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On 17.08.08, BAAR BAR RAFI fan club held it’s first program RAFI NITE INTENSE AT Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore. The event was a huge success. This report is contributed by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.


BAAR BAAR RAFI, a Fan Club of Mohammed Rafi in Bangalore arranged a musical evening dedicated to the memory of the legendary Singer with divine voice at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore on Sunday, 17th of August from 6 pm to 10 pm. The four hour show was sponsored by M/s. Alliance Eldorado Park. The huge Hall was packed much before the commencement of the program and many enthusiastic fans had to be turned away due to non-availability of seats.

The KEEP ALIVE musical troupe headed by Mr. Manohar Iyer entertained the capacity crowd of 1000 with choicest songs of the legend sung by Mr. Srikanth Narayanan and Mr. Gourav Bangia with able support by Female Singers Ms Vrushali, Sarita, Sudha, Sumita and Nishigandha. The back-ground music with the usage of Accordian, Sitar, Mandolin, Saxophone and Guitars was near perfect almost matching the Original and so also the chorus. Mr. Iyer while comparing the show narrated many anecdotes / trivia in the life of Rafi Saab, which was interestingly heard by the Rafi fans with rapt attention. The two singers along with the enthusiastic female singers belted out hit after hits and the crowd went wild with joy at each of the song. In fact, for couple of songs not only young fans, but aged ones without any inhibition came forward and danced near the stage. It was also noticed that some Fans had tears in their eyes listening to Rafi’s songs from Dil Ek Mandir, Udan Khatola, Baiju Bawra, Haqeeqat, etc.

Tasneem Firoz Ahmed

Significantly, Rafiji’s grand daughter Tasneem Firoz Ahmed and grand son Abdhur Rehman along with great grand son were special invitees who graced the occasion and were present till the end.

The show commenced with Mr. Srikanth very appropriately singing “Janewale Kabhi Nahi Aate” from Dil Ek Mandir bringing tears to many elderly people apart from Rafi’s Grand Children. The popular songs also included serious songs like Man Tadapat (Baiju Bawra), O Door Ke Musafir (Udan Khatola), Hui Shaam Unka (Mere Humdum Mere Dost) and Dil Ke Zharoke Me (Brahmachari). Mr. Srikanth also endeared himself to the crowd with soulfully rendering the only Kannada song of Rafi “Neenelli Nadeve Doora” from the movie “Onde Balliya Hoogalu”. These songs had some of the Fans with misty eyes.

Singer at Rafi Nite Intense

Patriotic numbers like Kar Chale Hum Fida (Haqeeqat) made the Fans emotional and hit the right chords.

Romantic duets like Nana Nana Tauba Tauba (Aar Paar), Dheere Dheere Chal (Love Marriage), Achchaji Me Haari Chalo (Kalapaani), Ye Dekhake Dil Zhooma (Kashmir Ki Kali), Aap Yunhi Agar (Ek Musafir Ek Hasina), Phir Miloge Kabhi (Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi), Woh Jab Yaad Aaye (Parasmani), Aawaz Deke (Professor), Gunguna Rahe Hain Bhanwar (Aradhana) and Teri Bindiyare (Abhimaan) brought back pleasant memories to the Fans of the nostalgic era when they had dreamt romantically with these songs.

Romantic solos like Ae Phoolon Ki Rani (Aarjoo), Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Me Aaya (Jhuk Gaya Aasman), Aajare Aajara (Love In Tokyo), Ek Hasin Sham Ko (Dulhan Ek Raat Ki), Din Dhal Jaye (Guide), Baharo Phool Barsao (Suraj) and Darde Dil (Karz) were received with much appreciation.

The dancing numbers like Aasamaan Se Aaya Farishta (An Evening In Paris), Dil Tera Deewana (Title song), Badan Pe Sitare (Prince), Baar Baar Dekho (China Town), Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke (Brahmachari) and O Hasina Zulfonwali (Teesri Manzil) were so compelling that not only the young Fans but even fairly elderly people and aged ladies could not resist showing their dancing prowess near the stage. In fact, these numbers added much colour and pep to the show.

Qawali Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai (Barssat Ki Raat) sung by both the main Singers attracted wide appreciation so also classical songs like Nache Man Mora (Meri Soorat Teri Aankhen), Madhuban Me Radhika (Kohinoor) with the Jugalbandhi in the end and Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya (Suvarna Sundari) with all four antaras of four different Raags.

The Concert ended with a medley of Punjabi folk tunes of Music Director OP Nayyar with Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar (CID), Sar Par Topi Laal (Tumsa Nahi Dekha) and Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Ka (Naya Daur) compelling majority of Fans to join near the stage for one more round of dance.

The photographs of the evening can be viewed at

The fledgling Rafi Fan Club, BAAR BAAR RAFI, was started few months back by few enthusiastic Rafi Fans with the active coordination of Mr. P.Narayanan, a very great and devoted Fan of Rafiji. It has ambitious plans to arrange Rafi programs regularly apart from highlighting the significance of the lyrics, if necessary translated lyrics, promoting local talent, to arrange a library of Rafi songs and supporting needy artistes. The aim is to provide a platform for all the Rafi fans to meet, discuss and appreciate all the facets of Rafiji’s repertoire.

Rafi Nite

As explained by the President of the Club, Mr. B.G. Raj as well as Secretary, Mr. Ashok Dalmia, the Club will be a non-profit Organisation with free membership, only criterion for admission being the individuals love and knowledge of Rafi songs. In fact, the application form for admission requires the individual to list out ten of his favourite songs of Rafi. It was heartening that there was a great demand for the application forms from enthusiastic fans and the forms were exhausted in no time, the Organisers had to assure the enthusiastic Fans that soon arrangement will be made for application forms to each individual. Another main objective of the group is to spread the fragrance of Rafi music especially among youngsters. The program has initiated lot of enthusiasm among Rafi fans in the City who have started their own e-mail group and regularly discuss the songs of Rafiji.

Audience at Rafi Nite Intense

The love for the Singer was such that some enthusiastic Fan Club members from other Cities like Hyderabad also came down to the City specifically to attend the evening program.

The Fan Club can be contacted on e-mail and can be visited at

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59 Blog Comments to “RAFI NITE Intense”

  1. Harry Khubchandani says:

    is there a dvd available of the rafi nite?? i would love to get it.. my brothers live in bangalore and if there is any where there it is available they can pick it up for me.
    i would very much appreciate it.

  2. Shankar Dongre says:

    Dear Rafi Lovers,

    I am basically from a small town called Ujire, near Dharmastala, Mangalore. I started listening the music since my age of 5. My papa bought a table Radio set in 1964 and since then I know Rafi songs. I have a lot of collections of Rafi’s rare songs. I had attended the Rafi night at Choudaiah Hall on 17th August 2008. I got introduced with Rafi’s grand children. I danced with others on fast songs. Totally I enjoyed the night.
    My Request with you all is, we have to introduce the melody of Rafi, in the mind sets of the younger generation. The TV channels have forgotten Rafi. They are in mood of making money through reality shows. TV channels do lots of boasting on untalented “besur” singers. Why can’t we start a program on Rafi in any of the TV Channels? K for Kishor has already has come on Sony TV. likewise some one has to start R for Rafi.

    please give your suggestions.

    Shankar Dongre

  3. TO :


    SUNIEL .

  4. Binu Nair says:

    a.s.murthy and rafi saaheb lovers.

    yes. it was sad. the news of mahendra kapoor passing away on saturday evening.
    we got the news at naushad hall when we were in a rafi foundation meeting. we called up raju naushad and informed him. raju and anandhi bhai (composer) were having a walk on the carter road seaface. the news spread and many singers and musicians attended. mohd rafi lovers were also seen at the santacruz crematorium and at kapoor’s residence.
    composer ravi could not attend as he was in bangalore, anandji came to the residence and early sat. morning he left for the u.s.

    by and large the film industry kept away . the noble souls who made it to the santacruz crematorium included, tabassum, amin sayani, g.s.kohli, lalit, aadesh srivastava, raju naushad, munna aziz, gopal sharma and many others.

    few Points on the guru-chela : one : mahendar was rafi’s chosen desciple,
    both left the world during the ramzan month of fasting and both suffered massive heart attacks . mohd rafi used to guide mahender ji in the recording studios it was told to me. no other singer would have done it.

    this writer had the good fortune of shouldering mahendra kappor ji on his last and final journey – away from us.
    may his soul rest in peace.

    binu nair. rafi foundation, mumbai.

  5. Dear Huseein Sheikhji,

    Can you please send me the following songs.

    1. Muzhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai, Magar Main Keh Nahi Sakta.
    2. Aur Kuch Der Tahar, Aur Kuch Der Na Ja – AAkhri Khat.
    3. Kitni Hasin Ho Tum, Kitni Hasin
    4. Phir Aane Laga Yaad Wahi Pyaar Ka Alam.
    5. Jiyo Tio Aise Jiyo, Jaise Sab Tumhara Hai – Bahu Beti.

  6. Mahendra Kapoor though was not in the same league as Rafi or Manney, still gave some wonderful songs in movies of BR Chopra, Manoj Kumar and VShatarama and in later years under OPN. May his solu rest in peace.

  7. A S MURTY says:

    the sad news of demise of one of the best play back singers Mahendra Kapoor came as a very rude shock to us. the news was first telecast by ndtv india (hindi) around 9.00 p.m. and then also by aaj tak at around 11.00 p.m. no other channel telecast this sad news, preoccupied as they were with the bomb blast in delhi and also some channels were busy telecasting portions of the ‘big boss’ and giving all other stale news. mahendra kapoor considered rafi sahab as his guru and was a good singer who made his own name in the hfm. his song from ‘upkar’ is on the lips of every indian. ‘humraz’ brought the best of mahendra kapoors range and breath control and his voice was considered a velvet one. may his soul rest in peace.

  8. mohanflora says:

    Noted singer Mahendra Kapoor dead

    Mumbai, September 27
    Noted playback singer Mahendra Kapoor (74) died today following a heart attack. The funeral will take place tomorrow. Kapoor is survived by his wife, three daughters and a son.

    Mahendra Kapoor was born on January 9, 1934 in Amritsar, but soon moved to Mumbai. He was inspired by Mohammed Rafi and won an all India singing competition early in his career.

    He is best remembered for his songs for B.R. Chopra’s films like ‘Dhool Ka Phool’, ‘Gumrah’, ‘Waqt’, ‘Hamraaz’, ‘Dhund’, among others. Kapoor was also the voice of Manoj Kumar movies like ‘Upkar’ and ‘Purab aur Paschim’. He had received the national award for the best male playback singer for the song ‘Mere desh ki dharti…’ in ‘Upkar’.

    Kapoor was also the recipient of the Padmashri award. Recently, the Maharashtra government had announced the Lata Mangeshkar award for Kapoor’s lifetime contribution in the field of playback music. — PTI

  9. P.Narayanan says:

    Thanks to All Rafi fans and Rafi Bakts who have appreciated our program Rafi nite -intense and this will definitely spur us to further Rafi shows as they are in great demand in Blore and elsewhere also…
    Post 39 Neelimaaziz kindly get in touch with our dedicated fans of Rafi sahab from Chennai like Ramachandran 09841071388 and others like Jagat,Lata and Prathiba who are going to meet to explore the possibility of forming Rafi Foundation.
    Yes I have heard Anil in blore he is very good. Have you heard Srikant who regularly performs in mumbai for Keep Alive and who along with Gaurav were the star performers for our show. It seems Mrs Nasreen the daughter of our Legend Rafi sahab likes Srikants voice very much and makes it a point to attend his performance.

  10. Binu Nair says:

    i salute the orchestration team of c.b.s.o. – city of birmingham symphony orchestra for the greatest display of Indian songs in its an evening in london programme.
    yes, there would be certain drawbacks in such a massive programme but see the involvement of these britishers – who have no past experience and do not have such great mohd rafi songs in their system.

    simply great it was and perhaps they could have taken the faster number song than the slower one of : mujhe teri mohabbat ka the great rafi and lata duet.
    tributes of usha khanna, the songs of nayyar, shankar jaikishan and laxmikant pyarelal – enlivened the evening. but, sonu was many grades lower in quality and many singers in the rafi foundation could have given a better account of themselves. but their names are not big labels in the music industry and they might not sell too.

    but, my salutes to the c.b.s.o. team for taking the rafi songs to the next generation of indians.

    we are trying to get the c.d. rights from sony and if someone want them please write to us.

    binu nair. mumbai.

  11. pvks raju says:

    Well the organiser(s) of the grand show must be congratulated. The music of Rafi lives on and on and on……. such was the voice so very touching and the feel, I must say is impossible to imitate.
    Well even Sonu Nigam also should not be blamed for his imcompetence at times. for it is simply difficult not to sing, but even to imitate the legendary voice. Songs like Dil Jhona Kahasaka, Dil ke Jharoko Mein, Kaun Hai Jo sapnon mein, Madhuban mein radhika, Gale Lagja Mere Sapne Mere Apne, Yaad Na Jaaye are simply very difficult to match to the original master piece. These songs were sung with very high pitch, range and lot of feel. Even at high pitch the legendary singer could maintain excellent voice control. This is god’s gift to the great Rafi. I heard many upcoming singers perform Rafi’s classic songs, but, none could touch the original. May be these singers mostly try to imitate the style and voice modulation of Rafi which is not sufficient. The soul of the song is missing somewhere.
    Aane Se Unke Aaye Bahar, Jaane Se Unke Jaaye Bahar.
    Salam Rafi Saab. U R great…….

  12. neelimaazis says:

    dear rafians,
    being a member of rafian community i can proudly say that when we start loving rafi saab ,we can”t even look at anybody.we have done two shows of rafi saab in chennai and planning one more in december.the shows we have done were successful not because of our ability to run a show but the chennai love rafi so so much..our main attraction to the programme was anil bajpai from mumbai.we love rafi so we love anil.such a similarity in his voice.anil sings the way rafi sings…i request rafians not to miss a chance to watch anil singing..

    neelima azis

  13. Hashim Khan says:

    Baar Baar Rafi, A novel name for an organisation formed tp pay tributes to the Mount Everest of Hindustani Film Sangeet. The members of Rafi Lovers Circle Kolkata would like to give you a standing ovation for the marvellous effort in putting up a stupendous concert. Well done Mr Narayanan and Mr Raj. If this was the quality of your 1st show, it warms our hearts to look forward to more stunning endeavours in future. Would love to be there with you guys at some show. Do we hear Bangaloreans humming softly…
    Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho, To Ye Lagta Hai, Ke Jahaan Mil Gaya.
    Ek Bhatke Huve Raahi Ko, Caravaan Mil Gaya.

    With all best wishes

    Ruhi and Hashim Khan

  14. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    dear respectful rafians,
    It was a wonderful programme and i was lucky that i could attend
    for the programme.The singers done justice to the songs as well as
    to keep the style of great rafi attending the programme not only
    could hear the music but to refresh the kind realtion with the rafians
    and to introduce new rafians such as a.s.murthyji and padmanabhanji
    from hyderabad and other respected was great pleasure to
    see the grand son and daughter of rafi saab with their family which
    gave a satisfaction as seeing rafi saab himself.

  15. K.S. Ramachandran says:

    Dear all,

    Re: Disappointing Sonu Nigam at London on Rafi songs

    Sonu Nigam, much to my expectations, sang Rafi songs very normally. In fact, I would rate him much much lower than what he used to sing when he came in about 13years ago through Saregama. His voice has conspicuously deteriorated with his singing all types of medlee/Hindi pop songs and of that sort.

    He was always a fast singer and now-a-days with his singing Hindi pop and medlees, he is even faster. His first song Yaad Na Jaaye from Dil Ek Mandir was like traveling in Nilgiri Express, while the original song by Rafi is slow deep expressive and extremely emotional. This was the general pattern in which Sonu has been singing these days with his impatient attitude to sing slow numbers very fast is very painful. “Muje Teri Mohabbat Ka” from Aap Aaye bahar Aaye” was again a deep number with full of rhythm and Sonu sang like a breeze..

    Rafi songs are predominantly slow with rhythm and with so much of labour in his singing – be it depth, dard, range, voice modulation, expression, emotion and what have you.

    I was however amazed with the orchestral excellence with the british national giving interlude music to the T. The 75 piece orchestra was par excellence and I could not find anything different from the original music by the composers. Indian orchestra bands doing shows should take this as an example to see how well the symphony was directed and delivered. Another wonderful experience – nothing like original and natural instruments – playing with a 30 team violin for the right interlude music was way way ahead of playing the same tunes today on a key board.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the orchestra and was really a treat.

    Love to all


  16. The Orchestra in the Sonu Nigam program was great, but Sonu himslef was a disappointment. But of course, we should understand that no body can match Rafi in all the ranges. The Singers also should understand that when people listen to their Rafi songs, they expect nothing but the best and songs in Rafi style, but not in the Singers own style.

  17. mukesh khanna says:


  18. mukesh khanna says:

    DEAR RAFI SAAB’ FANS, I have paid a TRIBUTE to RAFI saab By ATTEMPTING to sing his songs, Pls visit I LOVE HIM as we all do. SMALLEST DROP OF HIS OCEAN MUKESH KHANNA

  19. mukesh khanna says:

    dear all who are connected with rafi saab, i love you all, BECAUSE YOU ARE CONNECTED WITH RAFI SAAB, mukesh khanna(SMALLEST DROP OF mohd rafi saab’ OCEAN

  20. Asif says:

    Dis anyone see the Sonu Nigam concert honoring Mohd Rafi on sony TV. Here in USA, this program was not shown. If it was shown in India, did someone tape it? If so will someone be kind enough to put that on this site or You tube.

  21. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref – Post 12

    Hello Mohan Flora Ji,

    I saw the Rafi show in London sung by Sonu Nigam, it was fabullous. Every thing was done to the perfection. The most fascinating was the old music being played by Britishers who are in no way affiliated to the Indian culture; playing every thing accurately. Of course Sonu was great.

    It is indeed one of the greatest tribute to Rafi Sahab in foreign land.

  22. Anmol Singh says:

    It is great to see Rafi Nite being oganizaed at such a great scale in Bangalore. Congrats to the Bangalore organizers.

  23. Binu Nair says:

    good news for mohd rafi deewanes : after the successful launch of the Bangalore Chapter, the rafi foundation is marching ahead. the next chapter is in Pune on october 4 where legendary pianist mr.enoch daniels will light the inaugural lamp. mohd rafi and daniels were friends and music collaborators during the golden days of hindi film music. hear the song “aaj ki raat mere dil ki salami le le” and u will find the piano pieces of daniels in it.

    coming back to rafi foundation, the chennai unit will be formed very soon with mr.jagat, mr.chandan, m/s lata gandhi, m/s. pratibha and many rafi lovers at the forfront.

    is dil se teri yaad nahi jaati………….. rafi saaheb. and finally thanks to for the lead work it has done to bring rafi lovers on a common platform.

    my thanks and welcome to the many mohd rafi lovers who call and write to me – in regard to the legendary mohd rafi.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai. cell : 9833 250 701 / e.mail :

  24. santosh says:

    I watched sonu nigam singing in london on 21/9/08.But I was utterly dissapointed with his singing.He was no where near to what rafi saab sang.There was not even 50% resemblence to rafi saab’s voice.Even the high notes looked strained particularly in the song hum tum se juda hoke.But I was very happy that even the no 1 singer of today is no match to our rafi saab.

    Any way it was a pleasure to watch a programme on rafi saab after so many years.Even the focus of the show was on sonu and not rafi saab.The compere was regularly uttering the name of sonu nigamm .But I was happy the way sonu nigamm praised rafi saab.It shows his true love for him.

    But number 1 is always the king that is rafi saab

  25. ramesh kurpad says:

    With tears in my eyes, I wish to just say ” hum kitne badnaseeb hain “.
    After reading the numerous mails in praise of that evening at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, the credit truely goes to the people who made it possible and the “magic of rafi sahab’s persona and his karm”.

    Founders of Baar baar rafi – aapko mera – sahaprem namashkaar – aur koti koti salaam.

    Aapka ka kaum issi tarah badta rahen badta rahen badta rahen………..

    Iski koi seema na ho – aur hobhi nahi sakti – kyonki rafi sahab ki shaksiyat hi kucch aisi thi.

    I am truely with you at all times in letter and spirit as they say though not in person all the time due to my professional committments at SEA.

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  26. KRISHNA says:

    Ref Post 21,

    Adaab Rafi. Dear Mr.Prahlad, I do not know your age. I am the “Gentleman” which our senior Rafi fans have admired and I disagree to what you have referred above in your post. You should not interfere with others’ freedom and should leave it to the people who would like to enjoy the fun in their own ways but within the permissible limits. Rafi fans like me know what discipline is and definitely have a cultured background. I am proud to change you and wll take a special oppurtunity to call you on microphone next time to dance with me. Come lets party with Rafi numbers and enjoy heavenly feelings. Sincerely, I would submissively tell you that people like me were not born in the golden era where people enjoyed Rafi saab. We belong to this generation and are definitely searching for some fun like this. I should thank the BAARBAARRAFI team for having taken up such a megainitiative of which I will definitely be part of it in future. I loudly say i love rafi saab and I am mad about him.. Thanks to Ashok/Narayan/Guru Murthy/A S Murthy and others. I will continue to dance which I feel will add extra life to such programmes. Pl bear with us and try changing yourselves. You will definitely see a difference!!!!! c u at the programme next time


  27. prakash shah says:


    Thanks to sms me to watch rafiji nite at london by sonu

    sonu was par excellent but it was also good experiance to watch orchestrian skill to match old symphony in der own way.

    Prakash Shah

  28. mohanflora says:

    Thanks for the great show. May success come to you bar bar!

    A glimpse of Sonu Nigam’s Rafi night here @

    Sonu’s Press Conference on Rafi night@

  29. Narayanji, Gurumurthyji and all the organisers,

    Excellent. wish I had been there. Photographs and coverage superb. For your information, Keep alive Manohar Iyer and troupe (Srikant Narayan, Gourav and others) also gave a classical programme on 30th August 2008 at Sri MA Hall, Thane, which is very near to our residence at Hiranandani Estate. This also kept the audience unmoved. Rafi Saab’s classicals sung by Srikant Narayan forced the audience to move their lips and nod their heads followed by wah wahs.

    Please do not miss the programme to be aired on sony t.v. on 21st sept.2008 at 8.00 p.m. sonu nigam’s london based programme on Rafi Saab will be shown.

    Once again congralutations and thanks to all those who made the Bangalore programme a resounding success. If possible please forward the video clippings also.

    Rafi Saab please come down atleast once for the sake of your crores and crores and countless fans and see how they are worshipping you.


  30. Prahlad D N says:

    Dear Mr. Narayan and Mr. Gurumurthy,
    Please accept my congratulations on a wonderful show. Needless to say, we enjoyed it. A lot of people seem to have said this and there is no need for me to repeat it. I must congratulate HVG on his wonderful report. Keep it up Guru, I can be informal as I am your classmate from NC.

    Since no one has discussed negatives, let me discuss this. ineed spoilt the show. I do not agree that dancing was called for. I am a music lover, so is my wife and so are a lot of others. When some one gets up to dance and does so so badly and unprofessionally, it becomes a drushti bottu on Professionalism of Mr. Iyer’s troupe. In case there are excellent dancers, I have no problems watching them on stage instead of in the aisles. I enjoy my Shammi Kapoor numbers no less than the “gentleman” who got up to dance. I do not have to dance to prove it to anyone. Let us kindly avoid this unwanted interference in the next shows. It is indeed not becoming.

  31. Narayanan says:

    Thanks and Adaab Rafi !
    Yes this is the way we all greet the members of Baar Baar Rafi fan Club in Bangalore. We are happy to announce that the membership has crossed 150 mark and we are still counting.
    We all take this opportunity to thank all the fans in Bangalore and across the world who have encouraged the spirit of Rafi Mania in us.
    Without doubt the passion shown by the dedicated team of Rafi Foundation friends like Binu Nair,Shirish Kulkarni,Shashank, Zorawar,Naresh n Nitin,Murty sir,Ramkrishna sir,Padmanabhanji,Chandan and and many others whose names could not be mentioned due to space factor, are the inspiration for us.
    Do you all know that in our Rafi fan club we have huge team of dedicated ladies who are devotees of Rafi sahab and are encyclopedia in the works of the legend ?
    We salute all the musicians, artistes, innumerable crazy n devoted fans and the team of our club who all came together to give the Rafi Nite- intense a memorable event.

  32. A S MURTY says:

    the photographs are excellent too. please give the names of the musicians too who gave their best. they deserve all applause too.

  33. santosh says:

    Dear Mr.narayanan,

    Hearty congratulations to you and the entire members who made such a effort.This shows that rafi saab’s magic is still very much alive .I hear many voices but none comes close to the bass and high pitch of rafi saab.

    long live rafi saab.

    Great effort

  34. K.S.MANI. says:

    It was a mastaani shaam on the 17th AUG when numerous Rafi Bhakts met at the Chowdiah Hall in Bangalore to listen & enjoy the evergreen hits of our beloved Rafi saheb.
    The group from Mumbai really enthralled the Bangaloreans and others from neighbouring states with their retro hits from the bygone era for almost 4 hours.
    We should make our school & college going children listen to such programmes often instead of disco & other type of songs. Its true that OLD IS GOLD and our younger generation should learn from these concerts.
    Lets have more such nights in Bangalore and and spread the rafi music mania all over.

  35. sabnavees says:

    I had an excellent opprotunity of listening to the ‘ golden melodies ‘ of rafi sahab last year in hyderabad. Srikanth & gaurav were the two great people who had completely stollen the show. And now again the two gentlemen have done in Bengulooru.

    it requires a great gifted talent & blessings from the almighty to be a playback singer. Particulary to sing a number of rafi sahab it requires range, diction, clarity & 100 % melody. there comes the sweetness which is parennial like the flow of river ganges. thats why the numbers of rafi sahab are a treasure for the time immemorial.

    rafi sahab we still need you. please come back. we have lost the sunshine in the world of playback singing. before it gets too dark please come back. please…………………………………………………….

  36. Binu Nair says:

    unmentioned is the script of the event. this event is scripted by b.g.raj, our own narayan and ashok dalmia all from bangalore who took great risks in staging such a great event in the name of “baar baar rafi” in bangalore. they are all great mohd rafi lovers. keep it up.

    binu nair. rafi foundation, mumbai.

  37. Asif says:

    Great work Mr. Gurumurthy. Do you think anyone recorded this program? If so, can this be uploaded on this site? I am dying to listen to the singers who these wonderful songs of Mohd Rafi. I live in USA, and I am unable to attend these programs.

  38. A S MURTY says:

    I am still groping for using the right adjectives to describe how i felt on the 17th august 2008 at the chowdiah memorial hall in bangalore (now bangaluru). The news of this impending musical extravaganza was known to us a full four months in advance and I and my close friend r. padmanabhan had decided instantly to go over to bangalore to be a part of a programme on rafi sahab by the ‘keep alive’ troupe. we had seen two of their programmes in 2007 in hyderabad “naushad nite” and “o p nayyar nite” and knew that this group from mumbai is perhaps the best in the business. manohar iyer is an encyclopedia on music from the 1940s to the 1980s. he can reel off the names of movies, music directors, lyricists, play back singers, actors, et el, besides sweetest of anecdotes unknown to general music lovers. given these qualities is not just enough to be a good anchor too. nanohar iyer has a flair of presenting his shows in an uncanny manner – a very unique and distinctive style of his own. halfway through their programme on naushad sahab in hyderabad in 2007, i could not get over my impulse and went to meet him at the back stage and after congratulating him and his entire troupe, i requested him to include “na aadmi ka koi bharosa” if it was not already in their list. very politely manohar iyer declined to accept any requests (or farmaish) but explaining to me that they hold regular practice sessions a full two months in advance and they cannot afford to change tracks. i did not feel any disappointment and understood how professional they were. and then were these exceptionally gifted and hones singers (very professional themselves) – shrikant narayan, gaurav bangia, Vrushali, Sarita, Sudha, Sumita and Nishigandha. each one of them gives the perfect rendition (and naushad sahab’s compositions have very difficult chorus bits too, remember?). the orchestra replicates the olden and golden era and one feels transported into a dreamy world. one should close the eyes and listen to the orchestra when they play a naushad or an o p nayyar number. simple cloning.

    i have a very good friend (besides our good friends from the baar baar rafi fan club) in bangalore and we threesome were at the hall a good half hour before the show was to begin. we found the hall was already half full and by the time the clock stuck 6.00 p.m., there was hardly any seat vacant. i have seen some of the organizers standing all through the show as they not only had to attend to smaller chores, but also because they had no seats for themselves. the best part of the show was the complete teamwork of baar baar rafi fan club. this deserves special mention as only such organizations can deliver the best when they are dealing with the immortal name of rafi sahab.

    the article by h v gurumurthyji is a perfect verbal description of the gala and magic that was seen for a full four hours. halfway through the programme, the audience was begining to get the ‘kick’ of rafi sahab. the mystical and feet-tapping numbers soon gave way to uncontrollable dancing spree by one particular lady in the begining. another gentleman (a shammi kapoor fan too) soon found his way to the aisle and this prompted atleast a score of other frenzied fans trooping to the ‘dancing stage’ that got established. on the actual stage the singers shrikant narayan, vrushali, sarita and gaurav too complimented this new avatars of fans by waving and clapping along with their renditions. fans of all ages soon made this ‘aisle’ their home for sometime and this motly bunch of around 20 dancing music buffs included atleast 8 ladies that i could count. there were several others seen dancing near their own seats and the entire scenery spoke of the highest fancy that so many hold on rafi sahab. bangalore, just like hyderabad is from the south of the country and understandably the regional language music also runs parallaly to the hindi film music. manohar iyer’s perfect hindi/urdu diction and fluency left many in the auditorium dumbfounded, besides his knowledge of the music of an era that was exceptionally unique.

    rafi sahab’s closest of relatives -granddaughter Tasneem Firoz Ahmed and grand son Abdhur Rehman too cherished every moment of the show. since we were seated very close to them, every now and then our eyes fell on their faces to see how they were enjoying the evening. in particular, tasneem firoz ahmedji was seen singing the songs alongwith shrikant narayan and gaurav. abdur rehman, the grandson took some video of the programme on the stage and also part of the frenzied audience. they were invited on the dias and that saw the rapturous audience applause wildly.

    the entire show was crafted and delivered to this 1000 strong musical fanatics in a package that will be remembered by them all through. i have seen several musical shows for the last 30 years, many on rafi sahab also. but this show towers above all of them and i would only like all the rafi fans to atleast get a video-copy of the programme. baar baar rafi fan club (bangalore) deserves all the kudos. their sponsors too have to be congratulated for having come forward and helped them organize such a fantastic programme.

    hyderabad chapter of the rafi foundation salutes the baar baar rafi fan club, the ‘keep alive’ music troupe and the sponsors for bringing such a musical treat to the music lovers of bangalore. hats off and keep staging such shows of rafi sahab eternally.

  39. mohanflora says:

    London Remembers Mohamed Rafi
    IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, September 17, 2008]

    At the age of three, he first sang a song of the legendary singer Mohamed Rafi on the stage.

    After several years, having landed up in Mumbai, he started off the innings to attain his long cherished dream to become a playback singer by again singing the iconic singer’s evergreen songs.

    And now at a time when he has become one of the senior most and hugely successful Bollywood vocalist, Sonu Niigaam supported by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra once again gave life to the heart touching immortal songs of Mohammed Rafi at the London Coliseum.

    Sonu Niigaam can be proud that today he has been able to carve a special niche as one of today’s finest singers as well as one who has a voice that resembles the voice and singing style of the late musical sensation Mr.Rafi the most.

    As a tribute to a person who Sonu considers as a wonderful, ever smiling, versatile, humble, spiritual and simple hearted guru, an album titled as “Rafi Resurrected” has already been released in Europe and is on its way to India.

    Sonu Niigaam with his perfect soulful rendering of Rafi Saab’s songs took the audience in London for a musical trip which they will love to remember for ever and also left so may moist eyes after the concert.

    The heart throb of today’s Bollywood started off the concert with a silent tribute to the master singer.

    The unimaginable response displayed by the audience proved that the songs sung by Mohamed Rafi have the strength and charm to leave the audience to ask for more for several years into the future as well.

    With the brilliant backing of the 75-piece orchestra, the event became a spell bounding one as the voice of Sonu floated around bringing back memories with the haunting golden tunes of tracks like “Dil Ke Jharoke Mein” and “Mujhe Teri Mohabbat Ka Sahara”

    The track “An Evening In Paris” was changed to “An Evening In London” to honor the occasion.

    The magical hours when the Indians at London remembered one of the countries most loved musicians can be seen on September 21 at 8.00 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

    An evening in London-Rafi Resurrected was brought to London by the premiere Record label Saregama India Limited.

  40. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Great! There’s a magic in the name only – Mohammed Rafi.
    Rafi Saheb’s songs are fresh as ever.

  41. M V Devraj says:

    Was indeed a great evening.The Rafi magic is such that in spite of the four-hour programme one did not have enough.

    ये कैसा नशा है ये कैसा असर है
    न काबू में दिल है न बस में नज़र है
    ज़रा होश आ ले चले जाईयेगा
    टहर जाईयेगा टहर जाईयेगा

    My heartfelt thanks to the organisers and the Keep Alive group enabling Rafi devotees like me to re-live those wonderful moments.

    M V Devraj

  42. pvks raju says:

    Superb. The organisers and singers should be congratulated for spreading the fragrance of Rafi Saab’s eternal voice andmusic. It is heartening to note that years after Rafi Saab’s departure for eternity, the music and voice still haunts. The songs were so very well sung, mere imitating also sounds so beautiful. It would be nice, if in such functions, old and needy artistes and musicians of the bygone era are honoured and helped. Rafi Saab would be happy wherever he is…….

  43. prakash shah says:

    Dear P.Narayanji,

    Congrates ! Har safalta aise hi nahin milti,aap ne jo lagan se rafiji ko yaad karneki bhavna starting se dikhai thi jo rang laayi he,all the best,aur bar bar Rafiji ko shradhhanjali ke rup me new generation ko maloom karwao ke rafiji kaise anmol ratan ye desh ke the.

    Prakash Shah,

  44. Bina says:


    Believe me, the crowd was huge, the music divine and the atmosphere electrifying!! It was an evening to remember with some toe-tapping and some soul-stirring music.. the singers Srikant, Gaurav, Saritha and even the chorus singers kept us enthralled.

    The choice of songs was excellent and we were left wanting for more. I personally loved the rendering of Hui Shaam by Gaurav and the Qawalli…Yeh ishq ishq hai..awsome..



  45. shashank says:

    Great! Fantastic work done by all the Bangalore Fan Club.

  46. My hearty congratulations to all who made this accasion a resounding success. As usual, Gurumurthy Sir, a well composed report. Narayanan Sir, a great job done! What next?

    Shirish Kulkarni

  47. Zorawar says:

    Guru Murthy Sir & Narayan Sir,

    Cheers ! Baar Baar Rafi aur Har Baar Rafi. Sirf Rafi .
    That’s our interest, our aim. Whether Bharat Ratna or Bharat Ka Ratna but its only Rafi.

    Baar Baar Congratulations on such a fantastic start.

    Zorawar Chhugani
    Rafi Foundation Memorial Society (Delhi)

  48. chandrakant says:

    good work. would have loved attending the program but am placed in delhi now.

  49. Binu Nair says:

    well done . great . it will be baar baar and only rafi saaheb. it should have been held in a hall with capacity of atleast 3000 .

    keep it up.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai.

  50. Anil Cherian says:

    Great work, Gurumurthy sir and associates. Hats off.

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