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Email from Raashid Rafi

Email from Raashid Rafi.

Mr. Raashid Rafi happens to be Rafi Sahab’s grand son. We received an email from him, which has been posted for all fans to read.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Raashid Rafi and I live in London. I am the grandson of Mohammad Rafi. My father, Khalid, is his son. I was informed of your web-site by a friend in the US. Yesterday I browsed through your site and was very impressed.

If you ever need any more information on my grandfather I will be more than happy to provide you with it, within reason ofcourse.

Take Care
Raashid Rafi

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  1. Lachme Kaur says:

    We should start ‘The People’s Award for Mohammad Rafi Ji in response to the Bharat Ratna that he never recieve due to Indian politics. I don’t think he will be awarded as a Muslim especially with an Indian Lata. I am a 41 year old British Indian (Punjabi) I was born the year that Mohammad Rafi Ji passed, I guess a pilgrimage to meet this angel was not meant to be. However the treasures I have discovered throughout my life & comments I see online makes me think Mohammad Rafi Ji is above this. As his disciple, fan or follower I believe it’s our duty to keep his voice alive forever gifting it to future generations.

  2. Mohammed Hameeduddin says:

    Janab Rashid Rafi Sahab

    Mai Hyderabad Telangana State se hun Mai aapke walid Shahid Rafi sahaab se milne ki aarzoo hai.Mai aap ke dadajaan Mohammed Rafi Sahab ke gane 52 years
    se sun raha hun meri age ab 62 years hai.Zindagi me Mohammed Rafi sahib se milne ki aarzoo rah gayi hai.Roz ayesa din nahi hai jo Mohammed Rafi sahib ko
    yaad kiye huwe nahin guzarta.Agar mai Rafi sahib din me yaad nahi aye to raat me sote waqt zaroor yaad ate hai.Yeh ab se nahi kai saal se ayesa hota hai.yeh meri daily ka routine hai.Shahid Rafi Sahab jo Mohammed Rafi Academy kholker bahut acha kaarnama anjaam diye hai.meri khaish hai ke Rafi academy ke tahaet yek programe hamare Hyderabad me bhi ho.Jis tarha Shahid Rafi sahib ne Ahmedabad me kiye hai.Yahan ke fine arts academy Hydrabad se link ker te huwe yek programme yek sham Rafi ke naam conduct ki jiye.mera yeh message apne walid shahid Rafi Sahib ko pahuncha dijiye Mohammed Rafi sahib ke liye bahut duwaye kerta hun Allah taala Rafi sahib ko jannatul-Firdouse me jaga ataa farma Ameen summa amen.My mobile no; 08978453885

  3. Hello fellow Rafians!!Is Vatsala

  4. Hello Mr. Rashid!!I feel honoured to be abl to read an e-mail from the grandson of my God whom I worship everyday!!I m no doubt his biggest devotee!!I would like to know about his relation with mahendra kapoor!!If u can please tell me!!I would be most gratified !!Thank u!!

  5. vatsala pande says:

    I m soooo happy that like me sooo many people worship Mohd Rafi…..I thank u all for this website

  6. Madhu Goyal says:


    really very impressive site…

    i been lookin for one song sung by Rafi ji which is not available any where, its there in youtube but its not complete song…plz add this complete song to your site..


    I would really appreciate if you can add song into the list or mail me ..ty v v much in advance

  7. Mahesh Bisht says:

    long live Rafi Sahab



  9. m n kannan unni says:

    I am delighted to come across this website. Like all of you. I m a huge fan of Rafi Sahab. Have been since, I became conscious of this world at the age of Five. The First song that hit my ears was the song “Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko”. Since then I have relished, cherished and romanced on each of Rafi Sahab’s songs. What can I say, except that I feel blessed that I am a part of that generation, which grew up with Rafi sahab’s songs.

  10. Israr Mohammed Khan says:

    Home page pe new upload kijiye sir kaafi din ho gaye h.

  11. Zahid Hussain says:

    Dear All
    I am Zahid Hussain from Lahore Pakistan. I am very happy to see this website. no day with out Rafi Sb melodious voice. I remember the day when I heard the new of Rafi Sb death. It was a black day But i don’t remember any day when i lived without Rafi Sb voice. I cant even think to live a single day without Rafi Sb voice. Nobody can match him. H e is always with us. Almighty Allah bless him and his soul rest in peace.

  12. As Salamo aly kum !
    i am fahad from Pakistan.
    Mujhe Maloom ye karna tha k Muhammad Rafi Sahab ka wo kon sa song he jis ko gane se Rafi sahab k Galay ki nas damaged ho gai thi os k baad Rafi sahab ne asa gana nahi gaya.
    mujhe film or wo song batay .
    Muhammad Fahad

  13. mohd.saqlain says:

    Dear, Rashid rafi khush raho
    I am an old fan of Mohd.Rafi Sahab. I had met sahab in november 1972,this is my luck & my real(sachha) love to him.I also attended compaign “Bharatan to Mohd Rafi Sahab” on 23rd may 2015 in Delhi.Kindly keep contact me on email,also give me your phone no. pl, last week i prayed Namaz Juma in Rafi mension with bhai Shahid RAFI. Mohd.Saqlain from Haridwar(India)

  14. arun kumar says:

    i shall be thankful if e mail address of rashid rafi is given here…..his mother is from Indore, so I am also from her native place, seen rafisaheb]s live prog…49 yers ago..

  15. Mr Khalid Beg is rising from a place which is not a very posh locality but lives the place near Sabza Zar Lahore This is his own ability to rise himself from his slow but effective promotion thru the songs of Legend Star of Lahore Of the days of Combined India Even Mohammad Rafi was not moniterily very strong to travel to Bombay frequently Upon third visit to Bombay Mr Mohammad Rafi was not having enough funds to travel his Mohalley Daar Mr Fakir family encouraged him paying funds to reach back Bombay Similarly was with mr Khalid who by his own running Private School (Dawn Public Cadet School) has furnished expenses for arranging programmes of singing / Music concerts has renowned his name Sometimes he sings with his own paid expense But now he is listened in Very high profile of Govt.

  16. Ananth Padmanaban says:

    Rafi Saheb died in the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday which is holy for Hindus.He was a truly Universal singer-non-pareil with a voice which is always fresh and intense.

    I listen to his songs for inspiration in my day to day life.To this day,in Hindi music,I am yet to hear such a unique voice.

  17. arash shabgard says:

    i am a iranian man.i believe that mr mohd rafi is the king of singers on love is mohd rafi.

  18. sunil says:

    Shri Shri Rafi ji Sahab is the Angel (Gandharva) from Heaven, he lived his life by giving his Heavenly Voice to the world still he lives in our Heart, He was a Great Singer & Very Very Humble Person, I am Proud of myself that such a Great artist Born in India, Shri Rafi Ji Sahab mera apko Sas. Namashkar, we miss you a lot, There will be no one like him neither in Future nor in past.

  19. Sushma says:

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there is any way to see the song’s details that are being played on the radio on this Amazing website?


  20. shammi says:

    Sorry to correct Sahadat but Mohd Rafisaab was not just one of the best singers but was by far the best singer this world will ever witness!

    Just miss him so much but he will remain in our thought and hearts forever, and long live his memory.

  21. sahadat says:

    rafi saab was not only 1 of the greatest singers but also a rare human being.

  22. vishal says:

    Happy happy birthday to you the king of kings the legendary Mohd Rafi Sahab… i miss you and i love you so much… you are alive and will always alive in our hearts… we all love you so much… TERE AANE KI AAS HAI DOST, SHAAM PHIR KYUN UDAAS HAI DOST, MEHKI MEHKI FIZA YE KEHTI HAI, TU KAHIN AAS PAAS HAI DOST, TU KAHIN AAS PAAS HAI DOST…. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MOHAMMED RAFI SAHAB…WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU….

  23. ib says:

    What a variety in the voice. The high pitch. The melody. The amazing range. No comparison for Rafi sab!!!

  24. ib says:

    Great singer of all times=Rafi!

  25. Plz, koi mujhe ye bataiye. Rafi sahab kavi rabindra sangeet gaya tha?

  26. Aap log plz padmosree wapas kar dijiye…. Rafi sahab ke joygo koi vi puraskaar nehi hain is duniya me.

  27. aseef ismail says:

    Assalamualikum/todau i am very fed-up to day 31/7/2013
    when i am 9th std study rafi shab news i saw news paper
    really upset when this age’Pachpanse my rafi shab ki fan hoon’
    Allah janath formayaga Ameen

  28. Aseef Ismaul says:

    Assalamualikum, i am working in saudi arabia my proper india as tamil nadu
    i very thick fan to rafi shaab Yaa Allah i cant believe rafi shab voice every songs have rough/soul great very great maestro no word for me praise rafi shab is our family member bcz every day Rafi shaab song hearing to our family Raath thin Rafi shab ki awaz sunbin nahi kujarthi amare thin” rafi shab song continually sung in my car /rafi shab ke song sunetho than man saanth hotha hai/ mere bete ka janam thin 1997/31 july rafi shab ke inthihaal thin mere bete ke janam thin hai (1980 /31 july/ramadaan ka 19 roja)

  29. muhammad auwal dahiru says:

    Muhammad Rafi Sahab was not for Indian only even In Nigeria Rafi Sahab has Lovers and among of them; I love Rafi, his songs and his family. though I am not an Indian nor understand Hindu.

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