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An Excerpt from Sonu’s Interview

This is an excerpt from sonu’s interview on Filmfare May 2002. Full article is available at

This is an excerpt from sonu’s interview on Filmfare May 2002. Full article

Sonu Nigam

Was being a Mohammed Rafi clone a disadvantage to begin with?

Believe it or now, it was! When I came to Mumbai I didn’t know Rafi Saab was such a taboo subject in the recording rooms. When I said Rafi Saab was my favourite singer I was told to sing like Kishore Kumar. I was like,”Oh God what have I got myself into!” By then the whole world knew I sounded like Rafi Saab. But I also knew that given a chance to break free from his style, my voice could be modulated to any extent. I knew I could do wonders.

For every song I was asked to sing I was told, “Iss mein Rafi Saab Ke Iss Gaane Ki Yaad Dilavo, Uss Gaane Ki Yaad Dilavo”. I used to wonder, “Kyon? Kyon mein yaad dilavun Rafi Saab Ki?”

Jatin Lalit, who later gave me some really good songs, used to say, “We’re waiting for a film in which we can make you sing the way Rafi Saab did for Shammi Kapoor?” Arre Bhai, kyon wait kar rahe ho? Mat wait karo na. Gimme a song where I can sing in my own style. Let’s move on. I’m a guy of today.

Irnonically, my favourite song by you – Mujeh raat din from Sangharsh is again in Rafi’s style.

Oh Yeah! But next time you listen to it, please look out for Kishore Kumar’s influences. Yes, Mujeh Raat Din from Sangharsh is a nice song.

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6 Blog Comments to “An Excerpt from Sonu’s Interview”

  1. Ketki Desai says:

    There cant be anyone like Rafi Saab..Forget sounding even remotely similar to this legend. Artists like these..dont want to mention any names, are highly mistaken, if people have compared thier voices or hoped that they would sound like Rafii saab..
    Honestly..I cant be bothered mate !! Truth prevails..
    Ketki, Aberdeen, Scotland.UK

  2. muhammad adeel says:

    hi, if you want to to know that the song “mujhe raat din bus” is in mohd rafi style then listen the mohd rafi song “mujhe dekh kar apka muskurana”.

  3. Rafistar says:

    Past singers had mature manly voices. Unfortunately in my opinion none of the present day singers have mature manly voice.

    Let me also say another thing don’t think that there will ever be someone as good as Rafi, Kishore or Mukesh. No one could come close to them let alone match them.

    So it is best to be original.

  4. Nasir says:

    I believe that just as the Original Legend, the Great Dilip Kumar has influenced four generations of film acting, likewise is the case with the Immortal Rafi Sahaab’s singing. This means, that if we find a singer whose voice has the tonal richness, great adaptiveness, command over diction and tunes, one is automatically reminded of Rafi Sahaab. But the other aspect of Rafi Sahaab, namely, his saintly disposition would be hard to find in the filmy world.


  5. Bonifacius says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

  6. shekhar says:

    hello mr rashid. i just want to tell u how lucky u r to be connected to rafi sahab in any ways. i wish i was in ur place too. i just wanted some exclusive photographs of rafi sahab when he used to sing during concerts. if i could also get certain information regarding how and where can i buy cds of rafi sahab performing live in shows. i will be more then eagerly waiting for ur reply.

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