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Teri Ada

This news is shared by Reliance Communications, Narayani Music, Mumbai and Binu Nair.

Teri Ada, an albumTeri Ada album is like unearthing a veritable goldmine lost in the sands of time. ‘TERI ADA’ Love is in the air’ brings out the last few songs of Mohammad Rafi, composed by late Chitragupt Ji and penned by Late Kafil Azar. Recorded 28 years ago, these hitherto unheard of songs are now being released by the composer duo Anand-Milind exclusively on the Reliance Mobile World.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch Mr. Naozer Firoze Aibara, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Communications, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh Circles said, It gives me great pleasure to revive the spirit of Mohammad Rafi by bringing his golden voice alive on our Reliance Mobile phones. These exceptional and enchanting songs have been made available exclusively to millions of our subscribers. We, in Reliance Communications, are happy to facilitate our customers enjoy quality music through our robust Reliance Mobile World platform.

Teri Ada, an album
Teri Ada, an album

The album ‘TERI ADA’ has six melodies that portray romance, joy and bubbling spirit. It is a gift to all music lovers on the occasion of the 27th death anniversary of the film music maestro Mohammad Rafi on July 31, 2007.

Song 1: Teri Ada – Mohd. Rafi
Song 2: Dekhoji Ye Vaada Karo – Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhonsle
Song 3: Mohabbat Karegi Asar – Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhonsle
Song 4: Dilwaalon Ki Toli Nikli – Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhonsle
Song 5: Sun Mere Yaar Barkhurdaar – Mohd. Rafi
Song 6: Mera Jhoomka – Asha Bhonsle

Reliance Communications’ subscribers can download ringtones, video clippings, full track recordings and a contest on the Special Zone in Hot N New (Reliance Mobile World > Hot N New >> MohdRafi Spcl). An exciting contest on Mahammad Rafi’s songs is on for RCOM’s subscribers. Charges of Rs.3/- to Rs 10/- apply for downloading.

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93 Blog Comments to “Teri Ada”

  1. Haseena Balaydin says:

    Mr. Shabbir, can you please send the song(s) to me by email?
    thank you

  2. javed ahmed says:

    vist my youtube channel for all songs of album teri ada

  3. Shabir says:

    Mr. Shabir

    Dear Mr. Shabir

    We are extremely glad to bring to your information the following progress in the film project SORRY MADAM involving the songs of Rafi Saab.

    We have taken the consent of the sons of Late Dilip Bose, Sri Diwakar Bose and Sri Dipankar Bose to direct SORRY MADAM. Late Dilip Bose was the director of the Bengali version and was slated to make the Hindi version of the same.
    We have signed up the Music Composer for SORRY MADAM to compose further songs in the film.
    We have taken the consent of Shahid Rafi, Rafi Saab’s son to launch him as a playback singer in the film
    The screenplay is ready and the final scripting is going on
    The budget of the film SORRY MADAM has been revised to Rs. 5 Crores now from the earlier estimated Rs. 2.5 Crores. The film shall now be a grand cinematic experience.
    We have introduced a Unique Funding opportunity for all Rafi admirers all over the world. More about this has been discussed below.



    Film Equity Sharing – A Unique Film Funding Opportunity for the Admirers of Md. Rafi

    In 2003, when Rajat Kapoor fell short of funds while making Raghu Romeo, he sought financial help on the internet. He managed to raise more than Rs. 12 lakhs through it.

    In a novel concept, some time back, former Channel V and Sahara One Creative head Shashank Ghosh ( Director of Waisa Bhi Hota Hai – II) had invited people to chip in funds for his English film Betelnut Killers.

    With an aim to accumulate the necessary funds for SORRY MADAM, NARAYANI PRODUCTION has decided to provide a platform to Rafi fans for a greater level of engagement with a project related to his name.

    NARAYANI PRODUCTION introduces Equity Participation in our forthcoming film project, SORRY MADAM.

    For SORRY MADAM, the promoters / producers have introduced an equity participation plan for the film project. The proposed budget of the film is Rs. 5,00,00,000.00 (Rupees five crores only). For the same, NARAYANI PRODUCTION has proposed equity shares of Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees ten thousand only) each.

    5000 shares of Rs. 10,000.00 each – Rs. 5,00,00,000.00

    Each share holder shall be entitled to the rights and benefits of the project in the proportion of his investment to the total cost of the project and he shall reap its benefits till perpetuity.

    Other details of the project shall be introduced soon.

    Mr. Rana, we would like to have your views regarding the development and we would certainly invite your participation into this project. As per the project, we need to disburse 5000 shares of Rs.10,000 each. Apart from the Promoters Participation, at this stage we are approaching prospective people for the Private Placement of the shares. Later we will introduce the concept to the common fans.

    Please send us your views regarding the same.

    Yours truly




  4. rafian says:

    What is the update on this album release ???????????????????????

  5. shabir says:

    please make note 31,st july it should be out after a few fone calls i made i got this date

  6. raman says:

    well its January now and still nothing. thanks Reliance for torturing us with telling us about Teri Ada and then not sharing it. rot in hell and burn to a crisp!

  7. shabir says:

    they are all liars i can understand if they tell 1 lie but the keep making storys up english people never do this why is it our kind our people well they just full of it people like these will never become kaam yaab thats why they are where they are

  8. raman says:

    this is the most frustrating thing to go through. why mention these tracks and get everyone all excited and then not release the album. another example of people trying to make more money. the songs will probably not be released now until the movie is ready. who knows when that will hapenn..if ever.

    you know what? the man is a legend and if there is stuff out there, it should be shared not hoarded like this.


  9. Glenn Amirkhan says:


    I’m a big fan of Mohammad Rafi, The Godfather of all Indian Singer.
    I’ve a great collection of Mohammad Rafo songs but not yet enough.
    So if somebody can help me with more songs of Mohammad Rafi I will
    very happy. I need songs that’s not on Hits or duets CD’s.
    I lloking for songs that not release yet on CD’s.
    Please help me !!!

    email address:

  10. sayed abid hussain says:

    hello i love rafi and rafi voice and rafi songs :*

  11. SHABIR says:

    hello friends good news 4 you all i spoke to narayani productions and they are saying it will be relieased and it has been announced end of october teri ada will be in market

  12. sameer shiakh says:

    im looking for a qawaali from the 1979 movie AATISH sung by the great MOHAMMAD RAFI, sharaab hai shabaab hai ek se bhar kar ek lajawaab hai.
    if anyone has this, please can they mail this at

  13. javed akhtar says:

    does any body how md rafi died, where did he spent his last few days

  14. LoveHumanity says:

    and where can we get the complete songs from this album of the Legend?

  15. jalal says:

    Rafi Saheb is my faviourite singer forever. I like no else as a singer. He used to sing with heart, not with the tongue. He contributed his many precious time in the service of music in India. I would like to say only these words for him: Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati, he is Mohd. Rafi.
    Jalal Mastan ‘jalal’
    A Gujarati poet of Ghazal, Ahmedabad.

  16. Juan Jadin says:

    Dear Editor,
    I wish to convey my deepest condolence to the family of our greatest and gifted singer, Our Late MOHD. RAFI HJ. ALI (and also to the peoples esp. his fans in INDIA and ASIA)who had left us all of sudden. Our late MOHD. RAFI was a real-heart breaker with his golden voice to our Malaysian Youths in 1960s and 1970s when I was 16 – 26 years old..During that time, we used to sing and imitate his songs from Hindi Films; DOSTI, DO BADAN MERE NAM JOKER…etc. We could remember the lyrics but wihhout knowing its full meaning.We only knew what were all about in the songs.Let us all pray so that GOD ALMIGHTY will place him in heaven. We really missed him so much. Let good and nice peoples can meet him again in good place in the second life. May GOD THE MERCIFUL bless his soul. TQ. Juan Malaysia.

  17. samiullah says:

    Iam MIRZA SAMIULLAH BAIG i love rafi tooooo….. much
    he is the person who got a wonder voice and technic to sing song.

    please contact me on+919431402820 for rafi details

  18. ARIF HUSSAIN says:

    dear shabbir and other respected members i m also great fan of rafi sahab. i also hv huge collection of rafi sahab , i m collecting songs since my childhood ,but there is some songs of rafi sahab which i m unable to find can any one help me for this songs ????
    1. sare shaam bekhudi me mene le liya hai shayad tera naam bekhudi me . movie = not known

    2. sone deti hai na ye raat koi baat karo .movie = patanga

    3. jhuka jhuka ke ye nazar kyun uthayi jaati hai .movie =mere sartaaj

  19. binus2000 says:

    Post 70 . Manish ji… shabbir bhai from u.k. does not have the
    songs : Mere sapnon ki raani & roop tera mastana as advertised
    and claimed by him.

    he has stopped calling me now from u.k. and i feel amazed why
    people distort facts and make false claims.

    I met shakti samanta the producer of aradhana and he told me
    there is no such songs recorded in rafi ji’s voice. shabbirjis silence
    now in the matter and absence of his calls proves that “no such
    cassette of aradhana as mentioned above exist.”

    Lets close this chapter – now…

    binu nair.
    rafi foundation,mumbai.

  20. Sharaz says:

    Clearly Shabir bhai’s efforts are unparalelled. Hat’s off to you Shabir Bhai. Its refreshing and amazing to hear the time you have donated and the journey you have taken. I’m leaving my e-mail address for you Shabir Bhai. I am a 23 yr old Rafi Sahab fan and would love it if you could make contact with me. Their is so much i wish to discuss with you.

    I can’t wait for your contact. Thanks for your efforts.

    E-Mail –

  21. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Hellow all Rafi lovers,
    I got this information from very authentic source. This CD “Teri Ada” is produced by Reliance Communications and is available only for download for Reliance mobile users.
    with regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  22. ztas77 says:

    Will this “Teri Ada” album ever get released on CD ? What’s the wait for? A video of the “Teri Ada” track was supposed to be made? Someone out there must know what’s happening?

    This rumour of recorded tracks by Rafi of “roop tera mastana pyar mera diwana” & “mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu”, just how true is this? Surely if this was really true, these tracks would have been released long ago!! I do often imagine how these tracks would have sounded if Rafi sang them! Furthermore if SD Burman did’nt fall ill, these tracks could have been credited to Rafi. Then again it is also said that Rafi kept away from the recording studio for a short while, hence these tracks were given to Kishore.

  23. Manish Kumar says:

    shabir ji,

    you’ve worked very hard to collect the songs. right now i’m only 23 but i will put the same effort once i’m done with my studies. i too should too do my hard work to do the songs. but just one request – just one – and i’ll never ask for more – i would love to hear mere sapano ki rani in rafi’s voice just that one song please! mahboob ji – the songs you are asking for are very, very common in stores and the internet. please do share the aradhana solo shabir ji. you would warm the hearts of many rafi lovers.

    – manish

  24. yash hitkari says:

    jo rare songs main dekh raha hoon kya mai sun bhi sakta hoon how it can possible pl inform me thankhs ialso thans to mr mehboob & all rafi key dewanoo yash hitkari

  25. binus2000 says:

    Post 66….

    I salute shabbir rana who is a great fan of rafi saaheb and he has
    the greatest “collections” of rare songs of the farishta.

    since he told me to check my e.mail for the two aradhana songs
    which he sent me , i “presume” that he has the songs with him
    in tact near him.
    Its a treasure and if he has it he must give it to rafi lovers.

    in this regard : i had met shakti samanta the producer of aradhana
    on his birthday at his santacruz residence. I asked him about the
    two songs of aradhana in rafi ji’s voice.
    he said “no such songs exist”………………….

    whommmmm to believvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee now sir?…….

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation….mumbai…

  26. shabir says:

    mahboob saab i have the songs i will email them to you

  27. shabir says:

    i told binu saab to look for the records which i did and came across UNREALEASED SONGS OF
    saleem ul haq saab wrote rafi saab sang 5000 songs but the songs i have not even it that book

  28. mahboob says:

    im looking for a qawaali from the 1979 movie AATISH sung by the great MOHAMMAD RAFI, sharaab hai shabaab hai ek se bhar kar ek lajawaab hai

    also a qawaali from the film THE BURNING TRAIN, pal do pal ka saath hamara pal do pal ke yaraane hai

    if anyone has them please can they mail them to at


  29. shabir says:

    ok fair enough i do have many rafi songs which nobody has heard but i have spent my time like mad looking for them people out there didnt even wanted 2 help me it has took me a very long time 2 gather such songs which you people once hear then you will no kya kamal tha rafi saab like binu saab said aansoo unreleased songs which i have all of them and the film i have such collection but i have looked for them so i am surprised about you people if i can do it then i am sure you people can 2 but try i am a mad crazy fan of rafi and always will be and 1 more thing i will also have gul e baloch very soon the film also the song binu saab please forgive me when i do find the song i will post i havent forgotten

  30. shabir says:

    please be sincere to rafi ji and rafi lovers……pls this is the same quote i said to binu nair about teri ada y dont they release this album i cant remember where i have put my cassettes with e 2 rafi song in give me some time

  31. A S MURTY says:

    ref post 53 mallikaji, like narayanan sahab has informed you, you may contact both mr hussein sheikh sahab and mr mohd parvez sahab and they are the true rafians sending hundreds of rafi sahab’ songs to all those who need them and without any request or obligation. you may also log on to which again gives you free downloads of hundreds of rafi sahab’s songs and it is indeed free. try these sources and you will be immensely richer with the fragrance of rafi sahab.

  32. narayanan says:

    post 53 Mallikaji,
    kindly send ur email to and .
    These two Rafi lovers along with few others are doing great service to all Rafi bakths. Pl be in touch with them.
    Jai Rafi sahab

  33. binus2000 says:

    Post: 59

    Sabbir rana is from u.k. and called me several times. he has some
    never heard songs of rafi ji like songs of aansoo : composer is
    roshan lal , my friend and neighbour.
    rafi ji used to sing for rupee one or for rupee 100 and used to say
    in Punjabi to roshan lal :” tu si aage badh, menhu batah kitne
    gaana mainu gaana hai” – this is punjabi, both were from Lahore.
    roshan lal was composer ravi’s assistant in the glorious days.

    post recording, the musicians were paid rs.300 or more but rafi ji
    was given rs.100 in a sealed envelope by the composers nephew
    and my good friend.

    coming back to shabbir ji, he told me to check my mail for the
    two aradhana songs – but it was not there. I asked him again as he
    had promised…. now still i am waiting patiently.

    if shabbir ji has the songs and if he is true and ardent fan of rafi ji
    then he will send it to me in seven days from today i hope….and
    request too…..

    binu nair… the rafi foundation….

  34. Manish Kumar says:

    Shabbir ji,

    Sharing is caring. Nevermind about the Teri Ada album – it will eventually release and we can all buy it in stores. But the two solos from Aradhana will not be available. Can you please upload them on yousendit and post the link here? It’ll take you 10 minutes and you’ll make happy 10s of millions of Rafi fans out there! Please consider it! Thanks very much.

    – Manish

  35. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Mr. Shabbir, can you please send the song(s) to me by email?

  36. binus2000 says:

    Shabir ji : post 56:

    U also claimed to have two songs of rafi ji : roop tera mastana
    pyar mera diwana and mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu…..,
    u promised me u would give me and in turn i promised rafi
    lovers that i will turn it on to them ;;;;; what has happened ?
    do u want to share this songs with rafi lovers??????????

    please be sincere to rafi ji and rafi lovers……pls……………

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation…. mumbai….

  37. shabir says:

    this album did not get release but i have the song

  38. nadeem078 says:

    did this album released ????????

  39. qazi zafar says:

    i serch a lot on this web site but could not found,, famous QAWWALI”




    thx qazi zafar

  40. malikka says:

    how can I download songs of Rafi saab ?
    which link ?
    where is the latest birthday and death anniversary programmes
    I want to download all these programmes

    pls. help me


  41. binus2000 says:

    mr. john: Post : 48………

    thanks for the reporting… please guide us where will we get
    the photographs of rafi and yesudas as yesudas himself is needing
    the photograph….

    Pease guide us…………. and write to me… pls..

    binu nair… the rafi foundation.. mumbai… 0 9833 250 701

  42. Firoz says:

    Where can I buy this album, can you please tell me?

    Thanks you a lot.


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