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Rafi’s day

By Mr. K.S.Ramachandran

I would like to call the 31st of July as “Mohd Rafi’s day” to commemorate the great work this singing legend has done for the musical film world!

Mohd Rafi richly deserves all praises from all corners of the world and by this note, I am requesting all Indians both in India and abroad, to please do something and organize some event to promote the greatness of Rafi Sahib both as a singer and also as a well spent life as a human being, on this memorable day.

27th Death Anniversary of legendary playback singer, Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi sang almost all varieties of songs throughout his life and his talent and quality of voice, literally in all aspects of his vocal chord, was put to test by all the music directors and it was just but natural for Rafi to have stood ably and successfully against those challenges, everytime. He not only stood by those challenging assignments but most often, to the surprise of the music directors, even surpassed them! That was Rafi and his dedication and passion to singing. No words can express the greatness of the best qualities that Rafi possessed as a playback singer.

The sudden and quick nose-diving from the highest octave to the lowest possible note in singing was his uniqueness, which hardly any singer could dare attempt! No one can dare say that he has not understood his rendition and diction. His delivery of words was faultless and sometimes one could even learn the right pronunciation of the great Urdu words!

Long live Mohd Rafi and his works which we all should preserve as a life time treasure that GOD has given us as a boon to our musical desires and dreams…

Mohd Rafi

GEMS of Rafi

We have many great songs of Rafi Sahib and it is naturally difficult to remember or compile a list. While we would have it already it various websites, I would like to pay my sincere Shradhanjali to this great legend, who has inspired the hearts of many music lovers across the world, by reliving some wonderful lilting numbers, which are literally, the “rare gems”. Here are some of these…

Songs Film
Abi Na Jao Chodkar Ye Dil abi Bhara Nahi Hum Dono
Yeh Zindagi Ka Saat Nibata Chala Aaya (Hum Dono) Hum Dono
Kabhi Kudhpe Kabhi Haalatpe (Hum Dono) Hum Dono
Chal Udjaa Re Panchi Babhi
Tere Pyarme Muje Kya Mila Suhagan
Aapke Pehloome Aakar Mera Saaya
Eise To Na Deko Teen Devian
Mere Mehboob Tuje Mere Mehboob
Eh Husn Zara Jaag Tuje Mere Mehboob
Jahan Dal Dal Par Sikandare Azam
Zindabaad Zindabaad Mughal e Azam
Jab Dilse Dil Takraata Hai Sungursh
Koi Saagar Dolko Behlaata Nahi Dil Diya Dard Liya
Madhubanme Raadika Kohinoor
Jaane Bahar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hai Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya
Hari Om.. Man Tarpat Baiju Bawra
Ohh Duniya Ke Raakwaale (with specials aalaap in Mehl Udaas Galiyaan Sooni.. in live programs) Baiju Bawra
Aachal Me Sajaale Naakaliyaan Phir Wohi Dil Laayaan Hoon
Tere Bin Soone Mers Surat Teri Aanken
Ye Dekuke Dil Jhoomaa Kashmir Ki Kali
Eh Duniyaan Useekee Kashmir Ki Kali
Dil Dhal Jaaye Guide
Chalke Teri Aankonse Shaarab Arzoo
Aajki Raat Mere Dilki Salaanmi Lele Ram Aur Shyam
Ek Sehen Shah Ne Banwaa Ki Hansi Taj Mahal (with Lata) Leader
Phalakpe Jitne Sitaaren Hai Mere Huzoor
Me Sochkar Haqueeqat
Na Kiseeki Aanqka Noor Hun Bahadur Shah Zafar’s Poetry
Rang Aur Noor Ghazal
Mujeye BhoolNa De (with Suman Kalyanpur) Ghazal
Awaz Deke Hame Tum Bulaao Professor
Tumne Muje Deka Teesri Manzil
Zamane Ne Maare Baharon Ke Sapne
List Never ends…………… List Never ends……………
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    A fine article gone awry by needless comments which divert our attention. All good writers, including Mr. S. Ramachandran, should continue to contribute to the website with their comments. articles and other write-ups. Comments, both negetive and positive keep coming and one should be too sentimental about them. Some like it and some do not like it – but then the world is made up of all kinds of people is it not ??

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