulations in putting together this great show.


  24. biman baruah says:

    Respected K S Ramachandranji

    greetings of the day. great article, great event & great songs of Rafi Saheb. The songs selected for the event are all time hits. thanks a lot for sharing the event and reading this article, really “Dil Mera Kho Gaya” but before Sham in afternoon.

    with best wishes & regards
    biman, assam

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