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Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi Attains Immortality on July 31…

This info is shared by Mr. Binu Nair

Mohd RafiSaturday Night Rafi Fever – "Part V" at Mumbai’s Naushad Hall. JULY 31, 1980 is the day of Legendary singer Mohd Rafi leaving us and becoming "IMMORTAL". Rafi Saaheb is easily one of those rarest of rare personality who is remembered each passing day with music lovers and fans visiting his final resting place at Juhu Mosque showering petals n flowers all round the year.

And on July 31st there is a cresendo of Rafi lovers from all walks of life, from many parts of the country thronging Rafi’s burial site and spending the day meeting fellow Rafi lovers. In his life time itself Mohd Rafi was a LEGEND and during the course of the last 28 years of his passing away, his works and his life has become part of ‘un-erasable folklore" and music history.

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Foundation members will be present at the Juhu Mosque on July 31st and also hold a tribute musical programme on july 12 at mumbai’s naushad hall at koliwada opp. Hotel Mini Punjab from 6.30 p.m. onwards. (Saturday)

The list of songs and singers is given below:

1. Dekhi Zamana ki Yaari Mr.Laxman
2. Yaad Na Jaaye Bite dinon ki Mr.Kumar
3. Meri Kahani bhool ne waale Mr.Kakaji Naushad
4. Sukh ke sab saathi Mr.Kakaji Naushad
5. Dil Ke Jharoke mein tujhko.. Mr.Ashok Khare
6. Mai Kahin kavi na ban jaaoo Mr.Ashok Khare
7. Kaun hai jo sapnon me aaya Mr.Kumar
8. Yeh duniya yeh mehfil Mr.Sayeed Mobin
9. Banda Parivar, thaam lo jigar Mr.Ashish
10 Diwana Mujhsa Nahin, Mr.Kumar
11 Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi Mr.Kakaji Naushad
12 Sau baar janam lenge Mr.Sayeed Mobin
13 Koi jab raah na paaye Mr.Saeed Mobin
14 Chal udh jaa re panchi Mr.Ashok Khare
15 Aaja ke intezar mein Mr.Kumar
16 Diwana hua baadal Mr.Kumar/Aparna
17 Diwaane hai diwaane ko na Mr Kumar/Aparna
18 Hum tum se juda hokar Mr Ashok Khare
19 Tum bin jaaon kahan… To Finalise
20 Oh door ke musafir Mr.Kakaji Naushad
21 Tu kahan yeh batah Mr. Iyer
22 Hum bekhudi me tumko Mr Kakaji Naushad
23 Aasman se aaya farishta Mr.Kumar
24 Saathi na koyi manzil Mr Kakaji Naushad
25 Mera man pyaasa, mera ma Mr.Menon

Singers and Rafi Lovers wishing to take part please get in touch with us:

Binu Nair
Rafi Foundation

For further details pls contact : cell : 9833 250 701 or cell 9821615945 or 9820452562 or write to

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20 Blog Comments to “Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi Attains Immortality on July 31…”

  1. Chandan Keni. says:

    Rafi saheb’s voice is as good as blessing of god for me…..what I really get is satisfaction from it……

  2. Jayesh Jadav says:

    Rafi saheb is the greatest indian playback singer. rafi saheb’s golden voice & quality of songs are rare treasures for music industry. it is a fact that that rafi saheb is more popular now than ever before & his songs sell much more than songs of other singers. i am sad that till after 29 years ‘Bharat Ratna’ is not conferred to mohammad rafi saheb which is tearful & equally painful for millions of music lovers. All music lovers should do something and approach the concerned authority and ensure that rafi saheb gets that award for which he truly deserves.

  3. Binu Ji Adab
    Aap ki lagan aur aap ka kaam dekhar Humar bhi dil karta hai ke pakistan main bhi hum isitarha rafi shab ke liye kuchh karen.kun ke rafi sahab ke chane wale pakistan main bhi kam nahin’ yahan bbhi woh utne hi pasand kiye jate hain jitna ke kahin aur unko pasnad kiya jata hoga woh AWAAZ hi aesi thi ke koi us bhula nahin payge kabhi,
    Rafi shab WE LOVE U

  4. shamma-e-rafi ke parwano!
    aaj ek baar phir wohi maqaam aaya hai jisse guzarna hamaray dilon pe khanjar chalne se kam nahi, wohi manhoos 31 july,wohi din jis ne hum se hamare sooraj ko chheen liya aur music ki duniya mein taareeki phailadi. sach kahoon to ab mausiqui ki duniya mein sewa andheron ke aur kuchh bhi nahi aise mein kuchh hai to is andheron ke parde ko chheerti hui wohi noorani aawaz hai jo aaj bhi apne naghmon ke zaria hamare dilon ke andhere door kar rahi hai. kaash aisa ho paata ke allah hum jaise chund logon ki zindagi ke aiyyaam bhi rafi saheb ki zindagi mein jod deta,to aaj hum uss farishte uss aawaz ke khuda se mahroom to na hotay. naghmon ka safar to aaj bhi jaari hai, lekin woh raah-numa ab kahan??

    kahan se laaoon woh woh lazzat gayi baharon ki…
    tumharay saath gayi roshni chiraghon ki,

    aayen hum sab uss paak rooh ki taskeen ke liye milkar dua karen kyun ke ab hamare haathon mein sewa dua karne ke aur kuchh bhi nahi jo us shakhs ko nazar kar saken.

    tere geeton mein baaqi ab talak woh soz hai lekin

    woh pehle phool barsaate thay,ab daman bhigote hain


    hum tujhe yuuun bhula na payengay
    jab kabhi bhi sunengay geet tere
    sang sang hum bhi gungunaengay

    jawaid naseem

  5. Siva says:

    Thanks Mr Sandeep Pahwa for post #15-the link is actually :
    I request all Rafi fans to read the article-nice one.
    By the way what is happening to this site-we never see much comments/articles from regulars like Mr Haldar,Mr AS Murthy, Mr Guru murthy, Mr Narayan, Mr XXX-, Mr Anil Cherian–just to name a few (sorry-I missed many others -pl pardon my poor memory).
    Of late it is mostly the endless feud between KK and our angel. Why not bring back more focused articles or comments about our farishta’s singing style, songs etc. Let us move away from these unsavoury negative comments on other singers and keep talking more about Rafi sahab.

  6. sundeep pahwa says:

    this info is for all rafi fans pankaj vohra political
    editor hindustan times has written in his blog on
    mohd rafi on his death annv. pl visit his sits
    2009/07/29. sundeep

  7. samiullah says:

    mohd. rafi a name which gives happy to heart & soul. there is no any proper words which defines rafi saab character and voice.
    he is not king of voice,but he is emperor of voice and singers.

    for more details call me at


    The Lagend Mohammed Rafi is one singer, which are created by GOD for true lovers. he was a GOD gifted person and this type persons creates one in three century. LOVE AND NOTHING WITHOUT LOVE

  9. hamida khalid says:

    Md.Rafi Saheb,
    He was the greatest gift God has given to Indian flim Industry. He is the greatest legend and he will be remembered in this world, till this world is in existence. He has sung songs in all the moods and moments, he is the King of playback singing, and his voice was a God gift. No one can be like him he was Unique and be remembered ever and ever.

    Hamida khalid

  10. MOHAMMED RAFI is most versatile and talented singers Indian film industry has ever produced. Though he passed away 28 years ago on July 31, 1980, he continues to live in the hearts of millions of his fans in India and abroad. Mohammed Rafi had an immortal, melodious voice. He was trained in classical music and had an unparalleled range. Rafi conveyed different shades of emotions through his songs whether romantic, sad, classical, devotional, ghazals . He could sing every kind of song with an ease and perfection that made him the uncrowned king of Indian playback singing. The range and peak of his voice is unparalled.. He could change notes of a song from low to high and low in miraculous way.. With his singing Urdu language found new popularity in India and abroad

    rafi fan have gul -bloch movie song??

  11. Acharya says:






  12. arun gautam says:

    तुम मुझे यूं भुला न पाओगे
    जब कभी भी सुनोगे गीत मेरे
    संग संग तुम भी गुनगुनाओगे

    अरुण गौतम

  13. K.J.Ravi says:

    31 July 1980 marked a watershed in film music. That day was one of the most tragic days ever. The world was deprived of a phenomenal voice and an equally phenomenal human being. All of us music lovers are, nevertheless, grateful for the seemingly inexhaustible treasury of songs left behind by Rafi Sahab. Every day we discover new nuances and new subtleties in the numerous gems that Rafi Sahab has bequeathed to us. May all programmes to be held in memory of this farishta on 31 July 2008 be highly successful.

  14. Imran Rustam says:

    Dear Rafians,

    Rafi Sb. was, is & will be legend. He is still alive in the shape of his immortal songs which can never be forgot. Day by day, fans of Rafi Sb. are increasing and this process will continue in future as well. Once a person listen to Rafi Sb. then he just become Rafian as I am……………….

  15. Binu Nair says:

    hussein sheikh saaheb : a request : please send me the song if possible : the number is : bichad gaye sab baari baari from kagaz ke phool.
    and please do not change this nice e.mail i.d. of yours.

    binu nair.. mumbai.

  16. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb departed from this world, but is still alive in the heart of millions and millions. People will never forget Rafi Saheb.

  17. AHAMED KUTTY Pazhayannur says:

    Dear Rafians,
    There is a speciality for this year 31st July.It is coming
    on thurseday the same as 31st july 1980 in which legend
    mohamed rafi saab died.

    The legend who has given life for thousands,joy for millions
    sleeping in Juhu mosque graveyard.he has given music a
    difference which nobody has given and cannot give.The grave
    in which the “sulthan” is sleeping do not have his name on it.
    but he made his rafians to keep his name in golden letters
    in their hearts for ever.

  18. Shahbaz says:

    Greetings to all Rafians!
    i have never seen a singer which is appreciated at such level instead of Muhammad Rafi Sahib. Nevertheless in late singers K. L. Sehgal, K. K. Mukesh and Talat Mahmood were definately great singer, but there were/are not appreciated at that level where Muhammad Rafi is. I think, this is greatness of A Playback singer and a Human Being. Allah has showerd his great blessings on Muhammad Rafi.

  19. Binu Nair says:

    the twenth july music evening and tribute show will begin at sharp 6.30 p.m. and the guest singer will be ashok khare who has given 27 tribute shows in memory of rafi saaheb – non-stop every july 31st.
    two other guest singers are : mr.laxman the 72 year rafi bhakt from borivli and mr.arvind from kanjur marg who is also doing a tribute show on july 31 at the 1500 seats kalidas auditorium. we welcome them.

    as usual the programme will commence at naushad hall with a prayer song. and as usual we would observe a 2 minute silence and remember our legends and our near and dear ones.
    for programme details and singer selection and song selections, please contact kakaji naushad at above numbers which find mention in this news report .

    binu nair, rafi foundation.

  20. Binu Nair says:

    the hyderabad unit of rafi foundation hosted a grand musical on 5th july and the memories of this musical will not fade away very early from the minds of 200 odd music lovers .
    nostalgia was in the air with mubarak begum and jamuna (heroine of the lip synched memorable song : mujhko apne galle laga lo) attending the function.
    mr. murthy a.s. and samarjit acharya along with the team worked very hard and a full detail is coming soon from hyderabad.
    with hyderabad joining along with delhi, bangalore, calcutta, calicut, kanhangad, mangalore staging rafi saaheb songs, the rafi foundation is attaining its purpose – in the first year itself.
    i am happy that a.s.murthy and his team has indeed stole a march by its professional staging of their first event and they are bound to grow. Now, look out for august 17th rafi evening at bangalore. narayan , gururaj , ashok bajaj and their team are working hard.

    best of luck for taking the “rafi magic” ahead and the flag of indian music flying – high.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai,

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