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The King of melody

This article is by Mr. Binu Nair. It has been published at

Even if belatedly, music lovers have now appealed to the government to honour Mohammed Rafi with the Bharat Ratna posthumously. A singer par excellence and a paragon of humility and piety, Rafi strode the musical landscape like a meteor, enchanting generations of music lovers and transcending geographical borders. The melody and vocals Mohd Rafi created, crafted and pioneered during his reign have withstood the test of Time. The mellifluous vocals rise like a glorious tide, caressing the soul with songs for every mood and occasion.

Mohammed Rafi has sung them all, with grace and unsurpassable elan – be it ghazals, bhajans, classicals, soft romantic numbers, bhangra, sad songs, duets, nazms, and high-pitched fast numbers.


Mohd. Rafi was born to Haji Ali Mohammed and Allah Rakhi in Kotla Sultan Singh village, a town near Amritsar on December 24, 1924. A disciplinarian father disapproved of Rafi’s passion for singing but the child had the blessings of his mother, according to Rafi’s youngest son Shahid Rafi, now in the business of garment exports in Mumbai.

The story goes that as a young boy, Rafi used to hear a fakir passing by the house, ektara in hand, singing to glory. The young lad would follow the fakir, sit with him under a tree and hear him to his heart’s content. This mendicant was the first to plant the singing bug in young Rafi’s mind. The ubiquitous radio too played its part, Rafi being glued to it when not attending primary school. At 14, Rafi’s family moved to Lahore for good, where he discreetly trained under Ustad Barkat Ali Khan.

Music composer Shyam Sunder, impressed by the lad’s voice, gave Rafi his first break – a duet – in Gul Baloch. The song ‘Soniyo ni heeriyo ni teri yaad ne sataaya…’, was recorded in 1942 in Lahore and thus became his first recorded song. Composer Feroze Nizami duly got for young Rafi his first job – through Radio Lahore in 1943. Thereafter, along with elder brother Hamid (who helped Rafi get major singing assignments in the early struggling days) Rafi reached Mumbai.

The brothers took up a ten-by-ten-feet room in the crowded downtown Bhendi Bazar area. Probably, to make ends meet Rafi also faced the camera in two movies, but his heart was set on singing. Long hours of early morning riyaaz mainly at the Chowpatty sea-face followed. As destiny would ordain, Shyam Sunder was now in Mumbai and again provided an opportunity to Rafi – who got to sing a duet with GM Durrani, ‘Aji dil ho qaabu mein to dildar ki aisi taisi…’, for Gaon Ki Gori, which became Rafi’s first recorded song in a Hindi film. Rafi’s stars were looking up now. National recognition soon came from the runaway hit, composed by Firoz Nizami, ‘Yahaan badla wafa ka…’ with Noorjehan, then reigning queen of Hindi playback singing for Jugnu. Many other popular songs followed and music composers were now convinced of Rafi’s phenomenal voice range.

In 1948, after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the team of Husanlal Bhagatram-Rajendra Krishan-Rafi had overnight created the immortal song ‘Suno suno ae duniyawalon, Bapuji ki amar kahani…’, which became a national rage. Mohd Rafi became a household name.

It was perhaps Baiju Bawra (1952) that brought real fame to Rafi and riches never even dreamt ever by this God-fearing lad who was on his way to becoming India’s topmost singer. ‘Man tadpat Hari darshan ko…’, ‘O’ duniya ke rakhwale…’, ‘Tu Ganga ki mauj…’ all became chartbusters. It heralded the era of the Naushad-Shakeel-Rafi team the musical works of which later reflected young India’s dream of a ‘secular and noble’ India.


The then-Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru while viewing Baiju Bawra, enquired about the singer of the devotional songs from his secretary. When the PM was told it was a singer by the name of Mohd. Rafi, he was invited to dinner with the PM himself. Rafi was duly honoured and hugged for his singing feat by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was all of 28 years then and thus started the annual visit to the PM’s house and the tradition of singing for Prime Minister Nehru and several dignitaries.

Rafi Sahab and his wife with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Naushad, Shankar-Jaikishan, O.P. Nayyar, C.Ramachandra, Hemant Kumar and Ravi now began composing great numbers suited to Rafi’s vocal range. Rafi’s clear rendition, perfect sur and bhaav, unparallelled expression and impeccable diction placed him way above the other singers of his time.

However, despite fame and adulation, Rafi’s life and routine remained unaltered. The recording room-to-home itinerary never changed. No film parties, no vices, retiring at 9 pm and doing riyaaz from 4 to 7 in the morning were some strict norms laid by the maestro for himself. The only ‘luxuries’ Rafi indulged in and looked forward to were sports like carrom, badminton and flying kites along with family members and close friends.

Rafi became quite adept in singing in languages like Marathi, Kannada, Konkani, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati and English. He would rehearse for days before each recording – driving perfection into the numbers.

When Aradhana happened (and Kishore came in due to the advent of R.D.Burman as its associate music director and later hit centerstage), a section of music composers wasted little time in prophesizing the end of the road for Rafi and his salability as a playback singer. This hurt the gentle Rafi no end. Believing this to some extent, he thought of retiring and settling down with his sons in London. But Naushad, Rafi’s mentor and friend, urged Rafi to stay on and not run away from the scene as – he had considerable talent to face the heat of the times.

Rafi, Kishore Da and Manna Dey

At this stage, composer duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal was in top creative form and not getting typecast in a specific musical mould like R.D. Burman. LP also did not forget Rafi’s huge role in their success in Parasmani, Dosti and many other films and his support when they were making their transition from assistants to music composers.

In due course, Rafi regained his confidence and once again was on top reckoning form with hit numbers from films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Hum Kisise Kum Naheen, Sargam and many others.

A teetotaler and family man to the core, Rafi is the shining example of a singer who lit the way and blazed the trail for numerous aspiring singers from Mahendra Kapoor to Anwar and Shabbir Kumar down to Sonu Nigam. Mahendra Kapoor was his disciple and both shared a guru-shishya relationship till the very end.

Rafi Sahab with Mahendra Kapoor, Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle

Rafi came from a family where humility was equated with worshipping the divine. He had a lovable nature, no enemies and perennial humility.

Help would often go to artistes fallen on bad times – without the world knowing of it. He sang more for the song than for the money – the money would come later or never from struggling producers – but satisfaction always arrived at his doorstep. He would often waive his singing fees from debutant composers with no resources – charging one rupee as a token for a song. If he liked a song he would waive his fees too, citing his satisfaction as his payment. Rafi was content with the remuneration he received for his recordings. He did not chase money like some other artistes of the day.


Did the Indian government give due recognition to Mohd Rafi, asked a Bangladesh journalist in, a website dedicated to the legend. The Padma Shri was conferred on Rafi and a nondescript tiny marquee with the sign “Mohammed Rafi Chowk” stands on Mumbai’s arterial SV Road in Bandra, the suburb in which he lived. But Rafi’s biggest award perhaps is the place that he has carved in people’s heart in many corners of the world.

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173 Blog Comments to “The King of melody”

  1. Jairaj Singh says:

    My name is Jairaj Singh, I am a radio talk show host and journalist based in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies ( land of Brian Lara ).
    I am also a singer and I have always fely very unworthy to sing the songs of the great Rafi Sahab…I idolize Mohammed Rafi and I do not feel that there will be another Mohammed Rafi for the next 5000 years.

    Rafi Fans can communicate with me through email. My adress is –

    with best regards

    Jairaj Singh.

  2. unknow says:

    more than 27 years still at the top that is the award from unknow power.we we speak about flim fare award we say that ONLY Mohd Rafi got 6 award because we know that 6 so less for some one like Mohd rafi
    when Mohd Rafi singed for mr Big B in flim Naseeb mr big b said that Mohd rafi voice so fit with his style and we know after 1980’s Mr B big used Mohd Aziz and Shabbir Kummar in the place of KK,mohd rafi singer around 16 songs for Big B if u listen to the songs I think the best romantic song was singed by Mohd rafi for Big b,If we speak about KK songs on Big B we will see mostly flim made songs hit and songs made flim hit.

  3. binus2000 says:

    the teri ada songs are delayed indefinitely rafi lovers.
    when i asked narayani music personnel , they say : next month
    and this next month is “not arriving”.

    hence i have lost all hopes of getting the songs of teri ada the
    latest songs of rafi saaheb.

    binu nair.

  4. binus2000 says:

    jealousy and want are 2 of most destructive elements for human
    beings and when industry music wallahs tell me how some of
    senior singers bad-mouth rafi saaheb i go into a rage mode .

    i am referring to the statement of a female singer : who says
    that rafi saaheb is the most be-suraa singer of the hfm.

    this singer wants us to believe that all composers who used rafi
    ji since 1945 to 80 July are blatant-ly incompetent . i wish to state
    that she may be utterly jealous to see rafi jis popularity and may
    want the “new generation” to know that her composer cum besura
    singer and third husband is the ” sweetest voice ” of the hindi
    music industry….


    accidentally , i was going through the site of a female singer, who
    recently got the padmavibushan award from the govt…

    there are few articles and the responses show the popularity of
    this singer… , only one or two responses…….

    one may see the responses and articles garnered by rafi ji lovers
    and understand why this lady is spitting fire on a saint such as
    mohd rafi saaheb.

    binu nair.. mumbai.

  5. binus2000 says:

    A get to gether in mumbai of rafi lovers on March 8 with a live
    musical songs of the legend most of them rare numbers.

    the rafi foundation will organise “music evenings” every second
    saturday of the month in the evening at naushad hall situated
    in king circle near the canara bank and the sikh golden temple.

    budding singers will get an opportunity to sing rafi songs.

    kindly contact me for the invitation and confirmation at
    9833 250 701.

    binu nair…

  6. Venkat Ramachandran says:

    Though sad ,I am very much fond of the song ” Oh Door Ka Muzaffir”.
    I am a chip of the old block and sense very much about the evolution of the generations and the cults.

    But when I think of those golden old days with no nonsense movies which I saw in the uncomfortable talkies,I can still smell that old fragrance lingering.

    It is true that god has created musical gold mines in legends like Lata and Rafi
    from where these pure carat songs born and remains immortal.

    Happy to use this forum.

  7. binus2000 says:

    long live rafi saahab… long live the music….
    long live rafi lovers…….. let’s hear the magic
    for we all have very less time …..”with all of us”…

    binu nair.. the rafi foundation… mumbai…

  8. Manish Kumar says:


    did the rafi fan send you the two aradhana solos as of yet? can you ask him to email them to you? i would hope he has an electronic copy handy or quickly make one to back it up! thanks very much!

    – Manish

  9. binus2000 says:

    pradip ji..

    as a rafi lover and the administrator u have the “most important
    role” to seen that “outsiders” do not come in and spread slanders
    and lies about rafi saab lovers who are trying to spread the magic
    and pure joy of rafi saabs music to the rafi lovers and music lovers.

    i am referring to the recent slanders about the rafi foundation from
    rank outsiders who know “nothing of our – the rafi foundation”

    binu nair. the rafi foundation… mumbai…

  10. binus2000 says:

    manish ji… post 140…

    for ‘prasad’ one has not to be greedy manish bhai…

    yes , it’s on it’s way and the guy has promised me he has
    found it.

    let’s wish there is no ‘slip’ between the cup and the lips. surely,
    i will send it to yoou – sooonest.

    i have not forgotten about the prasad….

    binu nair… the rafi foundation.

  11. Manish Kumar says:

    binu ji!

    sorry to be greedy…any updates on the two aradhana solos?

  12. unknow1 says:

    I don’t think that these songs singed by Mohd Rafi Mere sapnon ki raani kab aayegi tu… and the second one is : ‘ Roop tera mastaana, pyaar mera diwana” because If it was singed by Mohd Rafi noway noway noway other than Mohd rafi can sing these songs batter.
    we will wait and see…………………………if it is like that I can say only a child don’t know the prize of Gold but SD was not child maybe RD was…

  13. rony says:

    Rafi sahab could easily sing all the kishore songs much much better and much more deeply, infact of all the songs sung by all other singers for that matter. Let the world hear those two songs through Rafi’s voice. I am waiting!!!

  14. Manish Kumar says:

    Binuji: I AM FLOORED!

    I thought SD Burman fell ill after the first two songs – wow! Hearing those songs in Rafi’s voice would be like a dream come true (cliche most appropriate right now). Please keep us updated! I’m very excited! Thanks!

    – Manish

  15. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Mr. Nair, I would like to have two songs mentioned by you in the golden voice
    of Rafi Saheb, it’s a humble request from me to you. Will be waiting. Meanwhile, anybody need Rafi Saheb’s version of “Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana…” fron “Andaz”, can mail me.

  16. binus2000 says:

    An ardent rafi saab lover tells me that s.d.burman dada
    recorded two numbers in rafi saab vocals…

    The songs are : Mere sapnon ki raani kab aayegi tu… and the
    second one is : ‘ Roop tera mastaana, pyaar mera diwana…..’
    and he says he will give me the songs…

    the day i get i will pass on to music lovers…. as prasad.

    more the songs are out of this word says the rafi lover..

    binu nair… the rafi foundation….mumbai…

  17. binus2000 says:

    Once at rang bhawan, bombay, the union minister shri y.b.chavan
    was the chief guest where rafi saab was performing at a live concert.

    the minister jumped from his seat when rafi saab completed
    suhaani raat dhal chuki….. and shouted : once more,,, once more…
    rafi saab obliged.
    if rafi saab wanted it , he would have got many top awards but
    he never went after awards like some of his contemporaries did…

    we are writing to the education ministry to include a chapter on
    rafi saab in school text books and the title could be :” the golden
    hearted melodious singer : Mohd Rafi”…

    Readers pls send in your articles and snippets about our golden
    hearted singer to :
    Sargam Magazine: f 3, i.c. colony,borivli west : mumbai 400 103
    cell : 0 9833250 701

    The second issue of sargam mag is due in feb and rafi lovers may
    please send in their profiles and pictures with a few words on rafi
    saab to the mag. for publication…

    Please click on sargam magazine for full details of subscriptions,
    adresses etc…

    Binu Nair…… the rafi foundation ,, Mumbai…

  18. binus2000 says:

    Hello rafi saab fans:

    sargam magazine – a special issue on legend mohd rafi is released on
    Oct. 2nd in Mumbai.. by Nanji Bahadur, a senior musician and
    colleagues to legends k.l.saighal, mohd rafi and lata mangeshkar.
    ex playback singer mubarak begum also sang her favourite numbers
    and showered great tributes to legend mohd rafi saab.
    for subscription for sargam magazine : please write to : or please take the trouble and time to call
    me on : + 9833 250 701

    Binu nair..//sargam magazine//.. the rafi foundation//.. mumbai,.

  19. ahamed kutty says:

    Dear Binuji,

    since the voice of Rafi Saab is flowing all over India after 27 years of his death
    Rafi Saab is really deserve the “Bharat Ratna” award postumously.We Rafians are with you for this.Even we can contact Yesudas Saab who is a “Rafi Bakth”
    for achieving this.

    The “Gentleman” singer was perfect in everything who was an Indian is proud to us.If any question about the honour to him now the reply should be “still his voice is active in the world more than any living artist eventhough he passed away 27 years back.

    Ahamed Kutty 09480336921

  20. Ruhi Khan says:

    Dear Soma Ghosh and Sanjay Kumar Joshi,

    Apologies for the late response to your query. For some reason I was not accessing the site till today, and have just read your message. Kindly contact me as under :
    Ruhi Khan
    President Rafi Lovers Circle

  21. Soma Ghosh. says:

    My name is Soma Ghosh.I am from kolkata.i am a kathak dancer,teacher and a music lover.I am a great fan of Rafi Shaab.I am willing to get the postal or mail id of rafi lovers circle of kolkata,so that i can contact them for membership.Could u please help me out?

  22. sanjay kumar joshi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good morning.I am an ardent admirer of Rafi Saheb.For long time,I am looking for the postal address of “Rafi Lovers Circle”.And also the phone numbers.Please provide me this information and if possible for you;you may also SMS me,at my moble numbers written below.
    Kind regards
    Sanjay Kumar Joshi
    17A,Jadulal Mullick Road

  23. indrajit mistry says:

    i am looking for rafi saab’s concert at door darshan witj naushad sahab. pl help me to have it. i will be very greatfull to you.


    indrajit misry

  24. binus2000 says:

    Altaf Hussain ji:

    How we can get the rafi saab video. Please write to me:


    binu nair mumbai.

  25. Ganesh says:

    Here a joke 4 u specially KK fans, There was some saloons in sme locality, to increase their business they sticked the sologans like that Amitab comes here to cut hair, then other posted salamn, then other Amir. shahrukh and so on. There was a barber who was very tensed that what he has to write on his sand board, and finally he wrote “ALL BARBERS OF THIS AREA COME TO MY SALOON TO CUT THEIR HAIR”


  26. altaf hussain says:

    I’m actually stuck in a rut at this present moment of time, due to copyright infringement laws… where basically you need full authorisation for distribution of such known material, concerning video footage of the great one. The actual professional convertion centre’s have refused to transfer the original 2 hours and 20 mins of video live footage of the legend in concert, due to piracy strict laws.

    Even though if footage of this concert was made available to fans, then what restriction laws do I have… to prevent them from supplying millions of copies of my footage throughout the world. How do I stop these so called greedy scroungers from transfering my rare video footage for their own personal gain, only way out is to ask all fans to sign a disclaimer from prohibiting or selling any material made from my disc for their own financial gain.

    Well the good news is that I have recently bought myself a new panasonic dvd recorder for £479.99 over the weekend, and will now transfer the original video of the master onto dvd-r discs. You will also have chance of witnessing the great one on youtube and you will bear witness to my solid efforts, and see for yourselves of what kind of job I have provided. Although if it was done by a professional… then he would have had the privilage of boosting the sound and enhancing the picture quality of the footage.

  27. SKKAPOOR says:

    After so many years, no singer could sing even upto the 10% melody voice of Rafi Sahib. Rafi Sahib’s songs give solace when you are all alone. A great great singer indeed

  28. javifazl says:

    thanx mr Pankaj Mishra

  29. DD News is airing a half an hour show on Mohammad Rafi on 31.07.2007 at 10:30 PM.

    Do watch it

  30. MD AMIN says:

    Rafi sahib was the institution of Music. I just have one comment for the MD whose songs were sung by other songs other than Rafisahib and those songs were also hit, but if the same songs would have been sung by rafisahib then those songs would not have been just hit but also the immortal like all the other songs of rafisahib.

  31. binus2000 says:

    Rafi lovers: this is startling news. a rafi lover in delhi has made
    a documentary on rafi saab and he approached the stalwarts who
    worked with rafi saab for intervies and footage… Most of these
    composers asked money from the rafi lover except Pyarelalji. Lata
    and Asha refused any interviews.
    Rajesh Khanna had tea with the fan on two occassions. on the third
    appointment he said : I do not have the time. the fan then told Khanna:
    the time spent over tea in the restaurant was enough for the shoot.
    Dilip Kumar one of rafis great pillar also backed out from the deal.
    Post 1971 rafi saab probably tired took a break and it was then that
    a jobless Kishore Kumar got work big time when r.d. and
    rajesh khannas stars were on the rise. they along with certain
    manipulators, radio stations and radio anchors pushed rafi to the
    wall.. But , they could not succeed in the long run and the most melodious
    singing legend of the times made a great comeback against all odds.
    we are eagerly waiting for the documentary maker to contact us .
    binu nair the rafi foundation

  32. Narayanan says:

    Friends, music lovers n Rafi bakths,
    It was great honour for us to interact with so many bakths across our country n abroad. This was simply overwhelming and we know that this movement is going to accelerate faster than our expectations.
    Kudos to all Rafi-ians

  33. binus2000 says:

    Nd tv has said that it will relay the rafi foundation report today
    18th in english at : 11.30 p.m. night and in Hindi at 12.00 p.m.
    it will be continued to be relayed on thursday too at regular
    binu nair the rafi foundation Mumbai.. 9833 250 701

  34. binus2000 says:

    The elder one of Mumbai s Peddar road sisters first used c.ramchandra
    then salil chaudhary to undermine rafi saab in the late fifties.. yet
    they could not touch rafi saab.
    Lata lost out to rafi in the royalty issue and mended fences only to
    hit back later in the company of her younger sister and her new
    found husband – pancham…
    She says pancham is a great singer and she wanted to hit another
    singer with her foot wear for saying pancham sang from his nasals more.
    the singer was terrified and apologised.
    the singing quality of pancham and the singer with his cap on and
    thretening the sky – is well known to all of us.
    there are many female singers who talk about the sisters schemes
    to me and even some of them are frightened of d i d i …
    the sisters have ruined many careers and many livelihoods yet
    one of them gets the bharat ratna – and how we all know …
    they should atleast now stop their games and take penance for their
    omissions and commissions of a long tenure. the elder sister once
    thretened that she will leave Mumbai if a flyover is built. she was
    thretening the city which gave her royalty and richness from a
    povertied and humble background. the public outcry made her
    eat her words in no time…. the tales do not end if u have some
    connexions with the hindi film industry…

    binu nair.

  35. binus2000 says:

    Nd tv today : is covering rafi saab and the rafi foundatin at 1130 p.m.
    in english ( Night out )and in hindi at 12.00 p.m. Night.
    It would be re-telecast many times up to wednesday.
    Pl. do not miss it.
    Mr. Viswan: Mr. sanjeev from chennai is the person in the team doing
    the rare collections of rafi saab. we must request him and we all will
    try for it.
    A rafi library in all the stated capital will solve this.

    binu nair the RAFI FOUNDATION 9833 250 701 Mumbai.

  36. viswan says:

    great dedication by binuji.i herd rafis ist recorded item was a song bodcasted from all india radio lahore or lahore it true?if so can we retrieve that?now with the foundation you can do that and dedicate that invaluable song to millions of rafi fans.can anybody post the rafi version of zindagi,eksafar in INDIA RADIO LAHORE……what a lose to india

  37. binus2000 says:

    My dear friends : rafi saab is indeed the force that propels the
    rafi foundation members to action.. we are sure that we will create
    a big force of vintage music lovers in Mumbai. Rafi lovers – please
    wish the rafi foundation team well — in all centres of this universe.
    We will surely ignite the great Indian tradition and culture and bring
    the people back in to the vintage and golden musical fold.

    An info Here : our chief guest M r Nanji Bahadur a close friend of
    rafi saab has also sang chorus in saigal songs and perhaps he is the
    only surviving member to have sung with the wizard kundenlal saighal.
    ( see post 107 )

    binu nair.

  38. ATM SALIM says:




  39. Irfan says:

    Binu Ji A heartfelt thanks

  40. Faiz says:

    Mr Nair is doing a great job\
    hats off to him
    i m a member of the delhi branch
    i wud like tyo meet this person in person
    May Allah bless all his efforts

  41. A S MURTY says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Binu Nair, Mr. P. Narayanan and scores of other real activists of Mohd. Rafi Foundation. You are doing an immense service not only to the ardent fans of the greatest singer of all times _ MOHAMMED RAFI- but indeed to the Music industry. We are all with you. Carry on the good work. Looking forward eagerly to 17th July to watch coverage of the grand function at Mumbai on the 11th.

  42. Hashim Khan says:

    Messers P.Narayanan & Binu Niar.

    Both of you have resurrected the passion associated with Raf Saheb.
    Badi door se aye hain, Rafi Sb ke pyar ka tohfa laye hain.

    Rafians, Rafi Lovers and all those people whose hearts still throb ” Rafi Rafi ”
    shall remain grateful to you… Khush rahe aap sade, Ye Dua hai hum sab ke.

    Hashim khan.. Rafi Lovers Circle. Calcutta

  43. Binuji post 108:Thanks to you and to your team for gathering on 11th.

    as u written nanjibhai sang a song from basant bahar (Badi der bhayi……..)is my most favourite classic song of rafiji in raag “Bhairvi”by SJ , this song if we compare with baiju bawra’s any classical than also stand beyond any songs.Thanks to nanjibhai also.

  44. binus2000 says:

    The rafi foundation inaugural function was flagged off by paying
    glowing tributes to the legend of legends : shri mohd rafi, at a function
    in Vileparles hotel ramkrishna on july 11.
    eighty six year young orchestra singer and musician of the hindi film
    industry – mr. nanji bahadur sang 3 songs in a tribute to Naushad and
    mohd rafi his personal friend (when they both were trying to establish
    as singers in mumbai post 1947.) nanji bahadur played the harmonium
    and sang Bahi der bahi, Badi der bahi… kab loge kahabar mere ram
    to a thunderous applause.

    top singers from mumbai musical circuit like Aswaz Darbar, Nari
    Ahuja, Kishor Makhwana , Ustad jan mohd khan saheb and sreekant
    narayan sang some rafi gems… it rained melodious numbers and
    the monsoon rains graciously took a virtual break from downpour.

    the Ndtv also played its role by interviewing narayan and yours truly
    the founders of rafi foundation which has spread to 14 cities today.
    The interview and rafi foundation coverage will be relayed on tuesday
    17 at prime time and on 18th at regular intervals.
    Journalist and delhi rafi ardent lover Vinod Viplav who has written a book in hindi was officially launched at the function.

    C t.v. covered the function, broadcast the songs and flashed
    vintage rafi photographs at half an hour intervals with a running
    commentary at regular intervals.
    Rafi lovers please do not miss the ndtv special on music and rafi
    on tuesday 17 evening onwards.

    binu nair. mumbai +9833 250 701

  45. binus2000 says:

    Mr. ramakrishna: Ardent fans of rafi saab can get in touch with
    the rafi foundation members.
    Mr.Narayan and myself.

    binu nair

  46. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 103:

    In the sri lanka concert mentioned in the post, usha khanna accompanied rafi saab. for people who question his popularity, there were more than 1 lakh people in the audience.

  47. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    i dont mind my message is deleated. but i would like to know wheather my request to get the tel no of Mr venkat has been forwarded to Mr venkat ?


    Dear Beenu Ji
    Indeed you have done an excellent job by bringing millions of fans of Rafi Sa’ab.
    We were fortunate enough among those who have witnessed the Live Programme of Rafi in ‘Shankar -Jaikishan Night’ at Dalli-Rajhara Mines of Distt. Durg (C.G.) in April 1980, referred as the last ever programme in India. After this he gave his performance in abroad only at Sri Lanka.

    We could remember the words of Rafi still today when he accepted about himself that he is a Mimicri artist presenting the style of different actors of the silver screen while singing a particular song. And then he displayed some superb styles of such actors ! What a great artist was he !

    A heartfelt tribute to our loving Rrafiji….

  49. Dear binuji,

    I hope that coming year 2008/01/26 our mohammedrafi should get “Bharat Ratna”award.
    Dr.vinay kamal do some eye opner corrospondence towards jury member wel in advance to complete one of the mission.
    Best of luck to all rafia connected to this mission.

  50. binus2000 says:

    Rafians: please read post 98 and 99 under the King of Melody
    title and revert ….
    binu nair…

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