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Rafi Sahab we mourn for you with silent tears

This article is written by Mr. Ramakrshna from Hyderabad. He mentions Professionally I am an Electrical engineer working at Hyderabad. I was at the Mazhar of RAFI sahab on 31st July. Mr Binu nair has started the RAFI foundation in mumbai and I am starting its Hyderabad limb.

31st July 1980 was the day when nature has snatched away our most dearest RAFI sahab from us. It was the day of his heavenly abode and the black day for all of us the RAFI lovers. I am a resident of Hyderabad and it was my heartfelt desire every time to visit the Mazhar of RAFI sahab and fortunately on this 31st july. I was probably permitted by RAFI sahab to visit his Mazhar.

Mohd Rafi
Floral Tributes to Mohd Rafi

It was really a heart touching experience for me to behold the people flowing over there. I have seen people coming from Iran, Calcutta, Chennai and me being from Hyderabad. People bow their head at the mazhar as humbly as RAFI sahab and remember him with silent tears and depart with deep sorrow as if they have parted with their most beloved one. Yes indeed it was RAFI sahab who has developed a phenomenal sway over the people who have seen him, listened him.

I am very fortunate that I was born in 1951. My childhood, adolescent stage, my youth every thing was encircled by RAFI sahab’s golden melodies. 1950 to 1970 it was the period when RAFI sahab was sprinkling the fragrance of his golden melodies. It was that period of bliss that all of us were so happy that GOD has sent to this world a GAANA GANDHARVA.

During my childhood eventhough I was not understanding hindi and urdu properly (my mother tongue is Telugu) I used to break down when I used to hear Bhagwaan number from baiju bawra, and Aaj kal main dhal gaya from Beti bete. It was the range, melody, diction, clarity which used to bind me and impress me to that an extent that even if today I break down when I listen to those golden melodies.

In spite of all his incredible talent he was sober, simple and soft spoken and extremely handsome. What to say about such wonderful person. And having so many virtues he was extremely simple.

I can say that he was a FARISHTA who visited this world to teach us what melody is and what gentleness is…. His mortal remains have gone but still he lives in us so long we the human beings are alive on this earth .

Long live RAFI sahab. AAP amar ho….

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5 Blog Comments to “Rafi Sahab we mourn for you with silent tears”

  1. VENKATESH says:

    Dear Nandakumar and my fellow Rafi fans

    Rafi Sahab was undoubtedly a magician. His singing cast spells on me as a child in the seventies and I am still spellbound! His voice was divine and has been the biggest destresser for me in my stressful days. It is such a coincidence that I am missing a childhood friend of mine called Nandakumar who was a diehard Rafi fan and am strugging to locate him. When I read your name I could not but think that it was him but probably not!

    The difference between Rafi and rest of the singers was that Rafi brought the emotions and feelings out in a song number like no one else

    Happiness, Love, Paythoss, Depression, Drunkunness, Patriostism …………….. and so many moods and feelings were brought out by Rafi Sahab

    You are right. There is no singer who can ever touch him. I have consistently found that people can sing other singer songs comfortably but have always founds them highly inadequate when rendering rafi Sahab’s numbers

    Can anybody produce Paythoss like Din Dhal Jaaye, Raha gardishon Mein Hardam……………… and thousands of such numbers


  2. nandakumar says:

    Why Rafi is different from others.
    He has a voice which has a touch of God.
    He is the only singer who rendered songs with great expressions. I would like to mention some of his sad songs.(I am sure many singers are there who delivered perfect sad songs).

    1. Tukde hue hum
    2 Babul ki duaein
    3.Oh dunia ke
    4. Dil ke jharon mein

    Now hear the difference! Mohd.Rafi is the only singer who taught me sad songs can’t be put under a general catogary and sing perfectly.A lover’s pain is diferent from a father’s pain and it again different from a devottee’s and see the last song, hear the lover deliberatly singining to make the girl feel what is his feeling and Rafi how efficiently brings those appropriate expressions.
    Such expressions we can find in his happy and romantic songs also.
    In respect there is no singer who can touch him.

  3. A S MURTY says:

    What a wonderful depiction of one’s emotion towards MOHD RAFI who is reverred by millions of people all around the globe. If a correct count is made of the number of fan following that MOHD RAFI Saheb commands, I am sure it will surpass that of any other person. Mr. Ramakrishna is known to us here in Hyderabad as a true devotee of the MASTER and in the article here he has narrated how he fell to the charm of his songs and voice. No two human beings will have the same set of emotions. But when it comes to the great legend, I am sure all of us feel the same way as Mr. Ramakrishna does. May his tribe grow and may the Mohd. Rafi Foundation grow from strength to strength. Mr. Ramakrishna you have also done us all a favour by posting the photograph at the Mazhar of Rafi Saheb taken on the 31st. More photos are available on the

  4. Good article. You have very aptly penned your emotions. It is really the pulling power of Rafi Sahab’s music that forced you to travel by bus all the way from Hyderabad to Mumbai and back. Your passion for Rafi Sahab has no parallel. May your thirst for Rafi Sahab’s blessings come true and may your passion for Rafi Sahab Foundation find a firm footing in Hyderabad.

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