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Email from Raashid Rafi

Email from Raashid Rafi.

Mr. Raashid Rafi happens to be Rafi Sahab’s grand son. We received an email from him, which has been posted for all fans to read.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Raashid Rafi and I live in London. I am the grandson of Mohammad Rafi. My father, Khalid, is his son. I was informed of your web-site by a friend in the US. Yesterday I browsed through your site and was very impressed.

If you ever need any more information on my grandfather I will be more than happy to provide you with it, within reason ofcourse.

Take Care
Raashid Rafi

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229 Blog Comments to “Email from Raashid Rafi”

  1. ASEEM says:

    GREATEST of all singers GOD ever gifted to mankind.
    Had an opportunity to meet and enjoy the blessings & affection RAFI SAHIB’S lady wife & grandson (SHAHID RAFI’S SON) ON 31JULY 1994 & 31 JULY 2008. MAY ALLAHTALA BLESS ALL THE INMATES & people who were or are associated in making RAFI SAHIB’S voice reach our HEARTS .

  2. gaffar baboo says:

    PROUD FAN OF MOHD RAFI…. GAFFAR BABOO from kuala lumpur

  3. Tarun Nagar says:

    Hello Mr.Shahid Rafi,
    What can i write about late legend Rafi sahab !!! He was the complete singer & good person .I was singing like Rafi sahab since colleage time .My friends & colleagues called me “Rafi” .Still today i am singing Rafi sahab songs .He has everything what music requires .He was my Music God !!

    I could not meet him as i was very small at that time but my dream is to meet atleast his family members at mumbai if possible

    So i request you to please write a mail for me on I will be very happy to meet your family members ,I will be satisfied that i meet Mr.Rafi Sahab.

    Tarun Nagar

  4. Kasim says:

    To all Rafi sahabs fans

    When I was in 8th Std I came to know the departure of Rafi sahab from this world.I even dont know who was this singer.One day my teacher called me and said to sing a song in class. I just came a sang a song from Yaadon ki barat.title song.I even dont know who sung this song.But after one year when I was just listening song from Khilona. Teri shaadi pe doon tujh ko tohfa main kya.It touched my heart and I ask my freind who is this singer he said me this is rafi.Main ne kaha yaa allah yeh awaz hai ya zaadu.From that time till now i became the murid of Rafi.Bollywood main sabi logon ki controversy hai lekin yeh allah ki inayat hai ki ek bhi controvery rafi sahab ki nahi hai.Aur Rafi sahab ka imaan allah par zabardust kayam tha.Paiso ki kabhi sahab ne parwa nahi ki .Jisne diya liya na diya manga bhi nahi.Mere khayal main rafi sahab dunya ka 8 waan ajooba hai.

    Allah se main yehi hi duwa karta hoon allah rafi sahab ko Jannat ata kare. Amin

  5. sheik says:

    Mohd rafi you are the best of all times,
    but i just want say is that nobody is better than you.
    i love you so much, i want to say something
    that flowers grow a few hours and than they die,
    and just so our years pass by just like the mile
    pos on the turnpike.

  6. karim says:

    mohamed rafi restera le roi et le plus grand chanteur indien quand il chante la chanson chal ud ja re panchi je chante avec lui merci rafi merci mohamed c’est la veritè le roi rafi reste king abiento.

  7. karim says:

    slt atous en effet le roi rafi restera le meilleur voix ma chanson preferee est chal ud ja re panchi quand rafi sahab chante je chante avec lui aujaur’dhui
    les film indou son mohd rafi est nul c’est mon avis .

  8. Deepak Shah says:

    Mr.Raashid Rafi,

    You are really lucky grand son of Late great singer M. Rafi. I feel my self unlucky that I could not see him , when he passed away I was just 12 years old and not much aware of film industry and playback singing etc. ,

    Rafi sab was great and will stay great for ever, none can touch that hight.

    I will be really happy to get any small info about him so please share with me his songs and memory you have.

    In last May I was in Europe and wanted to visit London but somehow was not possible.

    but in future,If possible surely see you in London.

    Is there any possibility to visit and share Rafi memory in Mumbai ?

    Deepak Shah

  9. Savitaa says:

    whenever I listen to rafi sahab I think out of wonder how come this voice is so much filled with unlimitedlove when he sings love songs,,,,how can a person overflowing with that kind of emotion everytime,,,,now I come a bit of this secret its because of the fact that there so many like reiaz who loves rafi sahab unconditionally,,,,,,,,,,,,,what about we mortals who only know worldly things,,,,if can have feel this way for Rafi sahab,,it appears for certain that duniya ke rakhwale has listened to rafi sahab`s call…,surely God also love him more than anyone of us as,,God has given so much divinity to his voice,,,

  10. reiaz says:

    Dear mohd rafi,
    my name is reiaz you are the best,
    my favorite song is o duniya ke rakhwale
    when you sing rakhwale 5 times you
    shock me to know that you is a great man.
    My dad like when you sing he always
    wants to sing with you.
    from reiaz
    love mohd rafi sahad

  11. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    For DVD of rafi sahab’s live program and rare songs, you can contact or
    With regards,
    long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  12. nora says:

    Hello my name is nora, im am righting this from Canada,Montral.
    I would like to let u know i have a video casset live concert 12 songs from your grand father , my father record it 30 years ago he met you grand father Mohammed rafi and my father he has the same voice as your grand father , he liked it so much thats why he let him to record his concert if you need any more information please contect me or call me at (1-514-758-8373)

    thank you

  13. Naz says:

    does anyone kno where i can get a dvd or video of mohd rafi live in concert? its my dads 60th birthday and that would be the perfect gift for him as he is a true rafi fan!!

    thnx! 🙂

  14. Aftab says:

    Dear Rashid Saheb,

    Culd you please give me your e-mail ID. That will help me in getting some useful information about Rafi Saheb.

    Hope you will answer

    Allah Hafiz

    Aftab- Jeddah

  15. Savita says:

    Are Rafi sahab`s family member asmodest, simple and down to the earth as Rafi sahab himself was?

  16. Muveen says:

    Dear Sir,

    Mohd Rafi Saab sung 5000 or 26000 songs I don’t no exect firgure for the same
    but have a listing information of 5000+ songs with whom to Picturised

    +91 99 71 7480 99

  17. salman ali syed says:

    late mohd. rafi sahab sang for many actors of comtemporary time. was there any actor/hero he didnt sing for?

  18. unknow says:

    Sir salman ali ….
    I am not wrong Mohd Rafi stop singing only for 8 months when be back from haj and went to Landon..
    Lata Ji stop to sing with mohd Rafi because she loves money and that her right but Mohd rafi never care of money only how to sing a song and after recording the song he never ask for money.when Mohd Rafi was at the top(still on the top)Mohd Rafi sang for C Grade films that was his greatness and in late 1970’s he sang two songs under KK music for only 1 Rs……..
    when LP was new Mohd Rafi sang for him for free same to Naushand for his last song for Nashand Ali he sang it for free

  19. salman ali syed says:

    i would like to know more about the difference of opinion mohd. rafi sahab had with lata mangeshkar regarding about the royalty amount/ money for their songs. mohd. rafi sahab turned down her proposal.

    also i want to know about the period when rafi sahab had stopped singing.

  20. Khalid says:

    Hi Raashid,

    Nice to know that you are in london.

    It would be nice of you if you could let me know where in london you are based.


  21. b.venkatadri says:

    Dear David Pope,

    If your post is really serious, lemme answer seriously.

    “Jaan Pehchan Ho” is a popular hit song from Film:Gumnaaam(1965). The leading actors in the Film are Mr. Manoj Kumar, Ms. Nanda and Mr. Mehmood.

    The song, “Jaan Pehchaan Ho”, was sung by the greatest Indian singer of all times, Mohammed Rafi. The composer of music for this song is Shankar Jaikishan.

    In Indian Films, the actors lip the songs in the Film, but the voices belong to playback singers such as Mohammed Rafi.

    In the case of this song, the song was actually encated/lipped in the Film by one Mr. Harman, a professional dancer.

    Generally, the Guitarists for Shankar Jaikishan were:

    Electric–Anibal Crasto & Dilip Naik

    Hawaian–Hazara Singh & Van Shipley


  22. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 128:

    mr. david pope, the guitarist for “jaan pehchan ho” was dilip naik, who was a regular in shankar-jaikishan’s orchestra. He later joined r. d. burman’s orchestra. On the drums was leslie godinho, who used to acccompany mohd rafi regularly on concert tours.

    There is a visitor to this site who goes by the name of myk; he is a living encyclopedia on musicians of the hindi film industry. If he is around, he’d be able to give your more details about some of these star musicians.

  23. David Pope says:

    Does anyone know who the ‘guitarist’ was on the recording : ‘ Jaan Pehechaan Ho’?? And also the actor singing that song in the film :”GUMNAAM”. from what I understand the actor in the Ballroom nightclub was NOT Mohammed Rafi!?

  24. N.PRASANNA says:

    Dear Mr.Rashid,

    I am a great fan of Mohd. Rafi Saheb’s voice and his songs. To tell more precisely I love his voice.

  25. Dear Raashid
    We have been all along searching for Rafi Sahabs first song from the film Gulbaloch titled — O heeriye O soneeye —

    It was also a great honour for all of us when we visited Rafi Villa at Bandra (West) after his sudden demise and meeting your Uncle Shahid who was so gracious in inviting all of us and discussing the greatness of his dear legendary father — Mohammed Rafi

    We all would truly appreciate if you & your dear family will help us in locating his first song as enumerated above

    Long Live the Everlasting memories of the Beloved King of Melody — Mohammed Rafi !!!

  26. noor says:

    i am noor i was a fan of the singer rafi till now i listened to his songs specially songs that goes deep in the bottom of heart like dil diya dard liya,thokar and etc

  27. kprem says:

    what can i say about Rafi Sahab, he was a mahan singer of world. His type of singings is to much above then Tan sain. I LOVE HIS VOICE AND WITH HIM.

  28. M.Zaman says:

    Dear Raashid,
    I would like to congragulate you that you born with a luck which we haven’t ,
    I am 43 years , my two kids are 7 & 5 years old , we all consider that we are also the great Rafi shaab’s family mamber. when my 5 years old son Tanveer, sing ” Darde dil , darde jejar , dil mea jagaya apne ne ” and ” Sunahi raat dhal chuki , na jane tum kab aoge” to be very honest i feel that Rafi Shaab is with us . and blessing my kids.

  29. subhash kamboj says:

    i am subhash kamboj i am 38 years old

    i am fan of rafi sahab. his voice is oxizen for me.

  30. mukesh khanna says:

    hello Friends, I have paid a HUMBLE TRIBUTE,TO RAFI SAAB by ATTEMPTING TO SING his SONGS Pls visit mukesh khanna


  32. Diptendu Chakrabarti says:

    Please let me know from where I can down load the NON FILMY GHAZALS OF MOHD. RAFI SAHAB.

    My best regards.

    Diptendu Chakrabarti

  33. Sarwar says:

    i think the ease with which rafi sang some of the most difficult songs were almost impossible for most of the singers. listen to almost all the duets he sang with any male/female singer and he proved that he was really superior in almost all of them. actually, he was the born singer. his voice was simply the gift of God to the true music lovers.

  34. Surjit Singh says:

    Reply to Harvinder above:

    Please have a look at this thread from the group rec.muisc.indian.misc

  35. Surjit Singh says:

    This is about the 5,000 or 26,000 song thread.

    OK, so nobody can get me any more Rafi songs to win money from me.

    Let us try another way. On this website, you guys have listed detailed information about Rafi songs which I am sure is ultimately based on Geet Kosh.

    Great job! Now go ahead publish similar information about the remaining 21,000 songs. OK, do it now. If you can’t do it, just admit that the number 26,000 is a vast exaggeration and has no basis in fact.

  36. M Taj says:

    It is Sad indeed that the Main stream Indian Channels continue to ignore the best there ever was Rafi Saab. They choose to do “K for Kishore” and the awards have SRK doing tribute to KK but never anything for Rafi saab.

    It is so sad to see the very industry that Rafi Saab carried for so long on his wings turn it’s back on his memory.

    But that admiration, love and memory they cannot take away from the millions of his fans round the world.

  37. Sarwar says:

    I have heard about the controversy between Rafi Saab and Lata ji over royalty issues. Even Salil chaudhary sided with Lata ji during the recording of the song “Tasveer teri dil mein…” when Lata ji got irritated with Rafi Saab over some singing technicalities. Despite all these the song was a great hit and Rafi Saab was as usual undoubtedly SUPERB. Can someone add some more about it.


  38. Noorani says:

    Am a BIG fan of Mohd. Rafi saab. Lack of words from such an ordinary person like me to b able to say something about him! Anyhow, HE WAS JUST THE BEST!!

  39. Hari Krishna says:

    My heartiest ‘shraddhanjali’ to Mohd. Rafi Saheb on his 28th death anniversary.

    Rest in peace.

  40. SUBHAS KAMBOJ says:



  41. S Butt says:

    any feed back on Rafi Sahib’s siblings?
    They all live in Lahore (Pakistan).

  42. Nasir Munshi says:

    i am also among the rafians. why dont we proceed for a show on television with the title of “Phir Rafi” like the sony’s K for Kishore?

  43. SUBHASH KAMBOJ says:


  44. Binu Nair says:

    Post 106 : yes. the rafi foundation at delhi is headed by zorawar, ashish kapoor and a great team of rafi lovers. Pls contact : 0 9810224991 or visit and write a note.

    rafi lovers will contact you.

    Binu Nair : rafi foundation: mumbai….

  45. Pururawa Kamdi says:

    glad to be among like minded people. im also a Rafi fan.
    like to know is there any rafi fan club in Delhi ???

  46. Vijay Soni says:

    I am ONE OF YOU.

  47. SUDHIR RAO says:

    Dear rafians : since this website is attracting all rafi fans i am sure somebody will be having video of rafi singing in the recording room. it will be delight to watch him sing in the recording room. may be rafi`s grandson can help in getting this video.

  48. A S MURTY says:

    Mujtaba Sahab, thanks for your offer to send the video recordings. I shall separately mail to you my address. It will be treasure for all of us here in India, particularly to our members in “abadrafi”, the hyderabad chapter of the rafi foundation. We have our regular meetings and singing sessions and i shall mail to you the photographs and other details by email. thanks once again and keep up the ‘rafi-flag’ flying high always.
    ref post by shri pvks raju ji addressed to mr rashidh rafi sahab. i could not have agreed more with the views expressed by shri raju. i am amazed to read the depth of devotion that so many have towards rafi sahab. “national treasure” wow, what a tribute raju sahab. simply fantastic and i have to endorse each and every word written by you to rashid rafi sahab.

  49. pvks raju says:

    Dear Mr Rashid Rafi,
    At the outset, being the grandson of such a great soul is special(it is purv punya). Great people like your grandfather are born rarely. U are second generation from your grand father. When all of us feel proud to own such a noble and precious soul, u should all the more be rejoicing, as you belong to his genes.(lineage). To be frank enough we grew up listening to his melodies. Even to this day, if an old song is played either on FM channel or on any television channel, I love to watch or listen for a second time. Such was your grandfather’s aura. Still intact and without replacement. By the way, were u born when your grandfather was still alive or after. I have heard he was very soft spoken and shy person. If you can provide live videos recorded in those times (including that of musical concerts) and any interesting articles which we have missed out on the great soul till now, his likes/dislikes, his little hobbies, personal favourites, just about any thing…. do send to me…. Your grandfather is national treasure… I wish the Govt of India bestows Bharat Ratna to him at the earliest and I congratulate U for it in advance…
    With blessings… My email id..

  50. Ghulam Mujtaba says:

    Dear Morthy ji and Binu Nair ji,

    Thanks a lot for my couragement; Respected Sohail Butt Sahib (came in Lahore from Kuwait) writing an article on Rafiji’s Old Hom Town from Lahore Chapter I think 90% have completed. During his meeting / interwie in his residence they have made all recordings in his movie camera and also closed all songs sung by Mohammade Siddique Sahib. This CD Inshallah will reach in my hand within next few weeks and the same shall be mailed at your address to enjoy with All Lovers. So please send me your mailing address.

    Regards. Ghulam Mujtaba / Lahore / Pakistan.

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