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I am an orphan

This song review is written by Mr. M.V.Devraj

Mohd Rafi and Dilip Kumar

Mohd Rafi and Dilip Kumar

I wish to write about a song after my heart and soul. Being a mortal unlike Rafisaab I do not profess to have done justice to the immortal and evergreen song but I assure you that whatever I have stated hereunder is from the bottom of my heart.  Udan Khatola (1955) produced by Naushad and Directed by Sunny S U had Dilip Kumar, Jeevan and Nimmi in the lead roles. Naushad composed its music and the songs were penned by lyricist Shakeel Badayuni. The music composition is the highlight of this film.


Lata classics like ‘Ghar aaya mehman koi‘,’Humare dilse na jaana‘, and ‘Mera salaam leja‘ reveal the melody in the voice of the ‘nightingale’ in her primitive years of singing. The inimitable Rafisaab’s talents were used for ‘Mohabbat ki raahon mein‘, ‘Na toofanse khelo na shahilse khelo‘ and ‘Chale aaj tum jahaanse‘. I do
not recall much of the film since I had seen it nearly five decades ago but I remember all the songs of Rafisaab from this film. They will remain with me forever.
I consider that Chale aaj tum is not only the best from this film but also one of the most soulful and pathos-filled song ever to have been sung in Hindi films. On a couple of occasions I had the good fortune of personally interacting with Naushad saab after he had retired from active film life. He rated this song as one of his best five and said ‘Rafisaabke is gaane mein har sur mein dard mehsoos hota hai‘ -‘in this song of Rafisaab pathos or sorrow is felt in every note’.
Chale aaj tum jahaanse, huyi zindagi paraayi
Tumhein mil gayaa thikanaa, humein maut bhi na aayi
O door ke musafir hum ko bhi saath le le re
Hum ko bhi saath le le
Hum rah gaye akele

The starting of the song in Rafisaab’s voice is arresting and mesmerizing. The use of the choir with the violins and the temple bells literally transports one to a solemn funeral.

Listen to Chale Aaj Tum Jahan Se
You have left this world and life has become someone else’s
You have found a destination but even death does not find me.
Oh distant traveler, take me too with you
I remain an orphan.
Toone vo de diyaa gum, bemaut mar gaye hum
Dil uth gayaa jahaanse, le chal humein yahaanse
Le chal humein yahaanse
Kis kaam ki ye duniyaa jo zindagi se khele re
Hum ko bhi saath le le, hum rah gaye akele

The sorrow you have given, has killed me without dying
My heart has left this world, take me away too
What use this world which plays with life
Take me too with you
I remain an orphan.

Sooni hai dil ki raahein, khaamosh hain nigaahein
Naakaam hasratonka uthne ko hai janaazaa
Uthne ko hai janaazaa
Chaaron taraf lage hain barbaadiyon ke mele re
Hum ko bhi saath le le, hum rah gaye akele

The path of the heart is barren, glances are silent
What use longing when the corpse is being lifted
All around there is chaos
Take me too with you
I remain an orphan.
The way Rafisaab says the words ‘barbaadiyon‘ will make one cry along with him. Only Rafisaab could have said the word ‘janaazaa‘ as perfectly as in the song. His diction, his clarity added with his emotive power makes this a touching and moving song which will remain one of my all-time favourites. Actually this song perfectly describes our own surroundings in the aftermath of Rafisaab’s  absence from our midst. Oh! What a song by what a singer! 

Watch the video of Chale Aaj Tum Jahan Se
In Naushadsaab’s words:
Kehta hai koi dil gaya, dilbar chala gaya
Saahil pukarta hai, samundar chala gaya
Lekin jo baat sach hai, woh kehta nahin koi
Duniya se mausiqui ka paembar chala gaya
Humko bhi saath le le
Hum reh gaye akele

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28 Blog Comments to “I am an orphan”

  1. akram khan says:

    Ya! Allah Mohammad Rafi Ko Jannatul Firdaus me Jagah Ata Farma! since unhone tere Nabi Ki Shaaan Mein bahut hi khubsoorat Naatein Pari Hai! Ameen!

  2. Mohammad says:

    Hum tumse juda hoke,marjayenge roro ke

  3. Imran Rustam says:

    This is very good situational song. What a heart touching song which directly hit our hearts. We can feel sorrowfulness of the song due to His magical voice


  4. M V Devraj says:

    Dear Bijoorsaab,Thangalsaab,Sureshji,Sivaji : I respectfully acknowledge with deep gratitude your wonderful words of encouragement. It was indeed a pleasure to write about my God.

    Nadkarni saab , many thanks for pointing out the typo. My own understanding (although not worth talking about) of the meaning of the word ‘paegambar’ is ‘messenger’ and in this instance messenger of God. I will stand corrected. Thanks Sir,for your response and I do hope we will continue to hear more from you about our God.

    M V Devraj

  5. unknow says:

    ‘paegambar not mean the God but mean the man who sent to by God

  6. unknow says:

    when ever song was wrote by Great Shakeel and composed by other great Naushand was hit but when ever sung by Mohd Rafi was super hit and will be super hit…….
    As said by P from LP that we don’t know about future but still today there is no singer like Mohd Rafi………….
    I think the best who sung sad songs was Talat Ji but when ever I listen to Mohd Rafi sad songs I feel that no one can sing like Mohd Rafi.
    there are 7 sur in Music but in Mohd Rafi voice there are 8 sur said by many but I feel they are wrong i think in Mohd Rafi voice there are 70000000000000…….. sur and more(sorry I don’t know about music)
    I want to thanks Naushand Ali,OP Nayar,Shammi Kapoor and Mannay Dey what they said about Mohd Rafi

  7. Siva says:

    First it was Ms Bina, then Mr Nagesh and now Mr Devraj-wah kya baat hai!!.
    These three recent posts have taken this site to the great heights our beloved Rafi sahab reached in his singing. Excellent article-I request for more and more such posts. I also share the gems that Mr Sandeep Nadkarni had listed out-of course one can never make a complete list of Rafi’s gems as they may run into thousands, but the songs he has mentioned are truly the best of the best.
    Thanks once again to all for making our daily life so refreshing. At the end of a busy day’s schedule when you hear a Rafi sahab’s masterpiece or read such articles you really become totally refreshed.

  8. Dear Dev Bhai,
    Thanks for writing the article ” I AM AN ORPHAN ” sir you chosen one of the most beautiful songs of Legendary Rai Sahib. The combination of Rafi-Naushad-Shakeel Badayuni never happen on this universe. The song which was written by Shakeel, Composed by Naushad Sahib & finally give the real shape by Legendary Rafi Sahib i.e. Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj, Oh Duniya ke Rakhwale sun dard bhare mere naale, Too ganga ki mauj main yamuna ka ghara o rahega milan yeh hamare tumara. There are so many song the combination of Shakeel – Naushad – Rafi Sahib. Please keep the flames of legendary rafi sahib in every heart.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Suresh Chauhan

  9. Dear Devraj Sir
    I would like to submit the corrected version of Naushad Saabs poetry as follows:
    Kehta hai koi dil gaya, dilbar chala gaya
    Saahil pukarta hai, samundar chala gaya
    Lekin jo baat sach hai, woh kehta nahin koi
    Duniya se mausiqui ka paegambar (God) chala gaya !!!
    The changed version is paegambar which means God or the almighty and Naushad Saab has meant that the music universe has indeed lost a God in the form of the greatest Mohammed Rafi.

    As regards the post 16 from binajee
    The song sadke heer from the film Mera Namm Joker was shot on the greatest showman Raj Kapoor in disguise of a fakir with Padmini.
    Though Raj Kapoors various films had majority of the songs rendered or sung by Mukesh, it was the Endeavour of the RK films that a particular song was always reserved for the greatest Mohammed Rafi Saab. This aspect can be seen in various films like Barsaat, Awara, Shree-420, Boot Polish, Sangam, Mera Naam Joker etc.

    Further it was Naushad Saab who had once experimented Rafi for Raj Kapoor and Mukesh for Yusuf Khan (Dilip Kumar) in the Mehboob Khans classic film Andaz with Nargis in the female lead role.
    A small anecdote for the sake of this film Andaz goes as follows
    The cinematographer Mr Jal Mistry had confronted with Mehboob Khan in respect of Dilip Kumar by remarking “Kis Bandar ko es role ke liye laye ho” to which the great Mehboob Khan had said “Ye Bandar ek din hindusthan ka shehanshah ban jayega”
    How true was Mehboob Khan as Dilip Kumar who had a under play role in this film turned out to be a super hit film the name Dilip Kumar as the greatest artist
    Further this film Andaz indeed proved to be a landmark for the greatest actor of the Indian screen Dilip Kumar (Mr Yusuf Khan)

  10. A S MURTY says:

    How true was what is quoted of Naushad sahab saying
    “Kehta hai koi dil gaya, dilbar chala gaya
    Saahil pukarta hai, samundar chala gaya
    Lekin jo baat sach hai, woh kehta nahin koi
    Duniya se mausiqui ka paembar chala gaya !!!” Naushad sahab has said it all.

  11. pmc thangal says:

    dear devbhai,u had presented the song with its meaning in a very beautiful style . i hope and wish if any one like u present the superb song “na kisee ki angu ka nooru hum…”(filim lal qilla written by last mughal emperor bahadur sha zafar ,md sn tripatti)

  12. M V Devraj says:

    Hello Friends:
    Kindly accept this as my individual and personal response to all your kind messages.

    Many many thanks to you all for your sweet words of appreciation for what I wrote about this masterpiece song. All these accolades are dedicated to the great trio of Naushad/Shakeel/Rafi.

    Best wishes to you all

    I remain an orphan Rafi bakth.

    M V Devraj

  13. Bina says:

    Aadarnya Nadkarni Sahab:

    You have mentioned Sadke Heer Tujhe as one of your favorite Rafi numbers..a song which I have not listened to in ages…Sadke Heer Tujhe… I always thought was a Madan Mohan composition… this song is similar in tune to Doli Chadte Hi from Heer Ranjha…

    That this song is a Shankar Jaikishen composition and one that Rafi Saab sang for Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker is a surprise to me. I have seen this movie as a child, and dont remember this song at all. The only ones that come to memory are the ever-popular Mukesh songs in this movie.

    This is such a moving song by our beloved Rafi Saab..thank you for reminding…

    With Regards,

  14. The small little review on the classical song “Oh dhoor ke musafir humko bhee saat le le re hum rahegaya akele” – which indeed has the solid punch of Naushads orchestration, Rafis magnified voice, Shakeels great poetry and Dilip Kumars superb expressions and hence Mr G V Murthyjee the combination of Rafi – Yusuf – Naushad – Shakeel can never happen again on this Earth!!!
    Great piece Devraj saab please keep the Bangalore flag flying high

  15. A S MURTY says:

    i am simply speechless. are we seeing the real rennaissance ? hardly a week back i was listening to this most precious song from ‘udan khatola’ again and again and each time the song ‘o door ke musafir humko bhi sath lele re’ provided much more than the previous listening. this kind of rendition just cannot be human was what i surmised last week when i was listening to the song for the umpteenth time and the narrative presented by devraj sahab have so much in common with my own thoughts. this song is a superlative creation and beyond comprehension of ordinary folks. there is simply no more room for any improvisations that any one can think of. agreed that this unbeatable combination of shakeel badayuni, naushad sahab and rafi sahab has produced innumerable great compostions, this song however would rate as one of the all time best compositions ever in the annals of hindi film music. we must all thank devraj sahab for bringing out the glory of this song in such finery. truly a great comment on an immortal song. keep it up.

  16. Dr.Vasudha says:

    A review straight from the heart.Connects one instantly to the feelings expressed.Thank you. You have brought out the stark truth of life –‘humrehgaye akele’ in a superb manner.

  17. Bina says:

    Devraj Saab:

    What a touching review..full of pathos and passion…you made me cry with your explanatiion of each stanza…

    I am an orphan…true wonderful description of how a fan feels when the Master is gone…but memories are golden and the khazana that Rafi Saab has left behind makes me a rich orphan.

    Gaana bahut badhiya aur aapke explanation ne toh dil ke taaron ko chedkar hume rula hi diya…

    I am in awe of your fervour for the voice and singing of Rafi Saab…

    Rafi Saab ki awaaz ko pranam..apna koi taraana maine nahi banaya…

  18. S.Ravishankar says:

    You have chosen one of the most beautiful songs of Rafi saab. Your understanding of the lyrics,and, expressing them from the bottom of your heart is really touching. Your thought flow being so good, please keep reviewing more and more songs. Yeh dil maange more!!

  19. Mohammed Rafi — “Hum dhoor nahee tumse kahne ko judayee Hai”

    For me though I have never ever had the opportunity of working with Naushad Saab I am of the very personal opinion that it was solely Naushad who was responsible for indeed introducing the true Mohammed Rafi to all of us and hence I on behalf of all the fans & admirers salute the musical genius!!!
    Personality I am of the opinion & view that it is extremely difficult but next to impossible for any one of us to choose the all-time great renditions of the Greatest Mohammed Rafi, but however today I have in my own adversity & experience has indeed dared to list the following all-time greats of the greatest – which in my terms I believe are my own very personal favorites and hence there should not be any room for raising any controversies on this subject please which is an earnest appeal from me to all the innumerable fans & admirers of Rafi Saab.
    How true it was when Rafi Saab sang “hum dhoor nahee tumse kahne ko judayee hai”
    O duniya ke rakhwale Baiju Bawra Naushad
    Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahee hai Naya Daur O P Nayyar
    Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai Suraj Shankar Jaikishan
    Tum jo mil gaye ho Hansthe Zakhm Madan Mohan
    Main gaoon tum sojawo Brahamachari Shankar Jaikishan
    Yahi arman lekar aaj apne ghar se hum nikhale Shabab Naushad
    Duniya ne bahe mohe ab tho bulale Basant Bahar Shankar Jaikishan
    Kya se kya hogaya bewafa tere pyar mein Guide S D Burman
    Dil ke jharoke mein tujko bithakar Brahamachari Shankar Jaikishan
    Lo ek kalee muskayee Ek kali Muskayee Madan Mohan
    Subha na aayee shaman a aayee Cha Cha Cha Iqbal Quereshi
    Ye duniya useekee zaman useeka Kashmir Kee Kali O P Nayyar
    Insaf ka mandir hai ye bhagwan ka ghar hai Amar Naushad
    Oh dhoor ke musafir humko bhee saat lelere Uran Khatola Naushad
    Meree awaaj suno Naunihal Madan Mohan
    Kahin bekhyal hokar Teen Deviyan S D Burman
    Jane kya dhoonthi raheti hai ye aankhen meree Shola Aur Shabnam Khayyam
    Zindabad Zindabad hai mohabbat zindabad Mughale Azam Naushad
    Kar chale hum fida jane tan saathiyon Haqeeqat Madan Mohan
    Koyee sagar dil ko behelata nahee Dil Diya Dard Liya Naushad
    Likhe jo khat tujhe woh teree yaad mein Kanyadan Shankar Jaikishan
    Ye mear prem patra padkar Sangam Shankar Jaikishan
    Wadiyan tera daman Abhilasha R D Burman
    Sadke heer Mera Naam Joker Shankar Jaikishan
    Rang aur noor kee barat kise pesh karoon Ghazal Madan Mohan

  20. Narayan says:

    Wah Devraj Saab aapne kamaal kiya aur bilkul jasbaadi lekh mein ek behetrin nagma ko piroya………..
    Rafi fans and poojaris…
    Devrajan saab is another distinguished member of the ever popular fan club Baar Baar RAFI FAN CLUB, Bangalore and very passionate singer who entralls us with his melodious voice.
    We are proud of you Sir.. Please keep writing,,,,,,,,


  21. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Fantastic. Next time we meet, you should sing this song. I am still remembering your “Madhuban Me Radhika” sung during our previous meet. What a combination it was, Naushad, Shakeel and Rafi. Well we were lucky that we have grown up with such wonderful songs.

  22. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Devraj Saheb,
    Excellant review of a remarkable soulful song of rafi sahab. This is one of the best song of trio, Naushad, Shakeel and Rafi. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Congratulations.
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    Long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  23. unknow says:

    What a great song thanks sir
    One of singers asked naushand why you don’t want me to sing your songs…..

  24. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Devbhai Aadab Rafi,

    One can feel the unmerited grief of this lonely soul. And that feeling just got accentuated thanks to your beautiful review.

    The painful sarcasm in ‘ barbaadiyon’ has been aptly observed by you and does trigger the sorrow when you hear that. The high octave finishing notes are well aligned to the climax of the song. Who else but Mohammed Rafi sab could have sung this.

    shukriya for the review

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  25. Utthara says:

    Dear Devrajji, what a fantastic review. One never gets tiried of listening to this soulful song of Rafi saab . And you have brought out the pathos, the yearning so beautifully. The way Rafi saab says Hum rehgaye akele… It brings tears to one’s eyes. Thank you sir for giving us this great review



  26. Mohan (Gan Sharma) says:

    Devraj sahib,

    Bahut khub. What a homage to the greatest of them all!! Some powerful songs in that review of yours; each one of them a gem. The notes from Naushad saab’s sayings made interesting reading as well.

    Thank you!

  27. Saifullah says:

    Dear Devraj ji,
    What a fantastic article.
    Of late a couple of Rafians have been writing marvellous articles on selected songs of our Rafi Saab.
    This is yet another exemplary effort. Congrats !!!
    You have brought out the ethos in the song in the right tempo.
    In fact, this song bears a particular place in my heart, as I recollected the song when I saw my dad lying in state barely a year and a half back.
    I had experienced the same pains when I saw him being lifted away on his last journey. The pains that Rafi Saab echoes through his voice in this song are exactly the replica of emotions one goes through when his near one leaves him in death. Only Rafi Saab could have done this !!!!!!
    Once again, a fantastic effort from your end.
    All the best, and keep writing such good articles.

  28. biman baruah says:

    Respected Devraj Ji
    congratulations for soulful analyis of a great pearl of Rafi Saheb with your own nostalzia. Its’ a heart-breaking everlasting song beautifully composed by Naushad Saheb.

    with warm regards
    biman, assam

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