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Rafi on their lips but no one listens

This article is from Times of India.

When he sang, the world listened with rapt attention. He would burst into a song and send his village into raptures. But alas, today there is no one to hear the voice of the village. Although streets and alleys of the Kotla Sultan Singh village hum, the powers that be are still oblivious to the fate of the place where legendary singer Mohammad Rafi was born on December 24, 1924.

On Monday, Rafi’s friends and fans gathered at the village school and paid tributes to him on his 26th death anniversary. And those were silent tributes paid by the villagers living in anonymity and neglect. “Mere to wad hor kis nu Rafi dee yaad ayegee, mera te dost si (Who would remember Rafi more than me? After all, he was my friend),” said Kundan Singh, a childhood friend.

He said government should have raised a memorial immediately after his death. About the community centre being constructed in his memory, he said, “It should have been constructed then; now it is untimely.

Bakshish Singh, another childhood friend, reminisced: “He used to sing all the time.” Regretting that his friend didn’t think of his village when he reached the pinnacle of success, Bakshish said government should construct a memorial for Rafi and a hospital in his name.Ravinder Singh, a young fan, said, “I wish this village had a singing academy so I could learn the ‘surs’ and try my luck in Mumbai.

Rafi’s nephew Aziz Mohammad is trying to follow in the legendary singer’s footsteps, but with little success. With his wife Suman, he does small singing assignments at weddings and other functions. Working under the banner of Aziz-Rafi Group, he charges Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per performance. Suman finds great pleasure in dancing to the songs of Rafi saheb. There may be a spring in her steps, but her heart is heavy. “We belong to the family of such a renowned artist, yet we have to live in penury,” she said.

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4 Blog Comments to “Rafi on their lips but no one listens”

  1. shadi song says:

    could you send me song which tittle song is (baj jaiga baja baj jaiga) for mohammad rafi.

  2. dhadi song says:

    I am student in college and I request you to send me this song which tittle of song is (baj jaiga baja baj jaiga) for mohd rafi . If you send me this song I will be so happy because I searched this song many websities but unfortunatly I can not found it so could you send me please

  3. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Rafi Saab has devoted his life to Indian Cinema. WE need his song “DEVA O DEVA GANPATI DEVA” in Ganesha Festival…”TAN RANG LO JI AAJ MAN RANG LO” in holi…”RAMJI KI NIKLI SAWARI” in Ramnawami…”GOVINDA AALA RE” in Janmashtami…and “BABUL KI DUAYEN LETI JA”. when a bride leaves her parents’ house. His songs have become a part of our life. People sing “AAJ MERE YAAR KI SHADI HAI” when they lead a marriage-processsion. Then why not this man (RAFI SAAB), who is the part of every Indian’s life, should be bestowed with the BHarat Ratn Award ? What stops our government to think on the matter ?

  4. Anmol Singh says:

    Punjab Government should honuor Rafi Saab with Punjab Ratan award, which has given to earlier to writer Amrita Pritam, film-maker Yash Chopra and recently to a novelist Khushwant Singh.

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