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Awaz-e-Ishq – book on distinctive characteristic of Rafi Sahab’s singing modality and his extremely exquisites voice

July 31st, 2014

This book is not the biography of Mohammad Rafi Sahib, nor a collection of his songs with the sequence of time. As a student of music, I’ve made an effort to write something on distinctive characteristic of his singing modality and his extremely exquisites voice. The life journey; childhood; stay in Lahore and initial engagements; start of singing in Bombay; rise to excellence; then the happenings of 70s and death – on all these aspects written material is available but it’s superficial and provides only a limited information. Read More »

Mohd Rafi Lovers to Pay Tributes at his Juhu Graveyard

July 31st, 2014

Today July 31st, innumerable Mohd Rafi Lovers will assemble at Juhu Mosque Grave where he was laid to rest after the legendary singer suffered a massive heart attack in 1980.

Three days prior to July 31st Rafi had recorded few lines for Laxmikant Pyarelal for movie Aas Paas : “Tu kahin aas paas hai dost” which became his last song. “Acha main chalu“? was the parting words of the legendary singer to Laxmikant Pyarelal – while having his last walk from Mehboob studios to his Bandra home. Read More »

Playback from the Past

July 31st, 2014

Playback from the past

In the present times we see a lot of biopic films being produced, where the era of 1950s to 1970s is portrayed on screen. Going back in time means highlighting the fashion of that era. We see characters wearing bell bottom trousers with high heel shoes; printed shirts with large round collars along with specific 70s era hair style with covered ears. To an extend the popular cars and trucks of that era along with steam locomotives become part of the biopic. Majority steam locomotives have been phased out by the Indian Railways, only a few are currently maintained at the Rewari rail workshop near Delhi. Most of these incredible machines see their role in the current biopics and earn good revenue for the Indian Railways. Read More »

The Concert of My Dreams – Part 2

June 22nd, 2014

The Concert of My Dreams - Part 2

After the break Shashi Kapoor walks on stage wearing a white suit. Owing his success to Rafi, he states that his career took off through films like “Kanyadan“, “Pyar Ka Mausam” & “Jab Jab Phool Khile“. But the song which he would request Rafi Sahab to sing is from “Naina“, “Hum Ko To Jaan Se Pyari Hai Yeh Tumhari Aanken“. He talks about his co-star in this song, Rajshree, who had one of the most fabulous eyes (“Kasam Se Aaj Bhi Un Aakhon Mein Doob Jaane to Jee Chahtaa Hai “) dedicating the song to her eyes. Rafi Sahab sings the song bringing back the old memories on early 70s. Read More »

Letters for Bharat Ratna Campaign 2014

June 8th, 2014

Mohammed Rafi ko  Bharat Ratna Award  Kyon Nahin?

I Sanjeev Kumar Dixit from Lucknow, prepared a letter in FOUR formats for PM, PRESIDENT, MEDIA AND FOR OTHERS. I has been posted the letter on 31/05/2014 to our respected PM MR. NARENDRA MODI JI. I am also sending the english version of main letter also. Read More »

Book Review: Mohammed Rafi – My Abba A Mémoire

June 1st, 2014

Mohammed Rafi - My Abba A Memoire

Having just finished reading “Mohammed Rafi – My Abba A Mémoire” I must admit I am some what disappointed. What I expected to be anecdotes and insight into the life of the greatest Hindi playback singer in Bollywood history turned out to be far from that. An analogy would be that you buy Chicken burgers from the super market only to find that it only contains 20% chicken. Read More »

The Concert of My Dreams – Part 1

May 25th, 2014

The Concert of My Dreams - Part-1

If God would say, ask for one boon. Some would ask for fame, some would like to be a billionaire, some would ask for power, but I will say give a few moments with Rafi Sahab. Perhaps a boon which even God cannot fulfill, “Kyon Ki Jaane Wale Kabhi Loat Kar Nahi Aate, Jaane Walon Kee Yaad Aati Hai“. This is what gives rise to fantasy or fiction and often makes us imagine something away from reality. I often dream of Rafi Sahab living beyond 1980. Based on my imagination I thought of writing a few words which has no reference to any incident in the past. Read More »

The World of Rafi / Rafi ka Sansar : A Voyage into the Melodious World of Mohammad Rafi

April 13th, 2014

Cover of the book - World of Rafi

Thousands of unforgettable songs of Mohammad Rafi, sung in an unmatched mellifluous voice, have created a unique world of Melody and Music, which has become a pious abode for millions of his fans and music lovers alike. This world has no geographical boundaries; music is its religion and credo: Rafi is its presiding deity and the vast number of his fans his ardent devotees. Read More »

I would also wish to make a request to all Rafians out there, If you find any news or articles on Rafi Saab, or want to publish your own, please email them to me. I would like to thank Mr. Ashish Bhushan, Ms. Nalini Ramji, Mr. Yoosuf, Mr. Aamir Raza, Ms. Nayak & Mr. Sajjad Qadir for all the help rendered.

We received an email from Mr. Raashid Rafi, Mohd Rafi's grandson.

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