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Wonder of India or the World?

This article is written by Chandan (Mr. K.S. Ramachandran).

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

We have been talking of the wonders of the world and of late I see wonders of India that was announced. All of us here in this great group would, I am sure, agree with me, that the wonder of “wonders” that this mother earth has bestowed on us is our dear Rafi Saab. More and more we talk about this great legend, we feel it is less and less. Probably a true exception to the concept of “diminishing marginal utility”!!

Many of us have listened to the songs of Rafi Saab literally every day and probably a million times through our clubs and various regional chapters but we seem to be not at all satisfied and we want to talk about this legend in one way or the other, more and more.

We keep singing his songs almost every moment. Was it the power of his voice or range or expressions with emotions or impeccable modulations or his inimitable style and rendition or it is just a perfect blend of all these factors? Perhaps it is…But I personally feel the quality of a singer and his/her humility somehow comes out in their singing and it shows positively in so many ways.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Saab was a human being far and far above all definitions of “human behaviors” and he radiated them so naturally. I have not been fortunate to meet Rafi Saab during his life time and I consider this as my most unfortunate lapse in my musical career. I somehow missed him. I however always dream and cherish the crazy thought of just hugging him tight. How wonderful it would be!

K.S.Ramchandran, the author of this article

K.S.Ramchandran, the author of this article

The wonder “Avtaar” of the Almighty in the form of Rafi Saab has been a great boon to all of us and we all must feel proud and also blessed to have been born at least during some part of his life time and also thank GOD for giving us those (y)ears to appreciate his musical excellence in every form.

May Rafi Saab’s music continue to flow across countries, every home, and soul for generations to come and beyond…

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22 Blog Comments to “Wonder of India or the World?”

  1. akhilesh giri says:


  2. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Chandan Saab,

    I couldnt have agreed more with every word you have written. Rafi Saab was nothing less than a wonder. I cannot help appreciating this fact everytime I listen to his songs. I am one of the unfortunate souls who could never meet Rafi Saab, and this will remain an unfullfilled wish for life.

    Thanks for writing so well in praise of the master.

    Rafi Saab – The Voice of God, Heart of Gold.
    Will there be anybody wih that combination ever again? Surely not.


  3. Chandramohan says:

    Rafi’s voice is the voice of GOD !

  4. Anil Cherian says:

    I am no big expert on singing or voices but I think I can add something to your observation on Rafi sahab’s voices broadening and widening out at higher notes.
    Rafi sahab’s vocal range itself was quite huge. He could go from about the ‘pa’ of the first octave (the 5th full piece of the harmonium) to the highest ‘sa’ (the last piece) of the harmonium. So when he sang at ‘ga’ or ‘ma’ (the usual higher notes in the Hindi Film songs) in the 3rd octave, he was well within his range and as a result sounded more comfortable than other male singers.
    Rafisahab almost always sang from his ‘nabhi’. According to Western musical classification, it is referred to as singing with ‘chest’ voice. Many of the male singers resort to singing with ‘head’ voice (singing from throat without much use of the ‘nabhi’) at higher notes because their chest voices simply fall apart at these level. Rafi sahab also used head voice at high notes, but by choice. When a male voice can hit these high ‘ga’, ‘ma’ etc. with a chest voice that stands firm, it is usually full, broad and strong and that is what happened with the Rafi voice at high notes.
    Please let me know if you find this post informative.

  5. P. Haldar says:

    dear chandan babu,

    although i had the good fortune of attending rafi saab’s concerts several times, I was not lucky enough to meet him in person. You might find it odd but every time I saw him set foot on stage, tears would naturally flow out of my eyes. I don’t know how to explain this behaviour of mine but I’ve known other people experiencing this too. We must be all emotionally linked to the farishta. Yesterday, as my taxi was passing through bandra on the way to the airport, a thought crossed my mind: bandra should have been renamed “rafiabad”. actually, after he passed way, there were murmurs in certain quarters that the name change would happen, but as with most promises, this promise was also not kept.

  6. unknow says:

    Mohd Radfi is not the 8th wonder of this world but the only wonder of the world.

  7. bobysaifi says:

    there is no dout that rafi shab was a great singer in our great india.

  8. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    dear chandanji,
    with great respect i have read your article.
    in one of my blogs,i have asserted that rafi saab
    is the 8th wonder of this written by one of
    his fans – “after the basic needs of humanity ; food,
    clothing and shelter – rafi saab’s song is a must”.
    he further continues like this “even if we are loosing
    our beloved one, we may may forget them within five
    or six years.but it is a painful thing that rafi saab
    left us since 29 years and it still create some sort of
    pain in our minds.” how correct it.i had an ambition to meet
    him personally,could not.i could live when he was alive,
    i could get his autographed photograph,i could visit his home
    where he lived once,i could visit his grave where he sleeping
    for ever,and i am one of his fans who is keeping him in my
    mind for ever………….

  9. Chandan says:

    Dear Mohan, Utthara, Narayan and all Rafi lovers,
    Thanks for your encouraging feedback and all your loving responses. It is such a great feeling to radiate kindness and love with all ever smiling face like our Rafi Saab.
    When I was in Mumbai during 1st week of May 09 and in one of our mehfiles where we sang Rafi Saab’s songs, I understood with tears that during recordings he used to take his tea from the chaiwaala without even lifting his head and taking it from the chaiwaala with almost kneeling down and accepting it as a prasadh..!
    Such was his gesture..!

  10. santosh says:

    Dear All Rafi fans,

    I am a humble pujari of rafi saab.I write my comments regularly on this site & am regularly in touch with Mr.Narayanan from Banglore whom i respect very much .I have a small complaint that views of low profile rafi bhakts are not considered.I have requested all knowledgable persons to elobrate on various special songs of rafi saab like in my comment no 11.also the special quality of rafi saab ‘s voice that when the pitch was raised the voice spreads and widens which is seen in very less singers/Pl consider requests of people like us also.

  11. Salih says:

    Thanks Ramachandran for the great article. Most of your words reflect my thoughts. Greatest blessing I consdier for me is to be born in India and able to understand Hindi/Urdu language and living during the era of Rafi Saab. His songs gives me everything I want. In any mood I resort to Rafi saab’s songs and I am fine. Even if I am left alone in corner of the planet if I have few Rafi songs with me to listen everyday, i will be able to survive.
    I believe he is god sent, and any divine person or artist will have the divine quality of humility without that they are just a good artiste.
    I was fortunate to listen Rafi Saab live during my school days. The more I listen and know Rafi Saab more I love and admire him. Truly a legend of all legends.

  12. santosh says:

    Dear Sir.

    Great article comming right from the heart.You truly said that one can make out the humility and clear heart of rafi saab through his singing.There is totally no ego and that is one of the reason why he could sing like he did.Also Sabnaveez sir very touching to read what you said.Rafi saab you are the voice of God .There can be no other rafi in this world.I also am very touched by the use of the word Guruji by Mr.Sabnaveez Sir.Also Mr.Narayanan sir your mobile is not working.I have been trying to contact you.

    Can we elobarate on the song Mein bewaffa nahin picturised on shammiji and sung so soulfully by our dear rafi saab. Adaab Rafi

  13. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Chandan ji, a short but nice article. Rafi saheb is the wonder of the world.

  14. Imran Rustam says:

    Dear Chandan Jee,

    Very Nice and very touchy Write Up because these are the feelings of every Rafian. He was really the wonder of the world. His fans are in all over the world.

    He went to heaven before my birth but my wish to meet him will remain in my heart forever.


  15. Utthara says:

    Chandan, Rafi saab as a wonder of the world? But of course. People loved him for his songs and his humility. God doesn’t make people like him anymore. A gentle, humble, gracious and dignified person was Rafi saab. Your write-up, sweet and short, encapsulates the humaneness and greatness of Rafi saab. Can we expect more such articles?



  16. Gan Sharma says:

    Dear Chandan,

    I must agree that it is entirely correct to consider Mohammed Rafi a “wonder of the world”. Thanks for a very heartfelt article.


  17. sabnavees says:

    Mr Chandan,

    Thank you for your nice article where in you have shed your feelings & emotions for our ‘ guruji ‘

    i have told this to my friends here a number of times but let me tell all the readers through this forum that like you too I could not have the ‘ darshan ‘ of our guruji.

    i was craving since my 16th year when I had been to bombay for the first time, it was in the year 1967. everytime it was a fear that he is a very celebrity & I cant get an opportunity of seing him at his residence. but latter i came to know that guruji was a very kind & highly hospitable by nature.

    you mentioned that had you met guruji you would have hugged him, but i say if i could have met guruji i would have prostrated at his feet & would not have got up untill he himself would have lifted me. i would not have washed that shirt & would have kept like that with a tremendous zeal that guruji has touched it.

    chandan ji the world is yet to see another singer like our guruji where ‘ melody ‘ ‘ clarity’ ‘ diction ‘ ‘obedience’ ‘ kindness’ ‘ modulation ‘ ‘ vibrations ‘ & finally ‘sweetness ‘are all mixed up in right proportions.

    our dearest ‘ guruji ‘ is ‘ god sent ‘

  18. pmc thangal says:

    dear ksrji. i fully agree with u that rafi saab is a valuable gift of god given by him to v indaians.but some people couldn’t grasp the value of this treasure.there is a saying in malayalam “muttethe mullakku manamilla”(there is no sweetness to the jasmine in the house yard) expecting more such articles from you.

  19. Saifullah says:

    Dear Mr Ramachandran,
    A truely touching write up, I would say !!!!
    It shows how much we love this great man
    All the best and long live Rafi Saab !!!

  20. Narayan says:

    Adaab Rafi ! Chandan saab,
    You have echoed the sentiments of millions of devotees of the Emperor Rafi saab. Yes for us it is always Yeh Dil Mange More of Rafi sahab’s songs…. bas.. Dil abhi nahi bara….

  21. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    I truly agree that though we were unfortunate that we did not meet Rafi, we were fortunate that we lived in an era when Rafi Saab was at his peek. I still cannot forget the three hours I listened to him sitting along with my friends in the Shivajinagar Bus Stand at Bangalore, when Rafi Saab gave his program in the adjacent Stadium, especially “O Duniya Ke Rakhwale”.

  22. yusuf says:

    Thanks for sharing your feeling in such true words.

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