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Email from Raashid Rafi

Email from Raashid Rafi.

Mr. Raashid Rafi happens to be Rafi Sahab’s grand son. We received an email from him, which has been posted for all fans to read.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Raashid Rafi and I live in London. I am the grandson of Mohammad Rafi. My father, Khalid, is his son. I was informed of your web-site by a friend in the US. Yesterday I browsed through your site and was very impressed.

If you ever need any more information on my grandfather I will be more than happy to provide you with it, within reason ofcourse.

Take Care
Raashid Rafi

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229 Blog Comments to “Email from Raashid Rafi”

  1. A S MURTY says:

    Dear ghulam mujtaba Sahab. i simply adore your strong feelings for rafi sahab. you have sent us the photographs taken on the occasion of the ‘musical session’ that was held in lahore. if any video was taken of songs sung by the younger brother of rafi sahab – mohd. sadiq sahab – then please post them on youtube and send us the details. we will then download them here. you are a strong pillar mujtaba sahab in spreading the aroma of rafi sahab in pakistan and outside. keep up the good work going.

  2. Ghulam Mujtaba says:

    Dear Rashid Rafi,

    Pl. send us some more details and pics. about your father and grand father. Last month a Musical session was held on 21.03.2008 in the honour of “MR. SOHAIL BUTT ” A Die hard fan from Kuwait” in respect of “RAFI SAHIB’S OLD HOME TOWN – LAHORE CHAPTER” organized by Saeed Ahmed Khan, Regional Director, National University of Modern Language, Lahore where younger brother of Rafi Sahib Mr. M. Saddiq sungs many songs of his elder brother in order to spread our love across the global (to bring all lovers in a single plate form). In this connection all credit goes to some leading personalities like Binu Nair ji, A S Murthy ji, Sovouk Chittergi, Kulkurani ji, M. Hussain, Naresh ji and many others. I would request to Rashid Sahib to send us his e-mail address to forward him some rare pics. of above events.
    With best wishes. Ghulam Mujtaba / Lahore / Pakistan.

  3. wajiha says:

    dear rashid
    its was nice to read your email. i am a great fan of your gradfather. i think some info n pictures of his personal, married life must also be added to the website.
    best wishes

  4. Dear All Rafians

    This is Gopal Sunder Rajan from Hyderabad India as u are all quite aware Rafi Saheb deserves Bharat Ratna lets explore all avenues to make the Govt aware of this and see the legend receives this Award its high time now I feel we should start our attempts
    best wishes

  5. salman raghib says:

    Dear Rashid Rafi Saeb assalam o alaikum,
    I am emotionally touched to make contact with you through this great site of the great Rafi Saheb whose songs are the treasure of my life.I belong to a small town Cuttack but I have been listening to Rafi sahab’s songs since I was a kid, but I never ever got the opportunity to meet my beloved singer.Any way he will continue to remain in my heart forever.” to kahin bhi rahe to meri nigahon me hai”.

  6. Vish says:

    Hello Rashid

    You must be incredibly proud of your grandpa. You have no clue how I feel about Rafi saab. He is the closest to God as far as I am concerned.

    I have been searching for the song titled ‘Joode mein gajra mat baandho’ from the movie Dhoop-Chhaon. If you can direct me to a location where I could possibly download it from, that would be awesome.

    Singers have come and gone but Rafi saab was the only one who still touches my heart.

    Long live Rafi saab’s legacy.


  7. munir says:

    aslamuaylkum hope my email find you in the best of emaan and health .
    i once came across rafi shaab’ s qeesa e karbala in two parts and i cannot remember which site it was. Could you please if you know which CD OR
    Audio it is in.

  8. M.A.Javaid says:

    HI.Rashid rafi could u pls send ur email address and contact mobile # for Mr Kh
    if convent thanks.

  9. Iftekhar Ali Khan says:

    Dear Mr. Raashid Rafi, Assalam Alikum. I live in Karachi and I am in contact with your relative Mr. Naveed Akhtar. I have visited him once at his residence and he has also given me honour to visit my home and enjoy some rare collection of Rafi Sahib. I would request you to come and visit me wit Naveed Sahib some time when you happen to come to Karachi.

    Best Regards

  10. Iftekhar Ali Khan says:

    Dear Yashwant Singh, I have got this Non Film Ghazal CD of great Muhammad Rafi sahib with me at Karachi. I am planning to upload some songs on You Tube in near future. I will begin with this song which you have mentioned. My ID on You Tube is SeaBreezeCenter. So far I have uploaded only one file as sample which has been processed successfully. I will upload “Kitni Rahat Hai” first of all. Please let me know if I could be of any help to you regarding Rafi sahib’s songs.


  11. binus2000 says:

    Post 88: it’s very interesting,…

    can u please give more details so that it can be printed
    in our Sargam Magazine in its march issue…

    Please write to and please be in touch
    with me…

    rafi lovers can also write to me about rafi saab for the sargam

    we are also publishing pictures of 20 top rafi saab lovers of the
    world…. so please do write….
    binu nair… the rafi foundation ,,, mumbai… cell 9833 250 701…

  12. Apoorv says:

    Dear Rashid Sahab, ASWK
    I am please to learn about you.. I am in London and would be more than obliged, if I can receive a piece of communication from your side. My ID is Regards.

  13. Dogfinn says:

    Hi! I personaly came over Mohammed Rafi in a great movie called “Ghost World”. I guess it is a low budget movie, but a real great one starring no one greater than Steve Buscemi and a young and undiscovered Scarlett Johanson. Its a movie for real music lovers. Here you get represent earliy 1920 jazz and blues like the real great”Jaan Pehechaan Ho” by Mohammed Rafi. A real clasic.

  14. hi friends,
    i am looking for a non-filmi ghazal album of mohd.rafi sa’ab ” kitni raahat hai “. would anybody tell me about this, from where i can get it? i hope that the world of mohdrafi. will 100% help me.

  15. asalam 3alaykom raashid sab
    i”m ahmed from morocco i like mohd rafi’s songs and his students
    mohd aziz – sonu nigam – … i hope that i will receive a mail from u friend.
    ok i’m waiting.and don’t worry i will still in contact with u.

  16. Imran Ally says:

    Hi my name is Imran Ally and i live in Guyana. i am interested in having copies of the naats/qasidas that Mohammed Rafi sung.
    I would appreciate very much for your early response.
    thank you.

    Imran Ally

  17. akhtar lokhandwala says:

    rashid saheb,

    i am a great lover of rafi saab’s song since my childhood, i remember i had just joined engineering college in Bhopal that i got the news of rafis saab’s death, i was totally shaken,distressed,disappointed and shocked and could not eat for many days therafter but then I consoled myself and realised that, Allah loved him much much more than us and had re-called rafi saab, for he was bestowed with a divine voice,which comes once in a million years,a voice which moved and stills moves billions of souls.

    Do send me rafi saabs any rare photo you may be having and if possible do
    reply to my email, an email from yourself will link me to rafi saab in a way and will be a precious diamond for me.



  18. ashfaqahmed saiyed says:

    Asalam u Alaikum, Raashid Rafi sb,
    I live in india. I respect of rafisahab as a FARISTA. Please send me your photograph & Rafisahab

  19. ch. ahsan says:

    Asalam u Alaikum, Raashid Rafi sb.
    not to many words for Rafi sb. i just say that i respect Rafi sb. as i respect my father, I respectfully need your e-mail address, hope i will be rewarded,
    ch. ahsan

  20. Adeel says:

    Hello Rasheed RAfi Sahab. It’s Adeel and i belong to Lahore. I met Mr. Sadiq, Mhod Rafi’s younger brother…I am also a biggest fan of Mhod RAfi sb. I want to know about your e-mail address….mine is

  21. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 79,

    Hello zainab,

    nice to hear from you from iraq . you have developed liking & love for rafi sir. its a great feeling you have.

    zainab please remember that it is not necessary to know hindi to understand sir rafi’ s songs. your heart will automatically vibrate when you listen to his songs.

    for all of us he is a divine incarnation. keep in touch & express your feelings for rafi sir.

  22. Zainab says:

    I’m Zainab from Iraq,
    when i fisrt heard of sir Mohamad Rafi’s song just a week ago,i was very impressed and it really made me feel good,otherwise i dond understan Hindi,but i love it,,,,,he’s truly a legend of all time…….REST IN PEAS

  23. binus2000 says:

    Aakansha Ji.. we will help u… on thi s.

    But how to contact you: can u pls contact me : at :

    The RAFI FOUNDATION binu nair cell:9833250 701 Mumbai..

  24. aakanksha says:

    I am a radio jockey and not only to play music but to give intresting information to all the music lovers is my job and I love to do it.As on 31 july its rafi sahed deadth anniversary and I require your help to help me in my research work.If you can share certain unknown things about him plz do mail me or even we wud like to interview you as well it will be a pleasure.

  25. RAFIAN1 says:

    Dear Mr Milind.

    Have you got the song ‘aa aaaja aaja’ from street singer.If not pls mail me


  26. Raju Ghosh says:

    I will love to hear from you that if you are organizing any program on Rafi Saheb in London on this 31rd July 2007. Please inform me about the program.
    Thanking you.
    Raju Ghosh.

  27. Raju Ghosh says:

    Mr. Raashid Rafi
    I have tried many times to contact with you but unfortunately all my effort has failed miserably. Please show me the way by which i can talk with you and take your valuable suggestion/ advice and help for the purpose of the development of Mohd Rafi Society.
    Thanking you,
    My e-mail –
    Mobile – +919831235320

  28. binus2000 says:

    Post 70 : welcome m i l i n d….

    rafi saab is next to g o d for m e.. ..

    Therefore my life is sublime, passionate and full of hope.
    rafi saab s songs are great : and his lifes pages blot-less…
    people who compare rafi saab with singers in this site and in
    the kishore site : should ponder over this….facts of life….
    but to digest this , they will need an open mind and lots of
    human qualities in them…
    Jaisa desh waisa bhesh……


  29. Raju Ghosh says:


    I am a Rafi fan. I am egar to form a society of Rafi fans. All of our Rafi Sahab’s devotees, fans & lovers are hearty welcome to this society. Also I am very much interested to talk with Mr. Raashid Rafi for development of this Society. Waitig in anticipation.
    Thanking you,
    My Contact No. 09831235320.
    My Address: 3 No. Garh Shyamnagar, P.O. Shyamnagar, Dist. North 24 Parganas, Pin : 743127, West Bengal, INDIA.

  30. Raju Ghosh says:


    I am a Rafi fan. I am egar to form a society of Rafi fans. All of our Rafi Sahab’s devotees, fans & lovers are hearty welcome to this society. Also I am very much interested to talk with Mr. Raashid Rafi for development of this Society. Waitig in anticipation.
    My Contact No. 09831235320.
    My Address: 3 No. Garh Shyamnagar, P.O. Shyamnagar, Dist. North 24 Parganas, Pin : 743127, West Bengal, INDIA.

  31. Milind says:

    P. Mr. Rafisaab, even today, is my God. I worship him from my heart. We will always miss him but he survives in everybody`s heart through his songs.

    Can any body help me in getting his song: aaja aaja a gale laga aise me tu to kaha chala kaha chala hai sathiya,from the film Street Singer?
    I am very eager to listen to it.

  32. Sanjay Sengupta says:

    Hi Everybody,

    It’s nice to hear from Mr. Raashid Rafi, the great maestro’s grandson….. I recently got some recordings of Rafi saab (Recordings from test records) which are really wonderful…..These songs were never released….The films are “Saat Samunder Paar”/”Mohar”/Sri Ram Bharat Milan”/”Duniya Hain Dilwalon Ki”/”Wohee Ladki”/”Tilasmi Khanjar”/”Sandesh”/”Aayegaa Aanewala” etc….


    Sanjay Sengupta

  33. Raju Ghosh says:

    Mera bisesh anurodh aap sabko duniya maiy jeetna Rafi Saheb fans aur Committee hai oun sabko ek honay ke liya. Kahe hum sab alag alag rahenge? Hum sab ka khun ek hai, hum sab ka Bhagawan ek hai, duniya maiy Bharat ek hai, aur geeto ki duniya mai ek hai Shahensha Rafi Saheb, kahe duniya maiy hamara central committe ek nahi hoga?

    Thanking you,
    Raju Ghosh.

  34. Prakash Shah says:

    kindly do favour to me sending adress of availability to get cds or mp3 of live performance of i promised to rajkumar from banglore to send it but unfortunately one with Rafiji- Naushadji has been mis placed,and i dont want my promise to let it down .

    Prakash shah ……>>>> O94262 87666

  35. Prakash Shah says:

    There are so many songs of rafi saab which are very difficult to get it from open market i will apriciate rafi fan if they provide me adress to get it ?

    1. ja ta hoon me ab na boolana – daadima
    2. naya din nayi raat – title song
    3. yeh dil kisko doo–a shashi kapoor ragini starrer- duet one

    your response on this will be highly appriciate

    Prakash shah >>>> O94262 87666 sms

  36. Prakash Shah says:

    There are so many songs of rafi saab which are very difficult to get it from open market i will apriciate rafi fan if they provide me adress to get it ?

    1. ja ta hoon me ab na boolana – daadim
    2. naya din nayi raat – title song
    3. yeh dil kisko doo–a shashi kapoor ragini starrer- duet one

    your response on this will be highly appriciate

    Prakash shah >>>> O94262 87666 sms

  37. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Hi Mr. Rashid,
    I am an old fan of your GREAT grandfather. Could you please tell me as how to obtain RAFI SAAB’s Albert Hall (London) programme CD ? I have been looking for the same for years. Your GREAT grandfather sang it true..Mujhko Mere Baad Zamana Dhoondega…
    Take care.
    -Raajkumar Akela

  38. Prakash Shah says:


    It would be our fortune if you tell us ” Top Ten” songs as per Rafisaab liking of his songs.And also about shamiji , shankar jaikishan and rafijis (A Hit TRIO) as per Rafisaab’s point of views (any incident)?
    Prakash shah….cell 094262 87666

  39. mohamed parvez says:

    my name mohamed parvez iam from cochin iam great fan of rafi saab for the last 40 years my hobby is to listen rafisaabs song and collect rafi saabs pictures

  40. Virander Gur says:

    Dear Mr. Raashid,

    You are very lucky person being grandson of a legend. I live in Ulhasnagar, and am the member of Rafi fan club which is organized by one Doctor Prabhu Ahuja. He is so fond of Rafi’s voice that one flat he has purchased where rehearsal takes place mainly of Rafi’s songs. Singers from nearby area have become the members of this club. The club organize programme twice in a year on Rafi saabs birthday and on his death anniversary. I feel it is impossible to sing like Rafi but if you understand him and his voice that is more than enough. Rafi ki tarah koi gaa nahin sakta magar unko aur unki awaaz ko samjhana hi bahut hai.

  41. Sandeep Sehgal says:

    i want to know more about Mr. Rafi’s life…

  42. Sandeep Sehgal says:

    Even after his death Rafi Sahib can change my mood any time.. He is like God to me… His voice is God’s Voice for me. His voice touches me right in the heart… I am not only a fan or Mr. Rafi… I worship rafi… he had some Godly magic in his voice.. he certainly had some link with God… till the time this world remains… no one can even touch Rafi Sahib’s voice… Sometimes i feel that no one loves Mr. Rafi more than me.. but when I saw web sites like this i realise the greatness of Mr. Rafi… I wish i could ever meet or see Mr. Rafi in person.. but that’s not possible now… He is more than just a singer for me. I LOVE RAFI….!!! I don’t have words to prove how much i love rafi…!!! I pray to God when I die and go back to God… Bhagwaan mujhe Rafi se jaroor milwana….. unki aawaaj mai mujhe kahi na kahi apne dil kee awaaj lagti hai…May God Bless his soul.. Luv u Rafi..

  43. hi mr rasheed sallam
    mohd rafi is great singer in this world jaisa lagta hai kuda na apne awaaz rafi shaab ko atta ke hai main hameesha unka jaisa gaane ke koshish karta hoo zindage main khuda kisi ko khuch da to rafi saahab jaise aawaj da yahe dua hai allah unko zannat main aala makam da yahe dua hai khuda sa
    allaha hafiz rasheed shaab

  44. rajughosh says:

    I am a Rafi lover. I am a member of “Society For Proper Evaluation & Research on Rafi Sahab” having its registered address at 16/17, College Street, Bowbazar, Kolkata – 700 012. We are going to organise an important general meeting at Bharat Sabha Hall, Indian Association, at 62, B. B. Ganguly Steet, Kolkata – 700 012 (location : Just opposite to Riringi Kali Bari at Bowbazar) Near Central Metro Station.
    All of our Rafi Sahab’s devotees, fans & lovers are cordially invited at that memorable moment. Date – 2nd May, 2007. Day – Wednesday. Time – 5.30 PM. Contact: 9831235320

  45. rajinbabu says:

    i dont fully understand has no language barriers when it is great,like a rafi song

  46. A S MURTY says:


  47. unknow1 says:

    Mohd Rafi VS Mohd Rafi only no other singer can be 50% of Mohd Rafi as I think

  48. Hafiz says:

    For those of you, who are fans of rafi saab’s naat’s, you could listen to one of his naat’s recited by myself here:

    What do you think?

  49. david singh says:

    I was recently told that there was an article on the gravesite of Mohd. Rafi. The news stated that the gravesite was making way for a new building? This cannot be true! Are there plans to move his grave? Anyone know of this?

  50. Hafiz says:

    Kalsum,you requested the mullad shareef ‘ya nabi salaam aleika…..’ by rafi saab,if u e mail me on i will sort it out for you.I have many naaths by rafi saaab.

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