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Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 4

This article is written by Mr. B.Venkatadri

Mohd Rafi, Kishore DaRafi Sings For Kishore. We will continue the topic of Rafi Saab’s duets with other male singers in the subsequent parts. But, today, let us take up another theme! The one thing that puts die-hard Kishore Kumar fans instantly on the defensive is the fact that MDs had made Rafi Saab sing at least 6 songs for Kishore Kumar’s acting! This is quite a remarkable occurrence considering that Kishore too was an accomplished singer!

Rafi Saab had lent his voice to Kishore for the following songs:

1.1956- Film:Bhagam Bhagh—MD: O.P.Nayyar—Rafi & Asha—“Hamhe Koi Gham Hai,Tumhe Koi Gham Hai, Mohabbat Kar, Zara Nahin Dar”

2.1956-Film:Bhagam Bhagh—MD:O.P.Nayyar—Rafi & Asha—“Maseeha Ban Ke—Chale Ho Kahan Kar Ke Zee Beqarar”

3. 1958—Film: Raagini—MD:O.P.Nayyar—Rafi—“Man Mora Banwara, Nis Din Gaaye Meet Milan Ke”

4.1959—Film:Shararat—MD:Shankar Jaikishan—Rafi—“Ajab Hai Daastan Teri Yeh Zindagi” (Fast)

5. 1959–The same “Ajab Hai Dastaan Teri Yeh Zindagi” (Slow)

6. 1972—Film:Pyaar Deewana—MD:Lala Sattar—Rafi—“Apni Aadat Hai Sab Ko Salaam Karna”

Both the Rafi-Asha duets from Bhagam Bhagh (1956) mentioned above are very nice ones, especially the Song No. 1, “Hamhe Koi Gham Hai, Tumhe Koi Gham Hai”. In this duet, O.P.Nayyar makes good use of duet bits of Flute and Harmonium to very good effect!

“Hamhe Koi Gham Hai”—Bhagam Bhagh(1956)-Listen and enjoy!

Next, both the solos by OPN and SJ from Raagini(1958) and Shararat(1959) respectively are indeed very great ones!

But, let us choose today the Raagini solo, “Man Mora Banwara, Nis Din Gaaye Meet Milan Ke”, composed by OPN. This solo is a semi-classical composition penned by Jaan Nissar Akhthar. A great, divine rendition by Rafi Saab indeed!

Listen, enjoy and comment!

Mohd Rafi and Kishore Da
Mohd Rafi and Kishore Da

Finally, though I am no great fan of post-1970 songs, let us also discuss the Rafi solo for Film:Pyaar Deewana(1972), composed by Lala Sattar and also lipped by Kishore Kumar. This too is quite a nice composition.

However, one wonders why Rafi Saab was made to sing for Kishore Kumar even in 1972, by which time Kishore Kumar’s singing career had really looked up!

Please hear and enjoy the audio above, and video below!


Important tips for proper assessment and appreciation of the songs:

1.Complete the entire buffering and then only listen!
2. Listen to each complete song at least twice, to get a complete feel!

Shall be grateful for comments.

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38 Blog Comments to “Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 4”

  1. Priya sanyal says:

    post 36,,ramesh,,,Thanx for optimistic approch inspite of my acrid words,,,hardly many actors of the hindi film bothers about singer,,,but there are few actors who care about his voice on screen,,,manoj kumar,,went against the word of naushad saab in aadmi,,and though song was already recorded in talat mehmood voice he made mah kapoor re sing his song,,,,,,Dilip kumar after initial phase had main condition for film as Rafiji as his voice but shagina was an exception ,,the movie was a musical disaster,with exception of one song,,,,Amitabh Bachhan never bothered about singer,,,his cordination with even Mohd aziz made the song superhit,coolie,sahensha etc,,,Rajesh khanna,,forcefully gave songs to kk the song that music directors made for rafiji,,,eg,mere naina sawan bhado,etc song was hit,but nafrat ki duniya was exception and i don`t want to discuss that song as u won`t agree so leave it,mehmood,,forcefully made music dir to use rafiji`s voice in many of his songs,Dev anand,,,,who has most number of hits with rafi ji switched over to kis kum,,completly in 70s,,,and his romantic image vanished in that phase and stand up comedian image appeared,In guide Dev wanted kishore but Sd was not agree and the movie was very impt for dev anand as english version was already flopped,,but even though Dev anand gave one song of guide to Kis kum,,,,actors like Sashi kapoor,,who got popularity with rafi ji songs,,,pardesiyon,likhe jo khat,,and also has kishore kum song ghungru,,,,,so there r many who do`nt bother about music just switch over from here to there,,,bbig stars even today r confident of songs to be hit so whoever give voice,,small stars want their position so don`t interfere,,,,,but about kishore Kumar,,,its upon u,,on which side u want to place him big or small,,but u can never say,,,he didn`t bothered about voice,,,he was a playback singer even then,,had some hits also,,so he was different from other actors that w talked or should talk,,n his nature was always straight forward,,if he would wanted his own voice in the song,,he should surely have asked to producers or mds,

  2. Naveen Z says:

    Dear Arghyaji, (your post 27)

    Are you the same person who wrote article on Kishore/Salil on Kishore
    forum? As I write this, I realize this is old comment dated Jan 09 from

    Nonetheless I wanted to say that Sharatat had two versions (at least
    a different antra) of Ajab Hai Dastan that Rafi sang for Kishore. Besides
    this song, there was one more Sharatat Rafi /Lata that was lip-synced by Kishore and the female lead .


  3. Ramesh says:

    I saw an article :
    Rafi Ka Jaadu – Awards – 2nd part (April 24, 2004). Rafi Ka Jaadu is now co-hosted. Along with me, I have another Rafi fan, Priya.

    Who is this Priya? Is it U, a Rafi fan?

    You wrote “if u know little about film world,,u would come to know that its mainly actor who determines who would give voice to him,,sometime actos choice overpower that of mus dir or producers of the movie”
    I don’t agree because OP Nayyar decided whom he wants to sing otherwise he won’t bother to give music to Producers. That was the case when Rafi was late and angry Op replaced Mahendra Kapoor. “mere sanam” has lots hit numbers by Rafi so why Biswajeet wouldn’t want Rafi his playback for Kismay, Kahin kahin Raat or Dharmendra in “Bharon Phir Aayegi”

  4. Ramesh Gopal says:

    Priya Sanyal…..Have you seen EK RAAz where Kishore was singing clasical song. Have you noticed Tum bin jaon kahan was more popular song than Rafi’s same number picturised on Shashi Kapoor, the hero of movie. That doesn’t mean that Kishore was better than Rafi or Rafi was better than Kishore. They were equally good singers and I tell you in those days and even now I love listening to Rafi’s songs because it was mostly Rafi who was playback singer, not Kishore.
    Who knows “Ajab hai dastaan or any other song was given to Kishore would have been equally popular. What I am saying is that in those days Kishore was more busy in acting and not considering much in playback except for few great numbers of Dev Anand. So one shouldn’t compare that Kishore won’t be able to sing those songs when it was not given to him by Mds.
    Sometimes the popular actors with catchy tunes from music directors made the song hit such as Shammi Kapoor (Rafi’s), Rajend Kumar (Rafi’s , Mukesh’s), Raj Kapoor (Mukesh), Dilip Kumar (Rafi, Talat), Dev(Rafi, Talat, Kishore, Hemant), Rajesh Khanna ( Kishore), Amitabh (Kishore lately)
    Manna Dey could have also sung equally good as Rafi’s “Ajab hai dastaan..” if it was given to him. So one shouldn’t compare that Kishore was not able to sing and that’s why it was given to Rafi. Manna Dey also sung ( Din albeli… song) for Kishore, that also doesn’t mean Kishore could not sing)
    I heard Lata once said that if Kishore only sticks to playback then he will be a great singer which Kishore accomplished at later stage.

    One shouldn’t compare these great singers who is better than others.
    Some likes to listen mostly of Mukesh, some Talat, some Kishore, some Rafi.
    I like listening to all singers and especially Rafi’s old numbers, because Kishore was not a playback singer then, and Kishore’s latest numbers (70’s, 80’s) as Rafi was not given much to sing at latter stage by music directors.
    Keep listening to good numbers and shouldn’t compare who is better and who is not as they are equally good. In old films there were quite a few classical songs but trend changed at latter stage and that is the reason we will have mostly Manna Dey and Rafi with very good classical songs.

  5. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Regarding Ajab hai Dastan Shanker (SJ) had commented, “No doubt Kishore Kumar is a good singer. He sang beautifully for me in Rangoli. But Ajab Hai Dastan was simply not Kishores cup of tea. The mukhdas and antaras required a singer of Rafis range and classical background”.

    This goes on to say that it was not an off case.The way Rafisaab raises his pitch without any effort Even if the song would have been picturized on some other actor other than KK, it would have been sung by Rafisaab only.

    chk link to believe ‘’

    Had KK missed renderation of one version, (the song has two versions) he could have had sung the other (remember MKS)

  6. Priya Sanyal says:

    Ramesh Gopal,,,,,,unlike Arghya whom u adressed,u appear to be biased and egoist person infected with jealosy,,,,,,ther is no meaning of ur post 30 n 31,overe here in which u pretended once again to prove Kishore suprimacy by ur filmfare n other stories,,,,I`m also a bengali,so stop ur bengal reference here,,Though there r many who fanatically critisize Rafiji andout of ignorance praise kishore kumar for the song that in fact is sung by rafi ji,,I`ve heard many Kishore fan at my place saying about many song of Devanand-Rafi,,or some Rd Burman-rafi n many other old Legendry melodious songs in rafi ji voice about which they feel its sung by Kishore kumar n praise kishore kumar,,,,thats why I call them fanatics but few exceptions are laso there who r genuinly good fans of kk,,Arghya n others,,,,, n in Bengal,,,,,NO any other hindi singer of that era is as esteemed with songs like that of Rafi ji And poet Nazruls songs,,,

    and many other Rafiji`s songs like “Tomader ashirbader”

    Now about Op nair story is concerned,,,Nair bad phase started with that day,,n got such a infamy in film industry as he behaved that way with one of the most punctual person of Film world inspite of his sk jk reasons in the context..However,late is late but in this case,Rafiji was only a playback singer so could be replaced,,,,but in Aajab hai dastan,,,Kishore kumar was not only playback singer but also actor of the movie,,if u know little about film world,,u would come to know that its mainly actor who determines who would give voice to him,,sometime actos choice overpower that of mus dir or producers of the movie….Ignoring kishore`s position kishore was ignored with singinging,,,,I don`t say its something good that happened as I don`t hate Kishore kum,,but it was really a thing that happened ,,n u can never ignore it that its the voice of Rafiji,,in about 20 songs in which Kishore kum was dancing and animating….

  7. Priya Sanyal says:

    Arghya I`ve read ur discussions with a rafian Savita Garcia whom u called ur elder sister n I`m really hapy to observe that though u r a die hard kishore fan, u also have great respect for Rafi ji n acknowledge laters greatness.And its really appriciating that its u who has taken responsibilty to run a kishore kumar faoundation as there r many other Kishore fans who r quite arrogant n visit this site only to prove Kishore`s suprimacy and to disturb Harmony of this site…..

    Now as far as ur story of Ajab hai dastan is concerned,,,,ask urself,,, is only late the reason for swictching over to Rafi ji,,,,,,Kishore kumar was never on time(excpet few exceptions).Kk was one of the most un-punctual person that Indian film industry has ever seen and also was least discipline while recording song,,don`t take it as criticizm as he used to hold humour at place of discipline,,,for us n co singer humour or carelessness can be taken easily but never for professional music directors…….when music diretors of 70s started trusting Kk`s abilty for type of tune that was prevailed in 70s,they never bothered for his carelessness,,his demand of high amount of money,,,etc etc,,but why they bothered that much while recording in 50s or 60s,,the reason is clear boy,,that they didn`t trust in kishore voice in that era,,,,,its the fact that u can never deny….And also we have nothing to do with such story about kishore kumar as we r really concerned mainly with Mohd rafi sahab and his divinity to be discussed here.


  8. Ramesh Gopal says:

    Hi Arghya,

    So S-J couldn’t wait for Kishore as they are very busy.

    Same thing was done to Rafi when he turned up late for OP Nayyar’s recording. So he replaced Rafi with Mahendra Kapoor. Later on they patch up.
    So one will notcie that movies like Kismat, etc have Mahend Kapoor instead of Rafi who was all the tme was singing with Asha for OP. S-J also depends on Rafi and Mukesh.

  9. Ramesh Gopal says:

    It is no doubt that Rafi is a great singer and I believe in his young days he had some training from other Ustads. Manna Dey is also very good singer and excels in classical songs. Kishore and Rafi will be close and on other hand Kishore is also also a versatile singer who can sing sad and as well as happy songs. No one is superb as Kishore in Yodelling. I don’t think he had any training from Ustad but was tallented enough. Once he started concentrating only in singing after Madhubala’s death, no one could catch him as he was giving so many hit songs and most actors wanted him for their background.

    When Kishore is busy in acting and shooting far away on locations then he had no time for recording. In those circumtances, Shankar- Jaikishen won’t waste time for waiting as the songs should be ready for shooting next scenes. They also have other movies in hand for directing music and songs. So he will have, Rafi, Manna Dey or any other singer to get his task done. Same applies to OP or other music directors. Thus you will see Rafi, Manna Dey (Din albeli..) singing for Kishore.
    Kishore has won more Filmfare awards and Hemant in Bengali movies. Rafi was supposed to sing Roop Tera Mastana. SD got sick and RD replaced Rafi with Kishore. It became the largest selling album followed by Dum Maro Dum. It shows that every singer is equally good as long as more songs are given to them and depend on music directors. Talat was also good in Ghazal, especially music were of Madan Mohan. Nowadays the songs pattern are different and new music directors ignores good singers like Udit, Kumar Sanu, Abhjeet, Hari Haran, Yesudass, Amit, etc

  10. i even thunderstruck when i heared that rafi sab had sung for kishore even after 1970 in filims like pyar diwana and chalthi ka zindagi. kishor kumar was the actor and the producer of the filim chalthi ka nam zindagi .rafi sab had not ready to receive more than rupee one as his fee for this song.this fact is revealed by amit kumar s/o kishore kumar.what a gentle and perfect man muhammad rafi was…

  11. pmc thangal says:

    what would have been the condition of the famous song manu mora bawaraa… if neyyar sab had given it to sing to kishore instead of rafi? please comment…

  12. Arghya says:

    Venkatadiri Sir..

    Nice post..Just two corrections one for you and the other for a remark of Mr. binus2000:

    1. Venkatadiri sir..You have forgotten another film where rafi playbacked Kishore, ie, Baaghi Shehzada (1963) for Rafi-Asha duet composed by Bipin-Babul.

    2. Binus 2000 sir: The story of “Ajeeb hai Dastaan Teri zindagi” is not perfectly true. Yes, at first, SJ gave the song to kishore. One day rehearsal took place and the following day was the recording when Kishore, known to his eccentricities, did not turn up for the recording on time.. SJ were kept awaiting and they became furious and immediately called rafisaab.. Wehn Kishore turned up the following day, he found the entire song already recorded by Rafi.. Immediately realizing what mistake he had committed by playing this eccentricity, he apologized to SJ and requested them to record the song again with him as he was confident of the song.. but SJ, already so angry, did not listen to his request… so, it became only one-off song where SJ used Rafi for KK under critical circumstances, before Sharart-the movie this song belongs, they composed in New Delhi for kishore but did not use any other singers. Even after Shararat, movies like Krorepati(1961) and Rangoli(1962)- the Kishore starrers, they used only kishore to do his won playback.. Yes in Man Mora Bawra, O P Nayyar intentionally used Rafi for kishore as OP was not confident on Kishore’s abilities to render classical number.. But “Ajab Hai daastan teri” was not an intentional but circumstantial decision..So, let us not spread wrong stories on this..

  13. binus2000 says:

    Saurabh ji..

    few facts heri:
    rafi saab sang for Kishore da ( eleven ) songs not six. this included
    a song in the seventies as well.
    the shankar jaikishan song : Ajeeb dastaan teri yeh zindagi was
    tried in Kishore das voice but was not coming perfectly.
    its said that kishore da told s.j. : now please call the boss at 4.00 p.m.
    rafi saab walked in and within 2 hours the song was okayed.
    the same thing with the song in Mukkadar ka Sikhander (the title song)

    kishore da made rafi sing in his own movie and rafi accepted rupee
    one as his “fees”….

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation

  14. Saurabh (A true Kishore da's fan) says:

    well i like reading this article but i want to say something!!!!!!!!!!! as u have written than rafi saheb have sung more than 6 songs for kishore da, very true as a matter of fact kishore da was very busy those days (acting & singing) that he didn’t got time to sing all the songs. well just leave this stuff and in my opinion it’s very bad to compare them both are gems of india.

  15. Ahamed Kutty says:

    When I was young,my “Ustad” was Yesudasji from whose state
    I belongs to.His voice really made me mad.At that time I did not
    know any other singer and I did not want to replace him.

    Years passed.I could get a chance to hear a song of Rafi Saab
    and that made me to change the entire taste of my music.Also
    I found from some of the interviews of Yesudasji that Rafi Saab
    is his “Manasik Guru”.Like that I have seen so many play back
    singers that Rafi saab is their Idol.So I felt in play back singing
    Rafi Saab is the “Ustadom ke Ustad”.

    If I need to hear a Qawwali Rafi Saab’s is the best.So is patriotic
    songs,Bajans,Classicals,melodies,high pitch songs,sad songs,childrens songs,duets,wedding songs etc.As far as open
    air programme is concerned,I could not hear a singer singing
    a song like “Oh duniyake Rakwaale” other than Rafi Saab.In a duet song if Rafi Saab
    singing in the later stanzas,it gives me such a happiness that
    i am waiting for a great thing to happen.

    If I am happy on these above, why should I think for another
    singer other than “Mohammed Rafi Saab” who is having a special
    place in the hearts of millions of his fans across the world.

  16. biman baruah says:



  17. Anil Cherian says:

    Kishorefan and Vikas Sharma; Nice to see you guys speaking cool wisdom here (unlike many of the so-called Kishore fans who abuses the other mastroes as if they were criminals or something)

  18. unknow says:

    dear fans,
    we should not compare two great singers,mohd rafi is the gift of God to bollywood.
    I think KK had best songs with LP.I think Lp gave songs in 1970’s to mohd rafi when other singer mostly was not able to sing that songs(as I think)P from LP when be asked do u make songs as singers the answer was yes we make songs the way singer should be able to sing it but when the singer is Mohd rafi,Lata and asha jest we make the song because they will able to sing it any way we made it…
    Kk is great be great i am a Mohd rafi fan and Lata ji.
    as I think if KK used Mohd rafi for playback as did by shammi kapoor today KK was know better actor than a singer(as I think)

  19. b.venkatadri says:

    Aseer Saab,

    The song no.s 2, 4, 5, 6 ,7 and 8 (6 songs) in your list are definitely the ones wherein Rafi Saab lent his voice for KK. Similarly, song no.s 3 and 9 also appear to be true, though a bit uncertain still. Song no.s 10 and 11 seem unlikely.

    Incidentally, a couple of corrections. Song no. 4 is not a Rafi solo but is a Rafi-Asha duet. Similarly, song no. 7 is also a Rafi-Lata duet and not a Rafi solo. It starts with Lushka Lushka Lushka….

    All the same, many thanks for the new inputs.


  20. Aseer says:

    Rafi sahab sang over 20 songs for kk i have a list of 11 of them. i am posting it

    1. Chori chori ana na khidki tale tum
    Film:Miss Mala (1954)
    MD: Chitragupt
    (This song appears twice in the film, once on some other actor
    Vaijayantimala. At the end of the film mukhada of this song is filmed
    on Kishore-vaijayantimala)

    2. Hume Koi Ghum Hai
    Film: Bhagam Bhag (1956)
    MD: OP
    (Rafi’s voice is used for both Kishore Kumar & Bhagwan)

    3. Dil Diya daulat Ko
    Singers:S D Batish-Rafi
    Film: Bhagam Bhag (1956)
    MD: OP

    4. Maseeha Ban Ke Beemaron ka- Chale Ho Kaha karake Ji Bekrar
    Singers:S D Batish-Rafi
    Film: Bhagam Bhag (1956)
    MD: OP

    5. Man Mora Bawara
    Film: Ragini (1958)
    MD: OP

    6. Ajab Hai dasta teri Ae Zindagi (Part I and Part II)
    Film: Shararat (1959)
    MD: SJ

    7. Tu Mera copyright
    Film: Shararat (1959)
    MD: SJ

    8. Apni adat hai sabko salam karana
    Singer: Rafi
    Film: Pyar Diwana(1972)
    MD: Lala-Sattar

    9. Main iss masoom chehre ko
    Singers: Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur
    Film: Baghi Shehzada(1964)
    MD: Bipin

    10. Bin paise har khel hai jhootha
    Singers: Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Asha, Lata
    Film: Paisa hi Paisa(1956)
    MD: Anil Biswas

    11. Aye wadiye kashmir
    Singer: Rafi
    Film: Ladka Ladki(1966)
    MD: Madan Mohan


  21. Rajendra says:

    I am a Great Rafisaab fan and I will always see Rafisaab as the best singer the industry has ever had. For me k.k was not as talented in singing as rafisaab was, however, k.k had his own talents and therefore should be credited for that and not always being compared to rafisaab. rafisaab will always be the greatest singer in hindi playback singing! so, all fans out there just follow your heart and respect and appreciate the one that you love.

  22. binus2000 says:

    the 4th line from below should read ” they both were great competitors”
    and not “contributors” (rafi and kishore)


    binu nair.

  23. mohamedparvez says:

    iam posting song from ragini please watch kishoreda singing rafisaabs song(man mora banwara kishore da insisted rafisaab should sing this song

  24. kishore fan says:

    Back to this VERY INTERESTING topic. The first Rafi song on Kishore I saw was Apni Adat. Amazed at how well Rafi suited Kishore Kumar! Being so familiar with Kishore’s voice – I thought it’d look out of place to put another voice on his face. Amazing! That has to be among my favorite sights in HF. Rafi’s versatility had no limits – whether it came to suiting actors or songs. As cliche as this is – it is proven again and again every single time. He perfectly adapted his rendition for the actor in mind. Rafi Sahab is being playful and comic just like Kishore for “Hame Koi Gham Hai” ; “O Meri Maina” ; “Apni Adat”. Yes, I had waited years to see that picturization and thanks to mohanflora sahab at hf – I did. These videos / songs were not easy to find so I thank venkat ji for bring attention to them. They are indeed rare diamonds that should not go lost.

  25. kishore fan says:

    ref #8 – yes binu ji – you can be respectful & fond of someone AND also be able to **respectfully** raise an objection as kishore did about lp giving rafi the best songs. it is no secret that lp’s favorite was rafi. consider that for 23 long years kishore struggled to make it big in the cruelly competitive & whimsical hf industry and finally he does. at the same time – rafi sahab (who worked his way up too) – is revered by the greatest mds that ever lived. so after all that, surely you can’t blame kishore for being watchful of his career and tunes given to him. i doubt kishore was asking for too much – there were probably just a fraction of tunes that he really liked and wanted to sing himself. doesn’t this ALWAYS happen among singers (and often times it isn’t as clean as it was with kishore). put yourself in the other singer’s perspective and not always that of a rafian!

    ref #12: yes venkat ji you are correct on both accounts. just the clarify – the second letter is NOT an m as it is for someone else.

  26. xxx says:

    kk always knew dat he was nanha munna bachha in comparison to rafi sahab.. kk surely wud b feeling proud after all these renditions of rafi sahab

  27. b.venkatadri says:

    Kishore Fan,

    Your line about ‘90% of posts’ makes me think that you and I frequently meet elsewhere! Does your name/ID there start with an ‘M’, by any chance?

    Let this pass, if you do not wish to reply!


  28. syed faahim says:

    mausouki ko jis shakz parr naaz hai
    jannat se aayi hui wo haseen awaaz hai.

    sukoon miltha hai dil ko teri awaaz se
    mid jaathe hain saare gham tere muskaan se

    aap ki awaaz mein hain wo sehr
    wallah zehr se bhi meta hain is ka asar

    aap ke beghair adhoori thi ,shahane mousiki
    aap ki awaaz ne kardiya is khale ko puri

    jis kaan mein padi teri awaaz
    us dil ko kar diya pak baaz

    tu shaheen hai, basera hai, muasiki ki duniya mein
    na tha , na hai koyi humsaya, is maidan mein

    tuje rab ne nawaza tha is khaas fun se
    bus tu ghatha tha har geet ko pure mann se

    zamaana guzar jayega sadiyaan bheent jaayengi
    na kabhi mid jayenge teri awaaz ke ghun is jahan se

  29. Narayanan says:

    Well said post 6
    Infact there are many songs both the legends could have sung but some are most suited for rafi sahab where it has classic touch or for that matter nafrat ki duniya kind of song.
    anyone we appreciate ur comments

  30. kishore fan says:

    ref #2 – hussein sheik – why can’t rafi & kishore fans get along? with self discipline in being clear about what is subjectively personal and what is absolute – they should be able too! for example, if a kishore fan doesn’t care for classical songs (sort of like me) – he should just say that another singer being better suited for classical fans is irrelevant to this particular fan as he cares only for pop songs etc. given how great & accomplished both artists were – there is never a reason to put down one’s ability to raise the other (and luckily that has not happened here).

    ref # 5 vikas sharma: the rare diamonds series is about RARE songs – rafi – kishore duets were often very high profile & famous so they are not as rare. in any case – i want to talk more about that subject later.

  31. binus2000 says:


    Dear kishore fan: this website is doing fine work and many
    fans and sigers of kishore kumar saaab do visit here….
    they have praised this website many a times.
    herein, i would not contest few things as i know very well that
    rafi saab and kishore kumar shared a great friendship and many
    times KK would call rafi for recordings, due to this.
    but, both were great contributors and KK would often complain to
    L & P that : “good songs u always give to him”, meaning rafi.

    it would be nice to know ur name : kishore fan….

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation…

  32. b.venkatadri says:

    Yes, I agree, Kishorefan, that actually only the two solos from Shararat (Ajab Hai Dastaan) and Raagini (Man Mora Banwra) did really need Rafi Saab to sing for Kishore.

    Thanks for your post.


  33. kishore fan says:

    Always enjoy reading 90% your posts & articles, Venkatji. Thank you. This article is part of the 90% and please keep up the series 🙂

    Hopefully Rafi fans will admit that many compositions did not make use (hence did not require) the **FULL** ability of maestro Mohammed Rafi Sahab. Extreme example “Nothing Is Impossible”. Legends like Rafi & Kishore should not have been asked to sing that. “Man Mawra Banwara” and “Ajab Hai Dasatan” required Rafi Sahab’s unique abilities – so I can understand if MDs used Rafi for Kishore on that song. However, the remaining songs of Rafi on Kishore – did not require the FULL abilities of Rafi Sahab and THEREFORE would have done just as well if rendered by Kishore. Of course Rafians will prefer a Rafi rendition because his voice is closest to their hearts but that is subjective and to one’s personal choices and a Kishore or Mukesh fan would feel similarly. This subjectivity is only lost out of reasonable range when you’re talking about a song like “Mera Naina Sawan Bhadon” (I love Kishore – but this was for Rafi & only Rafi) or something like “Tere Mere Sapne”.

    Coming to my point, MDs like SJ were too too biased in favor of Rafi for a song like “O Mere Maina” by having the maestro sing the 3rd stanza. It wasn’t needed – Kishore could have definitely sang that part himself. The same for “Hame Koi Gham Hai” and “Apni Adat” (latter was a simple song to sing). Clearly the MDs had a blind eye for Kishore Kumar during that time which is unfortunate. Rafi fans should not use songs like “O Meri Maina” or “Apni Adat” to suggest Kishore couldn’t render them and so they needed Rafi. It was more about MDs underestimating Kishore Kumar than about musical ability. Or in one case it was KK showing up late and OPN punishing him by having Rafi.

    Binu Nair is a good man – I genuinely appreciate his hard work on the Rafi foundation and his enthusiasm for Rafi Sahab. But Rafi fans – please don’t hold it against Kishore for being a Rafi fan. Many times if KK referred a song to Rafi Sahab – it was more about of love, respect, and humility with regards to his co-singers than him not being able to sing the song himself. He could have successfully rendered those songs himself and during his peak wave – good bad or whatever (subjective to fan’s choices) – they would have been huge hits. If anyone (I say this in general terms – no specific target or instance – this is a GREAT web page) were to take advantage of Kishore’s love & respect for Rafi – it would deeply upset Rafi Sahab himself.

    Venkatji – please continue with your articles. As a Kishore fan I have NO complaints or anything – just a healthy discussion of legends. I only posted this to express a few of my thoughts that you reminded me of. Thanks.

  34. vikas sharma says:

    i m a die hard rafi sahib fan but i m a great kishore da fan also and i would have rather appreciated an article discussing the great chemistry between rafi sahib and kishore da in great unimaginable songs that they have sung together.MY HEART REALLY STARTS TO BEAT WHEN I IMAGINE BOTH THE LEGENDS STANDING TOGETHER AND SINGING IN FRONT OF THE MIKE IT IS A FEELING THAT CAN BEST BE DEFINED LIKE THE SONG BY RAFI SAHIB AND LATA JI “DO SITARO KA ZAMEEN PAAR HAI MILAN AAJ KI RAAT”






  35. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 3:

    arshad bhai is right. the film must have been made in the 60s and released later in 1972. Kishore da might have been going through a series of flops and asking Rafi saab to sing for him was natural. Anyway, he was always the no. 1 rafian.

    I want to share with you a clip from Bhagambhag where Rafi saab and Kishore da sang together under op’s baton. Please read the comments of the viewers; very interesting. How I wish Rafi saab appeared on screen with his chhota bhai on screen just for this song!

  36. arshad hussain says:

    the film Pyar Deewana though released in 1972 must have got its release delayed. The setting in the song and the faces of the lead pair confirn that the song must have been picturised in the mid 60’s.Furthermore the MD is a lessor known Lala Sattar.Rafisaab must have agreed to sing the song for a token fee.
    The song itself is nice and catchy and definitely of the mid 60’s.


  37. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Interesting article, songs mentioned are so nice. I am sure KK fans are not happy with this article, but fact is fact. Rafi Saheb, a true Bharat ka Ratna.


    Dear Mr Venkatadiji,

    1.-What a nice topic and collection you chose and presented…just compliments..Rafi saahab was just great..MDs have tried all sorts of experiments through Rafi Sahab..& Rafi Sahab did full justice.

    2.-A song from SHARARAT was extremely emotional in the film and
    touched the hearts of the audience while watching the movie in a theatre.

    3.-Enjoyed your all the articles.



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