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Style and Substance

By Anonymous

Mohd Rafi, Firoz Khan

Mohd Rafi, Firoz Khan

500 years before the legendary Mohammed Rafi was born, William Shakespeare is reputed to have said that a rose is a rose is a rose. Even if called by any other name, it would smell as sweet.

This small piece of literary history came to fore so resonantly and how!. And it needed the somber reflection on the past of a good-looking actor called Feroze Khan, who lost his battle with cancer in Bengaluru the other day. All the talk has been about Rafisaab lending his mighty vocals for the frontline bigwigs like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and secondline poker-faced heroes like Joy Mukherjee, Biswajit, Bharat Bhushan and their ilk. The list is exhaustive (!) and endless.

Among the spectrum of stars who rose from relative obscurity to the portals of commercial fame was Feroze Khan. Now, no one had the slightest misgivings about Feroze’s prowess as an actor. Stylish nevertheless, the man who died in Bangalore the other day, knew fairly well about his musical instincts.

I had met the actor a couple of times fleetingly and never had the opportunity to talk to him on many of the songs that he crooned so evocatively during the sixties and early seventies, thanks mainly to Rafisaab as his equally stylish backup.

This of course, is not an article “Feroze Khan and Rafi” as a number of articles have appeared on this website with similar titles. Rather, through this little piece, I will endeavour to share with you all what transpired between Your’s Truly and the handsome actor with Rafisaab as the dominant common factor just a couple of years before.

It was because of one of those Press visits that I found myself in Amby Valley (a breath-takingly beautiful locale between Mumbai and Pune) on one sweaty afternoon. The event was occasioned to herald the crushing season of the wine festival.

In that crowd of influential people from Mumbai, I spotted Feroze Khan reclined against the railing, nursing a glass of South African wine. On an impulse, I left the conversation with some of them midstream and headed towards the robust Khan, who looked redder than the wine in his glass. For a second, he paused and then it registered. “Ah! Reporter Raju?” he said with a smile, happy to pun on the name of one of his earlier films. “I am not a reporter any more, I am the editor,” I shot back jovially.

Mohd Rafi, Firoz Khan

Mohd Rafi, Firoz Khan

As he put an affectionate arm around my shoulders, I started crooning the Rafisaab song from the same film, “Gussa fazool hai…” in his ears. But the irrepressible man that he was, he just put a hand on my mouth to shut me off and straightaway launched into his all-time favourite “Jaag dil-e diwana”. That set the tone of the conversation.

“Let’s talk about Rafisaab,” I said, grabbing the chance to know what he had to say about my greatest idol. “You know”, he told me with all the seriousness, “If people thought I looked handsome, it was because of the fabulous ebullience of Rafisaab. And the amazing part was he was such a simple man. If I was the chalk, he was the cheese. He was truly the real hero. If it were not for him, we all so called big actors would have been big ciphers,” he admitted with rare candour.

Just to test him a little, I asked him if he remembered a film called Mai Wohi Hoon. A little tipsy from his earlier bouts with wine, he looked a little offended. “Of course. Rafisaab sang two gorgeous songs for me in that film.” He was at pains to explain how “Aankhon pe palkon ke ghunghat” and Bahut haseen ho bahut jawan ho” were beautiful songs but his procilivities lay with the former. I agreed. Just because he echoed my musical understanding. It is another story that FK couldn’t remember in hell who had composed the music (Usha Khanna). As the quintessential hero that he was, it wasn’t surprising that he could remember his heroine Kum Kum. What really stunned me that he could recall every word and note of that song. And when I complimented him for his memory, he said with the wry sense of humour, “Blame it on Rafisaab. He sang that song bloody well.”

Chitragupt wasn’t so lucky either. But here too, Rafisaab was soulfully melodious in FK’s mind. “Wasn’t he the same man who composed for Onche Log?” he asked when reminded that Rafisaab sang so majestically (with Suman for company) in that 1962 film “Mai Shadi Karne Chala”? And when he repeated the lines “Chehre pe arzoo ki dheemi dheemi roshni…..” it was testimonial enough how Rafisaab shared a magical equation with him too. He just laughed his seven-storey laughter when told that the duet “Jabse hum tum, baharon mein..” was also recorded with Mukesh and Kamal Barot, and how Chitragupt had finally threw the dice in favour of the Rafisaab-Suman combo.

If FK was embarrassed with the kind of films he did then – one of them was Samson – he wasn’t so with a song in it. “Oh, how fabulously Rafisaab went on me with that song, as he went out of the way to tell me he remembered the duet with Lata so well. “Ek baat hai kehne ki aankhon se kehne do..”

The musical setting now complete. FK was in his element. He just went on and on with his films like Tarzan goes To India, Suhagan, Bahurani, Char Dervesh, Suhagan and Teesra Kaun. But one mention about Ek Sapera Ek Lutera and FK just kept gushing about the two solos Rafisaab sang for him: “Hum tumse juda hoke..” and “Tera bhi kisi pe dil aaye..”

The dashing actor made no secret of his unabashed respect and adoration for Rafisaab. “They don’t make men like him anymore. I hope he is happy up there,” he said, looking at Heavens misty-eyed. But beyond the honest admiration also lay a biting lament. “In the sixties, even third-rate films had first rate songs. Today, it’s just the opposite. They have the best of technical know-how. But what use it is if there is no Rafisaab around,” he asked bluntly. And I could just nod dumbly. As I reminisce those moments gone by, I can hear how Rafisaab negotiated those words that seem so apt today:

Aa mere dil, ab khwabon se mooh mod le
Beeti huyi sab raatein yehi chhod de
Tere to din raat hai ab, aankhon mein deedar ke…

With FK, another star who owed his existence in the Bollywood galaxy to the almighty Rafisaab gone, this last meeting unspooled before me and I thought I must share this with all the Rafisaab admirers out there.

In all the speculations, conjectures, hearsays, personal biases, self-evolved opinions that I usually see on this website – and I don’t mean to demean any of them – I have scrupulously adhered to the word that I have heard with my own ears and expressions that I have witnessed with my own eyes. With a little wisdom and discretion, one can make out who is true and who is not. So let’s not waste too much time on issues like whether RDB deliberately sidelined or not Rafisaab or whether Anil Biswas actually humiliated him or whether Dilip Kumar really acknowledged his contribution to his career. I am aware there are thousands of such issues where people will go overboard. Many times peppering their arguments/opinions with unsubstantiated ‘facts’ or based on either what they feel or what they have been fed – often by people who prefer to remain undercover for reasons that can be suspect.

A whole lot of injustice is done when motives are attributed to people just because of our idiosyncracies. As far as Rafisaab is concerned, it is true there were people who were jealous of his success. That is bound to happen in an industry where the rising sun is worshipped and where commercial success is the defining word. But not one ever foul-mouthed him.

Just look at FK. The man who changed tack from the seventies, hardly had any brush with Rafisaab with honourable exceptions like “Kya dekhte ho surat tumhari..” Now that FK is history, I will say to his credit that he looked at Rafisaab’s seerat and not surat. I don’t think he had come with glycerine in his eyes when I saw that drop of tear stranded on his cheek, as he kept repeating how lucky he was to be born in the same generation as Rafisaab.

Get the point I am trying to make in the headline?

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57 Blog Comments to “Style and Substance”

  1. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Although I was highly impressed by Feroz Khan’s style, attitude, dialogue delivery since childhood (I was a 4 year old kid when I had watched Qurbani in what used to be Anupam Theatre – Goregaon) but wasn’t that much of an FK fan until I read the article by Korty ‘Sir’.My respect for FK has grown by leaps and bounds just by knowing how much he used to rever Rafisaab.

    Thanks again Kortyji for bring out such an important truth.


  2. david says:

    “Some morons may consider them great singers [Mangeshkar sisters]”: No need for this. Mohammed Rafi would not approve of it and his divine voice can express his greatness far better than any naysayer or fan for that matter.

  3. spsyed says:

    Rafi sahib was above religious, race, cast, political, national and even commercial differences. As a Rafi-family friend, and neighbour in London, for over 50 years, I am honoured to have met the most humble, honourable and modest man that I ever knew in my whole lifetime. Rafi still continues to entertain millions around the world. That makes Rafi and his voice immortal. He politely refused to copy other singers in case they get offended. “Kehta hai koi dil gaya dil bar gaya. Sahil hai pukarta samandar chala gaya. Jo baat sach hai kehta nahin koi, keh es dunya se musiqi ka payambar chala gaya,” according to one tribute to Rafi sahib by the great poet Gulzar. That sums up the late great singer Mohammed Rafi. So, is it fair to compare him with others, alive or dead? Some of his best songs are available subscription free at – a website dedicated to the entertainers and their fans. Enjoy, comment, rate, provide feedback, subscribe, join as friends, and share it far and wide.

  4. Raju Korti says:

    Repetitive as it may sound, I can’t but help thanking profusely for the praise showered on rafisaab-fk string. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that so many people — many of them in the realms of unknown — are bound by that fevicol called rafisaab. this is a phenomenon that never fails to amaze me.
    this afternoon, i had the privilege to talk to mr narayan, dr vasudha, ms utthara, shirish kulkarni and many of their ilk, whose commitment to the greatest voice ever remains unflinching. i am touched. but thanks are also due to people like biman baruah, myk, mr halder, dr khajasaab. ats salim, bijoorsaab, mr anwar-ul haque and many others (sorry if i have not named some, but as equally) whom i have been unfortunate not to meet in flesh and blood, yet their love for rafisaab grows in leaps and bounds by the day. i am beholden to all of you, trust me.
    i am particularly impressed by the content of what mr ss (post 43) has written. in few words he (or she?) has summed up what i always felt very sincerely. rafisaab was the greatest ever and will remain so till the lord almighty presses the “reset” button and thinks of creating a new order on this earth. i would have, of course not name the two sisters as bluntly as he has done, but let’s be graceful and accept the truth — unwarnished and unadulterated.
    to be more honest, i am thrilled by the phrase binuji (post 42) has used. “the candle burnt itself out, in providing light and solace to millions of people everywhere. this was god’s wish, being fulfilled by his own special creation called mohd rafi.” this is a beautiful piece of construction which a seasoned journalist like me would have felt proud to have used. thanks all of you.
    raju korti

  5. Korti Saab, Feroz naam ke dost ke liye kuch hamaree yaadein Rafi Saab ke awaz mein pesh karta hoon.
    Maine apne dilruba dost ke liye chand phool mohabbat ke chune hai woh pesh karne kee izzajat chahata hoon
    1) “Jaag dile Diwana” from the film Oonche Log (1962)
    2) “Mohabbat hee mohabbat hai” from the film Geeta mera Naam
    3) “Chale ho Kahan” from the film Reporter Raju (1962)
    4) “Kya dekhate ho” from the film Qurbani (1980)
    5) “Sham-e-baharaan Sub-e-chaman” from the film Aaja Sanam
    6) “Tere Karam ki Dhoom” from the film Char Dervesh (1964)
    7) “Jaane kahan gayee Tum” from the film Aaja Sanam
    8) “Jab se hum tum baharon mein” from the film Main Shadi karne Chala (1962)
    9) “Hum tumse jooda hoker mar jayenge ro ro Ke” from the film Ek Sapera Ek Lootera
    10) “Aankhon pe palkon kee Goonghat” froom the film Main wohi Hoon (1966)
    Umeed rakhta hoon ye chand phool aapko pasand aayengee !!!

  6. Dear SS JEE
    Before commenting on your correct comments let me take the opportunity in complimenting Dear Korti Saab for that lovely piece of nostalgic rememberance as truly quoted by Mr D P Bijoorjee.
    Feroz was one of my best friends from the industry having initially met him at the recording of “Jaag dile Diwana” picturized on him from the great film Oonche Log with superb music score by Chitragupt Saab. Ferozbhai in those days (1962) was a very shy, introvert & simple with those bubbly cheeked smart face. After the final take of the recording “Jaag dile Diwana” was over Feroz came forward & abruptly hugged Rafi Saab as a token for the extra ordinary rendition with tears flowing his cheeks which indeed was his total tribute for the terrific rendition. Simplicity was Ferozbhais greatest asset and he loved & admired Rafi Saab like a KHUDA.
    korti Saab indeed a very well flow from your heart.
    Coming to SS Jee — you are absolutely true that most of the industry big-wigs were totally jealous of Rafi Saab mainly since they all knew for sure that RAFI was a Heavenly Angel OR a Gandharva gifted by the Almighty to the mankind with the greatest & unique quality of that magical box in his golden throat.
    Leave-aside the story of the great behnaas. Us family ne Chitalkar Saab (C Ramchandra) ko nahee pucha, jab woh bechare is duniya se chal base tho inke ghar ka kutha bhee wahan maujood nahee tha, tho aise log Rafi Saab se jealous nahee tho aur kya honge.

  7. Narayan says:

    Thanks Raju Korti saab, Adaab Rafi ! for an informative article. Honestly never knew before that Feroz likes Rafi sahab so much. I wish that being a great producer he could have asked KA to take Rafi sahab in many films in the 70s. Not that Iam complaining but what to do we Rafi fans always want more.. Yeh dil mange more …..

  8. ss says:

    This is indeed an excellent article, well done. The rats who were and are jealous of Rafisaab are never at peace, look at the Mangeshkar sisters, even at this age one can see insecurity and fustation on their faces.
    Some morons may consider them great singers but for me their are simply manipulative businesss people who are in the business of singing.
    They knew along with people like Biswas that no one is even half as good as Rafi and hence they played dirty politics and made shameful comments through their mischievous cotrie.
    Rafisaab still rules, Rafisaab fans are in this great position where they dont have to rely on bogus articles, crazy coments and a political agenda to prove his unmatched greatnesss as a singer. All one needs is a set of normal ears and thats enough one to realise the diffrence in class of Rafisaab and other singers.

  9. binu nair says:

    Post 39……

    Chandan ji: Do you remember our May 3rd evening discussions on Mohd Rafi.
    I recall Raju Korti ji saying : “Rafi saaheb used to sing from the heart”. Yes very much indeed.
    the candle burnt itself out, in providing light and solace to millions of people – everywhere. this was god’s wish, being fulfilled by his own special creation called mohd rafi.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai….

  10. biman baruah says:

    Respected Anonymous Ji

    What a master piece from a professional writer. Sir you are so lucky having personal interaction with stars like Feroz Khan and we are also so lucky to get a change to read a master piece from you. It is a great tribute article to Feroz Khan Saheb. His style of action & romance in films was my childhood preferences and the great Rafi gems, “Hum Tum Se Juda Hoke, Mar Jayengee Ro Ro Ke” is one of my personal favorite.

    Not only Feroz Khan, all big stars like Manoj Kumar, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, etc. started their film career with the golden voice of Rafi Saheb.

    Once again thanks & best wishes for your Style & Substance.

    With warm regards to all Rafi Lovers
    Biman, Sivasagar, Assam

  11. Raju Korti says:

    dear ramachandransaab
    it was my pleasure too. what really makes me feel proud is rafisaab’s fans are as learned, dignified and cultured like our hero. it will be a honour to meet you whenever, wherever and and as and when possible. i will also cherish those sweet memories with you. and be my guest when you come again. for that matter any rafisaab admirer. i will give him/her a royal treat.
    raju korti

  12. KS Ramachandran says:

    Dear Raju Korti Saab
    Wonderful article! It was my privilege that I could meet you on Sunday the 3rd May 2009 at Mumbai and we had a lovely evening. I could get to hear from you some of your wonderful anecdotes and experiences with the film world, music directors and expecially Rafi Saab.
    Please stay in touch and would be delighted to meet you again, be it in Chennai, Mumbai or anywhere!
    With love and best regards

  13. Unknow says:

    If I am not wrong FK was not famous for his songs but when ever mohd Rafi sang for him the song was hit as like Rajesh khanna and Big B.
    People put films and actors as Grade A or B or C but great mohd rafi gave his voice to all Grade
    we are wordless when ever we speak about mohd rafi because he was from other world

  14. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 36
    thanks bijoorsaab. it feels so good when people are so lavish with their praise. i have thousands of anecdotes and stories about the great rafisaab. but i should take the blame for being so lazy and lax.
    ref post 34
    thanks salimsaab
    there are other songs where rafisaab has yodelled. most people are not aware that it is rafisaab who introduced yodelling and not kishore. i haqve those songs where rafisaab yodels so perfectly. but more about this next time
    raju korti

  15. Dear Raju Korti Saab,
    Earlier I had the privilege of reading your article titled “Magnum Opus” in the Sargam Magazine published by the Rafi Foundation in their introductory issue in October 2007 and now “Style & Substance” in this beautiful site.
    Since I for a while thought you belonged to Bangaluru I immediately contacted my very good old friend Mr P Narayanan who immediately responded informing me that you indeed belonged to Mumbai and then I contacted Mr Binu Nairjee requesting him to pass on my compliments to you for your enchanting thoughts on dear Feroz Khan & Rafi Saab.
    Korti Sir this magic of yours can never be treated as an article mainly because the words & the rhythm has directly flown from the core of your heart and hence I treat this as an nostalgic remembrance beautifully woven.
    The bubbly cheeked Feroz Khan was the most smart & handsome looking personality amongst his younger brothers of the likes of Sanjay, Akbar and Sameer and still possessed the heart of gold. His respect, admiration & love for Rafi Saab can never ever be doubted which indeed spoke volumes when silently one hears “Jaag dile Diwana” from Oonche Log and “Hum tumse jooda hokar mar jayenge ro ro ke” from the film Ek Sapera Ek Lootera.
    Kortijee you have indeed taken all of us in those beautiful moments of sheer dimensions & memories and any praise OR complimentary will never erode the fragrance of your thoughts but will automatically enhance the magic of Firoz – Rafi combination.
    While saying good bye a small salute to you Korti Sir – but definitely not without humming “Kya dekhate ho – surat tumharee – Kya chahate ho” — Indeed “Seerat” and hence always “Pyaar bhara dil aur utnihee meethee zuban”

  16. binu nair says:

    I have countless people who are Mohd Rafi fans. People from all walks of life. this planet is made beautiful by men and women who are born simple – but attain greatness by their hard work and goodness.

    Mohd Rafi is one of them. I salute my greatest hero…. Mohd Rafi saaheb…

  17. A.T.M. SALIM says:





  18. Raju Korti says:

    dear mr sanjay arora
    i had so many songs in mind. but wrote only about those we discussed. how unfortunate FK isn’t alive today! Else would have given part 11 of that interview with all these songs. Alas!

    raju korti

  19. SANJAY ARORA says:

    Respected Korti Saab,a superb article,there were some superb duets on the dashing fk by rafi saab namely

    1) Mera Tumhara Saath to – Ek Paheli- with Suman Kalynapur- MD again Usha Khanna
    2) Shaam Dekho Dhal Rahi – Anjaan Hai Koi-with Usha Khanna – MD again Usha Khanaa
    3) Saamne Rakh Le Deedar ki Baaten – With Suman

    And one more superb solo from -Ek Sapera Ek Lutera – Mera ban jaye Koi

    With Regards

  20. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    ref. post 28:

    Mohterma Nasreen Sahiba,

    What a song you have discussed. It is one of my personal favourites. Actually it is a ghazal beautifully penned by Rajinder Krishan and its sweetest tune is made by Ravi. This is from “Shehnayi” and brialliantly picturised on Biswajeet and Rajshree.

    You can see this wonderful song on following link:

    Thanks and best regards.


  21. M V Devraj says:

    Re 28:
    Film :Sehnai(1964)
    Music: Ravi
    Lyrics:Rajinder Kishan

    M V Devraj

  22. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    The song “Na Zhatko” is from ‘Shehnai’ starring Biswajeet & Rajashree, music by Ravi.

  23. Nasreen says:

    Just a little anecdote in which Rafi’s heavenly voice featured. This happened some years ago, in Calcutta (now Kolkata). It was during the early monsoon season when the rain starts without much warning. That’s what happened, and a very pretty young lady who had been waiting for her bus had to run for shelter to a street side tea and pakora/puri (etc) stall. As she stood there, brushing the rain drops from her silky black hair, the stall owner quickly put on this song of Rafi’s: “na jhatko zulf se paani, ke moti toot jayenge”. The girl blushed, and smiled and took the first opportunity to escape.
    This sort of thing could happen only in my beloved India. I just think it’s so romantic – and what makes it so is Rafi Sa’abs andaz in the song.
    Could someone please let me know which film this song is from?

  24. pvks raju says:

    FK was a dashing and flamboyant hero of his times. The Indian Clint Eastwood. As the Indian cowboy he featured in slick action film like Khote Sikkay and Kala Sona. He was a stylish actor and did action(s) in a more westernised manner. Well Rafi Saheb best song for him was from Ek Separa Ek Lootere. Onchhe Log also had wonderful Rafi (s) contribution. In the seventies Rafi Saheb sang just one song from him from Qurbani with Asha ji picturised on FK and Zeenat Aman. I pay my respects to the dashing Khan…. may his soul rest in peace. The article on FK about his association with Rafi Saheb was very touching. It has been presented very well.

  25. Raju Korti says:

    dr khaja aliuddin saab

    thanks for bringing back alive the memories of those obscure but lovely songs. i have all those songs. didn’t have the time to discuss all those songs with fk. there were many who wanted to have an audience with him. but it was kind of him to devote one full hour to me even when scores of people breathing down his neck. as it is, it was a pleasant shock for me to see him gushing about rafi.
    raju korti

  26. Raju Korti says:

    my sincere apologies for the typos in my copies. especially to p haldersaab for the error. i have this bad habit of keying in with just a 20watt bulb burning in the room. so typos have their uncanny habit of creeping in at the wrong times.
    hope you will excuse
    raju korti

  27. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Anonymous Saheb,
    Excellant writing on two unique legends, Congratulations. FK is the one who introduced Nazia Hasan in Qurbani ” Aap jaisa koi “, did out door shooting in Afghanistan for” Dharmathma”, picturised the car race in Germany in the movie “Apradh”, etc. Rafi Sahab sang beautiful songs for FK. Would like to mention few of them:
    Bhoola hua fasana ham ko na tha sunana- Sau sal baad
    Na jao radhe chedenge shyam- Sau sal baad
    Raaton ki seeyahi hai aur din ka ujala hai – Raath andheri thi
    Jazbe dil jo salamth ho to InshaAllah kacche dhage me – Mai shadi karne chala
    Jane kahan gai tum bechain hai rangeen nazare – Aaja sanam
    Mahbooba meri roothi jaye – Woh koi aur hoga
    Mahboob meri mahboob – Jahan mile dharti aakash
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    Long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  28. binu nair says:

    Yes. Rafi saaheb made many heores – out of ordinary men. He is a one man industry providing bread and solace to innumerable musicians, singers and music companies.

    The song “Jaag dil e diwana” from oonche log is a pereniel hit. Yes the song was superbly sung by Prabhanjan Marathe on april 4th at the dinanath hall.
    There was an “encore” for the song. we all enjoyed it. very soon we will put the song on this page along with many other gems.

    Yes. there was a clue to the writers identity in the article by anonymous. Read the words : Reporter Raju in the article.

    binu nair…. rafi foundation, mumbai…

  29. myk says:

    Excellent article (as usual) “Anonymous”.

    Like P. Haldar, I also know who you are, and I know my guess is correct as it can only be you.

    Sir, your articles are worth their weight in gold. Please continue with your beautiful articles and write-ups.

  30. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 16 9mr haque)

    in all probability you could be right. thanks for this new angle. this never struck me.
    raju korti

  31. Raju Korti says:

    Well, to deny that I am overwhelmed by the heaps of praises, would be a travesty of truth. I chose to be anonymous for a couple of reasons. Not that I wanted to be self effacing. But I really felt that I wasn’t important. I am just a face in that sea of rafisaab’s fanatic devotees. to mr hardersaab’s credit, he hit the nail on the head.
    when i used the word idiosyncracies, i did not intend to point fingers at anyone. we all are bound by unconditional love for this great man who introduced us to melody in a way only he could. we all debate about this singing giant and indulge ourselves in some animated discussions. even i am party to it.
    As i bore in the article, I stumbled upon fk perchance. my presumption that he might be a rafisaab admirer was based on gut feeling. it was proved right. that’s it. what i wanted to share with you all was not about fk’s flamboyance as a celluloid hero but how people still utter rafisaab’s name in reverential tones even decades after his departure.
    let’s not blame fk for the mukesh and kishore songs screened on him. fk was an easy-going man who took the composers’ word for it. isn’t it enough that an actor who was a product of the sixties, evolved with rafisaab’s voice. instead of blaming him for other singers’ songs picturised on him, let’s appreciate the fact that he had kind words to say about rafisaab. it touched me, more so in the backdrop that a website dedicated to rafisaab is often vitiated because of the needless controversies created by people writing with pseudonyms. a courteous anonymity is far better than being an offending fake.
    but thanks to all of you for liking the little piece. your suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
    Raju Korti

  32. arshad hussain says:

    dear mr. annonymous,

    very good article indeed….straight from the heart!!i think fk also owes it to usha khanna who composed songs for many of his b grade movies.its a pity he could not remember her as the composer in your encounter with rafisaab’s credit,he gave us some rare gems even in these movies.whatever grade the movie,rafisaab gave us top grade songs–songs to remember forever!!

  33. Anil Cherian says:

    Bind-blowing article, anonymousji.
    I think I know who you are from “Bangaluru” and “Reporter Raju” as well as your style. May I request you something. Please write a candid article here on ‘What I think about Rafi sahab’. I am requesting you this because many of us in this site have this feeling that you have not been fair to Rafisahab, consistently. I mean some of us feel that you have occassionally tried to take a dig at a remarkable human being who to us is a ‘farishta’. And please accept my apologies, in case you feel I have crossed the limits.
    Thank you.

  34. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Anonymous ji,

    Heartious congratulations to write such a great article. Hats Off to you Sir!!!

    A question: I think Firoz Khan was the first HERO of Indian Films who appeared in films with his muslim name. Before him, all the muslim heroes used their film names instead of their original name like Dilip Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Darpan etc. Am I correct that Firoz Khan was the first hero to carry forward his muslim name in films?

    Thanks and best regards.


  35. Anjali Shandilya Srivatsa says:

    Amazing and very different article about rafi sahab and the very stylish Freoz khan. I think all rafisaab fans must be delighted as always after reading this article, as i am. Indeed it’s true that stars like FK, Devanand, Dilip saab, ….looked more beautiful if rafisaab sang for them Thanks for this wonderful update.

  36. P. Haldar says:

    Dear mr. anonymous,

    You may try to hide from us but I know who you are just from your writing style. Wonderful article; will be eagerly waiting for the book.

    P. Haldar

    P. S. Please forgive us for our idiosyncrasies. Sometimes the fanatic in us gets the better of ourselves.

  37. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Good Article. But surprising that FK for all his devotion and respect to Rafi, turned to other singers like Mukesh, KK, etc. and almost forgot Rafi in the seventies but for songs like “Kya Dekhate Ho”.

  38. sabnavees says:

    hello anonymous ji,

    are you by any chance our ‘ raju korti ‘ ji ? ? ?

  39. Dr.vasudha Theertharam says:

    Mr ya ms Anonymous
    What shall I say?Chehre pe giri Zulphonko hathakar –show us your face or parda hathaakar–show us your smile or shall I just say–reveal your name–Fabulous write up.You have given an identity to a star who would have otherwise been forgotten and only remembered as–once upon a time—.This is Rafi saab’s greatness.

  40. raji hari says:

    Wow ! what an article…..very heart warming…..great to hear about your chat with the style star on a lot of substance !! smiley ! Thanks again !

  41. Naushad says:

    anonymous ji, words fails to congratulate u for such a sincere and heartfelt article.Both Feroz and Rafi sahab worth these admirations. thanks a thousand for sharing such precious moments you have had the opportunty to savour.once again hats off!!

  42. Nasreen says:


    Why did you choose to be anonymous? It would not be so uninteresting to know the name of the person who has written with such insight (and style and substance) into the ‘style and substance’ of the actor and the man Feroz Khan. And for good measure, shared the sheer depth of admiration FK seemed to have had for the One and Only, do I need to name him. For me, that was an enlightening fact, because I had no idea FK had been such a great admirer – and I so totally agree with him that without That Voice, all the heroes who made it so big, would not have been quite as alluring and appealing as they were.
    I don’t have words or expression, all I have is a feeling of great belonging to this wonderful group of people who have appreciation, understanding and love for the magic of our beloved hero, Rafi Sa’ab. I just didn’t know Feroz Khan was part of it too. And as you have said, Anonymous, it is so meaningless to delve into useless issues such as whether so and so was jealous of Rafi or sidelined Rafi etc. Whatever did happen, if such things did indeed happen, is no longer relevant. What’s relevant is that Mohammad Rafi’s magic has and will reign supreme.

  43. ashish kapoor says:

    Dear Anonymous ji, what an article indeed !!!
    a brilliant tribute to a brilliant actor, who lived his life his way. after reading about his views for our rafi sa’ab , my respect for him has increased manifold. sir your vocablury is commendable.
    please come up with similar articles frequently as it gives us an insight of views of various stars for rafi sa’ab.
    ashish kapoor,

  44. Mahmood Hafeez says:

    though i think i know Rafi Sahab but to know more n more makes me read more about him,,,when ever i read about the great man a singer of class by himself i feel happy,,Yes there are many like me who think better then me for him,,,and they write too,,,thanks

  45. A S MURTY says:

    One of the best articles ever written is the least that I can surmise after reading this ‘straight from the heart’ monologue. The judicious and balanced use of language, substance, subject, thought, etc. leave us in sheer joy of knowing that the devotees of Rafi Sahab can be masters at their trade. While we would like to know the name of the ‘anonymous’ author, the term “bengaluru’ perhaps is a give away. This article must be read several times by all the fans of rafi sahab and devoured. The write up also tell us that the author is completely at ease with the history of hindi films. And by posting such great articles, this website certainly lies perched at the very top – just as rafi sahab is.

  46. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb sang many songs for late Feroze Khan, but the most I enjoy is “Jaag dil e deewana, rut jaagi vasle yaar ki…” from the film “Oonche log”. Nice article, keep it up.

  47. Uthara says:

    Anonymousji, kya baat kahi aapne! Wah! Feroz Khan, the flamboyant star who gave style to Hindi Cinema, did lyp-synch some wonderful songs of Rafi saab like Jaag dil e deewana. And your interaction has thrown a fresh light on Feroz’s admiration for Rafi saab. A matter-of-fact article which gave a wealth of information.
    Thank you for sharing it with us



  48. Gan Sharma says:

    A very nice personal article, and very timely. Feroz Khan’s reminisences of Rafi saab made lovely reading…thank you.

  49. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Wow , What an Article. ‘words’ when expressed truly from the heart can be felt so deeply within.


  50. M V Devraj says:

    Very well written ‘anonymousji’.They neither have MD’s of the type of those days nor the singers of those years.Rafisaab was a gift of God to all of us of our era and there will never ever be another one like him.Thanks for sharing your interaction with that classy gentleman Firoze Khan.

    Best wishes.

    M V Devraj

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