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Rafi Saheb harmonic for his Loyalist: “Jaani” Raaj Kumar

Compiled by: Mr. Biman Baruah, Sivasagar, Assam

Rajkumar and Mohd Rafi

Rajkumar and Mohd Rafi

Rafi Saheb had sang some milestone songs for prominent & stylish actor Raaj Kumar in some highly memorable films: Ghamand, Nausherwan-E-Adil, Mother India, Phool Bane Angarey, Kaajal, Neel Kamal, Mere Huzoor, Heer Raanjha, Maryada, Lal Patthar, Pakeezah and Chambal Ki Kasam.

In the early 1950s, Kulbushan Pandit, a sub-inspector of the Mumbai police gave up his job, changed his name to RAAJ KUMAR and made his acting debut in the film RANGILI (1952) which was unnoticed. In the next five years, he acted in few incomprehensible films which failed to launch his career. In 1957, Mehboob Khan’s Oscar nominated classic blockbuster film MOTHER INDIA where he played a role of poor farmer, established him a lead actor in Hindi Film. After that there is no looking back for him, he acted in more than 70 films in a career of four decades and played leading, central supporting or villain roles. His most notable performances were in hit films like PAIGHAM(1959), DIL APNA AUR PREET PARAYI (1960), GHARANA (1961), DIL EK MANDIR (1963), WAQT (1965), HAMRAAZ (1967), NEEL KAMAL (1968), HEER RAANJHA(1970), LAL PATTHAR (1971), PAKEEZAH (1972) and HINDUSTAN KI KASAM (1973), out of which he got Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for DIL EK MANDIR & WAQT.  He was best paired with Meena Kumari and Mala Sinha.

Though Raaj Kumar started his career in Hindi Films with RANGILI opposite Rehana in 1952, the combinations of this Singer-Actor was started with the film GHAMAND starring Raaj Kumar and Shyama with the following detested songs: “Saathi  O Saathi Humne Tumko Kitni  Khushi  Se” and  “Tere Dil Ki Dhadkane Mere Dil Mein Aaye”  sung by Rafi-Asha Bhosle  composed by Gulshan Shafi in the lyrics of Kaif Irfani .

The combinations of this Singer-Actor started clicking from the film Nausherwan–E-Adil where a Muslim King played by Raaj Kumar fall in love with Chistern girl played by Mala Sinha. Rafi Saheb had sung some marvellous songs in this film for the actor under compositions of C. Ramachandra. The Rafi solo “Yeh Hasrat Thee” and duets by Rafi-Lata “Taaron Ki Zubaan Par Hai”, “Bhool Jaayee Saare Gam” were nicely picturised on Raj Kumar & Mala Sinha.

The splendid Rafi-Lata duet from MOTHER INDIA, “Matwala Jiya Dole Piya, Jhoome Ghata Sayee Re Badal , Karna Hai Tu Pyar Na Darr Biti Umar Aayeegi  Na Kal , Aaree Pagal  Aaree Pagal ” was very beautifully picturised on RAAJ KUMAR & NARGIS in a countryside location. It was one of the best folk based songs of Hindi Film Music composed by Naushad Saheb.

The Patriotic Rafi gems from Suraj Prakash’s PHOOL BANE ANGAARE, “Watan Pe Jo Fida Hoga Amar Wo Naujawaan Hoga, Rehegi Jab Talak Duniyaa Yeh Afsana Bayaan Hoga” was beautifully composed by Kalyanji-Anandji in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi which was picturised on Raaj Kumar where he played a role of Army Officer.

The realistic soulful Sharabi number by Rafi Saheb from KAAJAL, “Choolen Do Naazuk Hothon Ko , Kuch Aur Nahin Hai Jaam Hai Yeh, Kudrat Ne Humko Jo Baksha Hai Woh Sabse Haseen Inam Hai Yeh” was brilliantly picturised Raaj Kumar & Meena Kumari. The actor played a negative role in the film produced by Pannalal Maheshwari & directed by Ram Maheshwari staring Meena Kumari,  Dharmendra, Padmini, Mehmood and Mumtaz.

In Director Vinod Kumar’s MERE HUZOOR, Rafi Saheb soulfully harmonic “Jo Guzar Rahi Hai Mujh Par Usse Kaise Main Batayoo” for Raaj Kumar in the touching party song and the film starring Mala Sinha, Jeetendra, Jhoney Walker and K N Singh. The title song of the film, “Rukh Se Zara Nakab Hatado Mere Huzoor” and “Gham Uthane Ke Liye Main Tu Jiyee Jayoonga”also sung by Rafi Saheb for jumping jack Jeetendra.

Himalaya Film’s HEER RAANJHA directed by Chetan Anand was a great film of this combinations starring Raaj Kumar, Priya Rajvansh ,Jayant, Pran , Ajit, Prithviraj Kapoor  where Rafi Sahab sung some matchless songs for Raaj Kumar.  The Rafi solos, “Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil, Mere Kaam Ki Nahin” and “Tere Kooche Mein Tera Diwana” from the film is still learning by heart due to harmonious composition by Madan Mohan in the gorgeous poem of Kaifi Azmi. The former one expressing the ultimate hurtle of a lover when he was separated from his beloved and the later one expressing the real happiness of a lover in presence of his beloved very marvellously in the sweetest voice of Rafi Sahab.

In F.C. Mehra’s LAL PATTHAR directed by Sushil Majumdar, Rafi Saheb harmonic a soulful number, “Unke Khayal Aayee Tu Aate Chale Gaye” for Raaj Kumar under exceptional compositions of Shankar Jaikishan which was a milestone film of the actor. The film was starring Hema Malini, Rakhee, Vinod Mehra, Ajit , Asit Sen and Paintal.

In Lalit Kala Mandir’s MARYADA, composer Kalyanji-Anandji accommodated three great singers of HFM, Mohammed Rafi to playback for Raaj Kumar and Mukesh & Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna where Mala Sinha played dual role opposite two actors. The Rafi solo, “Mohabbat Ke Suhane Din, Jawani Ke Haseen Raatee” was picturised on Raaj Kumar and Rafi-Lata duet, “Tu Bhi Aaja Ki Aayee Rut Mastani, O Dhol Sajna Tu Dhol Jani Meri Gali Aa Teri Meherbani” was picturised on Raaj Kumar & Mala Sinha. Another Rafi-Asha duet, “Dil Ka Lena Dena” from the film was picturised on other artists.

Rajkumar and Mohd Rafi

Rajkumar and Mohd Rafi

The only glorious Rafi-Lata duet from PAKEEZAH, “Chalo Dildar Chalo, Chand Ke Par Chalo” was beautifully picturised on Raaj Kumar & Meena Kumari in a yacht. The film was a female protagonist film having best and memorable songs of HFM with real Indian Music and Culture. All the other hit songs from the film, “Chalte Chalte”, “Inhi Logon Ne Lalee Hai Duppta Meri”, “Mausam Hai Ashiqana” and “Thare Rahiyo” were sung by Lata Mangeshkar. After unfortunate demise of composer Ghulam Mohammed before completion of film, Naushad Sahab completed music of this film.

M.P.D. Productions CHAMBAL KI KASSAM is the last film of this singer-actor combination starring Raaj Kumar, Mousumi Chattarjee and Shatrughan Singha. The memorable Rafi-Lata duet “Simti Hui Hai Ghadiyan, Phir Se Na Bikhar Jaiyee” and Rafi solo “Sher Ka Husn Ho” from the film were well picturised on Raaj Kumar and Mousumi Chattarjee. The music of the film was penned by Khaiyyam and lyrics by Sahir Ludhiyanvi.

After premature demise of Rafi Sahab on 31st July, 1980, his great admirer, Mahendra Kapoor used to playback for Raaj Kumar in Hindi Films. Unfortunately, in Prakash Mehra’s Muqadaar Ka Fasla,  Kishore Kumar playback for Rafi loyalist Raaj Kumar in the song, “Kal Ka Pata Na”. The song from Subhash Ghai’s  SAUDAGAR (1991),“Imli Ka Boota, Beri Ka Peer” sung by Mohammed Aziz & Sudesh Bhosle is the last popular  song picturised on the actor with Dilip Kumar who appeared together onscreen for the first time after three decades, previously  they appeared together  in PAIGHAM (1959) playing role of brothers.

A list of 10 Rafi gems of from different films was picturised on Raaj Kumar:-

SL No Year Film Song Music Lyrics
1 1957 Nausherwan-E-Adil Yeh Hasrat Thee C. Ramachandra
2 1957 Mother India Matwala Jiya Dole Piya Naushad Shakeel Badayuni
3 1965 Kaajal Choolen Do Naazuk Hothon Ko Ravi Sahir Ludhiyanvi
4 1968 Mere Huzoor Jo Guzar Rahi Hai Mujh Par Shanker    Jaikishan Hasarat Jaipuri
5 1968 Neel Kamal Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar Ravi Sahir Ludhiyanvi
6 1970 Heer Raanjha Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil Madan Mohan Kaifi  Azmi
7 1971 Pakeezah Chalo Dildaar Chalo Ghulam Mohammed Kaif Bhopali
8 1971 Maryada Mohabaat Ke Suhane Din Kalyanji Anandji Anand Bakshi
9 1971 Lal Patthar Unke Khayal Aayee Tu Aate Chale Gaye Shanker    Jaikishan Shailenda
10 1980 Chambal Ki Kasam Simti Hui Yeh Ghadiyan Phir Se Na Bikhar Jayee Khaiyyaam Sahir Ludhiyanvi

The actor was best known for his most famous catchword “Jaani” (beloved) which he used in many of his films and also individuals with this word. He was also famous for his pastoral appearance and unique style of dialogue delivery. His famous dialogues are: “Aapke Paon Dekhe, Bahut Haseen Hain, Inhe Zameen Pe Mat Utariyega, Maile Ho Jaayenge” from PAKEEZAH , “Jinke Ghar Sheeshey Ke Hote Hain, Woh Doosron Ke Ghar Pe Patthar Nahin Phenka Karte” from WAQT, “Humko Mita Sake, Zamaane Mein Dum Nahi, Zamaana Hum Se Hain Zamaane Se Hum Nahin” from BULANDI and  “Na Talwaar Ki Dhar Se, Na Goliyon Ki Bauchaar Se, Banda Darta Hai Tu Sirf Parvardigar Se” from TIRANGAA. His last film appearance was in GOD AND GUN (1995) before his death at the age of 69 in 3rd July, 1996.

The actor was one of the real Rafi loyalists and always stands in favour of Rafi Sahab during all the time even in his lean phase in early 1970s. In early 1970s, due to Kishore Kumar’s facilitation, almost all top Rafi heroes like Dilip Kumar (SAGINA), Rajendra Kumar (AAYE MILAN KI BELA) , Biswajit Chaterjee (KAHTE HAI MUJKO RAJA),  Joy Mukherjee (LOVE IN BOMBAY), etc. switchover to the voice of Kishore Kumar for time being. But Raaj Kumar and Shammi Kapoor was the all time loyalist of Rafi Saheb and never switchover to the voice of Kishore Kumar during lifetime of Rafi Saheb.

Rafi Sahab had sung limited numbers of songs for his loyalist actor Raaj Kumar, out of which “Choolen Do Naazuk Hothon Ko” from KAAJAL, “Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar” from NEEL KAMAL, “Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil” from HEER RAANJHA and “Mohabaat Ke Suhane Din” from MARYADA are interminable ones and will immortalise this singer-actor combinations forever.

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27 Blog Comments to “Rafi Saheb harmonic for his Loyalist: “Jaani” Raaj Kumar”

  1. Dr Madhav Kusekar says:

    Great article indeed! I love & admire both Rafiji & Raaj Kumar to the core. They were top in Nausherwan E Adil, Kaajal & Heer Ranjha amongst others. Still Mukesh & Manna Da had sung 2 great songs each & one by Subhir Sen for Raaj Kumar which need a special mention. Mukesh’s “Chaand Aahe Bharega” in Phool Bane Angare 1963 & “Hiya Jarat Rahat Din Rain” in Godaan 1963, Manna Da’s “Jhanak Jhanak Tori Baaje Paayaliya” in Mere Huzoor 1968 & “Har Taraf Ab Yehi Afsane Hai” in Hindustan Ki Kasam 1973 & Subhir Sen’s “Pyar Me Milna Sanam Hota Hai Taqdeer Se” in Ardhangini 1959.

  2. shammi says:

    On the subject of the great raj kumar it only made sense that an actor with such a beautfiul voice and great ability of delivering dialogues should have his songs sung by no other than the immortal rafisahab whose voice being so beautiful was a perfect match and I agree that even if the amount of songs sung were not much in quantity the quality made up for that in abundance.

    I truly admire actors like Raj kumar and shammi kapoor who were loyal to Mohd rafsaheb right until the end and that’s why you’ll find their fans will be loyal to them right to the end as it shows their fans what good qualities they pocessed and not two faced like a lot in the industry!

  3. binu nair says:





  4. Jae-Bee says:

    Why bring up Vidhaata where KK sang for Shammijee? The film was made after Rafi sahb’s death. Also, Shammi retired from movies just about the time KK was rising thanks to Rajesh Khanna. Anyone remember the movie Andaz?
    What is bothersome that when Shammi came back as producer of Manoranjan with r.d.b. they neglected Rafi sahb and forgot the magic them three made with Teesri Manzil. That is filmy duniya – all about fame and fortune.
    P.S. I am still a great fan of Shammi

  5. HImansu says:

    Oh god! i am the most unlucky person in this world for unable to share a second with rafi saab.

  6. dear viewers,
    In a recent tv interview I had heard asha parekh saying that the legendary shammi kapoor had an uncanny sense of rythm. She says although she is a well trained classical dancer, she could never match steps with shammi kapoor! If she made four moves in a given second shammi could make twenty in the same alloted time. Where I differ is that no doubt shammi kapoor had a great sense of rythm but it was rafisaabs murkis that helped shammi kapoor to sway! for example one of the best duet song of all times from Kashmir ki kali ” deewana hua badal” its not the rythm but its the melody to which shammi dances and many other songs like “hai duniya usiki” from the same movie and innumerable other songs.

  7. javed ahmed says:

    Never Heard Before Unreleased songs of rafi sahab
    vist my youtube channel for all songs of album teri ada
    songs are
    1.teri nazar teri ada. Rafi sahab
    2.dil walon ki nikli . Rafi sahab & Ashaji
    3.mohabbat karegi asar dhire dhire . Rafi sahab & Ashaji
    4.pyar kiya hai aise . Rafi sahab
    5. dekho ji wada karo . Rafi sahab & Ashaji

  8. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Ref. post 18,

    Dear rock ranjan biswas ji,

    Yes! “Vidhata” song “Saat Sahailiyan” was sung by Kishore Kumar and picturised on Shammi Kapoor. It was quite a brilliant folk type song, beautifully sung by Kishore da and also well-picturised.

    However point here is that Shammi Kapoor did not favoured Kishore da on Rafi Sahab. One or two examples like this are exceptions; just like Dharmendra used Kishore da voice in block buster “Sholay” and it doesn’t mean he preferred Kishore da on Rafi Sahab! Both were Rafi Sahab loyalists and remained there for him in his (so-called) lean period.

    Thanks and best regards.


  9. Utthara says:

    Bimanji, thank you for focusing on this super combination of `jaani’ Raaj Kumar and Rafi saab. Raaj Kumar had this unique style of dialogue delivery which used to elicit whistles in theatres. he had a huge fan following. he was excellent in neel Kamal. The haunting song Tujhko pukare mera pyar showcases this fantastic combination of Rafi and Raaj Kumar.

    You have taken us down memory lane by listing some wonderful songs. Shukriya, saab.


  10. rock ranjan biswas says:

    mr nadkarni, If I havn’t mistaken kishore kumar lipped for shammi kapoor in the shubash ghai blockbuster ” Vidhaata” and the song was ” saat saheliyan khadi khadi” tuned by kalyanji anandji. In the film Shalimar Rafi saab had sung for Shammi kapoor “denewale ko lene ka kya haq hai” tuned by R.D.Burman

  11. Hari says:

    Rajendra kumar was also a loyalist of mohd rafisaheb.He even removed the song of ghar sansar sung by kk and music by naushad.

  12. Ali(unknow) says:

    Jest I want ask how said there was no Mohd Rafi so what is HEER RAANJHA? jest give one singer who will be able to sing these songs of HEER RAANJHA ven today?When Mohd Rafi stop to sing in 1970’s for 8 months the film maker stopped to make romantic films,as we know that when Raj Kummar is not a Romantic actor but mohd rafi gave his magic to man him romantic……

  13. Imtiaz says:

    Everybody seems to forget the fabulous qawali which Mohammed Rafi saab sang for Raaj Kumar for the movie Karamyogi (1978).

    The qawali goes like “Aaj faisla ho jaayege, tum nahin ya hum nahin”. Raaj Kumar makes a late entry and as usual Mohammed Rafi saab steals the show with his God gifted talent!!

    Mohammed Rafi saab makes Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle look like primary school kids learning how to sing!!

    God bless the combination of Mohammed Rafi saab and Raaj Kumarji as always for the generations to come.

  14. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Few more additions to the songs of Raaj & Rafi.

    1. Badi Hai Shaurat – Rafi & Asha – Dil Ka Raja.
    2. Jinke Paas Hathi Ghoda – Rafi & Asha – Dil Ka Raja.
    3. Sharmake Yun Na Dekh – Neel Kamal.

    Nadkarni Saab,

    KK did not sing for Shammi in Shalimar & Jaane Anjane. Shalimar song was on Dharmendra & Jaane Anjane song was in the back-ground. In both the movies, Rafi was Shammi’s voice (Naag Devta & Teri Neeli Neeli Aankhon Se).

  15. Bina says:


    Thats a great pairing with some outstanding songs that you have mentioned…made really delightful reading, recalling some amazing numbers by Rafi Saab picturized on Raaj Kumar..

    the songs from nausherwan-e-adil, mere huzoor and laal patthar are my favorites.


  16. Prakash shah says:


    u had not mentioned the songs of Nadiadwala Production DIL KA RAAJA where Jaani played dual role opp.Lina Chandarvakar – Jaao tum bhi Jaao,and in godan under baton pt.Ravishankar a holi festival song,etc etc.

  17. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dear biman baruah Sahib, Adab Araz hai,
    Few more numbers of this great and unforgetable combo.
    1)Mai nashe me hoon doston ne jabse chhoda mai maze me hoon – Do gunde
    ( Majrooh/Ghulam Mohd)
    2)Himala ki bulandi se, watan pe jo fida hoga – Phool bane angaare
    (Anand bakshi/kalyanji anandji)
    3)Ghoda peshaawri mera taanga laahori mera, baithi miyaji – Pyaar ka bandhan. (Sahir luddhiyanavi/ravi)
    4)Bolo bolo dishaavon bolo – shri ram bharath milan. (pradeep/Pt.shivaram)
    5)Sundar ho aisi tum jidhar chalo, ek baar raahon me – Dil ka raja
    6)Jaavo jaavo tum bhi jaavo, samajhte kya ho – Dil ka Raja
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    An ardent fan of Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  18. Krishna a Rafi Deewana says:

    Dear Biman Baruah bhai,

    countless clappings to your article referring our guru rafi saab and the great raj kumar. I felt very happy to go through every word in the write up and i say it is just marvellous..

    thanks for such a beautiful article.


  19. M.S.Nadkarni says:

    dear bimanji,
    carefully watching the photograph of rafisaab with rajkumar together, i
    came to the conclusion that its a fake photograph.1 egocentric rajkumar
    would never lean forward in front of rafisaab.2 rafisaabs both hands are not
    clearly visible. 3) there is a faint parting line between rajkumar & rafisaab.

  20. A S MURTY says:

    anwar-ul-haque sahab. thanks for reminding the song from ‘vaasna’ – aaj is darja pila do. this is a fabulous song. in recent times i have heard it many times and also saw it several times on the youtube.

  21. sudip_dat says:

    Good article but it missed some of the best songs of the combo.. Of the ones omitted my personal favorite is from film Vasna, an excellent Rafi-Chitragupt-Sahir elixir:

  22. M.S.Nadkarni says:

    Shri Bimanji,
    Thanks for Ur Artical. Shamii Kapoor switched to Kishor Kumar in Shalimar and Jaane Anjaane
    If I am not mistaken.

  23. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Biman Baruah ji,

    Brilliant article for Rafi Sahab and Raj Kumar combo. Raj Kumar is known as one of all time great actors of sub-continent. His style of dialog delivery remains the most unique amongst the great actors. As you mentioned, his association with Rafi Sahab was also memorable and this combo created some great songs. The main aspect of this combo is quality, not the quantity (as they have limited number of songs). You have provided detailed information not only for this great combo, but also for this great actor Raj Kumar.

    Few more songs of this great combo which are not mentioned in the article:

    1. Aaj is darja pila do. A great sharabi number from film Vaasna (1968), lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi and composed by Chitragupt.
    2. Chanak chanak tham theyi theyya. A beautiful duet with Geeta Dutt from film Panchayat (1959), lyrics by Shakil Naumani and composed by Iqbal Qureshi.
    3. Jitni likhi thi muqaddar mein. Another beautiful sharabi number from film Nayi roshni (1967), lyrics by Rajindar Krishan and composed by Ravi.
    4. Kis tarah jeete hain ye log. A beautiful ghazal again from film Nayi roshni (1967), lyrics by Rajindar Krishana and composed by Ravi.

    Thanks and best regards.


  24. Arif Nazar says:

    Great article,
    “Unke khayal aaye to” (Laal Patthar) picturised on G M Durrani sahab.

  25. BINU NAIR says:

    LOVELY ARTICLE re MY FAVOURITE ACTOR RAAJ KUMAR LINKING WITH the greatest singer….. of all times.

    The songs mentioned are class..

    keep writing biman ji, its great….and, i loved seeing the great picture of mohd rafi saaheb. worth preserving.

    binu nair

  26. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Great article, Bahut khoob. I would like to add one more very famous dialogue of Raaj Kumar, which I still remember, probably from the movie “Pakeezah”.
    “Luckhnow ki woh kaunsi Firdaus hai jise hum nahi jaante”
    The dialogue you mentioned from the movie “Waqt”, just add in the begning,
    “Chinoy saith”.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  27. A S MURTY says:

    biman baruahji namaskar. once again you have come up with a fantastic subject and presented a very descriptive and detailed article. many immortal songs have been sung by rafi sahab for raaj kumar and you have listed them too prominently. the film kajal has also another very lovely song “Yeh Zulf Agar Khulke Bikhar Jaye To Achha”, besides the “chhoo lene do nazuk hoton ko”. great article and made interesting read. thanks.

    a s murty

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