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Rare Gems of Mohammad Rafi

By Vijay Bavdekar

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Dear Rafians, it will be great pleasure for you to recollect and listen the following rare gems (in true sense) of our beloved Rafi Saheb.

1. Mai jab gaun geet suhana gaye mere saath jamana-Film-Amar Raj-1946-M. D.Firoz Nizami (This claasical base song is also in duet form. The lady singer with Rafisaheb is famous Mohantara. 

2. Tum hame bhool gaye hum na tumhe bhool sake–Balam-Husnalal Bhagatram.

3. Us paar is deewwarke jo baithe hai koi unse jake kahde hum jo kehte hai (A fantastic song picturised on Sajjan & Madhubala)Film-Sainyaan–M D-Sajjad Hussain

4. Ai dil tujhko neend na aayee tamaam raat..soti rahi khudaki khudai tamaam raat–Film Shahnaz–M D Ameerbai

5. Kahke bhee na aaye tum ab chhupane lage tare-Film-Safa- M D C.Ramchandra

6. Tera kaam hai jalna parwane chahe shama jale ya na jale–Film Paapi(Rafi sang for Raj Kapoor) M D S.Mohinder

7. Meri nigah ne kya kaam laajawab kiya–Film Mohabbat isko kehte hai– M D Khayyam(Rafi sang for famous marathi actor Ramesh Dev.Rafi’s voice quality in this particular song is simly superb & peerless)

8. Ab wo karam karen ke sitam mai nashe me hun-Film-Marine Drive–M D N Datta (Rafi sang for Ajit)

9. Game hasati se mai begana hota khudaaya kash  mai deewana hota-Film Vallah Kya Baat hai M D Roshan (I don’t have apt words to describe Rafi’s voice.Here Rafi sang for a different, rather a gumgeen shammi,song video is worth seeing).

10. Jahan tu hai wahan fir chandani ko kaun poochhega–Film –Aao pyar karen M D Usha Khanna(Rafi sang for Joy mukherjee)

11. Mujhe le chalo aaj fir us gali me jahan pahle pahle ye dil ladkhadaya–Film Sharabi–M D Madan Mohan (Rafi sang for Dev Anand-Music arrangement and rafi’s singing ability seem to be made for each other)

12. Sabhee kuchh lutaake hue hum tumhare-Film Indrani ,a Bengali Film  M D Vipin(Rafi sang for unknowwn actor,we can see Utaam Kumar &Suchitra Sen in song sequense)

13. Hum to hai tumpar dilse fida yaar dedo hame kasme khuda–Film Bewqoof–M D Saachindev Burman(Rafi sang for comedian I S johar)

14. Bahot hasen ho bahot jawan ho-Film –Mai wohi hun–M D Usha Khanna(Rafi sang for Firoz Khan)

15. Dilne pyaar kiya hai ek bewafase–Film Shararat–M D Ganesh (Rafi sang for Vishwajeet)

16. Yahi armaan lekar aaj apne gharse hum nikle-Film-Shabab–M D Naushad–Songs of 60’s-&70 s

17. Tum aise base more nain ke ab kuchh soozat naahi–Film–Jawani Mastani M D Ganesh–A classical base song picturised on comedian Jagdeep who gave perfect justice to Rafi’s throw of words by way of moving lips and expressions on face)

18. Jindagi tu zoole jara kah rahi hai tuzse ye fiza –Film -Kaise kahoon–M D Sachindev Burman (Rafi sang for Vishwajeet )

19. Jaane bahara subah e chaman tu mere khwabonki pyaari dulhan –Film AAja Sanam–M D Usha Khanna (Rafi sang for Firoz Khan, beautiful young Tanuja was heroine)

20. Ye kiski aankhonka noor ho tum ye kiska dilka quraar ho tum-Film Pakiza-M D Gulam Mohammad. This song was not included in the film. You can experience a matured voice of Rafi and different music style in this song, I include this song in Rafi’s top ten.

Dear friends recollect and enjoy these gems.. Rest will follow soon

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121 Blog Comments to “Rare Gems of Mohammad Rafi”

  1. Sarwat Baig says:

    4 votes ahead…remember other people are voting for others as well.

  2. Sarwat Baig says:

    leading by 12 and now down to 6. remember we are not out of the woods yet. the young boy in my house, also an ardent fan of Muhd Rafi Sahib, texted his brother in his village about 4 hours ago. he is a rookie cop who will hopefully spread the word. my daughter is so embarrassed because anyone calls or visits now has to end up voting first. I even made my driver vote. now i am going to call my guard who is on vacation. The rafi foundation has given me the courage to approach all these people. haldar bhai have you made your fb account?

  3. P. Haldar says:

    Rafi saab leading by 1 vote. Come on guys, just one day left. As Baig saab has said, please leave no stone unturned.

  4. Sarwat Baig says:

    18 votes still as simultaneously A. R . Rehman got votes

  5. Sarwat Baig says:

    19 votes now…I am requesting family, friends, extended families, domestic help…they in turn are branching out to others. Even if it means that I now have to tutor a friend in her quest of a master’s degree in Eng Literature. Ah, the trials of love.

  6. Rahul says:

    Last day to vote and make Rafi Saheb win! Rafi Saheb is leading the male playback singer category, but in the overall votes across all categories, Rafi Saheb is trailing the Number 3 by less than 50 votes, so all of you can help elevate Rafi Saheb easily by voting today! I’m not counting DDLJ votes since that is a movie, and not a person.

    Vote by giving a missed call at 08082807871, or via

  7. Sarwat Baig says:

    70 votes…the reverse trend somehow doggedly follows us and becomes irreversible. Haldar Bhai, I created a fb account just to vote. If you have multiple email ids then I am sure it is fair to create as many fb accounts. after voting for Rafi Sahib, I deactivated mine. i used all the phones in my household.

  8. P. Haldar says:

    Only 69 away…

  9. P. Haldar says:

    Only 74 votes from the 4th spot.

  10. P. Haldar says:

    Please use all the phones and Facebook accts that you have. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Facebook acct.

  11. Sarwat Baig says:

    83 and 860…how much time do we have?

  12. Sarwat Baig says:

    98 votes away from the 4th position and 755 votes away from the 3rd position, Masha Allah.

  13. shammi says:

    Dear souvik,
    this is very sad news indeed. I’m sure shamshad begum’s memory will live on for many decades to come. I know she has many fans my dad being one of them, and like you said let her soul rest in peace.

  14. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear friends,
    it is very sad that Shamshad Begum had died one day ago. Her duets with Rafisahab had always been cherished by the musiclovers like “leke pehela pehela pyar”.
    Let her soul rest in peace.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  15. Rahul says:

    Vote, vote, vote! Less than 2 days before the voting deadline ends. Rafi Saheb is leading the male playback singer category, but in the overall votes across all categories, Rafi Saheb is trailing Number 2 & 3 by less than 300 votes, so all of you can help elevate Rafi Saheb to Number 2 position easily by voting!

    Vote by giving a missed call at 08082807871, or via

  16. Sarwat Baig says:

    256 votes away from 3rd place

  17. Hans says:

    kutty ji,

    it is fans like kunji soopy, who are instrumental in keeping rafi sahab where he is now. he is the only one – who is not alive – among the top 10. not even kishore who gets so much of propaganda across various channels. the voting in favour of rafi sahab is just a fraction of his popularity, because, he is loved by people from all walks of life and most of whom do not even know that there is such a voting going on.

    due to this situation, it is the duty of fans like us to inform such fans by the word of mouth. and the scenario is changing day by day due to this. we should keep busy till the end.

  18. P. Haldar says:

    Ahamed Kutty bhai,

    When I see fans like Kunji Soopy, I feel humbled. He is an amazing person. It is fans like him who will keep the Rafi magic alive for generations to come. After 100 years — when people will not know the names of our current and past film stars — he will be remembered. It’s 64 years after Dulari, 61 after Baiju Bawra, and 56 after Pyaasa. But the magic still lingers. No amount of politics by our leaders and press-wallas can take away the shine.

    Rafi saab loved his fans dearly. In February 1980, when I last saw him live, Bilquis Begum was in the audience of 12,000 cheering fans. And Rafi saab reciprocated with “Ehsan mere dil pe tumhara hai dosto, ye dil tumhare pyaar ka maara hai dosto”.

    Keep up the good work.

    P. Haldar

  19. Ahamed Kutty says:

    the rafian who constructed a concrete bus shelter for the public
    in the name of rafi saab,the rafian who is conducting rafi night
    on every 31st july with his hard earned money since he is not
    a rich man but a porter from alleppy,kerala whose name is
    “kunji sooppy” also promised to do his best for voting for
    rafi saab.

    we should be proud of him.

  20. Ahamed Kutty says:

    I think some foul play is going on.from 7.30 am to 9.30 am
    today for rafi saab not single vote was there.
    after starting the vote this is the first time it has happened
    like that.

    At the same time there was votes for other personalities
    during this time.

  21. Sarwat Baig says:

    208 and 318 now Haldar Bhai. Please keep leading us on.

  22. P. Haldar says:


    This is the last stretch. We are only 224 votes from the 4th spot and 329 votes from the 3rd spot. Let’s elevate our game one notch higher. If each of us can find three or four Rafi bhakts who haven’t voted so far and ask them to vote, that might do it.

    P. Haldar

  23. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafi is the number one , before one it is zero and after one it is two

  24. Sarwat Baig says:

    1099 votes away from the second slot, but I don’t want to sound ungrateful. As long as he remains the King of all singers which all fairness to others is his category. We should thank the Almighty that He blessed the world with such a voice and that he gave us the chance to become a family. I am so glad that I discovered you all fans. Your love, reverence, and hard work for Muhd Rafi Sahib has truly humbled me. Actions speak louder than words is what I have learnt from you. Unity Is Strength. God Bless you All. Ameen

  25. santosh says:

    sarawat god bless u,.I am amazed by your passion for rafi saab.Each of us rafi bhakts think we are his greatest fan.But by looking at ur passion , I feel humbled.god willing rafi saab will be no 1 which he deserves .Till now I have not heard of any award for rafi saab . Not even an award in his name.Shameful industry and ungreatful industrywallas.May they go to hell.But this time i pray to God that justice should prevail and rafi saab should be no 1 and getmore votes than the wicked lata

  26. Sarwat Baig says:

    Dear Rafians, we are now 1097 votes away from the 2nd spot. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time that I see the gap widening rather than closing. Let’s pray that this does not turn into a reverse trend. I don’t know anything about the juries, but we have to show our numbers. So please, please, please vote, vote, vote vote by giving a missed call to
    08082807871, or through your Facebook account

  27. Sarwat Baig says:

    1013 votes away from the 2nd position. please don’t give up now.

  28. Sarwat Baig says:

    1016 votes away from the 2nd position. Please don’t give up now.

  29. Sarwat Baig says:

    1026 votes away from the second slot.

  30. Sarwat Baig says:

    Lata Sahiba is now 780 votes away. I am watching Sonu as well. Remember after God only we can do something, but the above two can manipulate as it serves the cronies’ interests as well, commercially that is. God is Great. Have faith. Slow and steady wins the race.

  31. Hans says:

    who wins is hardly important. what is important is the manifestation of true love by rafians for our beloved rafi sahab.

    the objective of these channels who seek votes is mostly to promote their own channel and also to promote their croonies. otherwise, what is the reason behind putting the names of the likes of sonu nigam and especially jagjit singh who did not sing even 50 songs in hfm (there is a list of about 20 film songs sung by him on the eminent jury which nominated jagjit would be hard put to remember even half a dozen songs from him. the names of kl saigal and mahendra kapoor and a lot of others of old times and also of later period whose overall performance was much better that these singers, are missing.

    on the female side, the situation is more laughable. we find the name of rekha bharadwaj (of item number fame) and the names of amirbai, zohrabai, rajkumari, sudha malhotra, suman kalyanpur, meena kapoor, mubarak begum etc. are missing. even anuradha paudwal and alka yagnik have given way to the likes of shreya ghoshal, krishnamurthy, sunidhi and rekha.

    as the final judgement rests with the jury (look at who are represented), you may find jagjit and rekha winning the singer categories.

    nevertheless, we as rafians should continue doing what can we do.

  32. P. Haldar says:

    Maharani has now overtaken her No. 1 crony, the producer of DDLJ. She is just one spot below the Badshah. Friends, you know her tricks; we should be very vigilant till the last minute. Ahamed Kutty, thanks so much for the great work you are doing.

    “Kaise kategi zindagi tere bagair tere bagair…”

  33. Ahamed Kutty says:

    sorry, i have forgotten to mention the name of the singer.He
    is mr.Afsal

  34. Ahamed Kutty says:

    just now i contacted the upcoming malayalam playback singer
    and an ardent fan of rafi saab who is from Mattanchery,Cochin
    which is a fertile land of rafians.he promised me that he will
    arrange minimum 10,000 votes for rafi saab.

  35. Rahul says:

    Only 3 more days to go to vote. Rafi Saheb is leading the male playback singer category by more than 1400 votes now, but keep voting since things can change anytime. I heard that one Sonu Nigam fanatic openly announced on Twitter that he himself voted for Sonu more than 300 times all on his own (I don’t know how he can even do that, but he apparently did), so you know that how Sonu got the votes he did.:-)

    If you want to vote for Rafi Saheb, give a missed call at 08082807871, or vote via

  36. Rahul says:

    Only 3 more days to go to vote. Rafi Saheb is leading the male playback singer category by more than 1400 votes now, but keep voting since things can change anytime. I heard that one Sonu Nigam fanatic openly announced on Twitter that he himself voted for Sonu more than 300 times all on his own (I don’t know how he can even do that, but he apparently did), so you know that how Sonu got the votes he did.:-)

    Vote by giving a missed call at 08082807871, or via

  37. Sarwat Baig says:

    1276 votes away from the 2nd position…we are doing it. More power to Rafians!

  38. Binu Nair says:

    Pls do vote for mohammad rafi saaheb on facebook. Pls give miss call on : 080 8280 7871……

    Pls visit


    Binu Nair
    The Rafi Foundation, Mumbai.
    Cell : + 9833 250 701
    Mail :

  39. Sarwat Baig says:

    1379 votes away from the 2nd position….we can do it!!!

  40. P. Haldar says:

    We’ve taken care of the producer of DDLJ; now we’ll have to take care of DDLJ. We should aspire to be in the No. 2 position, overall; we still have a couple of days left. I really appreciate the zeal of bhakts like Ahamed Kutty.

  41. Sarwat Baig says:

    729 votes away from 3rd position. is there enough time?

  42. Imran Ali says:

    dear rafians ,plz plz vote for Shanker Jaikishan..the greatest md of bollywood.

  43. Ahamed Kutty says:

    the voting is very interesting.during the last 24 hours rafi saab
    got 1076 votes compared to sharuk khan 119,lataji 193,bachanji 178,
    a.r.rahman 330 votes.if the trend is like this rafi saab will be on
    4th place by tomorrow evening after overtaking a.r.rahman

  44. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    All the admirers of great Rafisahab all over the world hope and expect that Rafisahab be the most popular icon and at number 1 position. He is many votes b ehind AR Rehman.

    During Rafisahab’s tenure he was the most popular icon, even more popular than the superstars of bollywood films like Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

    but the sad part is that the new generation who vote for AR Rehman or Shahrukh Khan they are more computer friendly and the voice of the entire mass had not been reflected in the voting.

    If that would have happenend Rafisahab would have emerged victorious not only as a singer but in all catergories. Dilip Kumar would have been the most popular actor, Shankar Jaikishan would have been most popular composer.

    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  45. P. Haldar says:

    I am so happy that Rafi saab has overtaken the younger Chopra brother. And please keep voting for Shankar-Jaikishan. I’m also happy that Shailendra has overtaken Anand Bakshi; please vote for Sahir or Shailendra (whoever you prefer), because they are now in the 3rd and 4th positions, respectively. Let’s also pray that Rafi saab will soon move up to the 4th position, overall. That will be a very beautiful gift for Maharani.

  46. Ahamed Kutty says:

    without doubt it is clear rafi saab still living with the new
    generations.for the last 45 minutes the voting was like this.
    rafi saab got 43 votes.Sharuk khan 4,Bachan 7,a.r.rahman 6
    and lataji 9 votes.(this figure from 10.45 to 11.35)

  47. Sarwat Baig says:

    Mubarkan! rafi sahib is now in 5th place and only 1484 votes behind A.R. Rehman. Won’t it be great if he beats the latter because only then will people realise that his beautiful voice was beatified by the likes of Messrs Shankar Jaikishan, Madan Mohan, Shalinder, Naushad, Shakeel Badayuni, Hasrat…I think we belong to an age where the greats are remembered on their birthdays and death anniversaries that is if they are. It is sad when the media goes rushing to cover only their funerals. But the present will never become a part of the golden era that came only once. Please keep voting for them. Take care.

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