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The wonder and magic of Rafi Saab!

By Chandan (KS Ramachandran)

Floral Tributes to Mohd Rafi

36 years after his demise, we are still wondering as to how Mohammed Rafi Saab could so naturally sing maintaining all the parameters of playback singing at its optimum level. He could more than meet the expectations of some 18 front level music composers, while being so caring and considerate in obliging to the graduating second line music composers.

He was a pious man with simple healthy habits, lifestyle and ever smiling! Much has been explored and explained about his sterling qualities, both as a human being and as a singer.

Rafi Saab’s renditions cannot be explained in words, but only be experienced! Long live the legend and his music.

I sincerely wonder as to why our country has not yet considered bestowing the ‘Bharat Ratna‘ award to him, when we all collectively realise that there can be no one to come anywhere near his singing prowess, past, present or even future!

Chandan - KS Ramachandran

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9 Blog Comments to “The wonder and magic of Rafi Saab!”

  1. huzaifa modi says:

    Rafi saahb mahaan singer the he aur rahege aur allah ne unhe jo aakhri din diya tha wo ramzan ka aakhri juma tha ise pata chalta he k rafi sir kitne mahan insan the

  2. shammi says:

    Chandanji, I am also appalled like millions of Mohd Rafi fans that the legend of all legends has not received the Bharat Ratna award, he was not only the best singer of all times but what a great role model for any generation. However, what can one say when stars that run people over, kill endangered animals and physically abuse and threaten others are looked upon as Heros nowerdays.

    I really hope that common sense and fairness will prevail, because justice needs to take place otherwise with less deserving people receiving these awards becoming the norm I think its making a mockery of these awards and some will soon deem them worthless!

  3. M.Meenakshi says:

    Reams by the hundreds have been written, read and re-read by
    millions of music aficionados about the merits, calibre and the sterling qualities
    of the great man’s head and heart. Still, what prevents the Indian Government
    [the supposed to be guardians of fine arts] from conferring the nation’s
    highest civilian award to our resplendent singing Gandharva. No one wants any
    monetary gifts, but at least a scroll, citation and a written document posthumously
    given to a member/members of his family will go a long way in warming the
    cockles of every member’s heart of his innumerable fans. This is the least that can be done by the GUARDIANS OF FINE ARTS.

  4. RAGHUNATH says:

    There cannot be another Rafi anytime, anywhere. He was a genius and no one comes near him as for as his singing, personal discipline in life are concerned.

  5. Javed Sayyed says:

    Rafi Sahab is the KING of Playback singing. His Versatility, his true feelings in all types of songs, Playback matching with the concern Hero…& apart from all these…his VOICE..It was just God gifted. In personal life he was so well behaved, always loved their Junior singing star & Music Directors. As said by Ramachandran Sir..he would have considered for Bharat Ratna. There is non other closer to him in singing. When Lata ji, Mannadey ji has been considered for this award …then why not Rafi Sahab.If he gets this award..we will feel it was true Justice with him & if not, still we are Happy looking at his Indefinite followers & the new Generation, who still love him so much ever after 36 yes…I think THIS IS THE BIGGEST AWARD.

  6. khalid javed says:

    cant come canot born such persanlaty

  7. SalRafi says:

    Good article. Though Rafi Saab lives forever in our hearts and there are thousands of shows commemorating his anniversaries, I was appalled to realize that no main stream media in English or any other languages did anything for his anniversary yesterday. Even music channels like Masti had nothing to see and so called “Golden Era with Annu Kapoor” had a show related to someone else but Rafi. Sorry state of Indians.

  8. Raghavan Vasudevan says:

    The more one read about Rafi, his songs and his sterling qualities the more we
    love him. Reading about him more and more does not bore or make us tired
    of reading as also hearing his songs. A singer like Rafi is born once in a century
    but man like Rafi the singer and a fine human being – the combination -is born
    very rarely.

  9. Pallavi pradhan says:

    Mohammad Rafisahab is the all time great singer India has ever produced.His divine mesmerizing voice makes every listener spellbound.He is one man university of playback singing which can enrich amature singer with precious knowledge regarding nuance of playback singing.My heartfelt tribute to this class apart singer and great human being on his 36th death anniversary.Rafisahab you are our DIL RATNA.

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