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Rafi’s brilliant combination with Jeetender in the 1960s

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi with Jeetendra

Mohd Rafi with Jeetendra

Jeetender started his career in the early 1960s with the patronage of eminent director V. Shantaram. He was launched as hero opposite Rajashri in the film Geet Gaya Pattharone in 1964. At that time Jeetender had to face the competition from the rulers of bollywood films like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Rajender Kumar and others. Probably Jeetender spend his toughest time of the career to cement his place between 1964 to 1970, when viewers starting recognizing Jeetender and appreciating his acting and dancing skills.

The singer played a huge role in the success story of Jeetender was Mohammad Rafi. Rafi’s everlasting songs for Jeetender created a hall mark for super hit music which was one of main reasons for box-office success of the films. In the film Geet Gaya Pattharon Ne, Ramlal Choudhury composed the music. Mahendra Kapoor sang the hit song “ayiye padhariye” for Jeetender.

In Jeetender ‘s film Gunahon Ka Devta, released in 1967, Shankar Jaikishan used Rafi in hit songs. Rafi’s song “humko to barbaad kiya hai” became bumper hit. Rafi and Manna Dey’s song “ayi hai bari door se mehmil me” is worth mentioning. Rafi Jeetender combination rocked bollywood with the film Farz in 1967. Laxmikant Pyarellal composed loud music for Rafi in songs like “mast baharon ka mai aashiq”, “baar baar din yeh aye” and “tujhse aye haseena”. Jeetender showed his dancing skills and viewers started calling him jumping jack. At the same time viewers enjoyed the western andaz of Mohammad Rafi in the peppy numbers.

In Boond Jo Ban Gayi Mooti, released in 1967, Satish Bhatia composed music of the film. Mukesh’s song “yeh kaun chitrakaar hai” for Jeetender became big hit.

In 1968, again Shankar Jaikishan and Rafi combination struck gold for Jeetender in the film Mere Huzur. Rafi’s song “rukh se zara naqab uthayo mere huzoor” had ghazal andaz. Raj Kumar also played important role in the film. Manna Dey sang excellent classical song “jhanak jhanak tori baje payelia”. Rafi was majestic in the songs “wo khushi mili hai mujhko”, “kya kya na sahe humne sitam aap ki khatir”, “gum uthane ke liye mai to jiye jayunga”. Hasrat Jaipuri wrote excellent lyrics for the film.

In 1968 Jeetender acted in the film Suhaag Raat. Kalyanji Anandji composed the music of the film. Mukesh’s song “khush Raho” became hit. The Rafi Jeetender combination was back in 1968 with the film Aulad. Chitragupt composed music in the film. Rafi’s song “abke bahar ayi hai” had brilliant melody. The rendition of the song was splendid. Rafi and Lata’s duet song “armaan tha humein jinka” became bumper hit. Rafi and Lata’s duet song “nazuk nazuk badan mora” had folk effect.

RD Burman composed music for Jeetender’s film Waris in 1969. All the songs were sung by Mohammad Rafi. All the songs became smash hits including “ek bechara pyar ka maara”, “lehrake aye hai jhoka bahaarka”, “kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hota hai”, etc.

The LP Rafi and Jeetender combination dominated the chartbusters in 1969 in the films Jigri Dost, Do Bhai and Jeene Ki Raah. Jigri Dost’s songs of Rafi were super hit including “dil me kya hai”, “mere desh me pavan chale”, “raat suhaani jag rahi hai”, etc. Jeene Ki Raah’s songs were equally hit including “aa mere humjoli aa”, “aane se uske aye bahaar”, “ek banjaara gaye”, “chanda ko dhoonde sare tare nikal pare”. The magic continued in the film Do Bhai. Rafi was sublime in the songs “is duniya me aye duniyawalon”, “o geet nahin ban sakte”, “samne aaj dono jahan kea aa”, “jeena hai tere banker”.

Rafi sang around 369 songs for Laxmikant Pyarellal in between 1963 to 1980. In that list at least 100 songs were picturized on Jeetender. LP used Rafi for Jeetender for the title song “dharti kahe pukarke” in the film Dharti Kahe Pukaarke in 1969. LP Rafi Jeetender combination stormed bollywood in the film Humjoli in 1970. All the songs of Rafi became bumper hit including “tik tik tik mera dil dole”, “hai re hai neend nahi aye”, “chal shuru ho ja”. Shankar Jaikishan continued with Rafi in Jeetender’s film Ek Naari Ek Brahmchari. Rafi was sublime in the songs “chirag kis ke ghar ka hai”, “are tu hai buddhu brahmchari”. Rafi LP and Jeetender again created magic in the film Himmat in 1970. All the songs became super hit including “hai shukr ke tu hai ladka”, “o piyo piyo ka zamana aya”, “das gayi nagin”, “maan jayiye”.

In the 1970s Jeetender became a leading star of bollywood and never looked back. It is difficult to cover all the songs of Rafi for Jeetender because he had sung almost 100 songs for Jeetender. Viewers of bollywood films were entertained in other films of Jeetender including Banphool, Carwan, Badalte Rishtey, Aasha, etc. All the songs and the films should be preserved and restored.

Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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21 Blog Comments to “Rafi’s brilliant combination with Jeetender in the 1960s”

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Rahul says:

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  4. Lakshmi.P says:

    After reading your article It was quite painful to note that Rafi sahab was leading only by 10 votes.(I have absolutely no excuses from my side for not casting my vote earlier.) After I cast my vote for the “INDISPUTABLE EMPEROR OF PLAYBACK SINGING” , i hoped it would increase by 1 vote atleast. But to my shock i realized that now Sonu Nigam is leading by 19 votes. Yes, Sonu is definitely a good singer, and I am a fan of his too.

    But I am sure , even he will be in for a shock looking at the poll results trending

    It seems to be a WAKE UP call for us – RAFIANS !!!

  5. Rahul says:

    Please keep voting by giving a missed call at 08082807871. It’s a toll free number, and it is for the Greatest All-Time Bollywood singer poll, and the results will matter since this is an important and well publicized poll from CNN-IBN.

    All of you need to vote since Rafi Saheb is currently at the Number 1 spot, but is leading Sonu Nigam by less than 10 votes! I know it’s all very shocking given that Sonu, while being a good singer, is not even a tiny fraction of a singer that Rafi Saheb is/was, but I guess many of today’s generation is an ignorant lot. Therefore, Rafi fans need to keep voting to keep him at the Number 1 status he truly deserves.

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  6. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Shamimji,
    I agree with you. Rafi sahab deserved many more awards. He deserved Bharat Ratna. It is very sad he did only get Padmashree during his lifetime. There was so scope bestowing the giant with all the highest civilian awards in India. He deserved them.

    As far as filmfare awards were concerned Rafi deserved at least 7 to 8 more filmfare awards. He never received any award for the song “aaj purani rahon se koi mujhe awaaz na de” from film Aadmi. He did not receive any award for the song “apni azaadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahin” from film Leader. He did not receive any award for the song “unke khayal aye to ate chale gaye” from the film Lal Patthar.

    But those who understand music understand that he outsang all the other singers and enriched the compositions of giant composers like Shankar Jaikishan, Naushad Ali, Roshanlal Nagrath, Madanmohan Kohli and others.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  7. Bashirahmed. says:

    One and only rafisaheb for all from Dilipkumar, Omprakash to Rishikapoor or Raj babbar OR Johny Walkar.

  8. shamim says:

    Dear souvik

    I love reading your articles and comments on my favorite singer of all time the great mohd rafi and the magic he created with his amazing voice for so many actors who let’s face it in my opinion were admired especially for their dance and music numbers which mohd rafi contributed greatly towards. Shammi kapoor and jeetendra are good examples of this. He made films which would be considered average at the box office into super hits with his playback singing.

    Why he was never given the recognition he greatly deserved in the form of awards I will never know??????

    Please continue the great work you do in writing these articles as they give fans like me a good insight into his music .

  9. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear Souvik ji,

    I think the combination of Rafi saab and Jeetendra saab are
    giving us very energetic songs.I had written a letter to rafi
    saab in April 1980 asking for his autographed photograph
    and i could get it within one week and it is my most
    precious gift still am keeping intact.When i wrote the letter
    still i remember that one sentence was like this.”rafi saab,
    you are at 55 but after hearing the song “dhak dhak se
    dhadkna” from the film “Aasha” i feel you are at 25.

    wish you all the best to continue writing about rafi saab.

    ahamed kutty

  10. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Thanks a lot Taseerji, Bimanji and Bhuvneshji,
    Whenever Rafi Sahab and Jeetenderji got together the result was magic. The 1960s were filled with everlasting gems of the handsome actor and marvellous singer.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  11. bimanbaruah says:

    Souvik ji
    very good article with good combination of Raf Sahab and Jeetu Ji. The career of Jeetendra taken a SWIFT turn from Farz with Rafi Sahab’s fasttrack singing of “Kuku Kuku” followed by Waris, Jeeni Ki Rah, Humjoli, Himmat, Carvan………………….. etc. He got his Jamping Jak title with Rafi Sahab’s fasttrack singing in these films. The charishma of this combination continued till J.Om. Prakash’s Aasha in 1980 and end with Waqt Ki Deewar in 1981.

  12. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Bhumeshji, Sundeepji, Zafarji and Binuji,
    Thanks for the comments. Most of the songs sung by Rafisahab for Jeetenderji still retain their popularity even today.
    All the songs of Farz, Banphool, Waris, Jeene Ki Raah are played in radio, in different music channels as well.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  13. Taseer says:

    There is no doubt Mohammed Rafi was only singer who sang
    * The most number of Romantic songs
    * The most number of Sad songs
    * The most number of Patriotic songs
    * The most number of classical songs
    * The most number of Bhajans
    * The most number of Qawalis
    * The most number of Ghazals
    * The most number of comedy songs

    I don’t know what to say more. In whichever category he sang, he excelled.
    Rightly he has been remembered as melodious king of Bollywood.

  14. bhumesh sharma says:

    please allow me to admire the photo of Rafi Sahab in this artcle,
    Rafi sahab appears as charming and wonderful as his voice is, I like this photo of Rafi sahab.

  15. sundeep pahwa says:

    souvikji tks for reminding all the association of rafi sahib and jeetendra,i can recolect another film Maa aur Mamta 1970 which costarred Mumtaz and jeetubhai
    rafi sahib sang Rut bekrar hai composed by L/P

  16. Zafar Ahmad says:

    I appreciate your nice comments on Rafi Sahib and Jeetandar.

    I request to all rafians to cast vote to rafi sabib in “TRUE MASTREO”. At this moment, Rafi sahib is stand in the 8th position in the “most popular world musicians”.

  17. Binu Nair says:

    the farz song : ‘mast baharon ka mai aashik was breezy’ and audiences lapped up all the songs.

    the movie itself had a cold opening and its said that Jeetu bhai used to buy the tickets himself at roxy cinema in mumbai. the word of mouth publicity did wonders and later on it became a hit.

    during the seventies jeetu bhai seemed to drop his main singer and omi ji of sonik-omi famed chided him for this.

    it would be nice souvik ji if one addresses our legend as mohd rafi saaheb as the industry and his fans addressed him.

    regards and best wishes souvik ji.

  18. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Rameshji and Aroraji,
    Thanks a lot for the beautiful comments. Millions of music lovers all across the world remember that Mohammad Rafi could imitate the speaking skills of different actors and at the same time maintain the musical value of the songs. Jeetender was no exception.
    Whenever Rafi sang for Jeetender everyone could feel Jeetender’s dancing step enshrined in Rafi’s powerful musical punch.
    Whatever was created included only gems.
    The songs are still new and young today.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  19. souvikji,

    once again a brilliant piece of literary magic when you put your mind to writing about rafi saheb.

    jumping jack, is one of those rare actors on whom any one could sing a song, due to his versatility in the roles he enacted. gifted in being a good dancer – he was known to enact breezy songs as well as the bositerous one.

    now this quality of jeetendra is what rafi saheb exploited to the fullest. rafi saheb knew the pulse of jeetendra, his strength in enacting a song and that he could pull the song to its utmost length and the end result would be historical.

    rafi saheb – jeetendra is one of the best combinations in Hindi Films and Souvikji – you have truly brought out the best.

    I know you have the matter to write even more, you have restrained yourself to make it ” small is beautful.

    May the Lord almighty give more strength to your pen souvikji and rafi saheb tussi great ho.

    you have catapulted some great actors to super stardom by lending your divine voice to them – jeetendra too being one of the lucky ones.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  20. rl arora says:

    Dear Souvik you are absolutely right in saying that our beloved Rafi Saab deserved all the credit in promoting Jiendra and Rafi Saab also desered all credit for the sucess of so many other actors. thanks gor highlighting the truth. you deserve all appreciation. my rich regards to you.

    r l arora

  21. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Jeetender himself also credited Mohammad Rafi in numerous programs in different television channels for his initial success in films. The competition in bollywood films in the early 1960s was very high. Jeetender did struggle and came out with flying colours.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

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