Mohd Rafi 77th Birthday Special

To commemorate Rafi Sahab's 77th Birthday, we bring you a live video program organized by Golden Tunes on 1st December 2001. Golden Tunes is also organizing a show on Rafi Sahab on his 77th Birthday - Rafi Sahab Ki Yaad Mein.

The video program is divided into three parts. Currently we have only two parts. Pretty soon we will update this page with the third part, so please check back again.

I would like to thank everybody who wished our dearest Rafi Sahab on his 77th Birthday.

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Mohd Rafi Musical Night
(In real video format)
Part 1 (73 MB)
45 Minutes playback
Part 2 (54.3 MB)
33 Minutes playback



The stage...



Seema Amre - Organizer

Surendra Amre - Organizer

Syed M singing Aaj Mausam

Ashok K singing Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

Sandhya P singing Tum Mujeh Yun

Rocky singing Taarif Karun Kya

Ashok K & Sandhya P

The Orchestra

With the closure of, all the media files have been unlinked.

Part 1 consists : (Download - 73 MB)

  • Introduction

  • Aaj Mausam - Syed Mazhar

  • Jaane Walon Zara - Syed Mazhar

  • Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon - Ashok Khare

  • Deewana Mastana - Ashok Khare & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Yeh Reshmi Zulphen - Ashok Khare

  • Sodhishi Manava - Ashok Khare

  • Do Sitaaron Ka Zameen - Ashok Khare & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Tum Tho Pyar Ho - Ashok Khare & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Taarif Karun Kya - Rocky

  • Dil Tera Deewana - Rocky & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Chaudavin Ka Chand - Rocky

  • Paon Chu Lene Do - Sandhya & Rocky

  • Trivia about Rafi Sahab

  • Abhi Na Jaavo Chod Kar - Syed

Part 2 consists : (Download - 54.3 MB)

  • Uden Jab Jab Zulfen Teri - Rocky & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Aaja Aaje Mein Hun Pyar - Rocky & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Introduction & Announcement

  • Tum Mujeh Yun - Sandhya Paradkar

  • Khoya Khoya Chand - Ashok Khare

  • Dil Jo Na Kehsaka - Ashok Khare

  • Dil Pukaare - Ashok Khare & Sandhya Paradkar

  • Lal Chadi - Ashok Khare

Part 3 coming soon

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