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Rafi and Comedians

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

Rafi and ComediansRafi Saab has sung innumerable songs for top actors as well as other side actors, back-ground songs, etc. Rafiji also excelled in singing hit songs for Comedians. In fact, of all the Playback Singers, perhaps Rafiji has given the maximum hits to Comedians.

Mehmood was one top comedian in the sixties to whom Rafiji has given the maximum songs. In fact, singing for Mehmood was difficult what with his typical Hyderabadi / Tamil Hindi in most of his films, but still Rafiji always never gave the feeling for the audience to differentiate between the on screen actor and playback singer.

The first song which comes to anybody’s mind is “Hum Kaale Hai To Kya Hua” from GUMNAAM in which Mehmood also sang few lines. Very imaginatively picturised, this song was a craze in those days. Picturised on the same Zodi of Mehmood and Helen was “Badkamma Badkamma” from SHATRANJ with Sharada. “Kahun Kya” from GINNY AUR JHONNY had the same pair apart from “Main Hun Jaani Tera” from Sunil Dutt – Asha Parekh starrer BHAI BHAI.

Mohd Rafi and Mehmood
Mohd Rafi and Mehmood

Mehmood and Shubha Kote were also a hit pair on whom “Ajhuna Aaye Balama” was picturised. In fact this song if I am correct won a National Award. In the same movie SAANZ AUR SAVERA, Mehmood had a serious song “Zindagi Muzhko Dikhade Rasta”. Another hit song was “O Gori Chalo Na Hans Ki Chaal” from BETI BETE.

Othe Rafi – Mehmood songs were “Parda Hatade Mukhda Dikhade” from Sanjay – Padmini starrer, “Mehabooba Mehabooba” from SADHU AUR SHAITAAN. “Yeh Teri Sadagi ……… Taubashiqan” and “Maine Rakha Hai Mohabbat” from SHABANAM, which had Mehmood as hero. WARIS had a “Medley of hilarious songs” from Rafi and Asha. “O Mama O Mama” from PARVARISH sung by Rafi and Mannadey was also picturised on Mehmood. “Yeh Phurnur Chehra” from MOHABBAT ZINDAGI HAI was also a super song. Rafi and Asha also sang for Mehamood and Moushami in EK BAAP CHE BETE.

Singing for Jhonny Walker was much more difficult due to his peculiar voice. It is to Rafiji’s greatness that he could sing so many popular songs for JW. “Sar Jo Tera Chakraye” from PYAASA immediately comes to mind apart from “Ae Dil Hai Mushqil Jeena Yahan” from CID with Geeta Dutt. KAGAZ KE PHOOL also had “Jeena Mushqil Marna Mushqil” and SHAHANAI had “Kitni Jawan Hai Zindagi” picturised on both JW and Biswajeet. DUNIYA had a popular number “Tu Hi Meri Lakshmi Tu Hi Meri Chaya”. In DOOR KI AWAAZ, “Ek Musafir Ko Duniyame” was a song hilariously picturised in a train.


Johnny Walker in Sar Jo Tera Chakaraye

Though Mehmood frequently had Manna Dey in very many films as his Singer (Ziddi, Love in Tokyo, Bhoot Bangla, Poornima, Padosan, etc.) apart from KK (Bhoot Bangla, Kunwara Baap, Ginny Aur Jhonny, Lakhon Me Ek, etc.) and JW had Mahendra Kapoor (Kahin Din Kahin Raat), still it was Rafi who really suited both these great Comedians.

The other great comedian of that era Rajendranath perhaps had only one song from Rafi “Meri Zindagi Tere Pyaar Me” from JEE CHAHTA HAI, which incidentally was a serious song.

Rafiji also sang for Brahmachari, “Rekha O Rekha” in ADHIKAR and a “Medley of hilarious songs” in EK PHOOL DO MALI sung by Rafi and Asha.

“Chali Chali Patanga Meri Chali Re” from CHOTI BAHEN with Lataji as Co-singer was for Jagdeep.

MAIN CHUP RAHUNGI also had a “Medley of hilarious songs” sung by Rafi and Lata which was perhaps first of its kind in Hindi Film Industry.

I understand once Jesudas, the famous Singer remarked that God was partial to Rafi Saab as he endowed Rafi Saab with all “KHUBIYAS” of a Singer. How true he was! Rafi could sing for heroes, side actors, comedians and even Villains with equal ease whether it was a romantic number, patriotic, serious, classical, Yahoo type, Lori, Bhazan, qawali, pop or any other type of song. No wonder even after 27 years, Rafi is loved, admired and worshipped.

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29 Blog Comments to “Rafi and Comedians”

  1. Valiyakath Moidutty says:

    He was the one and only with a perfect male voice. He is will be remembered as long as the hindustani music is there.

  2. mohamedparvez says:

    i would like to post some comedy songs of rafisaab please watch &


  3. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post # 18, the film’s name is “Pushpanjali”.

  4. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Biman Baruahji,

    “Tuzhko Rakhe Ram” from AANKHEN was sung by Mannadey and Asha Bhonsle.

  5. Majorseventh says:

    Correction : It should be “jungle mein” not “jungla mein”

  6. Majorseventh says:

    Actually the lyrics are “jungla mein more naachaa kisine naa dekhaa, hum to thoDisi peeke zaraa jhoome, haay ne sabne dekhaa”

  7. biman baruah says:

    dear gurumurthyji heartiest thanks for these nice efforts.

    i would like to add Rafi-Asha duet composed by Ravi from ankhen “allah ke naam pe dede international fakir aaya hai, tujhko rakhe ram tujhko allah rakhe” picturised on Mehmood and Mala Singha.

    And “jungle mein mar nacha kisi ne na dekha hune todi si peke jhooma sabne dekha” from Madhumati composed by Salil Chowdhury picturised on jhoney walker.

    very best regards
    biman baruah, lakhiminagar,sivasagar,assam.

  8. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Shri. Murthyji,

    My e-mail id is or

    guru murthy

  9. A S MURTY says:

    Dear Gurumurthy Ji, Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba from Lahore who has been airing his comments in these columns had actually sent an email to me, thinking it to be you, attaching some very good photographs. I tried to send it to you at your email id but it bounced back. please therefore forward your email id once again either here or at so that i can forward the same to you. i have also advised mr. ghulam mujtaba about this and he too may write again in these columns on the subject. all the best.

  10. Please note my e- mail number “” Cell # 0092-300-41762259. Will send you some rare pic. of Mohammad Saddiq Sahib taken in the eve of Annual classical festival conducted in Lahore in November 2007 with your Salim Ghous Sahib, specially came from Bombai invited by Usman Peerzada Sahib, Salim ghous Sahib is best friend of Binu Nair Sahib. his tel. number # 0091 (0) 22-2636 9389 / 26317825 You can ask about his first meeting with Mohammad Siddiq Sahib in Lahore. Special thanks to shri shirish kulkarni. (will talk on cell with M. Siddiq Sahib on 18th or 19th December 07 as the matter was disucssed I shall be most grateful if Guru Murthy Sahib will participate in discussion with Respected Siddiq Sahib). Pl confirm me by SMS on my Cell number.

    With warm regards. Ghulam Mujtaba

  11. A S MURTY says:

    Dear Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba Sahab. I have just now spoken to Shirish Kulkarni and learnt about you. Also, Mr. Souvik Chatterjee, as you have mentioned elsewhere, is not only a good writer whose articles i always like, but also a good friend of mine and we are also on regular contacts. I would like to speak to you, but i do not have an international dialing facility both from my mobile and landline. shirish kulkarni would mail to me your phone numbers though. however, please in the meantime, do give me a mail at so that we can begin some interaction.
    we are all very happy in india to learn that you stay right across where rafi sahab used to live in lahore and that rafi sahab’s brother and family are your close acquintances. please convey our regards to all of them. pls do get in touch with me. thanks.

  12. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:



  13. Dear Guru Morthyji,

    Thank you very much for your correction this song was picturised on Joy Mukharji – I would inform your goodself that I am leaving near Rafiji’s old residence when they came from Kotla Sultan Singh. Now his younger brother Mr. Mohammad Sidiq is living with other Rafiji’s brothers and their kids. I have sent some pictures thru e-mail to respected binu nairji and it is pleasure for us that they have published in Sargam Magazine. The family members are paying heartiest Salam to all writers / participants. With warm regards. Ghulam Mujtaba.

  14. balushi says:

    dear Guru Murthy,
    Great Article and I want to know about the song “Parda Hatade Mukhda Dikhade” is it the song from ek pool do mali which picturized on sanjay khan ? (ye parda hatdo zara mukda dekha do).

  15. balushi says:

    Tere pojan ko baghwan banaoun bank main aali shaan, a bajan type comedy mohd rafi sang for Om Prakash.

  16. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Ghulam Mujtabaji,

    This wonderful web site has enabled a man from Lahore in Pakisthan to interact with a man from Bangalore in India, clearly showing that Rafi had his fans across the Globe. Well, the song “Duniya Pagal Hai” was not picturised on I S Johar but on Joy Mukherjee. Even the other song of the film SHAGIRD – “Bade Miya Deewane” was on Joy though I S Johar comes out with few words throughout the song and few lines at the end in Mannadey’s voice.

  17. Akbar Saeed says:

    I am now 58 years and from my childhood listening the songs of Rafi Sahib, I could not find yet a versatile singer like him. His voice range is incomparable. In Bagu Bawara ” Ay Dunya kay Rukhwalay……….” no imitator dares to copy that song. Would that he lived longer to leave more treasure of his ever lasting songs. I give Mr.Naushad Ali credit to make him such a great singer, followed by S.D.Burman and Laxmikant Piyraylal.
    Akbar Saeed
    working in Jeddah Saudi Arabia (permanent residence Lahore, Pakistan

  18. Great Article, Guru Morthyji,

    I am Ghulam Mujtaba from Lahore. It is a wounderful and informative article towards all comedians who got success with Rafiji special melodious voice exclusively falls thereon. However, Rafiji have sung a song which was picturised on I S Johar: Dunian pagal hey Yaan Phir Mein Diwana Film Shagird.

    I am very impressed with the latest informations from the Articles written by Respected Souvik Chatterji specially on Rafiji, Shami Kapoorji and Shanker Jaikishanji. My heartiest Salam / Namasthy for his dedicated articles which he wrote in depth for each legendery Singer, Actor and Music Directors. Special thanks once again to Mr. Souvik Chatterji.

    Thanks to all lovers. Ghulam Mujtaba

  19. unknow says:

    Dear friends,
    sorry i looking for this song but i am not able to get it boz i am in the gulf and we are not able to get old flim,i will try my best to get this song when i will,i will sent it to all Mohd Rafi lover

  20. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Hello Mr. Gurumurthy,
    thanks for drawing the attention of viewers towards the dynamic dimension of Rafi.
    In my article on OP Nayyar and Rafi, in
    I have mentioned my father’s interview with Milon Gupta, the person who played the mouth organ in CID. He said Rafi’s song for Johny Walker “ai dil mushkil jeena yaha”not only had comedy impulse was melodious and ended up being a greater hit than the song he sang for Dev Anand in the same film titled “ankho hi ankho me ishara ho gaya”.
    Thanks once again.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  21. rafian1 says:

    Dear Unknow

    Can you please send me the song ‘kasmir hain bharat ka’?

    or Any other rafian pls

    my id


  22. mohamed parvez says:

    dear unknown i need kashmir hai bharat ka hum na denge song you may be unknown for us but our passion is rafisaabs song so i request u to send this song in my email if it is possible my e mail id is if u need any rafisaabs song please write

  23. unknow says:

    how we forget the song if flim johar and Mehmood in Goa…

  24. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Interesting article by Mr. H.V. Guru Murthy, Rafi Saheb sang for all comedians with ease and feelings, Mehmood and Jhonny Walker were lucky for getting Rafi Saheb singing for them. Main marne chala hoon… nicely picturised on Mehmood from the film “Gunahon Ka Devta”.

  25. unknow says:

    for I S Johar “kashmir hai bhaarat ka” by Mohd Rafi no one else can sing the way singed by Mohd Rafi

    jannat ki tasvir na denge
    haathon mein kisi gair ke taqadir na denge
    kashmir hai bhaarat ka kashmir na denge

    dhamaki se kisi zulm ki ham dar nahin sakate
    samajhauta kisi desh se ham kar nahin sakate
    kya chhalega tu phuut yah ghar hai kabir ka
    jhagada nahin ho sakata hai tulasi se mir ka
    jo phuul chaman ka hai chaman mein hi khilega
    abdul hi apane desh par mar mitega
    lutane kabhi aazaadi ki jaagir na denge
    kashmir hai bhaarat ka

    parades se tuune hathiyaar mangavaaye
    kalaur se net sebarajet giraaye
    hathiyaaron se kar sakata nahin dil pe tu qabza
    taaqat se bada desh ki kidamat ka hai jazba
    gaddaar hai vah hind ka jo pyaar tujhe de
    vah aman ka dushman hai jo hathiyaar tujhe de
    divaane ke ham haath mein kashmir na denge
    kashmir hai bhaarat ka

  26. Nitish Sinha says:

    Nice article. Rafi saab has the credit of singing every type of songs and for comedy songs, he is marvellous.He has sung for almost every comedians, from Asrani, Agha,Bhagwan,David,Jeevan, Sunder, radhakishan,Rajendra nath, Utpal dutt to many many more
    Interestingly, his first recorded song in hindi “aaj dil kaboo me ho to dildaar ki aisi ki taisi” was also a comedy song……………..

  27. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello Guru Murthy Ji,

    Great topic of discussion. Perhaps it is believed that comedians can play serious roles equally well. A classic rendered by Rafi Saab for Mehmood “Saj Rahi Gali Teri Maa” in Kuwaara Baap is remembered till date.

    Rafi has sung many songs for Asrani in the 70s as well.

    To add a few songs for Johnny Walkar “Jane Kahan Mera Jigar” ; “All line clear” ; “Mein Bambai Babu”; etc.

    An all time comdien in regional Punjabi films Mehar Mittal as has many songs to his credit sung by Rafi Saab. Same hold true for I S Johar as well. Rafi Saab has sung many comedy songs in Punjabi also with Balbir.

  28. A S MURTY says:

    Bohut Khoob Gurumurthy Ji, this one was surely expected from you. I had always wondered what took you so long to write this beautifully crafted article while all the material was always there with you. anyway better late than never and i enjoyed the article very much. sure no one to beat Rafi sahab when it comes to playback singing for these comedians who were an integral part of our cinema in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Perhaps rafi sahab has also sung for Junior Mehmood and also for Jagdeep may be, though i cannot recall those songs unless someone like you and other knowledgeable readers point out. But i am simply stumped with rafi sahab’s hyderabad accent for the song “mehbooba mehbooba, banado mujhe dulha, jalado mera choola” for Mehmood. That kind of accent though very typical of a hyderabad is so very difficult for even a hyderabad like me. and i know for sure many from urdu background families cannot produce that strange twist of words and accent that rafi sahab has given out in this song. there is not an iota of difference from the actual colloquial language that is presented in this song. apart from the costume of mehmood with a t-shirt and a lungi to match, the accent in the song truly depicts a hyderabadi to the hilt. good job of writing this piece. kudos.

  29. mohamed parvez says:

    i would like to add song from bharosa kabhi dosti kabhi dushmani picturised on mahmood & shuba kote please click the youtube link &watch this song

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