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Saturday Night Fever – A Shower of Rafi Melodies

This article is written by Mr. Binu Nair.

Saturday Night Fever - A Shower of Rafi MelodiesON MARCH 8TH, Rafi singers “sizzled” and Rafi lovers lapped up the magical Rafi melodies at Mumbai’s Naushad Hall located at Koliwada, Sion. Nostalgia and mirth was high in the air on the cool Saturday week-end evening as singers after singers belted out rare, popular numbers from the by-gone golden era of hindi film music. Nanjibhai Bahadur the 87 year seniormost musician and singer who worked alongwith Rafi and Saighal played some very rare music pieces played by him in the original recordings some 60 years back. His zest for singing was in sight too as he sang two Rafi numbers working on the harmonia and delighting the packed audience.

Timeless and soulful numbers such as Caravan Gujar Gayee, Mana Tadpat Hari, Jahan Daal Daal Per Sone Ke, Na Jathko Zulf Se Paani, Aana Hai To Aa, Subah Na Aaee Shaam Na Aayee were rendered and the chorus of “encore” was heard many a times from the assembled music lovers.

M/s. Noorie by singing Aane Se Uske Aaaye Bhahar heralded a novel trend at the Naushad Hall – that of female singers among Rafi Lovers singing Rafi songs and tributing the farishta singer.

Mr.Shirish Kulkarni presenting the Mohd Rafi framed Picture sketched by Sonali to Rafi Foundation members. Binu Nair, Kakaji Naushad, Salim and Parmar - at Naushad Hall
Mr.Shirish Kulkarni presenting the Mohd Rafi framed Picture sketched by Sonali to Rafi Foundation members. Binu Nair, Kakaji Naushad, Salim and Parmar – at Naushad Hall

After Noorie, it was the turn of SYED MOBIN, the ACP (crime) to shed his official colour and demonstrate his artistic calibre – that of a unique singer and a gifted flautist. Mr.Mobin welcomed the guest in his chaste hindi/urdu and duly honoured the Seniormost woman of the audience since it was the International Women’s Day.

March 8th is also the birthday of Sahir Ludhianvi and Mr.Mobin played the tune of Jo Waada Kiya Woh Nibaana Padega on the flute to the delight of the audience. Oh Nanhe Se Farishte, Kehdo Koyi Na Kare Yahan Pyaar, Subah Na Aayee Shaam Na Aaye, Mathalab Nikal Gaya Hai To … were some of the other gems from the genial police officer for the evening.

Music teacher and singer spoke on how Rafi could sing any genre of songs and went on to sing the high pitched nationalistic number : Guroor Brahma, Guroor Vishnu, Guroor Devo, Maheshwara Jahan Daal Daal Par Sone Ke Chidiya Karti Hai Basera… pulling the audience in to rapt attention and then skilfully switching on to “Na Jhatko Zulf Se Paani“, Saaz Ho Tum, Aawaz Hoon Mai, attracting a whole lot of admirers to his style of singing.

Playbacki Singer Mohd.Aziz (Munna Azis) too turned up and sang the tribute number : Mohd Rafi Tu Bahut Yaad Aaya and said : ” I sing my songs for my bread but I sing Rafi songs for my inner happiness”. Munna Azis further said, how on a concert tour with Lataji, he sang twenty two songs of Rafi Saheb when Lataji had a sore throat at Hong Kong. The audience lapped up all of it and the organiser was very happy and said, Mohd Rafi Nahin Hai To Itna Popular Hai…. Agar Abhi Hamare Saath Hota Toh Kya Hota?……..

Singer Mohd Aziz crooning the number - Mohd Rafi Tu Bahut Yaad Aaya - at Naushad Hall
Singer Mohd Aziz crooning the number – Mohd Rafi Tu Bahut Yaad Aaya – at Naushad Hall

A notable part of the evening was the presentation of two great pictures of Mohd Rafi Saaheb to Rafi Foundation by Rafi lovers Mr.Shirish Kulkarni and Mr.Shabhir Jetpurwala. Rafi Foundation will have such Musicals every SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH and the next programme is on 12th April at the same Naushad Hall from 6.30 p.m. onwards.

Photos from the event:

Mr.Syed Mobin welcoming Mr.Shabhir Jetpurwala who presented a Rafi Picture to Rafi Foundation - at Naushad Hall.jpgMr.Syed Mobin welcoming Mr.Mohd Aziz and lt is Kakaji Naushad - At Naushad Hall.jpgMr. Nanji Bahadur the 87 year old veteran musician in performance -  At Naushad Hall.jpgMr.Shirish Kulkarni presenting the Mohd Rafi framed Picture sketched by Sonali to Rafi Foundation members. Binu Nair, Kakaji Naushad, Salim and Parmar - at Naushad Hall.jpgMusic Composer Raghavji enthralling the audience - at Naushad Hall.jpgSinger Mohd Aziz crooning the number - Mohd Rafi Tu Bahut Yaad Aaya -  at Naushad Hall.jpg

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41 Blog Comments to “Saturday Night Fever – A Shower of Rafi Melodies”

  1. shakil says:

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    you tube-Rafi ki yadein live singershakil 0091-8806344555

  2. Rajesh Jain says:

    since i am a Rafi sahab worshipper, and a frequent visitor to ulhas nagar, so i would like to have the address of Shri Pritam Meghani ji, preferable on my mobile no. 09829013018 or my email id…. Rajesh Jain

  3. santosh says:

    rafi sahab is best sunger we had ever. sonu is best follower and debashish is very near to rafi saab as per his voice..

  4. rajesh Naik says:

    i am diehard fan of mohammad rafi. i want to comment on one thing in the website that there is too many negative reactions of the fans itself, due to that i want to send some photos which i have another thought whether i wish to send it or no. Mohdrafi website is very good and remarkably made. but there is some things we should take it very seriously is the comments. the comments should not be approved against any fans which can get negative thoughts in their minds. I feel good things we should think.

  5. Binu Nair says:

    shashank my friend : i too wish to see your name in print
    numerous times; but pls write sense and only about
    rafi ji and music personalities : for the present.

    it would sound pleasant.


    binu nair.

  6. Really I am lucky to be one of the rafian fan. Thanks to the Pradeepji (administrator of the website), Binuji (founder), Murtyji, Shirishji and other fans from your kind support to me to contribute some of the photos/articles infront of you all. And also i will contribute whatever i have to all the sites for myside and will support the rafi foundation forever.


  7. A S MURTY says:

    i find the recent spate of comments on one another by rafi-lovers is not in the good taste at all. friends, we are hear to express our opinion on rafi sahab primarily and on his qualities, his singing style, his magnanimous approach towards all in the film industry and outside, etc. we should all learn from his virtues in the first place to be eligible to be called as ‘rafians’. we are all from that section of our society which has gained a lot knowing rafi sahab from the closest quarters. various masterpieces of articles have been posted on these pages and much more qualitative comments and views have been expressed by very learned ‘rafians’ and music lovers alike. we should consider ourselves as very lucky to be from that section which boasts of the highest standards of civil society and take to newer heights by our farsightedness, clean approach and impeccable behaviour, both off the website and on it. our behaviour is the true reflection of our character and we alone are responsible for carrying it in esteem. our actions speak more than seem to do for now. good comments, not necessarily praising one another, will spread as much fragrance and will remain fresh ever. on the contrary negative comments will cause readers to scorn. we may be impulsive and post comments in a rush of blood. the so called anger or irritation will vanish in a couple of weeks time, but the mudslinging done under its influence will remain on these pages for a long long time. any amount of repentance or penance at a later date will not wash away these words of bad blood. every one of us has a point of view on almost anything said or done. yes we are free to express them too. we must confine ourselves to a self drawn boundary of decency beyond which one must not transgress. many good rafians are doing a lot of good work. they do it out of their passion for rafi sahab. they would not be able to gain anything substantial except goodwill from co-rafians and other music lovers. if we cannot appreciate their point of view it is still ok. we can simply ignore their deeds. if we like their kind of words, we can post our appreciation or even then keep silent. let us continue to be inspired by rafi sahab’s ideals and his songs, is it not ?? “nazar woh jo dushman pe bhi meherbaan ho, zubaan jo muhobbat ki daastaan ho” should be the dictum to follow. rafi-fans should be graded as the most cultured group and we should be the envy of the others by our spotless behaviour, knowledgeable write-ups and well researched commentary. there are thousands of groups on the website that indulge in all kinds of indecent chatting and e-exchange of views. for us that is a distant world we do not want to travel to. we have only one object and one subject – which is rafi sahab. if we cannot adhere to basic and cultured norms, why be on these pages at all ?? i have no business to give any advise and hence only post my views as they come to mind. as soon as i get tired of these ‘war of words comments’, i prefer to browse through other topics available on this website and get solace from what i read. still better, i do not post any comment of my own if a subject is drifting away from either the article in question or is dropping to personal levels. i prefer to stick to the essence of the articles and the related matters only. i am sure this will be the order for most of us and this will enhance the quality of our activities on this website.

  8. I request Shirishji as a friend can u contribute any article/photo which u have collected from your side coz we have discussed and also someone have given the comment on this basis that in dharwad there is a procession of rafisahab for his death anniversary. Have u done anythng about it. I am from Dharwad, but can u contribute somethng about in this site so the rafian fans can know detailly from u. So, the comments u have given is very easy, but try to contribute for this great legend and then see how much u will be happy that we respect so much for this legend. Plz. dont write any article which u have not seen clearly in this site and also dont say anything to the administrator about it. whtever he have done it is correct and for a long time i was just thnking and also shared with my friends and a close friend from goa. You are not the one of rafian fan we all are there. So, contribute something for this great legend. We fans will wait for ur contribution now. In future dont comment/insult any rafian fans before knowing anythng where millions of fans contribute somethng tomorrow. I will be happy for this if u can send some photos/articles which u have collected not from others. ok. thanks.

  9. thank u for the comments binuji. “Best of Luck” for the programme which I will miss this programme I feel coz i will no be available, but i will contribute the photos/articles in also. Dont worry. I am not confused, but happy that Mr.Pradeepji gave a chance to publish whatever i have collected. As u are my elder brother dont mistaken about this issues. Whatever u wanted from me i will help Mr.Binuji and Shirishji. I will thank all the Rafian fans for the appreciation. Thanks Murtyji as a father to me and else where Mr.Pradeepji, Heartly thanks to u.


  10. binus2000 says:

    Post 30 re : shashank ji are u confused????? vikas ji wrote not
    about rafi foundation which is growing in leaps and bounds. i am in
    touch soulfully with vikas ji and he was writing about another
    organisation – not rafi foundation. this organisation “flaunted” their
    photographs and forgot about rafi ji.

    besides please note that i am getting “immune” to trifles and my
    mission is more important. I hope u get it.

    Ur verbal apologies are accepted and we are meeting on the 12th
    shashank ji….

    binu nair.

  11. Pradeep says:

    All, request your kind attention at . The tribute and event photos have been moved to a dedicated album – Mohd Rafi Fans.

  12. Dont misunderstand me Binuji, Shirishji for this kind of issues. I have wrote a letter to the administrator to delete my photo from the site. its clear that this website is a parent site of rafisahab. So, i dont want any issues from that Binuji. I respect, but it does not mean that i should be pointed out for no reason. Plz. read wht Mr.Vikasji wrote to u and Plz. just clear it wht other fans needed from this site. Shashank is not one of them, i love and like ths sites and programes, but i contribute from my kind heart. But we should not mix rafisahab’s photo with our programme photos thats all. Its clear indication for all the fans. And Pradeepji i thanks for the rafian fans request. This is the fact, why coz Binuji i write good comments and i am positively thnking for this and i will support the foundation and site also. Just thnk from the other rafian fans also. I request Binuji and shirishji that this parent site should have 2 sections of photo gallery and nothing wrong has been done by me or the administrator. Just thnk from rafifoundation also, i will contribute whtever i have. So, dont feel bad wht i have written. Just read wht Mr.Vikasji or others written to u. I also felt bad when somebody write somethng to u. I respect and support u/sites also.

  13. Knowing Shashank personally, i was a bit disappointed with his letter. He was present during that programme. He knows all the photos were of singers who performed that day. The other photo was that of presentation of Rafi Sahab’s portrait, which is displayed quite prominently. Then where is the scope for any grouse?. I also feel that the administrator acted in haste in removing all the photograps of the programme based on a flimsy request.
    Shirish Kulkarni

  14. binus2000 says:

    Re: Post 26 : advice to pradip ji…

    shashank ji, are u telling the administrator to publish only your
    photographs along with rafi ji’s………

    please come clear…

    binu nair, mumbai

  15. binus2000 says:

    shashank ji : ur message is very much unclear and i have been seeing
    ur pictures in 2 websites. I s it right to put ur pictures and not put
    rafi lovers pictures…. are u trying to tell this..???????

    May i tell u that rafi ji loves his fans and i have seen the great man
    observing his fans “very very keenly” at mumbai’s shanmukhananda

    rafi ji’s family members too love rafi fans and i have experienced it.

    it will be nice to enjoy our music and stop advising others what to do
    or not to do….


  16. pradeepji,

    I request as a rafian fan, plz publish only rafisahab’s photos who is contributing with a great way. There is some mails to me where some of them with me not happy, only publishng program photos not rafisahab’s photos. there is millions of people browse ths website how they will find. i am one of them when i asked my close friend to browse, he just commented to me where is rafisahab photos there only fans photos. so awkward remark from them. Plz. keep it clean. Only rafi’s photos should be published from the rafian fans now. when we are contributing to such an great playback, kuch tho respect dijiye rafisahab ko. plz. dont do ths thngs. we want all the fans photos should be deleted and plz publish in other sites. thank u

  17. xxx says:


    since you have a good knowledge on sj so i would like to ask you that we all know that sj prefered mukesh, manna in the early fifties and even in mid 50s , from 1949-1959 rafi ji hardly sang 30-40 songs for sj if i am not wrong, but it was the movie “love marriage(1959) ” from where this fruitful association start.. all the songs from this movie were gems… what is your take on this movie?? rafi ji soundig great as always…

    also there is a song from very early of 60s when shankar composed trendsetter solo for rafi in a very fast tempo possibly in a raag “yahoo”.. pancham & l-p were the great fans of this song and in later they composed similar type of songs by getting inspired … lp composed in raag “ooo-ooo” with rock n roll rhythm and pancham composed it in raag “huh-huh” with same tempo as that of shankar’s song….
    what to do you think of these three rafi ji solos??

    also please throw some light on lesser known arrangers of s-j — Enoch Daniels, Uttam Singh & Dheeraj Kumar…..

  18. binus2000 says:

    for xxx… sure , after 12th april and before 25th i would post as
    an article or a response….

    binu nair… rafi foundation…

  19. myk says:

    Dear Korti-ji,

    Have you by any chance met Rajesh Roshan ?. I would like to know your take on the RR-Rafi combo. RR was one of Rafi’s best latter-day MD’s, and Rafi had a special way of singing RR songs (just as he did for all other composers).

  20. xxx says:

    binu ji,

    great work from your side, good luck and keep it up, i wish that i could be there at naushad hall…..

    by the way sir, just want to remind you that few days ago you wrote that you will post the translated version of tribute to our great rafi ji by c ramchandra.. it would be great pleasure if you manage some time from your hectic schedule and post that tribute here for all of us…

    thank you…..

  21. vikas sharma says:

    can anybody please tell me from where i can download rafi sahib’s punjabi songs free.Please tell me any useful website from which the punjabi songs of rafi sahib are available i m desperately looking for them


  22. binus2000 says:

    saturday night fever – part II : on 12th april at sion-koliwada’s
    naushad hall will one of india’s great leg spin bowler crooning
    the immortal and eternal number : Oh, duniya ke rakhwale.
    he is none other than padmakar shivalkar who talked with folded
    hands : whenever i talked about rafi saaheb last sunday. he is our
    guest of the evening.

    and javed shakeel son of shakeel badayuni will be there too along
    with dr.hebber the physician to rafiji, naushad ji and shakeel saheb.

    saturday night “rafi” fever – part II is not to be missed.

    binu nair…. rafi foundation…..

  23. binus2000 says:

    rafi ji lovers ……….thanks for all the accolades given.
    rafi ji is the cause and reason for the musical celebrations and i think
    all the credits ought to be given to the immortal rafi ji.

    binu nair., mumbai.

  24. Rehana Rafi-Nazir says:

    Looks like the Saturday night event was a great success! Once again, it’s very touching to know that great work and effort like this has been put towards reminiscing my late Grandfather.

    A heartful congratulations to Mr Binu Nair and the Rafi Foundation team for making the magic of Mohammed Rafi live on! 😉

  25. I was really lucky to meet Mr.Nanji Bahadur took his blessings also. I met Mohd Aziz and some other artists. It was the first program I went and enjoyed a lot. Lot of Rafian fans came to this program. Mr.Vohraji sang a superb song “basti basti parbat parbat” from the film Railway Platform and others sang some songs also. Mr.Mobinji played 2 songs in a flute what a remarkable songs he had played. I felt that Mohdrafisahab was there with us one time. Remarkable!!!!!!. Well done by Binuji, Kakaji, shirishji and others.

  26. binus2000 says:

    April second saturday is 12 th – and is the day of the ‘RAFI MUSICAL
    BONANZA’, FROM 6.30 P.M. ONWARDS at naushad hall, sion-koliwada.

    The chief guests are : Smt. Madhubala Jhaveri (rafi colleague and playback
    singer) javed shakeel badayuni, mr.majmudar (singer) , umesh makhija,
    pritam meghani(author of rafi encyclopedia) .

    Rafi lovers are invited and its informed that “every second saturday”
    of the month rafi lovers would hold musical gatherings and tribute
    mohd rafi saaheb.

    more, every last sunday of the month, sargam music will hoist
    listening sessions, singing sessions and music gatherings at
    b o r i v l i – mumbai. music lovers are invited to get in touch with us
    and we are “too happy” to announce that these two regular
    “events” are getting great support from music lovers of the
    mumbai suburbs.

    long live rafi saaheb; long live the golden period of hfm…..

    let a thousand flowers bloom alongwith rafi ji songs.

    binu nair.
    rafi foundation, mumbai.
    cell : 9833 250 701

  27. biman baruah says:

    Respected Binu Nair Ji

    my heartiest congratulations to you and all the team members . It was a very nice team work and grand success of it due to painful efforts of all members.

    long live the memories of great Rafi Saheb.

    “Mohabbat Zinda Rehti Hai Mohabbat Maar Nahin Sakti”

    with warm regards
    biman baruah
    sivasagar, assam

  28. With the keen interest shown among Rafian s all over the world Rafi Saheb community is propelling forward with much thrust. Rafi Saheb deserves Bharat Ratna we all should join hands to gether to see he gets this from Indian Government. I feel this will be a true contribution from us to the Legend. Rafi Saheb foundation in Hyderabad is also growing from leaps to bonds all the important members of Rafi Saheb Foundation Hyderabad should also work out such programmes which is being conducted in Bombay.

  29. Vikram says:

    Keep it up Mr. Nair. Hats off to you and your brilliant team members. We are all proud of you.

  30. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Congrates Mr. Binu Nair! A very nice way to pay homage to the greatest Rafi Saheb.

  31. unknow says:

    you are people so lucky in Bombay because there are programms on Mohd Rafi in ur city I hope there will be programs all over the world on Mogd Rafi to show Indain Gov’t that gift of God more bigger than than your Bharat ratan award.a singer like Mohd Aziz who was at the top of the singers on day and he never said that he can sing better than Mohd Rafi,I remmber in Dubai when people said him to sing mohd rafi songs he said that I will try to sing Mohd Rafi but please don’t compare me with Mohd Rafi because I am nothing if u compare me with Mohd Rafi.but when they asked Kummar Sanu that why u copy KK the answer was that KK and answer that I was new comer also when KK came he copied!!!!!!!!!!1

  32. Thanks for posting this wonderful article and photographs of the events it was splendid to see how Rafi saheb is being revered by Rafians all over the world. It was pleasant to see Bhai shree Mohammed Aziz saheb performing in this events. My admiration for the one and only Rafi saheb was possible only through Mohd Azizsaheb because in my childhood (1987-1988) there was probably only one voice heard throughout hindi songs was Munna Aziz’s voice. Ofcourse no individual can come near the greatness of the legendary Mohd Rafi saheb but i even find pleasure in the songs of Rafi saheb sung by Munna Aziz. Mr. Binu Nair thanks for these wonderful event and God bless you for keeping the memory of our Rafi saheb fresh in the mind of the new generation.

  33. Saifullah says:

    Hats off to you all, Binu Nair and company!!!!
    You have been doing wonderfully well to spread the Rafi legacy among today’s generation and I really appreciate the efforts you people are taking.
    Keep up the good work and may God bless all of you

  34. congratulations,mr.binu nair, I thank and wish all the best for you and all other participants. Rafi Sahab is immortal as Ram Bhakt Hanuman. with regards, Sanjaya Srivastava, IPS, 28th Bn. PAC, Etawah.

  35. binus2000 says:

    the above musical rafi evening was a “runaway success” due to
    the painstaking efforts of the last one year in which a “team”
    is now in place.

    my thanks and credits are due to this “dedicated team” of rafi lovers
    who gave us their valuable time, trust and money and gave us
    hope to perform even better – for the love of rafi saaheb.

    thank you my team of rafi lovers…..

    binu , rafi foundation, mumbai…

  36. binus2000 says:

    dear rafi lovers: can someone out there mail me two songs :
    woh hum na the woh tum na the and the other rafi asha beauty
    meri tasweer leke kya karoge, tum, meri tasveer leke……

    i am yearning for it friends………………..


    binu nair.@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    cell + 9833 250 701… mumbai….

  37. binus2000 says:

    dear rafi lovers: the rafi lovers are knitting themselves in to a large
    family ; we could call it a ‘rafi c l a n” – and it has been wonderful so
    far. Let the magic of rafi saaheb flower and flow; this is the need of
    the hour.

    every second saturday rafi lovers meet and on 12th april we would
    be honouring rafi colleagues and rafi lovers like Madhubala jhaveri
    (playback singer), umesh makhija, pritam meghani (author),
    padmakar shivalkar(leg-spin bowler, coach, singer and ardent
    rafi lover along with few other rafi lovers.

    It will b e a memorable evening “never to be missed” and
    please take ur seats by 6.30 p.m sharp as last time around audiences
    were left standing in the Naushad hall.

    Binu nair,
    rafi foundation, mumbai…9833 250 701

  38. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Binu Nair,
    Lot of cheers and admiration for you and all other partcipants, who gatherered on this splended and memorable event for this Awaz ka Badshah, Mohd. rafi saheb.
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,
    Chicago, Il-

  39. A S MURTY says:

    Hearty congratulations to the Rafi foundation for having organised the event where such veterans and successful persons gathered and sang Rafi Sahab’s songs. Kudos for staging such a mega event in the memory of rafi sahab. The photographs too reveal the commitment of all those present and the effect that it may have produced on the audience. it is also commendable that such events will be organised every second saturday and hope the next programme on 12th april 2008 is as much a success. congratulations once again to all concerned for organizing such a grand show. mr binu nair ji and all others in the rafi foundation are doing tremendous work. congratulations from abadrafi (the hyderabad chapter of the rafi foundation).

  40. binus2000 says:

    a typo/correction and photo credits:

    the music teacher, singer and rafi bhakt is shri raghav ji who sang
    na jhatko julf se paani and the opening lines of : Jahan daal daal par
    sone ke chidhiya…….. the marvel from rajendra krishna tuned by
    hansraj behl, sung by rafi ji.

    six photographs : first: acp mobin thanking shabbir bhai for the rafi ji
    pictures. seen along rt. is kakaji jogindar pal.

    picture 2 : acp mobin welcoming play back singer mohd azis.

    picture 3 : Nanji Bahadur ji senior musician , rafi-saighal saaheb
    colleague showing his singing skills at age 87.

    picture 4 : the rafi ji portrait presented by shirish kulkarni (not seen)

    Picture 5 : shri raghav ji belting the na jhatko julf se paani number

    and lastly shri munna aziz addressing/singing rafi ji tribute song.

  41. M. Saleem says:

    How I wish I was there

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