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Rafi Sahab would turn 81 tomorrow

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Tomorrow as we all know Rafi Sahab turns 81 years old. Its 25 years and 5 months since Rafi Sahab left to his heavenly abode. But for each and every Rafian, Rafi is missed dearly, daily.

On every 24th December and the 31st July, each of HIS fans keep themselves busy in their own ways. Some would listen to Rafi Sahab from their rarest collections of music; some would tune to TV and Radio in search of programs and keep their players free to record such rarity; some would visit and to share their views regarding this quartz; very few from the vast population in India and especially Mumbai, make it a point even to this day to visit the samadhi of our beloved Rafi Sahab to pay their respects and homage.

Its sad that most of esteemed event managers of reputed and private TV and Radio channels have forgotten this legend or too busy counting money that they do not want to work on something that brings in less in terms of monetary rewards. How sad is that? There was a time when most of these reputed production houses would line up in front of HIM requesting HIS voice; with a baloon full of inflated hope that their sales would double. That time has left us all behind and lost in the debris of the fourth dimension.

Few members of Hamara Forums have lined up programs on Rafi Sahab incelebration of HIS 81st birthday tomorrow.

Tracknest would be playing couple of rare and exclusive numbers on HF Radio at 10.00 AM IST.

Mr. Prince Ali would cast a special program tomorrow remembering Rafi Sahab at 9.30 PM IST, 4 PM GMT, 11 AM EST.

Mr. Unni Menon would cast a audio stream on HF Radio celebrating Rafi Sahab’s birthday tomorrow at 10.30 PM IST, 5 PM GMT, 12 NOON EST. He would be playing some of the rarest songs of Rafi Sahab, which many may not even heard. Find the invitation graphic below.

Birthday Tributes to Rafi Sahab

There could be many other programs on HF Radio. If you do not want to miss any of such marvellous programs visit Hamara Forums.

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