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Voh Apni Yaad Dilaane Ko

This article is by Pradeep.

Here is a video song in which we can see Rafi Sahab not just singing behind the camera, but also in front of it. The song is from Jugnu, a 1947 classic *ing Dilip Kumar, Noor Jahan in the lead.


The lyrics are provided by Azgar Sarahadi and music by Firoz Nizami. Jugnu was probably the last big film by Noor Jehan and her director husband Shaukat Hussain Rizvi before partition. The movie was a big musical and romantic film. At that time Noor Jehan was at the peak of her acting and singing career. Dilip Kumar and Mohd Rafi got a breakthrough from this film.

See young and handsome Rafi sahab singing these lines in the first stanza, Aashiq Jo Huve The Ham Unpar, Din Raat Lagate The Chakkar and again in the 2nd stanza Laila Ka Voh Kutta Chod Gaye, Voh Apni Yaad Dilane Ko.

Truly, Voh Apni Yaad Dilane Ko, Apni Awaaz Ka Khazana Chhod Gaye. Hope you guys like this video.

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4 Blog Comments to “Voh Apni Yaad Dilaane Ko”

  1. mohanflora says:

    Rafisaab looked more handsome than Dilipsaab!

  2. unknow1 says:

    It is painful for us that we lost the great Ustaad Bismillah Khan ,May God rest his soul

  3. asim306 says:

    oh god

    dear admins

    i seen this song so many time even i recorded from 1 of TV channel– i never noticed is Mohd Rafi sahab in this song

    many many thanks about this information– now i can tell my friends this is gr8 Rafi sahab

  4. unknow1 says:

    Dear Administrator,
    Thanks a lot i saw it a long time ago,

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