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Jaag Dil-e-deewana
Film Name:Unche Log
Singer(s)Mohd Rafi    
Lyricist:Majrooh Sultanpuri 
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rut jaagi
vasle yaar ki
Basi huyi zulf mein
aayi hai sabah pyar ki
Jaag dil-e-deewana...

Do dil ke kuch leke payaam aayi hai
chahat ke, kuch leke salaam aayi hai
dar pe tere subho khadhi
khoyi hai deedar ki

jaag dil-e-deewana...

Ek pari, kuch shaad si nashaadi si
baithi huyi, shabnam mein teri yaad ki
bheeg rahi hogi kahin
kali si gulzar ki

Jaag dil-e-deewana...

Aa mere dil, ab khawabon se mooh modh le
beeti huyi, sab raatein yehi chhodh de
tere to din raat hain
ab aankhon mein dildaar ki

jaag dil-e-deewana..
Rut jaagi vasle yaar ki
basi huyi zulf mein
aayi hai sabah pyar ki
jaag dil-e-deewana.

-- Contributed by Sharad
-- 28 August, 2003
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