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Is Duniya Mein Ay Dil Walon
Film Name:Dillagi (1949)
Singer(s)Mohd Rafi    
Lyricist:Shakeel Badayuni 
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Quiz by Asha - Meri Awaaz Suno

Naushad recalls with feeling the first time Rafi came to him with an introductory letter from the composer's father in Lucknow. On the strength of that sifarish, Naushad gave the fledgling Rafi a chance in the 1944 Pahele Aap chorus number with Shyam Kumar: Hindostan ke hum hain Hindostan Hamara.

"Rafi came with his own tiffin-box from home and felt he had got the world when we paid him Rs. 40/- for that chorus song", reminisces Naushad. "It was a marching song for which we had procured special military boots from Bombay's Chor Bazaar and it was wearing those boots that Rafi sang Hindostan ke hum hain! When I asked to carry the boots home as a memento, his joy knew no bounds."

For all that Rafi got to sing his first solo under Naushad only some five years later in Kardar's Dillagi. Even here, to Rafi's chagrin, the vocal focus was on Shyam Kumar, who sang with Suraiya such plum numbers as Tu mera chaand... and Zaalim zamana mujh ko. But as against those 2 duets, Rafi in Dillagi had 2 solos with which to begin, in association with Naushad, the most rewarding singer-composer association in the annals of Hindustani film music.

"I remember how hard I rehearsed Rafi for those two Dillagi solos," says Naushad. "So wonderful were the results he gave me in Tere kooche mein armaanon ki duniya le ke aaya hoon and Is duniya mein ae dil waalo that, for each number, I persuaded Kardar to pay him Rs. 200/-, thogh Rafi those days would have settled for less.
At that point itself, I earmarked him as my voice of the future. And Kardar saw what I meant as Rafi gave matchless expression to my Pahadi notes in Suhani Raat dhal chuki for Dulari, holding his own with Lata, too, in Mil mil ke gaayenge ho, as also in Raat rangili mast nazare."

My question is: Which Dillagi number did Rafi record first? Tere kooche mein OR Is duniya mein. Which song became Rafi's first solo for Naushad?


The answer is Is Duniya Mein Ay Dil Walon
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