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ReDiscovering Rafi Sahab through his Signatures

Written by Bhupesh Singh Dhundele. Submitted by : J.K. Bhagchandani. Author introduction written by J.K. Bhagchandani, is published after the article.

Rafi Sahab's Signature

Rafi Sahab’s Signature

Hand writing is mind writing, it is your soul on the paper, it is your pen picture, it is your holistic personal graph on the paper. Black line on white paper reveals your personality. The way lines in ECG tells about performance of your heart. Same way your writing is your mental ECG or personality graph on the paper. A graphologist is able to read the major personality traits / attributes and fine details of your personality/ reflexes/response…

Mohammad Rafi ::: Signature analysis as follows

Rafi Sahab's Signature

  1. A little down coming small Initial stroke in the first letter ‘M’ which is much similar to the stroke appears in the signature of Mother Teressa and Mahatma Gandhi. This little extra stroke make him special person of GOD. This type of writer must be involved in lot of charity activities and helping people in without fan fare and is involved (in charity) personally and emotionally.
  2. Simplified flowing stroke through out the signature tells that person is very modest and simple, doesn’t complicate the things unnecessarily in the life and relations.
  3. Unique formation of first letter ‘M’ in signature which is again very similar to our cricketer “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”. Letter “M” is formed in a fluid way without sudden change in direction makes him a versatile/ live/ original thinker/ creativity with enjoyment with expense of very little effort in doing things in life. This type of letter formation also shows that person has a peculiar personality trait of “Non-Violence” means without hurting some one they are able to maintain good relations with the people.
  4. Very Important feature of Rafi Saab’s signature is forward slants which make him a very responsive, active and person who is driven by shear emotions. These type of person are ruled by the emotional situation/ guidance. These type of writer do not get carried away by personal benefits and diplomatic answers but by actions in life when they are in troubled situations.
  5. There is a small gap in the first letter and rest portion of signature it is indication that in spite of a simplicity and active he has some initial hesitation in communicating with unknown person. He thinks twice and wait for the suitable moment and response from the other side.
  6. Small letter “a” is well formed and closed in formation is indication of a person who can be
    depended upon and able to maintain the required privacy in the relations.
  7. Middle zone letter’ size variation (see letter a ,m, e) shows the person is a struggler. Has a very big appetite or thirst for the achieving the best through own actions and struggle.
  8. Extended end stroke in letter “d” is indication of a person who offer his personal help to the people working with him. He is willing to spend untiring/ selfless effort to any one associated with him.
  9. One contradictory graphic sign in Mohammed Rafi Signature is two different slants. First word Mohammed is having a forward slant but surname Rafi has vertical slant. It is just after the first letter in the word show that Emotion and Philosophy of Mohammed Rafi was sometimes not fully admired and appraised even by his own family members, though he had a great respect for his family members. He has high regard and big image of his parents in his mind. In-spite of loosing lot in person/ wealth wise he remained close to his family.
  10. A small underline starting from ¾ length of signature reveals that person is a “self made”. Means each and every thing he had is earned by him through high level of struggle and efforts.
  11. No loop in the letter “d” show that person doesn’t have any ego problem. He is altruistic and straight forward man
  12. Dot in the signature is well formed . This traits is indicating that person has good decision making capacity. He is stable and take balanced and well thought decisions.
  13. Base line of Signature is upward, showing person has set very high goals in personal life. Even base-line is also very straight shows that person is honest and dependable.

About the author:

The author of this piece, apart from being a good friend and colleague of mine is also a noted Graphologist/ Grapho-therapist. This is an art or rather a science of understanding a person’s persnalities by his signature/ handwriting. He has been in this unique field since 1988. Some of his activity highlights:

  • He has done a program of live Chat show on DD1 on graphology for common public. This program was aired many times since than for public awareness based on the request from TV Viewers.
  • He has also participated in similar programs on Live TV, DD2 etc.
  • One Week ‘Public appearance’ in “Delhi haat” with great acceptance and instant analysis of personality of professionals, students, young couples etc.
  • Only graphologist in the exhibition for Instant personality analysis in the “Nakshatra” (astrology exhibition at Pragati Maidan New Delhi for a week. Large gathering of persons interacted counseled with great success and accuracy, are reputed professionals of different fields.etc. etc. (there are many such highlights of Mr. Bhupesh Dhundhle, the list will go on and on..)

It was during an informal chat with him about music in general and Rafi Saab in particular that I showed him one of my article (on Rafi Saab) which contained Rafi Saab picture with his signature. He started telling about some personality traits of Rafi Saab which I found to be very accurate. It was then that I requested him to write full fledged write-up on this. He readily agreed.. and came up with this write-up.

(Author Introduction by: J.K. Bhagchandani)

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15 Blog Comments to “ReDiscovering Rafi Sahab through his Signatures”

  1. Thanx to all for their imvaluable comments and feeling shared on article on RAFI saheb personality analysis. Actually this is a very very small sincere effort to salut/payback respect for all the things/guidance/vision/happyness and pure powerful ultimate LOVE RAFI saheb shared to whole world thru his songs and actions.
    I am awaiting more writing sample and signature to do my bit. You r most welcome to send scanned handwriting and signature of RAFI saheb at
    diwane hai diwano ko … bus a pyar ki nazar chahiye.
    Bhupesh Singh Dhundele
    00971 56 26 22 070 (UAE)
    0091 9873918636 (India)

  2. Binu Nair says:

    Well done bhupesh singh and bhagchandani ji.

    Another ‘un-exploered’ aspect of Rafi saaheb now uncovered in a different style.

    Keep going : “if the music is good, the soul will sing.”

    from the rafi foundation.

  3. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(veteran) says:

    Dear Mr Bhupesh Singh Dhundele & J.K. Bhagchandaniji,
    Thank you so very much for this effort in analysising of Rafi Sahabs signature.
    Thanks & lots of Luv to all rafi fans including Binu Nair for the displaying of such emotions, love & affection for rafi sahab in the forum.

  4. Binu Nair says:

    when i school, during the hair cut it was time to get hold of ‘Screen’ magazine.

    And I would see the Pictures of Mohd Rafi in white & white – posing for a picture for the publicity of the song.

    week after week – it used to appear for years to gether. One could see all the legend composers in the screen magazine.

    then, suddenly it stopped post 1980.. and the pictures entered the hearts and minds of music lovers.

    there is no singer in indian cinema like Mohdmmad Rafi – Biswajit the actor told me this morning.

    he is our chief guest in mumbais musical event to be staged on the :

    88th birthday of immortal mohd rafi saaheb on 24th at rang sharada auditorium at bandra west , mumbai.

    and to continue on 25th too at Yashwant Natya griha, Matunga west.

    Singers : Led by the undoubtable rafi saaheb clone – mr anil bajpai…

    if the music is good, the soul will sing.

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai
    9833 250 701

  5. good day to all fans, devotees, supporters , people and nations of the RAFI age. To the Rafians tribute to Moh’d Rafi, Thank you for the email update to my inbox. One question I have and I would really like to be enlightened. I have 3 photos of Rafi Sahab with his signature.; 1 photo of him, a close-up head-shot of him smiling as he speaks on the telephone.;2 photo of him singing into a microphone with a headphone on his head with his usual smile. He has the lead sheet in his left hand and his right hand makes his signature gestures like a music conductor as he sings.: 3 photo of him, he is in an office, sitting at a desk with a pen in his right hand signing in a book or document and his left elbow rests on the table with his left thumb resting on his cheek just below his left eye. The 1 & 3 photos, he is wearing full suits and the 3 photo he is apparently in the recording studio as he is dressed casual. Does anyone know when or what year these photos were taken? I have my personal song library of Rafi Sahab and a small gallery of photos and pictures of him. When I bought the long- play (LP) records of movies and his picture is printed on the record jacket/ sleeve, I used to cut them out and keep them. Can anyone comment? Thank you very much. So long. Soni

  6. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    “Badla na tere baad bhi mauzu-e-guftgu
    Tu ja chuka hai magar phir bhi meri mahfilaon mein hai”.

  7. Binu Nair says:

    Dil jeet liya ‘start’ me hi…… superb.

    yeh bahut baar padhna padega.


    from Binu Nair, The Rafi Foundation, Mumbai

  8. Krishna says:

    Mera man na hai M.R.= MAHAN RAFI

  9. Sawinder Singh says:

    I appreciate your feelings and the reflection that you have shown through Rafi Sahebs Signature. I always admire his personality also do believe those who respect such soul are truly respectable. Salute to you sir……

    Woh Baadh Saha Suroon ka bhulaya na jaye ga….
    Dil se Rafi ki yaad ka saaya na jaye ga……

  10. K P Hassan says:

    Dear friends,

    The efforts made by you all for analyzing the signature of our great singer Mohd Rafi Saheb is praiseworthy. besides his songs, rafi saheb is also known for his excellent personality. your article itself shows the same. thanks

    Expect more interesting article about rafi saheb in future also.

  11. Ali says:

    As we all know that Mohammed is the name which is highest named in the world,

  12. Onika Setia says:

    very interesting article ,i like it .you done wonderfully thanks for this article .

  13. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear bhupeshji & jkb ji
    we cannot believe a person like rafi saab will be available
    in the much of talked about many
    photographs,so many functions…. it is endless.

    each and every aspect about him is very is a
    fact a personality can be ascertained from his signature/
    handwriting.I am also one of the luckiest to have his
    autographed photograph received from him two
    months prior to his death.

  14. r l arora says:

    Dear Bhupesh

    I absolutely agree with you that signatures of the person reflect his nature and the level of his honesty as well as his behaviour in the society. Not only this how far one is trustworthy and dependable. I wud add here that just two lines of one’s handwriting can give way to understand a person fully and in details.

    thanks and regards,
    r l arora

  15. Karamjit Singh says:

    dear Bhupesh

    I agree with the analysis about Rafi Sahab.I also have a pciture of the great singer with his autograph sent to me by him in 1970. Sometimes when I miss his presence I simply give a feather touch to the signatures.
    thanks for the article

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