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Chaudvin ka Chand ho

by: H.A.K. Walijah

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

This title song “Chaudvin ka Chand ho ya Aftab ho” clearly signifies the first landmark victory in playback singing as such Rafi Saab was awarded his first coveted Filmfare Award for this majestic and mass loving song. This title song became much famous song of Mohammad Rafi Sahab and Lyricist Shakeel Badayuni so that they both got the Filmfare award for this beautiful track. This gem song was the collective efforts of three major musical giants in Indian cinema namely – Rafi Sahab, Ravi and Shakeel Badayuni who will be remembered many years to come for their ageless and ceaseless songs. Moreover the trio churned out so many memorable songs later that could be written with golden letters in the history Hindi cinema. When we come to the side of Rafi Sahab’s vocals, whoever listens this song must accept that this is nothing but heavenly voice of the singer who immortalize it through his brilliant rendition, masterful conviction and perfect technical ethos. This title song by Rafi Sahab deserves all the acclaim it received. It was really the incomparable Rafi Sahab’s film, from the mesmerizingly sung soft Technicolor Chaudvin Ka Chand to the heartbroken B&W Mili Khak Mein Mohabbat in atmospheric & melancholic moods. Johnny Walker was here too providing a bit of light relief as usual (Mera yaar bana hai dulha, Yeh dunia gol hai) – so what more could anyone want! To our surprise we could hear almost five solo melodies of Rafi Sahab in this lovely movie.

One specially praise this song for its sheer poetical beauty of the lyrics and musical compositon of Ravi, I am sure that such song cannot be recreated even though having been equipped with latest technology and a train of talented singers available today. Once this song plays on, the heart and imagination like to soar high and high in ecstatic heights.  It is a pure melodious voice of Rafi Sahab that enthralls the listener and the most beautiful words that create tingling feeling in the heart.  I heard its impact also from most of my friends, but I am not sure how far it was true in olden days that the newly wedded couple had a fascination for this song as groom wanted to express his love to his bride on wedding night supposedly singing only this song to impress her. This song has almost sailed fifty magical years journey entertaining the music lovers but still its shimmering luster spearhead with bubbling joy and mirth.

It is a romantic song of the film Chaudvin Ka Chand, Urdu Muslim Social Color & B/W released in the year 1960 Guru Dutt’s most successful commercial film based on the Luckhnavi traditions are captured beautifully by yesteryears cinematographer VK Murthy. This impeccable song elevates the pristine beauty of Waheeda Rahman to dizzy heights of popularity.  We can consider the lyrical content of this song is purely poetic in nature, particularly in this song with the same title from the movie created waves among masses.

Now let’s take a look at the lines in the song below. Here are the lyrics in both Hindi and English. Naturally, part of the beauty in the original lyrics will most likely be lost in translation.


Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftaab Ho
Jo Bhi Ho Tum Khuda Ki Kasam, Lajawab Ho

Zulfein Hain Jaise Kaandhe Pe Baadal Jhuke Hue
Aankhen Hain Jaise Maey Ke Pyaale Bhare Hue
Masti Hai Jisme Pyaar Ki Tum, Woh Sharaab Ho

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho…

Chehra Hai Jaise Jheel Mein Khilta Hua Kanwal
Ya Zindagi Ke Saaz Pe Chhedi Hui Ghazal
Jaane Bahaar Tum Kisi Shaayar Ka Khwaab Ho

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho…

Hothon Pe Khelti Hain Tabassum Ki Bijliyaan
Sajde Tumhari Raah Mein Karti Hain Kaikashaan
Duniya-E-Husno-Ishq Ka Tum Hi Shabaab Ho

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho…


Are you the moon on its fourteenth night, or are you the sun?
Whatever you are, I swear to God, you are incomparable!
Your locks of hair fall like clouds over your shoulders
And your eyes are like glasses of overflowing wine.
Are you the full moon or the sun?

Are you the full moon or the sun?
Your face is like a lotus blooming in the lake
Or like an ode that has been plucked on the instrument of life
My dear, you are a poet’s dream.
Are you the full moon or the sun?

The lightnings of your smile are blooming on your lips.
The Milky Way, full of stars, bow before you in anticipation
Whatever you are, I swear you are incomparable.

Chaudvin Ka Chand is a Bollywood film produced by the legendary director Guru Dutt. The movie is about a classic love triangle where two best friends having unknowingly fallen in love with the same woman.  “Chaudhvin Ka Chand” is a potpourri of beautiful music, festive episodes, and a whole lot of heartache and poetry.   Guru Dutt and Mohammed Sadiq’s classic Hindi film about the then-Muslim city of Lucknow, “Chaudhvin Ka Chand,” is full of poetic depictions of that ultimate love in a man’s life, but more poignantly it teaches us how to give up that great love when following one’s own convictions. The beauty of  Waheeda Ji is so truly dazzling that she has been metaphorically denoted as “Chaudhvin ka chand” (the moon before the full moon night) throughout the film.

Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rahmanv

Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rahman

This song was picturised on Aslam (Guru Dutt) is admiring Jameela (Waheeda Rahman) as she sleeps and looks sensuous, talented, photogenic and ethereal, particularly wonderful is the film’s one color sequence, where Aslam sings his new wife’s praises on their wedding night. Waheeda ji, one of the cinema’s great beauties, may never have looked better in the rest of her films. Guru Dutt’s skillful manipulation of this scene is pure poetry, just like the poetry that he is singing.

As for as the picturisation of this song I must say that Guru Dutt’s masterful understanding of the cinema as a mode of expression is captured in the song he sings to Waheeda ji in the moon song “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho”.  In it, the camera follows Aslam as he slowly approaches his subject, his new bride.  Just as he sings of her hair being like clouds “bent over your shoulders”, the screen captures the skies and the heroine’s shoulders as she cowers over the balcony.  Just as Dutt sings of her eyes like “the containers of liquor are full”, we get the first close up of Rehman and sense her dashing beauty.  Like many sections of the film, especially during the singing, the audience looks at the protagonist through camouflage like shadows, bamboos, or opened tiles, as if we are merely glimpsing into the form of beauty without actually experiencing it.  We are reminded of the ever-present moon as Dutt skillfully pans towards Waheeda ji, and again when the camera sinks below the building to show just how her face is like the lotus in the lake.  Guru Dutt shows us how to handle a theme of love that could have only a tragic ending.  Waheeda  Rahman looks most beautiful and this was a seminal Indian film from their Golden Age,  with the musical poetry taking up nearly a quarter of its total running time but leaving you wishing it could have been even more.

There are many interesting anecdotes related with this song as well as the movie..

  • Guru Dutt reshot the title song Chaudhvin ka Chand Ho in colour with VK Murthy. The shot breakdown was exactly like the black and white version except that it was shot in colour. However, the lights used caused redness to Waheeda’s eyes that the censor board members had a problem with as according to them, it looked like she was giving Guru Dutt ‘the look.’
  • Initially there was no place for the Balam se Milan Hoga song. Music Director Ravi was quite upset that for the first time in a Guru Dutt film, there was no song by Geeta Dutt. So he suggested having back to back songs at Aslam’s Wedding – A happy one at the boy’s side (Mera Yaar Bana Hai Dulha) and a more serious one on the girl’s side as she leaves for her new home. Guru Dutt liked the suggestion and that’s how Geeta Dutt rendered the song.
  • Guru Dutt chose Mohammed Sadiq to direct the film because he thought a Muslim director should deal with a Muslim subject. The Muslim practice of purdah forbids women to show their face to men who aren’t part of their immediate family. The film uses this practice to its advantage as disguises and misunderstandings that add to the comedy and confusion of the film.
  • After a disastrous box-office performance of Kaagaz Ke Phool, this was a highly commercially successful and comeback movie for Guru Dutt. The movie saved Guru Dutt’s home production studio from ruins. According the interview by V.K. Murthy the movie made profits of then what a hundred movies were to have made.
  • Lata Mangeshkar sings for the first and last time for Guru Dutt Film Produtions.
  • This movie is also remembered for its title song and a few other songs which are still remembered for their lyrics and music. The touch of Dadra and Thumri to every musical composition of the movie has given its music a semi-classical touch. The slow rhythm and romantic notes of the songs give a trance experience to the audiences.

Three major reasons force us to watch this wonderful song – the first, Guru Dutt one of the masters of Hindi cinema’s golden age unsurpassed in the art of song picturization, the second Mohd. Rafi Sahab’s mesmerizing honey-soaked vocals and finally Waheeda Rahman’s unblemished innocent sleeping beauty. This song remains a cinematic phenomena and a visual treat for all those people who love Hindi Music & Movies and precisely who want to remember bygone days more often that will certainly put them all in awe for many days after watching it.

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52 Blog Comments to “Chaudvin ka Chand ho”


  2. rafi saab ke songs lajwaab hai i like rafi songs very much and i will feel very happy and forget all my sorrow

  3. nitish says:

    shukriya walijah sahab for this wonderful article..
    according to Ravi Jee, Gurudutt once promished to him that whenever i make a film on muslim background, you will be the music director………Gurudutt kept his promise.
    Also according to ravi jee ,Shakeel sahab told him before writing the songs of this movie : maipehli baar naushad sahab ke camp se bahar ki film kar raha hoon…mujhe sambhal lijiyega…….and kitni khubsurati se ravi jee ne shakeel sahab ke geeton ko sambhala.

  4. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    to post 42: Hadar Saab
    Many thanks for your kind comment. This song Chaudvin ka chand is always very close to my heart apart from some other melodies rendered by Rafi Saab.

    to post 46: Mohan Saab,
    I am very pleased to receive your comment to my article. in one or the other way your article passionate praise is responsible through which I got inspiration and utlimately lead to write two of my reviews on romantic songs of rafi sahab.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  5. Gan (Mohan) Sharma says:

    Dear Walijah saab,

    Excellently written; a comprehensive article on a great song. Yes, the combination of Shakeel Badayuni saab/ Ravi saab / Rafi saab was a potent one….and has given us some great songs. One that comes to mind is raha gardishon mein hardam.


  6. Prem Kumar says:

    Tere aane ki aas hai dost
    shaam phir kyon udaas hai dost
    mehki mehki fiza ye kehti hai
    tu kahin aas pass hai dost……

    the legend’s last lines sung before departing to heavenly abode.

    when i listen to Rafi Saab I feel as if he is near to me. His soulful melodies will live forever until the world lasts.

  7. RAJA says:

    Post 43: Anees Ji – Very well said. Rafi Sahab was a versatile singer, could sing in any mood and in any pitch, you are absolutely right. I totally agree with you on this point, either be it romantic mood or despairing mood.

  8. ANEES says:

    Many moods of Rafi Sahab – Rafi’s voice evokes myriad emotions in the listener — Dekhi zamaane ki yaari (“Kagaz ke Phool”); Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hoon (“Lal Qila”); Duniya na bhaye (“Basant Bahar”) may leave you down in the dumps but Khoya khoya chand (“Kala Bazaar”); Jawaniyan ye (“Tumsa Nahin Dekha”) can lift the depression.

    Feeling patriotic? Then listen to Ab tumhare hawale watan (“Haqeeqat”); Aye watan (“Shaheed”) or Jahan daal daal par (“Sikander-e-azam”). A philosophical mood pervades Man re tu kahe na (“Chitralekha”).

    Rafi Sahab would have been a great singer at any point of time but he was fortunate to enter Hindi films when music reigned supreme, when films ran on the strength of their music, when great composers and lyricists were falling over each other to make music.

    When he entered the field, singers like Talat Mehmood and Mukesh, though great in their own way, had been typecast. Along came Rafi who could sing at any pitch or mood that the composer wanted.

  9. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Walijah saab,

    A great article on an immortal song. As a child, when I used to listen to this song, the lofty Urdu words of Shakeel were beyond my understanding, but just the mere sound of those words was enough for this song to be one of my all-time favourites. Along with the stanza “zindagi ke aaine ko tor do…” from dil diya dard liya, the following stanza is one of the most beautful I’ve heard in Hindi music:

    “Chehra Hai Jaise Jheel Mein Khilta Hua Kanwal
    Ya Zindagi Ke Saaz Pe Chhedi Hui Ghazal
    Jaane Bahaar Tum Kisi Shaayar Ka Khwaab Ho”

    One in a despairing mood, the other in a romantic mood.

  10. P. Haldar says:

    post 24:

    Man mouji saab,

    A minor correction: The been in Nagin was played by Kalyanji, not Ravi. Both of them used to be Hemant Kumar’s assistants.

  11. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    I forgot to metnion my thanks to Ahamad Kutty ji. In deed I am very much grateful for your kind comment.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  12. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    My Dear Rafi fans,

    I thank each one of you who has taken the time to read this review and post their comment. I sincerely want to thank you for the generous praise that you continue to shower on me.

    this song ( ‘ chaudvin ka chand ho …’ ) is one of the greatest romantic songs of rafi sahab and it is one of my most favourite songs too !

    I want to thank each one of you personally, who has taken the time to write in this forum.

    I specially thankful to veteran rafi fans like Dr. Khaja Aliudeen sahib, ramesh ji, dhani ram ji, anil cherian ji, AS Murthy ji, Nagesh ji, Devraj ji, JK Bhagchandani ji, for their gracious comments.

    I also want to convey my salams and thanks to A. almas ji, Man Mouji ji, Zaheen Danish ji, Shabana ji, Y. Sharif ji, Kabeer Aman ji, Ali ji, Prasad ji, Narendra yadav ji, raja ji, prem kumar ji, Anees ji, Lucky ji, Syed Zameer ji and others.

    Thanks and best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  13. Man Mouji says:

    a list showing Rafi Sahab Filmfare awards winner / nominations.

    Winner *
    *1960 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho” in the film Chaudhvin Ka Chand
    *1961 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat Ko” in the film Sasural
    *1964 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Chahunga Mein Tujhe” in the film Dosti
    *1966 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Baharo Phool Barsao” in the film Suraj
    *1968 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Dil Ke Jharoke Mein” in the film Brahmachari
    *1977 – Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Kya Hua Tera Vaada” in the film Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin

    Nominated *
    * 1961 – “Husnwale Tera Jawaab Nahin” in the film Gharana
    * 1962 – “Aye Gulbadan Aye Gulbadan” in the film Professor
    * 1963 – “Mere Mehboob Tujhe” in the film Mere Mehboob
    * 1965 – “Choo Lene Do Nazuk Hothon Ko” in the film Kaajal
    * 1968 – “Mein Gaaon Tum Sojaao” in the film Brahmachari
    * 1968 – “Babul Ki Duayein Leti Ja” in the film Neel Kamal
    * 1969 – “Badi Mastani Hai” in the film Jeene Ki Raah
    * 1970 – “Khilona Jaan Kar” in the film Khilona
    * 1973 – “Hum Ko To Jaan Se Pyaari” in the film Naina
    * 1974 – “Achha Hi Huva Dil Toot Gaya” in the film Maa Behen Aur Biwi
    * 1977 – “Pardah Hai Pardah” in the film Amar Akbar Anthony
    * 1978 – “Aadmi Musaafir Hai” in the film Apnapan
    * 1979 – “Chalo Re Doli Uthao Kahaar” in the film Jani Dushman
    * 1980 – “Mere Dost Kissa Yeh” in the film Dostana
    * 1980 – “Dard-e-dil Dard-e-jigar” in the film Karz
    * 1980 – “Maine Poocha Chand Se” in the film Abdullah

  14. ANEES says:

    Rafi Sahab had the great fan following. Even today, Rafi commands a respect and fan following that spreads from Kerala to Kashmir. In fact, many a critic has remarked that Rafi’s fan following and adoration has grown by leaps and bounds after his death. Veteran playback singer K.J. Yesudas observed that “studying Rafi Saab can help a budding singer more than any textbook on music do.”

  15. walijah sahab,

    it has been noticed that the last ten articles or so – you have taken great pains in collecting a lot of spiral data to amke up the subject matter and to add to the soul of the entire topic – your expression has been simple – nice – appealing – could be understood by all – no pomp or bomb in the standard of the english language. – just superb.

    the other part is – your articles are so very exhaustive and complete that you do not allow any one your fans – like me – with writing anything in praise of you are the article.

    hence – i am writing – what i am writing. – i can only appreciate you – because the subject is stolen away by you.

    even before reading your next – i wish to say ” subhanallah ”

    keep it up – keep dishing out great write ups – you will never be short of topics.

    i would like to state that – you are one of the ” pillars ” of this lovely website of

    god bless you walijah sahab. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ramesh narain kurpad

  16. Man Mouji says:

    Shakeel Badayuni was born on August 3, 1916, in Badayun (U.P). Shakeel Badayuni graduated from Aligarh Muslim University. He worked as a poet / lyricist in Bollywood chiefly worked with Naushad Sahab and Ravi. Shakeel Badayuni succumbed to diabetes complications at the age of 53. He died in April 1970 at the age of 53 years and 8 months old.

    Shakeel Badayuni was the disciple of Jigar Moradabadi and tread in the path of classical poets. He predominantly wrote ghazals and left his works behind him “ Kulliyat e Shakeel” which is available in both Urdu and Hindi languages. Shakeel was a romantic poet and his songs depict the beautiful thoughts about love and its nuances. One really enjoys his poetry reading in urdu which is a comfort to the agitated hearts. As such this song Chaudvin ka chand was in the list of best songs of hindi film music. This song still remembers and coined as the most romantic song rendered by Rafi Sahab and penned by Shakeel Badayuni. He let behind a treasure trove of songs mainly romantic numbers sung by Rafi Sahab, all are declared to be the classics.

  17. tknandi says:

    Hi everybody,I think u r missing the Gem of Gems song i.e, SAU BAAR JANAM LENGE from Ustaado ke Ustaad, from d great Ravi Rafi combo.Best wishes.

  18. Dhani Ram says:

    chaudhvin ka chand is undoubtedly one of the greatest gems of hfm and has deservedly enjoyed great fame,accolades and awards.As janab walijah has graphically illustrated,the combined effect of lyrics,composition and picturisation of the song is stunning.But in my humble opinion,there are some other rafi-ravi songs that are no less as far as sheer quality of music is concerned,shorn of other accoutrements.One such neglected song is jaane bahar husn tera bemisaal hai from pyar kiya to darna kya.It is a more complex song than chaudhvin and rafi sahib has sung it superbly.of course,chaudhvin is matchless in its lyrics.jaane bahar is ravi’s own favourite song.

    about filmfare awards,as we have pointed out several times before,the less said the better.we all know that pran protested against pakeezah being ignored for music awards.both jaidev and rafi didn’t get filmfare award for kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe rona seventies,we find that award giving committees were blatantly biased against rafi.rafi was given filmfare and national award for kya hua tera wayada which in my opinion is a third rate song in all departments,viz,singing,lyrics,composition,picturisation.There were many rafi songs that deserved recognition even in seventies,eg,the qawwali,purdah hai purdah.

    in any case i salute walijah sahib for his wonderful article and request him to write about other rafi gems also,esp those which are extremely good but have become bhoole bisre geet.

  19. walijah sahab,


  20. ANEES says:

    it is quite disturbing to note that lack of sense of appreciation people just trying to ignore appreciating good things, even it applies for so called rafi fans. it will discourage the writers and depress them internaly. Please whoever read articles just leave a comment atleast of one line, that will gives the strength and boost morally to come forward many rafi fans with innovative and new articles. I felt it so I expressed it.

  21. Anil Cherian says:

    Dear Walijah saab,
    Please accept my compliments for yet another extensively researched and detailed article. Great writing to compliment the great song. Hats off.

  22. ANEES says:

    As always. Chaudhvi ka chand ,Do Badan , Gharana , Pyar kiya to darna kya , grahasthi ,Nartaki are some of the great example of this Rafi – Ravi combo. This golden triangle started their magic right from their first venture i. e. Chaudhvi Ka Chand . Actually this was the film which put the Ravi ji among the frontline Music Directors. And just imagine , Ravi and Shakeel completed the song over Telephone, when the later telephoned Ravi ji in the midnight that he had at last find the suitable mukhra for the title song!

    Chaudhvi ka chand ho yaa aftaab ho
    jo bhi ho tum khuda ki kasam lajawab ho

  23. Man Mouji says:

    I too want to add some other famous songs of Rafi – Ravi combo. Here is the list of songs.

    ++ Itni haseen itni jawan raat kya karen – Aaj aur kal
    ++ Yeh waadiyan yeh fizayen bularahi hain tumhe – Aal aur Kal
    ++ Baar baar dekho hazaar bar dekho – China Town
    ++ Husn wale tera jawab nahi – Gharana
    ++ Jaane bahar husn tera bemisaal hai – Pyar kiya to darna kya
    ++ Husn se chaand bhi sharmaaya hai – Door ki aawaz
    ++ Ai mere dost mere hamdam – Meharbaan
    ++ Mujhe ishq hai tujhi se – Ummeed
    ++ mere dost tujhe tera meet mubarak – Dharkan
    ++ meri chahath rahegi hamesha jawan – Mehamaan
    ++ Jhuka khuka ke nazar yun uthaayi jaati hai – Mere Sartaj
    ++ Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai – aadmi sadak ka
    ++ Raha gardishon main hardam – Do Badan
    ++ Naseeb main jiske jo likha tha – Do Badan
    ++ Bhari duniya mein aakhir dil ko samjhane kahan jayein – Do Badan

  24. Prem Kumar says:

    Rafi Sahab had sung so many songs for Ravi ji, here some of the best remembered songs of Rafi Sahab under the music direction of Ravi ji

    Chaudavin ka chand ho Film “ Chaudavin ka chand
    Ye jhuke jhuke naina Film “ Bharosa
    Yeh Khamoshiyan Film — Yeh Raaste hai Pyar Ke with Asha Bhosale
    Chulene do najuk hooton ko Film “ Kajal
    Jitani likhitee muqadar mein Film “ Kajal
    Yeh parda hata do Film “ Ek phool do maali with Asha Bhosale
    Happy birthday to you Film — Ek phool do maali
    Yeh zulf agar khulke Film “ Kajal
    Neel gagan par udte badal Film Khandan with Asha Bhosale
    Jab liya hath mein hath Film Vachan with Asha Bhosale
    Badee der bhayee nandlala Film “ Khandan
    Aaja tujko pukare mera pyar Film“ Neel Kamal
    Babul kee duayen leti ja Film “ Neel Kamal

  25. Zaheendanish says:

    Rafi – Ravi – Shakeel combination is the finest one, they together delivered number of hit songs which now claimed to be as classics. Like earlier Rafi Sahab – Naushad – Shakeel created a number of superlative songs, likewise in the same manner, Rafi Sahab had sung many hit songs. The songs in Do Badan, expecially the three solo songs still considered to be the all time great songs.

    The golden era of both legends. In fact Ravi ji is asset of Bollywood, his historical bhajan of Asha Bhosley “Tora man dharpan kehlaai” film Kajal, “Aagey bhi jaane na tu” film Waqt, and there are so many songs like “Neel Gagan par udthe Badal ja ja” Rafi Sahib and Asha ji. There are so many examples like Yeh parda hatado, O naney sey farishty, in Aik Phool Do Mali. in this picture Ravi ji have sung his song in the title, which is so wonderful. nice write-up showing the warm welcome to both legends with this song.

  26. RAJA says:

    If I am not wrong, Ravi ji has given music to some 110 hindi movies apart from malayalam movies where he known as “Bombay Ravi”. Ravi ji has given ample chance to Mahendra Kapoor who had sung melodious songs like in Gumraah, Hamraaz notably famous. Rafi Sahab had given plenty of hits songs in the music direction of Ravi ji like the songs in Neel kamal , Tujh ko pukaare mera pyar and babul ki duayen leti ja stands as classic songs. Ravi ji more often linked with BR Films campus and scored hundreds of songs. Hats off to Ravi Ji and Rafi Sahab for their marvelous songs still entertaining the masses and we remember them the greats of hindi film music.

  27. Man Mouji says:

    very few people know that Ravi became an assistant to Hemant Kumar. He was the one who played the bheen on the harmonium in the film Nagin. During that time he got a chance to compose for Vachan and the other offers followed. Ravi Shankar Sharma, better known as Ravi, has given some super hit songs in films like Chaudhvin ka chand, Humraaz, Waqt, Neel kamal and Gumraah.

    Today there is no Hindu wedding without his two songs namely Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai and Babul ki duyaen leti ja, both were sung by Rafi Sahab.

  28. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Walijah ji,

    What a brilliant piece you have written. What a song you have chosen!! Simply out and out a masterpiece. Please accept admiration from the bottom of my heart. You have not left any aspect of the song untouched.

    Shakeel Badayuni has written many memorable gazals (mosly sung by Rafi saab), but apart from that he had the unique ability to write folk oriented songs. ‘Nain lad jayee hain….’ (Ganga Jamuna), ‘Oh gaadi wale gaadi dheere hank re…’ (Mother India), Oye Gaao tarane mil ke…. (Aan), Dhoondho dhoondho re saajana more kaan ka…. (Ganaga Jamuna)… etc. etc. are some great examples of folk based songs giving us an earthy flavour of rural backdrop. All wonderfully written.

    Apart from Shakeel-Naushad-Rafi combination, Shakeel-Ravi-Rafi combination has also created many magical songs.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  29. Prem Kumar says:

    Yes bollywood has become now an integral part of Indian lives. The world has seen much advancement, now we have the chance & liberty to listen the songs of our favorite singers on mobile phones too with the advent of mp3 format. Once I remember to listen a song of Rafi Sahab, in olden days, we have to wait at the music shops to play song on gramophone records. Then the audio tape-recorders time came and then video and now we have the internet, the current facility whatever you want to watch just click youtube and the song is there to enjoy. Likewise technology quite handy now-a-days and further with the advent of internet, things became more in easy access. Whatever we did not hear Rafi sahib songsin older days, now are able to listen on rafi website. We are living in an advanced and amazing times (technologically advanced age). Rafi Sahab songs can be heard anywhere that is the advantage of advanced technology!

  30. RAJA says:

    post # 20 – Anees Ji, you are right. However I feel ‘Bollywood’ is the language of over one billion people on the face of the earth. It has touched every aspect of an Indian and our life styles. It is like our second religion. Hindi songs have been an integral part of all the movies in the Indian Film Industry. These songs have sometimes made us laugh and sometimes cry. We danced on them and we celebrated our moment humming those numbers. Now it’s the time to give credit to those who actually penned down those lyrics, sang those and tuned those for us all.

  31. ANEES says:

    Hindi Song writers have always seen tough days during the start of their careers. Writing songs for this industry with varied expectations has always been a passion for all the writers so far. This may be the reason, why the scene at back-stage of our music arena has a competitive shade rather than an aesthetic sense. Lyricists have always been booked with a particular banner and a Music Director. No doubt, writing songs involves a great deal of understanding of the theme of the project and the mood, situation and placement of the song. We salute all the Lyricists for their justice to shape the time and attitude of the Indian masses.

  32. LUCKY says:

    This is the passionate praise and wonderful altogether. Mr. Walijah Saab, it is so nice of you to deliver it to the rafi fans who will cherish in their memories this classic song for days to come. Especially those who born in 40’s 50’s 60’s will not forget this song. On the other hand Waheeda ji’s beauty picuturized in this song is marvelous and the genius Guru Dutt amazing too.

    Morover my full marks to the lyricist / poet Shakeel Badayuni Sahab, and you pay rich glowing tribute to all stalwarts of music. This movie is famous for lucknowi traditions that depicted therein. The songs are marvelous and splendid. Apart from Chaudvin ka chand which fetched a filmfare for Rafi Sahab and Shakeel Sahab, mili khaak main mohabbat too is very touching song. A qawwali therein is too surprising. Johnny walker too got two songs in this movie.

    over the top Rafi Sahab vocals is the real charm and karishma. Keep up the good work sir, do enlighten us with more and more such terrific write ups.

    Thanks to you and regards to all rafi fans.

    Best regards


  33. M V Devraj says:

    Dear Walijahsaab,you have very beautifully brought out the glory of this legendary song.It is one of the best of the Ravi-shakeel-rafi combo.Two points I wish to make. One,the pre-mukhda humming,which automatically transforms one to a romantic moon-lit ambience. Only Rafisaab could have created pithat effect on the listener. Two,in the second antara,it is ‘hansta hua kanwal’– depicting the lotus which has a smile- really a beautiful poetic expression.
    Thanks Walijahsaab, for bringing out this wonderful song alive with your fantastic writing.
    M V Devraj

  34. Syed Zameer says:

    Walijah Saab,

    Please accept my hearty congratulations for writing this article, I like it very much. You just describe everything in a nutshell and it seems that you elaborated too keeping in mind the relevant things pertaining to the subject you have selected. Chaudvin ka chand ho ya aftab ho is everybody favourite song since fifty years. The entire credit goes to Rafi Sahab to enthrall the audience by this rendition. I still remember in my early days when this movie was released second time I watched it and I was very much imprssed.

    Even I would like to mention about Shakeel Sahab poetry really amazing and Waheeda ji stunining beauty is a marvelous gift to the cinegoers in olden days.

    Thanks again to bring back old memories alive and it give us a nostalgic moment for a while.

    Regards to all Rafi Fans

    Syed Zameer

  35. Narendra Yadav says:

    This site once again attracted me when I see your article published, so I at once read your write up in one breath and come to the conclusion that you are the winner, I mean you did a splendid job to give us all this writeup to know more facts you described.

    Moreover, Mr. Walijah, I salute you for this nice write up. I came to know so many things thorugh your article which I literally did not know until now. It’s entire credit goes to you. You are wonderful my friend. you are the true fan of Rafi Sahab. I wish you write more and more such nice pieces and enlighten us and other rafi fans. It is very nice to read your article. Please keep going and never give up.

    Thanks & regards


  36. Y. Sharif says:

    Janab Walijah Saab,

    You have done nice thing to write this article on one of the most famous, everlasting sweet and romantic number. I wonder how come nobody has touched this gem so far, who knows that this has to be come through you to the light. I am very happy that you write this in a very appropriate manner and it suits its sobre and majestic tone.

    With regard to the rendition of Rafi Saab, it is amazing and wonderful after passing so many years, I think, more than 50 years, its luster and popularity did not even a grain less, it is all about the greatest singer – Rafi Sahab vocals magic. The rest is the history. As such this move got almost three filmfare awards including art direction too.

    Please keep on enlighten us through your write ups.

    My regards to you and all rafi fans.

    Y. Sharif

  37. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Walijah sab,

    A truly brilliant review of the evergreen melody, that appears to have passed through your heart before reaching your pen.

    I am tempted to share here that I had the previlege of honouring both Raviji and VK Murthy sab on the same platform last year. One who composed this immortal melody and one who brought it alive on a rich canvas.

    Significant to my personal life was the fact that I had the good fortune of being a small part of Waheedaji’s estate in Bangalore that gave me an one to one chance of meeeting this ageless beauty.

    Your writeup helped me to re-live those unforgettable moments sir.


  38. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Walijah Sahab, ASA, Bahut khoob, Ek aur dhamaka.
    Superb writing. Hum to aapko maan gaye. You are on the top of the list of Rafi lovers.
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  39. Kabeer Aman says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab,

    Fantastic article……. hats off to you for bringing out one more jewel song of Rafi Sahab to Rafi forum. I think nobody pay attention to this song for so long and you got it! Congrats.

    An absolute classic, that’s all I can say here. It is indeed a Mount Everest in Pure Shaayari. What an immaculate expression and conceptualization. Consider yourself blessed if you get every nuance of it. The majesty of the urdu language, the superb penmanship of Shakeel Badayuni, the dashing and handsome guru dutt, the ethereal beauty of waheeda ji, what more can anybody ask for?……….

    it will remain in the hearts of music lovers FOR EVER AND EVER

    ekdam lajawab, kya kehna……no wordings for the song, singer, lyrist, musc, over all whaeeda ji……just wonderful

    Rafi’s voice is just fantastic. Lyrics are a dream and the music just strikes a certain chord of joy.

    Beautiful amazing stunning no words can do this justice

    Are you the moon on its fourteenth night, or are you the sun?
    Whatever you are, I swear to God, you are incomparable!
    Your hair brushes your shoulders like the clouds floating above
    And your eyes are intoxicating like an overflowing glass of wine.

    urdu is a rare crescendo in linguistic expression and this is a true gem in Urdu.

  40. ANEES says:

    Dear Walijah Sahab,

    You once again proved that Rafi Sahab songs are eternal and lives until eternity. You have selected one of the diamond like songs. Hats off to you.

    A very good song . Waheeda Ji looks so fairy like. the lyrics should be atleast of divine standard

    No words. the same goes for the voice that sings these words. that is rafi sahab. what a diction! what clarity! and Guru dutt enacts so well. Music director Ravi’s music matches up to the standards of everything elseabout this song.

    what a song.. a true love song.. those who are in love and those who love each other forever will hold this song close to their hearts..

    Nobody can sign like you Rafi saab…. kneeling and bowing before you for giving this diamond of song.

    Rafi Sahab’s divine voice!!!!!!!!! He is Peerless.

    Rafi Sahab no parallel.. a legend with multiple qualities, all in one.. an ultimate. he is a bench mark…and a shadow for others to chase only. legends do not born every day, but once in centuries. there are many who spend all their time to sing his songs in effort to prove they are equal to him… but, sorry…. he is a shadow for them to chase. Rafi is a legend.

  41. Man Mouji says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab,

    One of the most beautiful write up once again gushed from the love spring of Rafi sahib fan, its simply matchless and wonderful. Please accept my good wishes for your one more wonderful effort to depict this song in the best way you can.

    Breathtakingly beautiful melody and imagery. A Timeless and priceless jewels of a bygone era never to be repeated. Ever Green Song, a melody that lasts for ever !

    Excellent lyrics, superb arrangement based on raag ‘Pahadi’ and obviously the voice of Rafi saheb. timeless classic of Indian Cinema. Flawless Rafi’s voice makes this song intoxicating……

    amazing song…. simply the best



  42. Ali says:

    Ravi is one of the greatest music director in bollywood but he paid cost of be on mohd rafi side in 1970’s, when he as been asked which song mohd rafi was not able to sing it and it sung by other singer the answer was there is no song but there are many songs where other singers were not able to sing it and it sung by mohd rafi, ravi was a real mohd rafi fan

  43. RAJA says:

    Yet another beautiful article from Shri Walijah Sahab from you I am really happy to read your articles. You are the true rafi sahab fan. you write from your heart so that there is lot of love and respect for this great singer one could find in your writing.

    I always love Rafi Sahab songs and when i read and listen this song I have run short of words to priase this article and the song selected.

    Guru Dutt’s masterful picturisation of this is well known. Above all this songs was in the priase of Waheeda Rehman ji whose beauty never seen in any other movie. I love this article and this song very much.

    Thanks a million for giving this write up.


  44. Prem Kumar says:

    What could I say, I have no words literally to say something, I am in other sense dumbfounded. I almost check there is not one article about this song whose magic still reigns in the minds of music lovers specially rafi fans. This song directly came from heavens and Rafi Sahab sung it with lot of emotions and beautiful way.

    Shri Walijah Sir, I have great respect for you being a rafi fan. I almost read all your articles, you always come with different article which none had touched it. Please accept my regards for writing this wonderful and heart touching song. I expect more and more such write ups from you.


    Prem Kumar

  45. A. Almas says:

    As you said it is one hundred percent true that this song belongs to the melody king – Rafi Sahab for his wonderful rendition. This is sartaaj geet in romantic genre songs of Rafi Sahab.

    Janab Walijah Sahab, again and again you proved your love towards Rafi Sahab by writing another gem article which is having more information and beautiful anecdotes.

    My salams and best regards to you.

    A. Almas

  46. Zaheendanish says:

    This is the true tribute to the three greatest names in hindi film music namely Rafi Sahab, Ravi and Shakeel Badayuni Sahab.

    Walijah Sahab, I am short of words to praise your article. This is simply superb. I am a little bit confused what to say… I can post another post with lots of thoughts. Meanwhile I enjoy listening this song.

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful efforts.

    – Zaheen Danish

  47. Shabana says:

    One of the best loved and romantic songs of Rafi Sahab till date.

    wonderful writing and plenty of information which very few known.

    Thanks again Walijah Sahab for your wonderful article. Please keep on writing that gives us immense happiness and pride.

  48. Prasad says:

    This is truly a significant song of Rafi sahab which fetched him the first Filmfare award in 1960. This song really gives to the heart the everlasting joy and that is only due to Mohd. Rafi Sahab honey soaked vocals karishma.

    Walijah Sir, you again recreated the magic of your wonderful writing and beautiful song and plenty of information about the song and the movie as well. I have no words to praise Rafi Sahab the Angel whose songs are melodious and everlasting.

    Thanks again for your wonderful efforts.

    – Prasad

  49. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Respected walijah saab,
    this is the million dollar song of indian cinema.the
    poetry, the music and the silky sweet sound of
    rafi saab – no words for this evergreen song.i think
    even if we are hearing the song 24 hours we will not
    get bored. the music for the song and the rendition
    is clearly shows that if we hear the song in a dark night
    by closing our eyes we will feel that it is a full moon

    ravi saab has scored music for about 15 films in
    malayalam language and in kerala he is music
    director “bombay ravi” who had been introduced by
    director hariharan for the film “panchagni”. almost
    all of his songs rendered by yeasudaji and chitraji
    are super hits. he had bagged some state awards
    also. when director hariharan met ravi saab he told
    he is being impressed by the song “chadwi ka chand”
    and requested ravi saab to have such melodies in
    malayalam language also.

  50. A S MURTY says:

    A great song liked by the music loving masses. take the name of rafi sahab in any mehfil, any programme, any stage shows, etc. the first reaction from the music fans would be to ask if “chaudvin ka chand ho ya aftaab ho” is included. The resentment on knowing that this song is not part of the list in the show is much more evident, as i have seen this personally. I understand that it was the MD – Ravi sahab – who coined the word “chaudvin ka chand ho” and wondered if a song can be written to describe the beauty of waheeda rehman. Guru dutt promptly caught on the theme and asked the lyricist (shakeel badayuni) to write a song on these lines. that was how this immortal song came into being. a perfect setting for the ultimate song. Walijah sahab, you have brought out the glory of this song in your write up.

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