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Spiritual Rendezvous with Rafi Sahab on his Birthday

By: J.K. Bhagchandani

Spiritual Rendezvous with Rafi Sahab on his Birthday

It always was my profound desire to visit places in Mumbai associated with Rafi sahab (his residence, his grave, Mohd. Rafi Chowk in Bandra etc.). In-spite of couple of visits to Mumbai in last few years, this desire never got fulfilled until recently on his birthday on 24th Dec. 2016 when I was on a visit to Mumbai for about 7-8 days and made it a point to spare this auspicious day to fulfill my wish. As I had thought it be, the day turned be a one of the greatest for me. It was like a pilgrimage.

In the morning, first I attended the ceremony where 16th Road in Bandra (West) was renamed as “Padmashree Mohd. Rafi Marg”. There I was joined by my wonderful facebook friends (Ms. Vijaya Ramaswamy, her husband Mr. Ramaswamy, their son Vignesh, Ms. Geeta Chanda and Ms. Namita Ghag; all die-hard Mohd. Rafi fans). Playback singer S.P. Balasubramanyam graced the occasion. There, it was absolutely fantastic to meet Rafi saab’s daughters (Yasminji and Nasreenji) and son-in-laws (Parvez Bhai and Miraj Bhai). It was like a dream come true to come face to face with immediate family members of that divine soul.

Renaming 16th Road, Bandra as Padmashree Mohammed Rafi Marg: Curtain raising done by Rafi saab’s Daughter
Renaming 16th Road, Bandra as Padmashree Mohammed Rafi Marg: Curtain raising done by Rafi saab’s Daughter

Almost simultaneously there was a function at Mohd. Rafi Chowk near Bandra Railway Station where a memorial was inaugurated in the name of Rafi saab. Though both these functions were initially planned with one hour time difference for the people to attend both but as the Road renaming ceremony got delayed a bit, it led to overlapping of timings and we missed the main part of memorial inauguration ceremony at Mohd. Rafi Chowk, but we visited the place nonetheless. Many people were still there. This Hill Road-SV Road junction was revamped and adorned with a plaque (shaped into a golden ball), reflecting the artiste’s timeless ‘golden voice’. At this memorial site one man sang “Oh Duniya ke rakhwale…”. It was absolutely brilliant and heart touching. He was singing like a man possessed. Throughout the song he was crying. People were awestruck- many with tears in their eyes.

At the Rafi Memorial site near Bandra StationAt the Rafi Memorial site near Bandra Station

Apart from singer S.P Balasubramaniam, Rafi saab’s family members and a large number of Rafi fans; other dignitaries who graced the occasions include Member of Parliament Shahnawaz Hussain, MLA Ashish Shelar, city Deputy Mayor Alka Kerkar, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Vasant Prabhu, Assistant Commissioner Sharad Ugade, Radio Jockey Anmol.

After that we went to Rafi Mansion. It is a 4-5 storied building which earlier (when Rafi saab was alive) was actually a bungalow where Rafi saab lived. After his death it was converted to its present state. Ground floor of the building is a mosque. On first floor is the residence of Rafi saab’s daughter and son-in-law (Parvez bhai). There were 20-25 people there. Parvez Bhai took all of us to his home (on first floor) and acted as an excellent host. People had brought birthday cakes, which were cut by Rafi saab’s daughter and grand-children. Sweets were also distributed. Some Rafi saab devotees who had good voices sang his timeless gems to pay their tributes. Climbing a Few more steps from First floor, there is a Room. This was the room where Rafi saab’s belongings like his harmonium, his chair, table, carrom board, Padma Shree, filmfare awards, ‘singer of the millennium’ award (and all other awards) etc. were kept. It also contained collection of records of Rafi saab’s songs (LPs, EPs etc.). I could feel some internal vibrations in me, stimulating me; as if purifying my soul. Nostalgia is too small a word to describe that. That carom board…that harmonium…that chair…Oh…Rafi saab….you were there.. you will always remain us.

Here let me admit that initially there was an element of disappointment in me on reaching Rafi Mansion. It was because the physical condition of the place was not what I had thought it to be. A place inhabited by perhaps the best among the human race needed to be the best. But quite quickly I overcame this disappointment (especially after reaching that Rafi saab’s room where his holy belongings were kept). I realized that the simplicity of the place is the reflection of Rafi saab’s persona. A flashy, shining place might have taken away the essence of the sacredness, the spiritual vibration-emitting environ of the place. Rafi saab himself never craved for that poshness, that glamour, so his place should reflect that thought process only. Rafi saab’s legacy is epitomized by simplicity, humanity and care which is desolate to ego, avarice and arrogance. It was great to find that baton of legacy being passed on to Rafi saab’s children. Like Rafi sahab, his daughters and son-in-laws are down to earth and very simple souls.

As many people were waiting outside the room (in the stairs) to visit that place (because the room was small and they had requested to come in group of 7-8 persons at a time), we came out. Still we spent good 10-15 minutes there; experiencing saintliness, the divinity of Rafi saab.

With Rafi Saab’s First car and his daughter Yasmin Ji

Just outside the building we also saw Rafi saab’s first car (Fiat). It was nostalgic to imagine that this very car was once driven by Rafi saab on the surrounding (and other) roads. How lucky the neighbors would have been, may be some of them still continue to live there only.

With Parvez Bhai (Rafi Saab's son-in-law) at the Road Renaming VenueWith Parvez Bhai (Rafi Saab’s son-in-law) at the Road Renaming Venue

Then around 2.00 PM, we reached Rangsharda auditorium at Bandra for a Rafi show. It was not a concert. It was not some singers singing Rafi saab’s songs. It was a kind of talk show. Some celebrities occupied stage and shared their thoughts, their experiences about Rafi sahab. The celebrities were Biswajeet, Jeetendra, singer S.P Balasubramanyam, composer Madan Mohan’s sons, lyricist Shakeel Badayuni’s son, Milind (of Anand Milind duo- they are sons of MD Chitragupta), composer Ravi’s daughter etc. All spoke very eloquently about Rafi sahab. Jeetendra said that he took loan (उधार) of Rafi saab’s voice to construct his acting career. That loan he could never re-pay. His style, body language, selection of words etc. depicted that he was speaking from the core of his heart. Biswajeet also spoke well and recalled fond memories associated with Rafi saab. And then he echoed the sentiments of millions of Rafi fans: demanding ‘Bharat Ratna’ for Rafi saab. Milind (of Anand Milind musical duo) recalled Rafi saab’s impeccable punctuality during his visits to their father’s recordings and rehearsal sessions.

Milind told that once, when Rafi saab was to arrive at their home for a rehearsal at 9.00 AM, he and his brother (Anand) were asked to spy and find out how Rafi saab could manage to adhere to such second-by-second punctuality. So both the brothers came out of their home good 15-20 minutes prior to the appointed time and positioned themselves in such a way that they could watch the happenings around and yet not be seen. Around 8.45 or 8.50 AM Rafi saab’s car came and instead of stopping in front of Chitragupta’s house, it stopped some distance ahead. Rafi saab sat quietly, listening to Radio Ceylon from his car music system. Just when it was about 2 minutes to 9.00 AM, his car would pull back to Chitrgupta’s house and precisely when it was 15-20 seconds to 9.00 AM, Rafi saab would press the door-bell. Wow!! Apart from achieving voice perfection, Rafi saab was perfect even when it came to punctuality. Music Director Ravi’s daughter and Shakeel saab’s son remembered their “Rafi Uncle” with profound love and respect.

Sanjeev and Samir Kohli (sons of music maestro Madan Mohan) narrated how, on a day when Rafi saab was to record a song for their father, they would fake stomach pain in the morning (to ensure that they are able to bunk the school). By the time it was 10.30 AM or so they would declare the stomach pain being cured, thus allowing them to attend the recording. Sanjeev Kohli recalled how Rafi saab had hugged him and cried when his father had prematurely passed away. He recalled an incident when after the death of his father he started his new career with Polydor Records Company and he wanted to meet Rafi saab in connection with his new career. He was bit hesitant and apprehensive as considerable time has passed since they met last (at his father’s demise). And secondly unlike previous meetings it was in connection with his new career path. He came to know that Rafi saab is recording a song at a studio. He reached there and waited outside in the hope of chance encounter with Rafi saab upon his finishing the recording. However it was R.D. Burman who came out. Seeing him, he approached him and requested him to somehow arrange a meeting with Rafi saab. R.D. Burman went in and came back with Rafi saab, who not only greeted him with same enthusiasm and love as earlier but also helped him in his professional assignment for which he had come.
But the best speech came from S.P Balasubramanyam. It was simply awesome. Someone has uploaded that speech on youtube :

Some highlights of that speech:

  • When Rafi saab sang it was not some human being singing, it was God himself singing.
  • Whenever I listened to Rafi saab… be it a romantic song.. or a sad song… I would cry.. tears start rolling… it was because in life we often get entangled in our worldly activities (like this money to be invested there, this appointment, that task, this payment to be made etc. etc.) the voice of Rafi saab takes you to spirituality, away from those worldly things… brings to fore your emotions… be it happy one or sad. It is a kind of ‘spiritual detoxification’. The voice brings you face to face to yourself, your hidden emotions. So tears are the natural outcome for such divine experience.
  • Listen to the word jhooma (झूमा) or just the letter मा in the song “Deewana hua baadal.. ye dekh ke dil jhooma”… Is it humanly possible to fill so much romanticism, so much feeling packed into just one word or one letter? It had to be God himself singing.
  • Listen to the word “haai” in the song “Din dhal jaaye haai…..” the nuance of the entire song can be felt just by listening to this one word….
  • With due apologies to all the actors of his time I will say that 90% of those actors could not do justice to his singing. (At this point Jeetendra intervened to say that with Rafi saab’s voice support, he could enhance his performance).
  • I am not merely a Rafi fan, I am member of Rafi family… all fans are like a Rafi family.. and coming to Mumbai to attend all the functions was same as going to a temple to meet God..
  • Whenever I speak about Rafi saab… I just go on and on without bothering about the time slot allotted to me.

And so on so forth….

SPB’s speech was time and again interjected by loud applause. I could see many people crying. Even while writing this and recalling his words, tears are coming out from my eyes.

In between the speeches, Sonu Nigam (who was little late in arriving) had quietly arrived with his father and sat among the audience (in front row). Organizers escorted him and his father to stage after SPB’s speech. He was crying; had to be calmed down with a glass of water. Such was the impact of SPB’s speech.  Sonu Nigam spoke briefly and pointedly about his idol and role model…. He said that after listening to SPB’s narratives… he is left speechless.. On public demand his father a sang “Main ye soch kar uske dar se utha tha…”. The high point of Sonu Nigam’s speech was when he made a point that even after years and years of listening to Rafi saab, he still discovers many songs… discovers many new twists and turns of his voice in many songs. One example he gave was ”Hazaaron rang badlega zamana….”. He said that only 2-3 days back he was discussing with his father the unbelievable voice modulation that Rafi saab had provided in song. There is so much still to be discovered in his songs. Sonu Nigam acknowledged that there has not been one song that he has sung without bringing Rafi saab in his imagination, in his thought process- as to how he would have sung that song.

All the programs since morning till early evening were covered by RJ Anmol of Radio Nasha. He said he will run special edition on Radio to cover all the events.

By 4.00 PM or so the program ended… I returned to my Guest House…. The day had a huge calming effect on me… a spiritual cleansing accomplished….

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19 Blog Comments to “Spiritual Rendezvous with Rafi Sahab on his Birthday”

  1. I, would said B.S.P.ji speech is of great divinity, Even i had experience such emotion when hearing many of his song such as Daman with lataji, Chadini raat with shamshab Begumji, sajaan with lalitaji, this a few it will a life time to mention all his song may be a romantic,sad, he is the only virtual singer who had sung for actor up to new generation. My conclusion if you want to hear Allah voice just listen to Rafi sahaab voice all the great one had said the same.

  2. Bagchandaniji,To have the opportunity to be in the presence of Rafi shaab family and have chance to visit his personal room the way you explain it about feeling of your soul had when seeing all this i also feel it as if i am accompanies you in the room Bagchandiji believe me you are a bless soul and Mohd Rafi sahaab blessing is with you, to be present in this gathering Allah has acceded to Mohd rafi sahaab dua that you get a chance also to be with members of his families, perhaps many are waiting for such occasion. thank for having share this valuable moment you had at the manzil of Mohd Rafi sahaab.

  3. Mohd Rafi’ sahaab voice has bring my soul into ecstasy, and thro’ is every song he has awaken the spirituality in my heart where till he is still dwell believe me or not Rafi sahaab is my Allah. I have seen him once in my life it was in 1967, he came for a show in Mauritius at Opera House cinema, you dont know what is happening to you in his presence the atmosphere as if you are in the garden of bliss there is more to say, but doomdays will be near at the threshold but will finish to talk about a divinely being. I once told a friend Rafi sahaab his himself Allah voice Thank

  4. Uma Maheswar says:

    Good Afternoon Sir,
    Very beautifully written and I could see Rafi ji’s presence in me.
    I love all his songs especially the romantic ones.
    You are fortunate enough to attend the occasion. Thanks for all the snaps related Rafi ji’s family and so nice to see them and feeling as if personally meeting them.
    Last but not least,
    Rafi ji is a legend immortal living in our Hearts.
    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Bagchandani ji..,
    Very nice article.The way you narrated brought us also to the functions.
    Keep on writing about our Farishta.

    All the Very Best….

  6. Kamal Rana says:

    I love very much rafi sahab voice my first & last choice

  7. Mahender Singh says:

    Dear Bhagchandaniji, Believe me, I could not stop my tears while reading this blissful article about God’s own voice. Rafi sahab’s family members, those who have seen him, those who have heard him, and lesser souls like us are all blessed by the Supreme God that we hear his voice everyday. Mohammed Rafi deserves all the recognition in the world for what he was…….as far as Bharat Ratna…..I would recall few lines from a famous American writer that “Deserving award and not having is much better than having them and deserving them..”. Bharat Ratna is top award of one country…I think Mohammed Rafi sahab’s clout is beyond one country and covers entire mankind alike.
    Heartiest congratulations to yourself and your family for such a wonderful trip.
    Mahender Singh

  8. Bhargavaram says:

    Listeners of our great inimitable Rafi saheb , listen to songs sung by him for the films . They certainly admire and reminisce the heavenly experiences , of listening them. But, there is a finest collection of bhjans sung by him. Surprisingly, those songs have been composed by great music director , KHAYAAM SAB. Rafi saheb has sung so melodiously , they will sink any music lover into trance. 1. PAAVA PADOON TOREY SHYAAM, BRIJMEY LAUT CHALO. A song that one must listen and enjoy the , depth of lament supplication prayer, by a Brija vaasi to Sri krishna. Next one TERE BHAROSEY PEY NANDALAALA, Next one is child Krishna pleads with Yashoda. , telling I haven’t stolen the butter MAI MAAKHANA NAAHI CHURAAYO. I FEEL PROUD OF MY SELF AND THANK GOD.FOR.HAVING PROVIDED ME.WITH A KNOWLEDGE TO UNDERSTAND THE BEAUTY OF THSE SONGS SUNG BY RAFI SAHEB. I don’t want any one else to take birth saying ” I sing better than rafi sheb. Millions of his listeners who appreciate are Lucky persons. Bhargavaram

  9. K.P.Hassan says:

    Bagchandaniji, really you are a lucky person. By attending the function as well as visiting the residence of Rafi Saab, you could fulfill your dreams. In 2008, I had also visited Mumbai with family. During our stay there, we visited RAFI MANZIL with the aim of paying tribute our beloved Rafi saab, but unfortunately, none of his family members were available there. so we could not enter the house or see his belongings. We returned back disappointingly after taking some naps in front of RAFI MANZIL. Hope one day I can also fulfill my dreams before my death. RAFI SAAB you will be alive in our hearts for ever.

  10. Indrajeet Mukhopadhyay says:

    The article written by Jagdish ji is very spontaneous. Every occurrence has been delineated elegantly. I was engrossed in this write up. All incidents are so lively that I felt I was also a part of themon 24th December 2016 in Rafi mansion and its adjacent areas. As if right from morning to afternoon all events have greeted my eyes.
    It feels nice to know that the mansion was hugely crowded on the day. I am a Rafi lover too, and I feel proud for that. I wish I would have been there in a rendezvous with Rafi lovers whom I talk in FB. I feel I would have been out stuck when I reached Rafi Sahab’s personal room. The room ambience was described very precisely. Rafi Sahab’s harmonium, tabla, chair, telephone, awards, cassettes, record player etc would have put a spell on my mind. I would go to touch them.

    Later in Rangsharda auditorium was a great event as written. The speeches or celebrities implied that how great was Rafi Sahab as a singer and as a person. I really love Jeetendra ji taking Rafi Sahab’s voice as a loan which remained unpayable. The description of S.P.Balasubramanium ji as to how Rafi Sahab pronounced the word ‘ Haye ‘ and ‘ Jhooma ‘ is a real gift to me. The explanation of SPB Ji as to why due to Rafi Sahab, Vaijantimala lost her heart to Rajendra Kumar in spite of being less handsome than Raj Kapoor is very authentic and lovable.

    The article provides one’s love, affection and respect for Rafi Sahab. I have also got emotional while reading it. This is really a spiritual rendezvous with Rafi Sahab.

  11. Sujit Kumar Sharan says:

    Heart touching event. I want to participate in such events in future. I just want to say that RAFI JAISA KOI NAHI….

  12. Bhargavaram says:

    I don’t feel like specially celebrating my dear soul Rafi saheb’s birthday.. Every time I play his songs he is alive with me. My prayers to god is Please grant me life span at its maximum possible , so that , I can listen to his songs . I don’t know whether I will get a rebirth as human or not. Even if I get it , I am not sure will I be getting my chance to listen his songs or not
    I have great respect and admire about Sri S.P.B. ji. But, when he had presided the Shraddhanjali of ever great Sri Mannadey saheb , he had told ” I feel Mannadey saheb is far better singer than Sri arafi saheb. ” . Some of the audience shouted” even great manna saheb would not have accepted your comment on rafi saheb. May the great soul of rafi saheb rest in peace.

  13. Ali says:

    It’s very heart breaking that so many things happening n im missing it.
    Wish I too could have been present in such a glorious occasion..of dear dear n dearest Rafi sahab.. we just hear this n becomes so attracted.. Imagine the people who must have seen this innocent soul….

  14. SalRafi says:

    You are so lucky. I wish I was there to experience this divine feelings. Thanks for the article. Do you have any video of the guy on the street singing Duniya ke rakhwale?

  15. R Vasudevan says:

    The more one read about Rafi the more he wants to, the more one hear Rafi’s songs more he wants to hear. No singer anywhere in this world leaves such an impact on the listener.

  16. Suresh says:

    Thanks for sharing this write up. So well written that I felt I was there in attendance. And the highlight was Mr. S.P Balasubramanyam speech. Only a learned singer can point out the subtleties and perfection of Mohd. Rafi saab. What a day to remember and Thanks again for sharing.

  17. KIRIT PITHADIA says:

    Wow, that’s a great article, I wish I can also visit those place in Mumbai
    Thank you very much for post and link received on my e-mail

  18. Anonymous says:

    what a brilliant ARTICLE . Thankyou Jagdish ji .

  19. Arun Vedula says:

    I feel bad that I was born late and could not meet him . I was litterelly crying while reading this post and while listening to SPB sir.

    He just mentioned the points that I think about my GOD. I am a Hindu by birth and I pray the Lord Shiva painting that I made during my childhood.
    Next to it I have my god of Music Md Rafi’s photo whom I pray daily.
    I am grown up listening and singing his songs and I like all his songs.
    I have never learnt music from anyone but Md Rafi saab is my God guru – I am a lyricist, composer and singer – it’s definitely his blessings though I have not met him personally.

    Thanks for the post ..!

    Arun Vedula

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