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Subah Na Aayi Shaam Na Aayi

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The beauty of this song is simply outstanding. Music by Iqbal and lyrics by Neeraj is prominent. Its with a quality that thrusts itself into attention. The salient projection of feelings in the vocals of Rafi Sahab is simply adroit and artful.

The song is from the movie Cha Cha Cha, picturized on handsome Chandrashekhar and the beautiful Helen. Chandrashekar who is in search of his love, Helen and has almost lost all his hopes of finding her. Chandrashekhar’s despair is evident in these lines where Neeraj represents happiness with money, and, Smile with the garden, and a person who is seek of love, will neither find himself or his love.

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Sun in my life is neither risen nor set and my mind forever is in search of love; I cannot remember the time when I lost all hopes of meeting my love. What kind of attachment is this that I have on you? This affixation has made me lose all my smile; my happiness; and made me tearless. This world I feel is so against me, that my own deathbed is auctioned away. Had I found you, my lifestory would have been complete; graveyard would have become TajMahal; my tears would have become water of the Ganges. But the reality, has made my breath arrest me. I am fervid. My body and mind is on fire. You will have to come to me. There is very less difference in life and death for me. I am almost engaged with the death. You will have to come to me.

Khushi Jisne Khoji Voh Dhan Leke Lauta,
Hasi Jisne Khoji Voh Chaman Leke Lauta,
Magar Pyaar Ko Khojne Jo Chala,
Voh Tan Leke Lauta Na Man Leke Lauta..

Subah Na Aayi Shaam Na Aayi,
Jisdin Teri Yaad Na Aayi, Yaad Na Aayi..

Kaisi Lagan Lagi Yeh Tujhse, Kaisi, Lagan Yeh Lagi,
Hasi Khogayi, Khushi Khogayi, Aansoo Sab Tak Rahan Hogaye,
Arthi Taq Neelaam Hogayi, Duniya Ne Dushmani Nibhaayi,
Yaad Na Aayi

Tum Miljaate Tho Ho Jaati, Puri Apni Raam Kahani,
Khandar TajMahal Ban Jaata, Ganga Jal, Aankhon Ka Paani,
Sanson Ne Hatakhadi Lagaayi, Yaad Na Aayi

Jaise Bhi Ho Tum Aajaavo,
Aag Lagi Hai Tan Mein Aur Man Mein,
Ek Taar Ki Doori Hai, Bas Daaman Aur Kafan Mein,
Huyi Maut Ke Sang Sagaayi, Yaad Na Aayi..

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  1. Sohan says:

    Sincere thanks and heartiest wishes to all the working members of Rafiji’s forum…Rafiji was God’s very special and you allare keeping the greatest legacy alive and taking it tothe next generations…I would alsoolike to appreciate singers ..specially Ram tirath who is a very devoted and a great singer of Rafiji’s songs

  2. faisal says:

    thanks for best website thanks for old songs

    faisl qureshi

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