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Keeping his master’s voice alive

By Shabana Ansari.

I have dedicated my life and voice to keep Rafisaab’s memory alive, says singer Anwar, who religiously performs live on July 31 every year to mark the death anniversary of the legendary Mohammed Rafi.

It’s been 26 years since Rafisaab left for his heavenly abode, but he lives on in the hearts of millions of his fans and colleagues, says Anwar, who will once again take to the stage to regale music lovers with memorable Rafi numbers. And before he goes on stage, Anwar will pay his respects at Rafi’s grave at the Santacruz cemetery without fail, as he has been doing since the singer’s death.

This time, the concert is in Indore.

People in smaller towns appreciate art more and the fans in Indore have been requesting for a performance for long, says Anwar. However, the proceeds of the show will go towards the education of blind children in Mumbai. We are in talks with a city-based blind school which will be the recipient of the revenue generated through the concert, he adds.

Anwar remembers Rafi as a kind-hearted and generous soul. Rafisaab would quietly send money to his friends and colleagues who were in dire straits. But acknowledgment or appreciation of his generosity would make him uncomfortable, says Anwar, adding that the gesture of holding a charity concert on his death anniversary is something Mohammed Rafi himself will have approved of.

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One Comment to “Keeping his master’s voice alive”

  1. KS Ramachandran says:

    The heart and soul would like to sing every song that you have sung during your life time. But then, unfortunately you have the matchless and unparallel, extremely enviable blend of all that is needed for a voice as a playback singer. To compliment it further, you have that extra mileage in terms of your extreme dedication in every song that you have sung which cannot be even reproduced by any singer today. As Sonu Nigam rightly points it out (I read it somewhere in this very website) that it is pointless to even compare Rafi Sahab with any other playback singer. Just dip your palm and try and drink the sacred water of Rafi Shabs musical ocean full of lilt, passion, range, love, punch, softness, expression and modualting expertise and you feel that you have become pious and spiritual all of a sudden. Any amount of praise for this great legend is an understatement. Long live his voice for years to come and beyond..

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