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Why Mohammed Rafi Deserves Bharat Ratna

This appeal is from all Rafi fans and members of The Rafi Foundation.

This appeal is a chorus for The Voice of the sub continent, the singer of the millennium. A fervent, passionate appeal to correct what all his legion of admirers and devotees righteously feel is a historic wrong. The mortal remains of, what the world undisputably acknowledges, of the legendary Mohammad Rafi may have bereaved us 27 years ago, but his ageless voice continues to throb and pulsate in our hearts even today.

But have we been fair to the genial giant whose voice soothes many a body and soul day unfailingly every day? The answer, unfortunately is a ‘no’. He swamped our lives for four decades, made his peerless voice an integral part of our psyche, rose above all petty human barriers and set a glorious example of impeccable dignity and honour in a strife-torn world. Rafisaab, as the world knew him, was an epitome of excellence and paragon of virtues in an industry notorious for its crass commercial values.

We as the people and government, have done precious little to perpetuate his memory. If this jewel lives on, it is because of his uniquely mind-boggling, 24-carat achievements that spanned an entire eon and swept generations. It must be the only instance of its kind where one personality has dominated the profession so comprehensively — four decades in a life that was cruelly cut short at just 56.


Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

It is an acknowledge fact. In his lifetime, the greatest singer of this country became a legend by sheer dint of his virtuosity. A man singing a marathon 25,000 songs in a career that spanned for four relentlessly melodious decades is an example unheard of in the annals of any profession. No other personality has dominated any profession in this manner. He made this priceless contribution to art and music which perhaps no one can replicate. His peer, Lata Mangeshkar, who has similar achievements to her credit has already been conferred with the prestigious award. Most social, cultural and political organizations have conceded in black and white that Mohommed Rafi is undoubtedly among the greatest 100 Indians ever born. Now it is for the Indian Government to honour this people’s verdict and ser right a historic wrong.


Mohammad Rafi is a jewel in India’s crown. His devotees have conferred their own Bharat Ratna on him. Still, it would be doing yeoman’s service to this shining light if the government gets its act together and confers this highest civilian award on him, although late in the day. Indeed, the title Bharat Ratna would feel honoured to be bestowed on this truly great son of the soil.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Mohammad Rafi was the true ambassador of this country – an iconic symbol who persona and career can be succinctly euologised as cultural heritage. There is not a lexicon made that can encompass his astonishing feats. The respect, love and adoration the country has for him is phenomenal by all standards even today where tomorrow becomes yesterday in no time. He was past-perfect, and will remain future-perfect because time has very rarely shown the courtesy to stand still for mortals whose reputation also comes with a short shelf life. 

His ageless voice brought India closer to the world. Indeed he was by far the most popular, respect and admired singer.  

It is hardly necessary to list the legendary exploits of this Great. To have provided unmatched brilliance to thousands of compositions, to have provided sparkle to the works of innumerable lyricists and composers is a feat unheard of in the annals of music. It could be only God’s own voice that could survive in a profession of cut-throats and with such a flourish. The sublime divinity in his voice tuned with his charitable disposition. To him, the song came first, rewards and remuneration later.


Mohommed Rafi was a man of tall character and tall achievements. Such was his profound influence that he became the eternal banyan tree of the film fraternity, this one-man music institution gave bread and butter to thousands of people. Today, twenty-seven years after his passing away, he is still a one-man ‘Gharana’. To be a Mohommed Rafi clone is actually considered to be a compliment by many upcoming singers.

Even today, all young and budding singers make no bones that they want to grow up to be another Rafisaab. It is amazing that twenty eight years after his death Mohommed Rafi continues to hold the same sway and charisma that he held during his incomparable career. 

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

It is a sad commentary that while we as people sing paens to him, we as government fail to recognize the greatness of this titan who was secularism personified. A formal Padma Shri and one busy throughfare in Mumbai’s suburban Bandra in his name is all that we have done for this wonderful singer who sang Bhajans with the same depth and gusto as the patriotic songs. When the country lapsed into its first worst riots in 1948 after Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, Mohammed Rafi’s was the only sane voice that soothed our nerves with “Suno suno ae duniyawalon Bapu ki yeh amar kahani.” When the nation went through anxious times in the wake of Chinese aggression in 1962, his voice gave us the strength to guard our fronts with a soul-stirring “Kar chale hum fida jaan-o-tan saathiyon.” During the wars with Pakistan, his diminutive presence and Pahadi voice fired the Indian soldiers, for whom he specially sang in war zones.


Mohommed Rafi sang for 41 years. In this marathon span, his voice captured every human emotion, every note, every range and every mood. He was a man for all seasons. The mind boggling 25,000 songs of myriad hues that he song are an unimpeachable testimony to a career that will remain one-off in the history of playback singing. He lent his unique voice to the compositions of over 175 composers, brought out the sparkle in the lyrics of over 275 lyricists and sang for virtually every actor of the Indian cinema, spanning generations.


Mohommed Rafi was far ahead of his times, a man who was above any religion. Indeed his only dharma was to sing and which he did with such merit. A Muslim he may have been by birth, but he sang the maximum bhajans and with so much feelings. One has to only soak in the Bhakti Rasa to know that here was a performer whose brilliance crossed all  human barriers and was a great binding force for all religions, which unfortunately are mired in petty issues. Today, if the country desperately needs any messiah, it has to be Mohommed Rafi hands down.  

Mohammad Rafi deserves Bharat Ratna for more reasons than one. He was one simple soul who was above factional and religious politics. The government would be sending right signals to all right-thinking people of this country by conferring Bharat Ratna on Mohammad Rafi posthumously. The precedent to bestow this coveted award posthumously has already been set. 

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

We earnestly feel that giving Mohammad Rafi this long-awaited due, will serve as a great binding force for the distanced Hindu-Muslims. For, here was a personality, who despite his lack of formal education, had the courage of conviction and the cultural resilience to bring these two religions together. The love for Rafisaab transcends religion, caste, creed, gender and nationalities.


We passionately appeal to the committee that names the civilian awards that he be honoured aptly with the Bharat Ratna – befitting of the 26th January occasion. Rafisaab, as we all know, will never fade away from human memory. Such is his glittering career. An ideal citizen and an ideal professional, he was an embodiment of all virtues. He will remain a beacon light for not only music lovers, but also to all those who are blessed to be born in this country.

We at the Rafi Foundation feel it is a privilege to run this campaign for a path-breaker maverick who brings an unrequited joy to millions across the world. The humanity would be that much poorer not to acknowledge and appreciate his class act – stuff folklores are made of. For, honouring Mohammad Rafi is honouring humanity itself. 

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi


May we again ardently appeal to you to confer the country’s highest award on him and do justice that he so eminently deserves. While the Government of Maharashtra has agreed in principle for the same, it will be creditable if the government in Delhi announces his name at the earliest.

We hope this time round the government corrects this wrong true to the dictum “Der aaye, durust aaye.”

Long live Mohammad Rafi.

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  1. BINU NAIR says:

    hi all…………

    this saturday, in mumbai’s naushad hall at king circle, 5 minutes walk from the glorious shanmukhananda hall , opp mini punjab hotel, mohd rafi lovers will have a get-to-gether and karaoke singing programme. pls. treat this as “an invitation” as time is less to personally inform.


    we are all happy that shri bhimsen joshi has been declared a “Bharat Ratna” awardee today.

    shri bhimsen joshi, now living in pune is ailing. he is a great mohd rafi lover. mohd rafi lovers please represent/support the Bharat Ratna issue – professionally to the top echlons of the ruling elite. Please do not advise what to do and instead take the current article and send to the officials – or write your support to the rafi foundation.

    we are taking a delegation to delhi in december and make a representation that our bharat ratna mohd rafi saaheb should be honoured with the highest civil award – the Bharat Ratna.

    binu nair,

  2. BINU NAIR says:

    hi all mohd rafi lovers : when manna dey was asked by a journo – what he would like to be in his next birth, the journo expected to hear that manna dey would like to be reborn as manna dey. dada didn’t say this.

    manna dey said : i would like to be born as mohd rafi…

    binu nair…. rafi foundation, mumbai.

  3. sudhir dwivedi says:

    we should not ask bharatratana for rafi saheb because he himself is a reward for our contry. we should feel proud that rafi saheb is in our country only.

  4. saeed shaikh says:

    I am an ardent fan of Rafi sahab.
    What rafi sahab had achieved in his life time,he got more after his demise.His position as a singer is still irresistible.After 28 years of his passing away,still no one deserved to become his competitor.
    I personally feel that music lovers’ love for him is the greatest award for him.There is no need to beg any award from government of India.
    Rafi sahab is still living in music lovers’ hearts.

  5. pallavi pradhan says:

    Rafisaab was class apart singer so lets make the bharat ratna award reach new heights by conferring upon him

  6. narayanan says:

    post 41 :
    I fully agree with your views that Pamashri in the 60s were greater than Bharat Ratna of the 90s and sorry to inform all concerned that most of the Bharat ratnas of the 90s till the latest were politically motivated………
    Bharat Ratna is the demand of all the music lovers of this country and Nishane-duniya or Vishwa Ratan is the demand of the lovers of music across the world..
    So we need not beg the govt but if good sense prevails then Rafi sahab is the first choice..
    Our fans like unknow will be happy only if a world body based award is given.

  7. BINU NAIR says:

    Hi Dhani Ram ji and rafi lovers : they say at the dada saheb phalke awards that they do not give ‘awards’ posthumously to anyone. but, they have made a break and has awarded the said award to shri Prithvi raj kapoor. this award is given by the govt., by the i and b ministry. we will approach them too.

    your comments are very apt. the bharat ratna will get some glory and shine if its given to a towering personality and a world citizen like shri mohd rafi.

  8. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Rafi Saab – voice of God, heart of gold. I have not known any other personality with this unique combination. Rafi Saab touched millions of hearts through his melodious renditions during an immaculate career spanning four decades. A singer who has sung 25000 songs in many languages and includes almost all kinds of songs – from bhajans to romantic songs to pathos songs to ghazals to folk to western. A man known for his goodness. A gentleman with a huge fan following even today – after 28 years after his demise. I am surprised that the legend was not given his due. He certainly deserved the Bharat Ratna. It’s time we salute the legend and confer him the Bharat Ratna even if it’s posthumous. Better late than never.
    Anoop Kulkarni,
    Baar Baar Rafi – The Rafi Fan Club,

  9. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 33: Padmashree in those days was the biggest achievement and had much more value in comparison with today’s Bharat Ratna.

  10. Dhani Ram says:

    mahatma gandhi,of all his contemporaries,deserved the nobel prize for peace but he was ignored and yet the world over he is recognised as one of the greatest indians of all times.similarly,rafi sahib deserved all the honours that could be conferred on a singer of his stature– dada sahib phalke,bharat ratna etc.he was bypassed and yet who can compare with him?absolutely none.that he wasn’t given the awards he so eminently deserved detracts nothing from his quality or stature,it only speaks of the philistinism of those who are in position to take decisions regarding such awards.not to honour rafi sahib doesn’t devalue rafi sahib but it certainly makes the award itself worthless.

  11. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb deserved BHARAT RATNA much before others…. God willing, Rafi Saheb will be awarded with BHARAT RATNA.

  12. binu nair says:

    mr.singh : Please do not ask “silly questions” exposing your immaturity. what if i ask you the same questions? what your answers would have been. i guess you won’t have and reply to my query. thanks. pls. do not waste precious moments . Post 34…..

    binu nair….

  13. unknow says:

    when a man like Raj Kapoor who used Mukesh voice he said that Mohd Rafi is the king witout crown,as I think these words give me more happiness than Bharat Ratna award.
    Mohd Rafi is like sun light and he don’t need small lights

  14. unknow says:

    I will be only Mohd Rafi fan who will be not happy if Mohd Rafi got Bharat Ratna award because I think this award is so small for our Mohd Rafi I will be happy if gov’t of other country give award to Mohd Rafi,Go Pakistan or Afganistan or Gulf or any other country where people know about Indian music we will see that Mohd Rafi is more famouse in there Local singers.
    Lata Ji is great singer but as I feel that she should had Bharat Ranta award boz we all know that she was not good human as she was a great singer.
    Bharat Ratna
    Shame to us that we reguest to Gov’t of Indian for this small award for greatest singer Mohd Rafi,
    as i think after Mohd Rafi there great he is Mr Bachchan as I think not Lata ji

  15. singh says:

    Raju sahab – post 28

    You are correct. State governments can only recommend but the ultimate decision lies with the Centre. Things have somehow to be sorted out at that level. What happened, happened with sri ghantasala, unfortunate and forget it, but as you said, planned and extra efforts are necessary for this exalted campaign for the award to rafi ji.

    Binu sahab,

    I too feel similar to raju sahab’s views regarding more sophisticated effort for making dream of all rafi lovers fruitful.

  16. sudheer says:

    The campaign should be fully supported by political support at the highest level, as said by many rafi ji fans here. If necessary specific requests have to be made to the good offices at the appropriate levels so that efforts can fructify. It is a happy news to note that maharashtra government has already given its in-priniciple approval for the award, this opportunity should not be missed now, otherwise a missed opportunity cannot be gained again.

  17. singh says:

    Binu nair ji,

    This campaign should have started long ago. I do not know why so much delay has happened on this part. As early as in 2001 or 2002 lata ji was given the bharat ratna. why did sufficient action was not taken at that time. It is a well known fact that rafiji was the foremost in bollywood.

  18. vishal says:

    Rafi ji is the undisputed top grade singer in h.f.m. When lata ji, had got it, he should also be considered for the br award. Rafi ji, With only padmasri, – even p suseela, k j yesudas etc. from the south have padmabhushans.

  19. The author had echoed the sentiment of all the admirers of Rafi all across the world. Although Rafi should have got bharat ratna during his lifetime, even then the Indian Government did not do justice with him in the past there is scope of giving him now. He had brought fame for the country by singing huge number of patriotic songs, devotional songs and other types of songs relating to different folk cultures of the country. His service for the country had been well acknowledged and he deserves bharat ratna.


  20. Padmaja B J says:

    The innumerable, lovely songs sung by Mohammed Rafi truly reflects all kinds of human moods and his rendering of the emotions within the song, with such ease is unmatched to date. Every song of his reflects the emotion it is intended to bring forth. He deserves all adulation and appreciation ……………..conferring the great legend Mohammed Rafi with Bharat Ratna is indeed a befitting tribute to Music and Melody!!

  21. binu nair says:

    post 24 rafifan: mohd rafi saaheb has to be respected and honoured and this is the clarion call and wishes of milllions of music lovers. we are reminding the powers that be about a great wrong and injustice done to one of india’s greatest personality – mohd rafi saaheb. its a historical wrong done un-intentionally by successive governments we suppose. this has to be corrected . the rafi foundation will very strongly approach the government this time and appeal to the government to honour rafi saaheb.

  22. s.Ravishankar says:

    The thought of Rafisaab not being honoured with Bharat Ratna really pains me. But, I console myself by saying that without this award Rafi’s greatness will not diminish in any way. However, ‘Better late than never’. It is high time that the government rectifies the mistake committed earlier. Lesser mortals and undeserving people have been conferred with this award. So, it is only fair that Rafi is honoured with this award. His secular life style and humane approach in helping people in need truly make him a JEWEL IN INDIA’S CROWN! MOHAMMED RAFI IS NO MORE! LONG LIVE RAFI!

  23. raju says:

    Sri Binu nair, the rafi foundation and other rafi lovers,

    Nothing will be more happier for rafi lovers to see their legend honoured with the highest civilian award. It has to be carefully ensured that things are planned in a systematic way because political bottlenecks are not so easy to sail through. Moreso, this is a posthumous issue for the everlasting legend. I request rafi foundation to plan in a systematic way so that efforts will bear fruit. I wanted to specifically request this issue because, i wanted to share one thing here, similar to which repetition should not happen in case of rafi ji.

    In the 60’s the highest civilian award was padmavibhushan, (bharat ratna was not there). The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (congress- the centre too had congress then), had recommended the highest civilian award padmavibhushan to Sri Ghantasala, the great telugu playback singer in the 60’s but as people know only padmasri was awarded to this great legend of telugu, (i do not want to quote the political reasons and bias/role played here specially by some people at political level – because in hindi, lata and rafi had only padmasri then which was very unfortunately compared). This was the first ever powerful recommendation of the highest civilian award for an indian playback singer by a local state government, despite such powerful recommendation and repeated protests by Chief Minister of Andhra, the efforts did not bear fruit (political reasons as i stated above.)

    Binu ji, Why I am saying this is because, it is stated somewhere here that govt. of Maharashtra has agreed in priniciple for the same, but this is not sufficient unless things are more sophisticated. Same thing which happened to sri ghantasala would be repeated. In this connection, it is sincerely advised and requested for careful agenda and planning for the highest civilian award to rafi ji.

  24. Bina Krishna says:

    Dear Mr. Raju Korti and fellow Rafi Bhakts,

    In each of our hearts Mohammed Rafi is the only Jewel of India. We have very few legends like him who have such passionate fan following even 28 years after his death.

    He is truly deserving of the title of Bharat Ratna not only for his musical genius but because through his golden voice and soulful singing he has single handedly captured the hearts of every Indian, be he or she in Kerala or Kashmir.

    We, the worshippers of that great soul, pledge to give Rafi Saab his rightful place in the annals of Indian history.

    Bina Krishna
    Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club, Bangalore

  25. Narayan says:

    Dear Rafilovers and fans,
    Yes it is time our govt wakes up to honour the greatest Icon of the film industry who has created a wave in the hearts of millions of not only indians but also of other nationalities….
    Let us all unanimously support this noble cause…

  26. unknow says:

    Mohd Rafi i the God of Music and no one can give award to the God

  27. rafifan says:

    Binu nair ji,

    I too agree with some of our friends here, begging business for this great legend will not be on honourable lines. That too, on political lines. This may mean undermining the talent of rafi ji. We should remember that respect should be commanded not demanded. Rafi ji commands respect among millions of music lovers. Moreover, any rafi lover will definitely be happy, if rafiji is honoured with the award. But frankly speaking, the way adopted for the same should be meticulously planned without giving rise to any critical observations from any quarter. Because such is the situation today. Purely Personally, I have my own doubts about the effort for award, because great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi etc. have not been awarded the ratna till date (even posthumously).

  28. A S MURTY says:

    ref posts 16 & 17 by M/s h v gurumurthyji and khaja aliuddin sahab and both are the need of the hour and also practical. let us have a ‘draft’ letter and we can first begin a signature campaign on the subject. we can send similar letters to all the political heads in the country and the government. more imporatantly, the mps representing punjab and amritsar in particular may be personally contacted. likewise, the letter may also be sent to the media print and visual and their assistance sought in our campaign. we are already into late october and unless something is done on a warfooting, this campaign will not reach its logical conclusion by february 2009. also emails can be sent to all the political parties in india requesting them to take up our crusade.

  29. K. J. Ravi says:

    The very fact the immortal Mohammed Rafi Sahab lives on in the hearts of millions and millions of people all over the world is the biggest possible award. Government-declared awards are meaningless for artistes of such extraordinary calibre and virtuosity.

  30. Narayan says:

    Dear Raju sir’
    Very passionate appeal for the campaign of Bharat Ratna to Rafi sahab…
    It is my suggestion to send the right signals to the govt from all cities and on behalf of Bangalore we all will try to give our whole hearted support….



  31. Raju Korti says:

    Dear administrator (Pradeepji)

    It is very jarring to see my surname being misspelt as Korte. Please correct it to Korti asap. Also I request you and everybody else to rather drop my name and attribute it to all Rafisaab lovers since it is an appeal from all cross sections of the people. Else, it sounds like my personal appeal.
    I would also make a very humble appeal to all the knowledgeable, die-hard fans of the greatest singer of India Sonuji Nigam to contribute their mite (and might) for this little cause. And preferably in their original and genuine names, not pseudonyms. Since they have been so vocal in espousing the cause of this most capable singer of India (of all times), it would be wonderful if they can “resurrect” Rafisaab with their reach. At least considering the fact that the greatest singer of India Sonuji Nigam swore by Rafisaab. I am sure Sonuji’s fans who know everything about music, will next have a justified cause for a Bharat Ratna to their beloved singer. Hope they will cooperate.

  32. binu nair says:

    Dr.Khaja Aliuddin… saaheb, Post no. 17…. Sir, this is the petition to be addressed to the president, p.m., sonia gandhi, shivraj patil, dr.arjun singh, sharad pawar, ram vilas paswan, p.a. to p.m., priyaranjan das munshi and the top brass of powerful decision makers.

    we will have a press conference in new delhi in dec. thanks for the suggestions and pls do the needful – of building a powerful public opinion of honouring mohd rafi saaheb our bharat ratna with the official bharat ratna award, this year.

    binu nair, mumbai, cell : 9833 250 701

  33. kprem says:

    my favourite singer Rafi was a great singer, GOD give him lot of success throuhg his VOICE. such VOICE still not surched in the world. his singing is very lovely and sweet.

    May GOD give him paradise.AMEEN.

  34. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Raju Korte Saheb, Adab Araz Hai,
    Fascinating article. Congratulations!
    I want either you or Mr. Binu Nair or any Rafi lover to draft a “Petition” to present to Government of India and later on I will get it sign from Rafi lovers residing in Chicago. The same way Rafi lovers can do the same “Petition” from their respective cities from different countries. This is my suggetion. If you have any other alternate or suggestion, please let me know.
    With best regards,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,
    Chicago, USA

  35. How about sending letters to PM, President, VP, Leader of the Opposition, Speeker and all the MPs with an open letter in the Media.

  36. shabir says:

    duniyah sharabi duniyah sharabi khon nahinpeeta sab peete hai khon nahin jeeta sab jeete hai maine bhi pee tohri si pee maine bhi peeeee toh kya hai kharabi duniyah sharabi duniyah sharabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  37. kang says:

    Is rafi manzil still present and does any body have pictures of rafi manzil.
    i shall be grateful if any one post it on the internet!!!!thanking you in advance

  38. kang says:

    rafi sahib deserves world nobel peace prize!!!!

  39. binu nair says:


  40. unknow says:

    Sir Anmol Singh I agree with that we should not go and beg for it from the Government of India.
    Sir binu nair please stop your campaign because as said by sir Anmol Singh that is true.
    A man at the top from 1950’s up to date If it is not award of God so what is that???
    A man like Madan Mohan said he should not be paid when Mohd Rafi sing for him If this is not award so what is this?
    OPN and Shammi Kapoor they are because of Mohd Rafi If this not Award so what this?
    The actors who was at the top in 1960’s in 1970’s when they didn’t used Mohd Rafi they was not able to give hit If this is not award than what is this?
    If your meeting with the home minister jest say him Shame to be Indian,shame and shame

  41. Raju Kortiji had echoed the sentiments of numerous Rafi admirers all across the world. Although it is too late to honour Rafi sahab with Bharat Ratna award, if it is given there is nothing better can be done at this point of time. Rafi had addressed the concerns of crores of people in the country through his golden voice. He was a gem of a person and pious soul whose patriotic songs and religous songs had brought passion in the minds of numerous citizens. He had sung songs with probably the greatest lyrics ever written in the history of bollywood cinema and the best composers ever to have been born in the country.
    He should have received it during his lifetime. Even then the prayer for Bharat Ratna should reach the authorities in New Delhi for fresh consideration.
    Diwali greetings to all the readers and contributors of the forum.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  42. Gagan says:

    For a Rafi Saahab Bhakt like me there could be no greater joy to receive the news that the Immortal Rafi Saahab has been conferred the Bharat Ratna. No other Indian deserves this award more than him. He was one of the greatest Indians who ever lived, let alone as a singer. He was the epitome of humility as can be gauged by the fact what other contemporaries had to say about him. No singer has touched the lives of millions of people spanning continents like Rafi Saahab. Despite having listened to hundreds of singers spanning generations and genres including several languages, nobody’s voice has touched me more than the incomparable Rafi Saahab. I have always viewed Rafi Saahab as the greatest singer who ever lived both in male and female voices. The testimony to this is his abiding memory in the hearts of millions of people regardless of their caste, religion, nationality, etc., etc., even after 28 years of him leaving for his heavenly abode. Despite being a devout Hindu (I am mentioning this specifically because music knows no religion in fact it brings different religions together like no other power). I am his ardent devotee since I began to realize the power of his voice during my early childhood (as far as I can remember I was 4 years old when I used to listen to his songs on radio and always wondered who is singing even before realizing this is the immortal Rafi Saahab) and have the same feelings for him as a worshipper has towards god.

    It has become one of my life’s main goals to see during my lifetime that Rafi Saahab is awarded Bharat Ratna since no other singer in history deserve it more than the great Rafi Saahab and this award is fitting for the legendary son of the soil as if Bharat Ratna was instituted so that it can be conferred on him. This is a historic blunder and it must be corrected sooner rather than later. I would feel truly blessed if I am witness to the historic occasion of the Indian Government conferring the Bharat Ratna to Rafi Saahab. I even don’t want to use the word posthumously as the spirit of Rafi Saahab continues to live inside the millions of his bhakts like me and will continue until time immemorial. I am presently based in Muscat, Oman and writing this entry from Dubai, UAE.

    I voluntarily offer my services to any organization who can set process in motion the conferring of Bharat Ratna to Rafi Saahab. I can be contacted through

  43. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello Raju Korte Ji,

    Very Well written.

    Perhaps the biggest drawback of our system is that it goes more by ‘Hero Worship’, rather than appreciating an individual by one’s actually worth. Certainly Rafi Sahab is worth a ‘Bharat Ratan’, but I believe that we should not go and beg for it from the Government of India. If it gives well and good, if no then no issues. Rafi Sahab will be remembered for centuries to come, which is bigger then any award.

  44. Siddharth says:

    lata mangeshkar got the bharat ratna around 35 years after demanding it. Rafi if he had demanded that he be given the ratna, would have got it on the spot…
    But his class was too great for him to stoop to the low levels of the commercial(but still the best female singer alive) lata mangeshkar.

    Lata,asha,kishore,mukesh,mahendra kapoor,manna dey all have clones. but there will never be a mohammed rafi clone. Please dont say that sonu is a rafi clone.. that is ridiculous.

  45. vivek says:

    Bharath ratna is not at all a award to be given to rafi ji. It is a politically motivated award, the talents and contributions occupy a secondary role. Peoples vote for rafi sahab is the greatest award for this legendary singer from bollywood and that is the highest award which cannot be replaced by any award.

  46. binu nair says:

    A Press Conference is being planned in december in New Delhi. A meeting with the home minister mr.shivraj patil is due. also we would meet the p.a to our prime minister. the mumbai r.f. team would travel to delhi and zorawar chugani and his team of delhi chapter, rafi foundation will coordinate the press conference in new delhi.

    Lets all hope all the efforts will find success and mohd rafi saaheb will be honoured by the central government with the bharat ratna on jan 26,2009.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai. ( cell 9833 250 701)

  47. A S MURTY says:

    Kudos to Raju Kortiji and to the Rafi Foundation for coming out with this very genuine and rightful appeal, though belated as it may be. This is an excellent echo of the sentiments of millions of fans and followers of Rafi Sahab. The author has not only narrated the many virtues of this gifted soul of our country, but also pointed out that the government of the day would be sending the right signals by conferring this most prestigious civilian award to rafi sahab. at a time when the country is facing the onslaughts of terrorism on the one hand and the divisive politics in the name of regionalism, the government should come out with a definitive and constructive programme and declare the name of Rafi Sahab as a receipient of the next year’s Bharat Ratna. A true epitome of secularism, Rafi Sahab was also one of the greatest patriots. no controversaries ever surrounded him for he was a man of simple life. his only passion was for good and eternal singing and rafi sahab went back to spend the time with family after the recordings. not a man to indulge in any kind of politicking, rafi sahab is admired in the entire film industry. rafi sahab remains a true icon of this century and the country should be proud of its glorious son. and what better way to acknowledge this than conferrment of the bharat ratna ? if anyone deserved this award more it was rafi sahab and millions of music lovers across the globe would rejoice in mirth if the government confers this highest civilian award to rafi sahab posthumously. once again kudos to raju kortiji and the rafi foundation for having come up with appeal. in case any special campaign has to be launched, we the rafi sahab’s fans and followers would leave no stone unturned to see that it reaches its logical conclusion.

  48. ramesh narain kurpad says:

    Mr. Raju Korte from Mumbai, has left no stone unturned and has exhausted all information with expression in his long but illustrious appeal for Rafi Sahab to be conferred Bharat Ratna posthumusly.

    Lata Mangeshkar should personally take it up in her own capacity and ensure that the above noble act is etched in the annals of world history.

    It pains me beyond any suffering as a mortal to admit and record ” Are we begging ” ???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The answer is an emphatic “NO”.

    Hence before, our nation is put to shame by all other countries conferring their highest award to our dear rafi sahab, let the concerned attain “MOKSH” by putting an end to further SIN.

    The true Bharat Ratna is only apt when it is awarded posthumusly.

    I wish to sign off with a warning that there is a tornado of humans waiting behind me fully angered with regard to the treatment metted out to our dearest Rafi Sahab.

    Rafi Sahab, with a heavy heart, I wish to say that our love for you will never diminish or cease with or without accolades conferred.

    The greatest honour is you have been exalted as DIVINE to always have your blessing hand on all of us with that unassuming charming smile of yours.

    I salute you and the only I know to do it is to literally cry out loudly till I collapse – ” RAFI SAHAB – TUSSI GREAT HO. JAI HO – JAI HO – JAI HO.

    adaab rafi,
    ramesh narain kurpad, from,
    baar baar rafi fan club.

  49. binu nair says:

    Mohd Rafi Lover : Please see that this text is sent to top govt officials, the respective m.p.s (all 560 plus ), the prime minister, president, the home minister, i & b Minister, sonia gandhi, private sec. to p.m and others.

    the rafi foundation is starting the “campaign” from now, will visit new delhi, meet sharad pawar, mr. deshmukh (c.m. maharashtra) and other top guns.
    please support this campaign. rafi foundation units to take copies, make presentation file and send to the vips , m.p.s and ministers.

    all the best.
    binu nair, rafi foundaiton, mumbai,

  50. unknow says:

    why we Mohd Rafi ans fel that mohd Rafi should get bharat Ranta award?!!!
    he is world ranta he is more than only Bharat Ranta,I think Pakistan gov’t should give him award boz he is most famous singer in Pakistan and many other countries….

    how u cam forget song of Mohd Rafi on Kashmir in film Johar in Kasmir.
    why Mohd rafi is Muslim born ?that is gift of God to Indian to understant that we are human no one of us born by on his hope.Mohd Rafi was muslim less but a real human first….maybe we can replace mohd Rafi as singer but as human never as said by many who knew him..he was God of new comer as MD and Actors…………………………
    I hope that Gov’t will not give this small awrad to mohd rafi

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