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Man Ki Been Matawari
Film Name:Shabab
Singer(s)Mohd Rafi Lata Mangeshkar   
Lyricist:Shakeel Badayuni 
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Quiz by Asha - Meri Awaaz Suno

This one, too, relates to Shabab, the film that, to Raju Bharatan represents Naushad's lifetime best. Once again, let us have it from Naushad himself:
"Originally, Rafi was to sing all the songs of Shabab to go on the film's musician-hero, Bharat Bhooshan. However, for that pace-setting lori with which Bharat Bhooshan puts Nutan to sleep in the film, director Sadiq felt that Hemant Kumar's deep voice would suit the setting better.
Yielding to the judgement of my director, I recast the lullaby in straight Pilu for Hemant Kumar, after having originally set it in soulful Maand for Rafi. Then, just as we were preparing to record the number in the voice of Hemant Kumar, I had a brainwave and re-oriented the number in Purya Dhanasri - I remember even now Shakeel's soothing words for it: 'Chali jaa dhire dhire door/Gagan ke paar hai ek sansar/Ke jis ka naam hai nindiyapur'.
This one, of course, only Rafi was capable of taking in vocal stride, so I once again raised the point with Sadiq. But he was adamant about Hemant Kumar and so the number was finally recorded in uncomplicated Pilu as 'Chandan ka palna resham ki dori'.
Then came the stage to record the second song for Shabab, this one had been composed in Bahar and at the first hearing itself, it became evident to Sadiq that Hemant just did not have the vocal elasticity to negotiate those Bahar murkis. Especially at the point at which I glided from Bahar to Basant and back to Bahar. Hemant was sure to struggle. So Rafi it was for that and the other songs of Shabab."
>From Naushad himself, you have a clue to the correct answer in the shape of that switch from Bahar to Basant and back to Bahar. Now "place" the Shabab number for which it had willy-nilly to be Rafi, since Hemant's vocals just would not jell.


No one could answer this correctly. The correct answer is Man Ki Been Matawari Baaje in which vital turn comes at Basant Ritu Mein Man Rang Dalo
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