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Ishq Ki Garmiye

This article is written by Ms. Asha specially for: Ishq Karne Walon Ke Liye.

Ishq Ki GarmiyeWhat do boys in love do nowadays to profess their love? They go to a card shop and pick up something “mushy”, or they go and pick up a bunch of roses, soft toys are a very popular choice for many. But the easier ways are doing it online or on the telephone. It is truly sad to se that romance is dead and buried. Even for those who claim they are in love, time and money are too important and they wait for a chance when they are free. Well, no one said that girls were easy and though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they go weak in the knees when someone opts for something truly romantic.

So may be there is a lesson that songs of the past can teach our Romeos. Not only film songs, but albums that were created for the sole reason of creating great music. Ghazals rank high when it comes to talking about love and romance. They have a special charm and manner through which they communicate the same sentiments and feelings that you yourself can’t put into words.


Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi

“Ishq ki garm ye jasbaat kise pesh karoon?” is one such ghazal that is perfect for such a situation. It is a song where a lover asks his fair maiden what he should do with his feelings and the love that he feels for her. He sings of her melodious and magical voice that has stirred unmanageable feelings in his heart. Gently professing his love, he calls her his ghazal and says that he can sing nothing else ever. Reaching out to her, he talks of his longing for a soul mate- one that only she can satiate.

Sahir Ludhianwi has created the lyrics for this serenade and only one who finds himself in a similar predicament will be able to understand the true significance of his words. Beautifully laced together, the words manage to emote so much in such a brief period. There is no better way to say it.

Mohd Rafi with Sahir Ludhianvi, Jaan Nisar Akhtar, Madan Mohan, Minoo Karthik during the recording of a song
Mohd Rafi with Sahir Ludhianvi, Jaan Nisar Akhtar, Madan Mohan, Minoo Karthik during the recording of a song

The soulful music has been given by Madan Mohan. Full of old world charm, it conjures up a vision of a man coaxing a beauty on a moonlit night from below her balcony. The music literally flows with the song- as the intensity of the words increase, the music swells. The use of violins is prominent in the song, which carries forward the feeling of a serenade. A very good accompaniment for beautiful lyrics.

Rafi Saab is at his best yet again and carries off the song with aplomb. You can actually sense the tension, frustration, love and need in his voice. There are very few who can emote through their voice and that pack is led by the famed Mohd. Rafi.

The best part about the song is that it does not go on forever- it is delightfully short and yet manages to say everything it is meant for. This makes you go back for seconds and thirds too.

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43 Blog Comments to “Ishq Ki Garmiye”

  1. prakash shah says:

    hvg ,
    v.shortly i will sending u your desire one.ok.

  2. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    When we hear each song of rafi saab we feel he is not only
    singing but living with that song.the way he is playing with
    the words by imaging the actor,giving sweetness,high pitch,low
    pitch,voice control.This is really more than magic.It is all due to
    the dedication to his profession.We cannot imagine any other singer
    other than rafi saab.If we go through his music it is a wonder.was he
    a human being to have such qualities? above all he maintained a
    worshipful personality.

  3. rohitsharma says:

    i wanna listen anysong

  4. Manish Bajaj says:

    Hello all Rafisaab lovers,

    My view is that God is divine and he can always be felt even if you cant see him likewise god of singing Rafisaab’s voice might have a changed a bit but still the soul,the effort,sincerity,feelings,adaayaagi everything remained the same..I always take heart from rafisaabs performance in late 70’s which shows that he was the best and no matter few artists or music directors played politics to write him off but he came back much more stronger..I worship him like millions and dont like to accept anything jo rafisaab ki shaan mein gustakhi ho…

    Long live rafisaab and god bless all rafi lovers

  5. Anil Cherian says:

    Ref. post #37
    That rough-feel is there in many songs of Laila-Majnu, however it’s pretty much intentional and it enhances the beauty of the song.. personally, “kehna ek deewana….” is the zenith when it comes 2 male play-back/ light singing…

  6. Manish Kumar says:


    At one point I had listened to that song 5 time straight (only Rafi Sahab’s part) just because I had similar suspicions as you. I found out…

    POOR SOUND SOURCE e.g. youtube, musicindiaonline, etc.!

    Because i heard the song in multiple sources. And the best source, did not have that rough soundingness to it. Rafi Sahab’s voice was clear! Same thing with Tumse Door Rehke. I will have to hear that part again.

    There is more I wish to say on this but for later.

  7. vicky says:


    just went thru the article n the commnts posted here i dunno abt the cold issue but there r a few songs whr rafisaabs voice is a bit screechy (for just one moment or so) the immediate example wch comes to my mind is the song from amar akbar anthony ‘humko tumse ho gaya’ whn he sings for akbar in the starting 2 lines a bit of ‘kharash’ is evident whn he shouts’khuda gawah’!!

    the other song is from brahmachari ‘muhabat ke khuda hum’ in this song once again at the start thrs a bit of ‘kharash’ in his voice!!

    but im still to come across a song whr rafisaab suffered from cold or somethng like tht the voice always remained soothing n honey like!!!!

  8. atul kumar chopra auckland says:

    i am a lover of great artist of voice rafi sahib .i never listen the songe of this silki voice.i feel that he is the only singer in the industry who ger every avard.

  9. binus2000 says:

    Post 34 :

    azam khan saheb: rafi songs are always a “gem” – no doubt over it.
    this vocal magic remains “unconquered” to this day and will remain
    so for ever it’s felt.

    let’s all celebrate rafi saheb songs – every second saturday of the
    month in our homes or in small and big assemblies – officially and
    this is the rafi foundations call to every rafi lover.

    binu nair.
    the rafi foundation., mumbai.
    9833 250 701

  10. Azam Khan says:

    Cold or not cold! A singer of Rafi sahab’s caliber can make any song magical. With cold, the voice only gets slightly nasal but it does not take away all the other feelings that a song would require. The more I think about Rafi sahab the more surprised I get.

  11. Anil Cherian says:

    Ref post #25, post #8
    Rafi sahab’s voice, to me, never really deteriorated in the 70s, rather it assumed a slightly different characteristics somewhere in the mid-70s. The voice became a bit heavier and hoarser (eg. ‘Hai agar dushman…’, ‘Bahon mein there …’, ‘Aaja theri yaad aayi…’). However it went back, surprisingly, to its 60s mould (or even lighter than that) towards the late ’70s. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    As Raju Korti saab says, Rafi sahab’s voice was both strong and soft ( a unique combo) and this is the reason why it’s impossible to copy it and this is also the reason why Rafi sahab could do all those modulations and improvisations with the voice (eg. super-soft for gazals, slightly coarse for quawwalies, energetic for the funky songs, powerful for Dharam, subdued for Rajendra Kumar, heavier for Raj Kumar)

  12. Shirishji,

    I am extremely sorry that i wrote Mr.Shaileshji, but it was Mr.Shirish Kulkarniji. I apolozise for the mistake. Plz, accept this.

  13. binus2000 says:

    rafi ji is “soulfully yours” always with cold or without a cold. more,
    he had the musicians interest in mind, their daily wages and hence
    would rarely cancel his recordings.

    nice that rafi fans could see through the splendid voice and say
    rafi ji indeed had a cold four decades back… pls. see it positively
    and observe how keen a rafi lover is as an “observer” of his songs.

    it has been confirmed by raju korti ji my friend and the best rafi
    historian – by far….

    keep up the “spirit” of inquiry in to rafi ji songs…. the discussion
    and the rafi splendour will never “end”.

    binu nair.. the rafi foundation…. mumbai..9833 250 701

  14. Raju Korti says:

    i am amazed we discuss issues like rafisaab’s songs sung when he had cough and colds. i mean, don’t we all suffer from it — and umpteen times in our lives? how can anyone, least of all rafisaab with all the precautions he must have taken to maintain his tonal gold, be an exception. normally, singers avoid recording when they have a throat problem. the disciplinarian that he was, rafisaab seldom cancelled his recordings. and he always came to the recording room with his homework well done. anyway, now that we are on the subject, i must inform interested rafi lovers that the singer indeed sang one song when he had cold. and i came to know this from the late hemant kumar in a fleeting statement during an interview. this was the do dil song “tera husn rahe mera isq rahe, toh yeh subah yeh shaam rahe na rahe”. but here too rafisaab is soulfully your’s with a rendition that has his unique stamp on it. watch the words “mai behekne laga hoon sambha jara, mere pass hi reh kahi door na jaa”.

  15. Of course, some times it appeared as if Rafiji’s voice was not the same in 70s as it was earlier. But whenever, you thought so, Rafiji came out with masterpieces like Boonde Nahin Sitare, Aise Na The Hum, etc. listening to which one always felt that Rafiji had not lost any charm till his last.

  16. On Saturday, 8th March in Naushad Hall, there was Rafi Magic Programme and conducted by rafi foundation, naushad foundation and another one. there was lot of rafian fans and i was one of them. Really the programme was splendid. there was some singers who sang rafi’s songs above that Mr.Nanji (who sang chorus with K.L.Saigal & Mohdrafi) and also a musician in those days, he came and gave us blessings. I was person who took his blessing and he asked me why u dont sing, i just told him that if i get a chance i will sing and another one was Playback singer Mohd Aziz with his ustad. It was like a mehfil, good fun and really enjoyed. I request Mr.Kakaji, Binuji and others to give me an opportunity to sing a song of rafisahab which i can contribute something of his great treasurise songs. Mohdrafisahab left us but he kept lot of memorable treasure to us where we can contribute in this programmes. I really thanks to Binuji and shaileshji also calling me for this great programme. i will also contribute something to rafisahab’s songs also next time.

  17. A S MURTY says:

    It may not be the ‘cold’ factor after all in some of the songs that were not of rafi-class. more, it could be due to the mediocre lyrics and composition. i am yet to come across even a single song which comes to be called rather an ordinary song of rafi sahab due to such reasons as ‘ill-health’ or ‘cold’. on the contrary, i found many of the very ordinary songs made a memorable day only because the voice behind them was that of rafi sahab. ‘kamal ke phool jaisa, badan tera chikna chikna’ and others fell under the ‘ordinary’ category more due to the hurriedly pieced together lyrics and worst of all the ‘mediocre’ composition rather than the singing. rafi sahab brought life to even ‘lifeless’ songs, and which other singer did not contribute ‘very bad’ lot of songs ?? rafi sahab would have given the playback to even the very ordinary compositions only to encourage the lyricists and the music directors, but has done more than 100% justice to all the songs rendered by him till date. no compromise on this score. we all agree that rafi sahab was not commercial minded even a wee bit, hence his singing even when not well or having ‘cold’ doesn’t jell with me. he would not sing a song if he was not happy with his own output, rather than be seen to have given the maximum number of songs. rafi sahab was ‘different’ in attitude even on matters of this nature.

  18. Manish Kumar says:

    it is one thing for the voice itself to decline, it is separate matter for a different factor like a temporary cold to influence the performance.

  19. Manish Kumar says:

    it was trivial of me to raise the issue of colds during singing. doesn’t really matter. some fans have pointed out to me that rafi sahab’s voice in the mid 70s as it wasn’t as great as it was in the 60s. i’d rather say that even in the 80s the voice was excellent (just one example of many – john johny janardahn – what a perfect voice) but sometimes rafi sahab’s declining health would be evident. seeing that is the case for less than 1% of the songs only after 1972 – i couldn’t really care. no point in speculating it as i was originally about to do. silly me 🙂

  20. binus2000 says:

    post 13 &14…..

    manishji, there are only few songs having the “cold factor” and
    my request is please check songs of mere mehboob. atleast one
    song is there., i believe but not very sure.
    all this is only for academic interest.

    binu nair. mumbai

  21. rafian1 says:

    I do agree that some songs of Rafi saab were of different tune and as you all told
    I feel it is bcs of COld factor.I know 2 songs of this type.

    1) yarom ne mujko bulaya(Bees unees-1980)
    2) Hum nahi boolenge(Inteqam ki aag)

  22. binus2000 says:

    its un-imaginable aur dil kya, koyi bhi kuch nahi keh sakhega
    other than wah rafi saaheb – after the rafi lovers get-to-gether
    at mumbai on march 8, at the naushad hall.

    rafi lovers responsible for the fire-works included nanji bahadur,
    rafi-saighal companion and senior most musician of the h.f.m.,
    play back singer Mohd.Azis (Munnabhai), asstt comm. police
    syed mobin, kakaji (naushad chela and bhakt), noorie, raghav ji
    all eternal singers and rafi fans…..
    a report and pictures will follow…

    binu nair. the rafi foundation…..

  23. amar says:

    where is the legend mohammed rafi buried. please inform me if anybodes knows

  24. binus2000 says:

    post 13….

    manish ji….

    rafi ji was human tooo and why i mentioned the cold factor is due
    to a keen observance…. yes u are right, post 71 also there is a
    slight change in rafiji’s vocals due to various reasons…… but ,
    purists will never agree to this….

    but, we all agree that rafi ji has given his best to “all” of his songs
    and that is a cause of celebration for rafi fans whose ‘magic’ can
    never cease.

    binu nair… the rafi foundation….

  25. binus2000 says:

    post 13 and 14..

    i have been very closely listening to rafi songs and i have made
    the observations whenever the songs are played.
    composer ravi also confirmed to me.. he said, he used to say :
    rafi saaheb ko ek badhiya chai pelao, whenever the cold factor
    or mood factor came in to play at the recordings….

    binu nair.

  26. binus2000 says:

    rafi saaheb in singing and raju korti in penning scores 100%
    i have known sahir’s couplet on taj mahal and his leftist leanings
    but was not aware it existed in a great rafi song.

    my next attempt will be to get this sahir-rafi-mm song….

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation….

  27. Narayanan says:

    What a lovely combo of a romantic song?
    Jai Rafi sahab n his music fraternity…
    well done Ashaji

  28. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Raju Korti Saheb, Adab Araz hai.
    After reading your posts 8,9 and 10, mujhe besaqhta sahir ka yeh sher yaad aagaya.
    Duniya ne tajrubath hawadis ki shakal mein
    jo kuch mujhe diya hai woh lauta raha hun main
    You have tremendous knowledge of urdu adab and Rafi saheb. I think you should accumulate your khazana of Rafi saheb in the form of a book, first in urdu then in english. Please don’t disappoint ” Rafi Lovers”.
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,

  29. Ms. Ashaji,

    Great article. Madanmohan and rafisahab was the 2 greatest personalities who gave many great good songs. Can anyone heard this song “Jis din se maine” sung by rafisahab with asha bhosale duet song, another song whch rafisahab sang was “basti basti parbat parbat gaata jaye banjara” hear this song what a song it is. marvellous. i feel this type of songs will come once in while.

  30. BINUJI,


  31. Manish Kumar says:

    can you list some songs recorded where rafi had a slight cold? i fully accept that he was human and susceptible to such things. in the late 70s he was depressed due the intense lobbying in the music industry (and now we see it surface even more – rajiv vijayakur’s article touched on that) and he was in poor health. despite that, 99% his songs even in the 1980s were sung so beautifully (don’t ask me about the rest – i’d greatly struggle to find them).

  32. binus2000 says:

    raju korti ji….

    well said.. our sachin t. is a great rafi fan a friend tells me.

    cricket is such a game that saching can get out at 0 or at 100
    but in playback singing we can hardly see when rafi ji has ‘not’
    performed well.

    but , have u noticed that few rafi songs are recorded when rafi-ji
    had a slight cold…… i would like to have ur comments on this.

    binu nair…. mumbai.

  33. Aseer says:

    @ kapil ji, ref post 3
    “no one know pradeep kumar but almost everyone is aware of “pukarta chala hun main” & it’s singer.”
    i dont know whether u meant pradeep kumar as the hero of that song then a liittle correction. it was on Biswajeet.
    if my interpretation is wrong then I m sorry.
    Jai Rafi sahab

  34. Raju Korti says:

    refer to my earliest post on the ghazal song. i will reproduce the lyrics just to give a fair idea of sahir’s weighty ideology and the rafi power to sing them with consummate ease. however, i may point out that not all the verses from this poetry have been used by mm. (for your information i have marked the verses as ‘Y’. by the way, may i make a couple of corrections in my earlier post. in the line …. sahir being sahir… the word git should be gift. sorry for the keying in errors.
    here goes the song with a couplet so endearing rendered by rafi:

    Taj tere liye ek mazhar-e-ulfat hi sahi Y)
    tujhko is waadi-e-rangeen se aqeedat hi sahi (Y)

    Mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse
    bazm-e-shahi mein gareebon ka guzar kya maane?

    Sabt jis raah pe ho satavat-e-shaahi ke nishan
    us pe ulfat bhari roohon ka safar kya maane?

    Mere mehboob pas-e-parda-e-tash heer-e-wafa
    toone satavat ke nishanon ko to dekha hota

    Murda shahon ke maqabir se behalne waali
    apne taarek makanon ko to dekha hota

    An-ginat logon ne duniya mein mohabbat ki hain (Y)
    kaun kehta hai ke sadiq na the jazbe unke (Y)

    Lekin unke liye tash heer ka samaan nahin (Y)
    kyonki woh log bhi apni hi tarah muflis the (Y)

    Yeh imarat-o-maqabir yeh fasiile yeh hisar
    mutal-kul-hukm shahenshahon ki azmat ke sutoon

    Daaman-e-dehar pe us rang ki gulkari hai
    jisme shaamil hai tere aur mere ajdad ka khoon

    Mere mehboob! unhe bhi to mohabbat hogi
    jinki sannai ne baqshi hai ise shakl-e-jamiil

    Unke pyaron ke maqabir rahe be-naam-o-namood
    aaj tak un pe jalai na kisi ne qandiil

    Yeh chamanzaar, yeh Jamna ka kinara, yeh mahal (Y)
    yeh munakkash dar-o-deewar, yeh mehraab, yeh taaq (Y)

    Ek shahenshah ne daulat ka sahara lekar (Y)
    hum gareebon ke mohabbat ka udaya hai mazak (Y)

    Mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse. (Y)

  35. Raju Korti says:

    since we are talking about the ghazal songs, let me make a very prominent mention of another brilliant rafi song. this song is a prime example of how great lyrics, great music and great singing can cumulatively make for a great song. if my memory serves me right, this song is the first in the film and has the stamp of sahir’s leftist thinking on it. mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse. now there’s an interesting piece of anecdote associated with this song. readers will recall another 1964 film leader that had dilip kumar getting romantic with vyjayanthimala with a refined ek shahenshah ne banwa ke hansi taj mahal saari duniya ko muhabbat ki nishani di hai. it had shakeel’s intensely romantic words (remember shakeel was a master of alliteration and his metaphors were so good). the song had the opulence of the royal times when kings even lost kingdoms for their beloved, in this song, shakeel equates the taj with love and romance. sahir being sahir, had the git to turn around this song with an entirely diamtrical view. ghazal’s hero is an ordinary man, not a king, in love. so what have you? sahir comes out with mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse. the taj gives him an inferiority complex. and then the crowning lines:
    ek shahenshah ne daulat ka sahara lekar, hum gharibon ki muhabbat ka udaya hai mazak.
    the lines anginat logo ne duniya me mohobbat ki hai, kaun kehta hai ke sadiq na the jazbe unke, lekin unke liye tashhir ka saman nahi, kyoni wo log bhi apni hi tarah muflis the convey the predicament and the bitterness of the protagonist who makes out a case that love is love whether it’s the rich or the poor.
    please listen to this song and marvel at how rafi stresses on the word sahara and mazak. if sahir is brilliant with his words, rafi infuses life into them like only he can.

  36. Raju Korti says:

    ghazal was madan mohan’s one of best scores. this 1964 film had sunil dutt and meena kumari. there are certain interesting aspects to this film. mm was always known to be a female (read lata) composer, given the femininity in his compositions. but when it came to male singers, rafi would always be at soft best. remember the soul-stirring main yeh sochkar uske dar se from haqueeqat. the song went on sudhir (of all the people) who is more known to us as cheap villain in many b grade films. and that soft crooning from dastak where tumse kahoon ek baat paron se was as soft as the feather that rafi carresses on your senses. he even made a complete short work of lata in the heer ranjha mesmerising duet meri duniya mein tum aayee. yes, rafi could be cotton soft and yet be so masculine. a feat no other singer can even think of performing.
    coming back to this soft touch, just see how rafi comes so arrestingly masculine in isq ki garmiye jazbaat kise pesh karoon. the film has a similar lata version going on meena kumari nagma o sher ki saugaat kise pesh karoon. the point i am trying to make is rafi never lost that man-ly touch whatever the sur and whoever the composer. he always had several aces up his sleeve. that’s the reason you will find him outclassing his peers — both male and female — with absolute ease. no matter if the same song was sung by a male or a female, rafi was always on top with some different takes, harkats, taans and some innovative throw of words. and his moods creation would be legendary. very soon i hope to bring out some amazing facts about the maestro’s repertoire — facts many know but haven’t really dwelt upon. it happens when people rightfully take perfection granted with a legend like rafi.

  37. Dear Hussain Sheilhji,

    Please send the song to my e-mail id Also refer post no. 3 of Mr. XXX. The actor on whom “Pukarata” was filmed was Biswajeet and not Pradeep Kumar. I fully agree that many people may not remember the actor but the song is popular even today after 43 years and is considered one of the best romantic song ever recorded in the Indian film industry.

  38. Hussein Sheikh says:

    A short and nice article. Although all songs of Rafi Saheb in the film “Ghazal” are superb and magnificently rendered by the legend, but, “Ishq Ki Garmiye Jazbaat…” is an extra ordinary, brilliantly sung by Rafi Saheb. See how he effortless go to hight notes then to low notes. That’s Rafi Saheb’s magic. This song is a must for all Rafi Saheb fans. Anybody need this song can mail me right now.

  39. K.S. Ramachandran says:

    Congrats for a well selected song for living down the memory lane! How well and skillfully sung by Rafi Sahab. My Good Heavens! Shows in a way “THE POWER” of good quality music and this song and also the other number from the same movie “Muje Ye Phool Na De” by Rafi and Suman after a good 44 years are so soothing, roamntic and lilting as ever.. I can only say..”LONG LIVE GOOD MUSIC OF YESTERYEARS” and when I say this I become very emotional..honestly……

  40. unknow says:

    the magic never be end.that was god gift to a great human and singer from 27 years still when people speak about great singer the only one name come to mind he is only mohd Rafi.that is award from god to mohd rafi who helped unknow people same as famous.raj Kakoor who didn’t use mohd rafi he said that mohd rafi Knig without crown.
    People say that mohd rafi should get Bharat Ratna Award but i think we are wrong because what mohd rafi had i don’t think any singer in the world had the love of u and me,we all lost some one who we loved but after one or two years we forgot them but Mohd rafi is the name we never forget we remmber 24 dec and 31 july(i don’t remmber my birthday but I remmber Mohd rafi)

  41. xxx says:

    asha ji,

    great article!! special thanks from my side to throw a light on madanji-rafiji combo, this combo was really divine, sahir ji as usually penned great lyrics.

    here wat u wrote-“What do boys in love do nowadays to profess their love? They go to a card shop and pick up something “mushy”, or they go and pick up a bunch of roses, soft toys are a very popular choice for many”

    sry but here i differ from you, in recently passed valentine i gifted my girlfrnd a rafi cd and a sd burman cd and response i got was great..

    i just want to convey the msg that melody is still alive among the youths, no one know pradeep kumar but almost everyone is aware of “pukarta chala hun main” & it’s singer.

    melody will always be there……. melody is amar..

  42. binus2000 says:

    jai shivratri to rafi lovers…

    let me recall that rafi ji respected all the religions and has sung
    the most bhajans and even today committed religious leaders
    comment how a non-hindu can sing such great classics…..
    rafi saheb amar rahen…..


    may i remind rafi saheb lovers from mumbai not to miss the
    rafi lovers get-to-gether on march 8th at 6.30 p.m. at naushad
    hall , located near king circle rly station, at sion koliwada area
    opp to mini punjab hotel and near to the canara bank at owners
    there will be a live musical programme which is free to rafi lovers.

    r.s.v.p… binu nair : +9833 250 701..


    PLEASE see the Bombay samachar dated 6.3.08 where in its
    entertainment page a news story on the rafi foundation is carried.
    its in gujarathi and we will translate the story and try to publish
    it in this site.



  43. A S MURTY says:

    One of my favourite songs, this song has wonderful poetry by Sahir ludhiyanvi sahab and equally lovely musical notes. rafi sahab has gone into the inner thoughts of the poet while giving his lips to the song. although the song was only a close follower of its first cousin from the same movie – the title song – rang aur noor ki baraat kise pesh karoon – yet it is indeed a song for those truly in love.
    there is another variation of the song by lata in the film – nagma o sher ki saugat kise pesh karoon – and here again the lyrics, the music and the playback singing all make it up to be a class composition. kudos to ms. ashaji for bringing this lovely song to the centre-stage after such a long time. my request to her, ms chandniji and others too to keep writing such beautiful essays on the loveliest of songs from rafi sahab’s bastion, so that the fragrance is incensed with a new aroma each day. thanks.

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