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Email from Raashid Rafi

Email from Raashid Rafi.

Mr. Raashid Rafi happens to be Rafi Sahab’s grand son. We received an email from him, which has been posted for all fans to read.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Raashid Rafi and I live in London. I am the grandson of Mohammad Rafi. My father, Khalid, is his son. I was informed of your web-site by a friend in the US. Yesterday I browsed through your site and was very impressed.

If you ever need any more information on my grandfather I will be more than happy to provide you with it, within reason ofcourse.

Take Care
Raashid Rafi

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229 Blog Comments to “Email from Raashid Rafi”

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  1. picco says:

    Hi! am Picco and live in Calcutta.I m just 15 yrs old and i have many more yrs left to cross this life of mine.I think if i could use this above line of mine as “i have few more yrs left in my life” then i could have seen this LIVING LEGEND MOHAMMAD RAFI Sahab.Yes Yes he is still living,he is living in our hearts,living in our minds.

    I get very upset of the reason that there are lack of Concerts,Shows and road names on him.I burst out in anger if anyone tells anything against Rafi Sahab.Specially the kishore kumar fans.I feel like killing them.I stopped listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM coz they don’t feel like playing Rafi Sahab’s songs.On the 26th DEATH ANNIVERSIRY also they didn’theld any show on this great legend.

    I have collected thousands of songs of Rafi Sahab.He is like my IDOL. I worship him.But still there are many songs which i have not heard of Rafi Sahab’s 30,000 songs.Some of them i heard but i dont have them—Saaz dil chedke from the film BHEEGEE RAAT.This is my request to this site that to give some options of freely downloading his songs specially the rare ones.

    Rashid Rafi Sahab i read the your letter and want to contact you. My dream of meeting Mohammad Rafi is incomplete but if i can meet any member of his family i will feel that i met him.You cannot understand my feelings.I am really a mad fan of Mohammad Rafi. If u want to contact me you can E-mail me at “”.Plzzzz contact me this is a request.

  2. huseni_tinwala says:

    i have ya nabi salaam alaika sung by rafisaheb pls mail me at and anybody has a video recording of naushadsaheb programme with rafisaheb pls e mail me.

  3. huseni_tinwala says:

    while doing my work for about 8 to 10 hours a day i listen to the songs of rafisaheb,and this has become a passion for me since last 26 years.pls someone get me the live programme of rafisaheb with naushadalisaheb on doordarshan on dvd/vcd,i m staying in mumbai.or i will collect it from wherever its available.all congrats to the young fuzailrafi on his success

  4. Kalsum says:

    I am a big fan of Mohammad Rafi and I am desperately looking for a muslim devotional song sung by Rafi saab. It is called Yaa Nabi yaa salaam aleika. Could anybody please send it to me or guide me to where I can download it from? I would be very grateful.

    I love your website, keep up the good work!

    Thank you.

  5. Nandakumar Konkar says:

    Dear Mohd. Rafi fans,

    Of course, I am one of the crores of people who are madly in love with Rafisaab’s golden voice. To put it simply, he was and is SIMPLY THE GREATEST!!
    One thing that I want to share with you – Rafisaab also sang some sweet songs in Marathi. The interesting part is that Rafisaab’s accent in Marathi songs was impeccable – as if Marathi was his mother tongue!!
    The music director of some Marathi songs of Rafisaab was Shrikant Thakare – brother of Shiv Sena chief Bal Thakare.
    Rafisaab’s ‘gayaki’ was a rare combination of superb voice quality, breath-taking range & the sensitivity to mould his voice in the character singing his song.
    One small example- ‘Madhumati’ has Rafisaab’s 2 songs – ‘Jungle main mor naacha’ [On Johnny Walker] & ‘Toote hien khwaboon ne’ [On Dilip Kumar].
    Rafisaab’s generosity was legendary.
    Lastly, Rafisaab has done great service to Hindustan by staying in Mumbai even after Partition – imagine our loss had he chosen to go over to Pakistan!
    Still lastly, Rafisaab was more Hindu than those born as Hindus – his countless ‘Bhakti’ [devotional] songs show him as a truly pious person.
    Lastly, we pray to Ishwar to send Rafisaab back to us in his next ‘avatar’, because we indeed miss him the most!!
    Love to all,
    Nandakumar Konkar
    Pune, India
    [email :]

  6. hassan zaheer says:

    i m a ardent fan of rafi sab and want to b in touch with other fans so tht we can share our thoughts about this great singer.other fans please b in touch so tht we can discuss and share our thoughts/pics and other memoire of rafi mail is id

  7. mohd.hafiz says:

    hi there everyone,after reading the comments about rafi sahab,theres not much left for me to say really,i have been involved in quite a few tribute shows on both local radio and sky tv,and not to forget the many live shows i have done.Ifind great pleasure in singing rafi saabs songs,with “o dunya ke rakhwale”being a speciallity.Iwould like to get in touch and maybe meet up with rafi saabs grandson raashid rafi,so if you read this post raashid,plz email me on ,…..youd be surprised at the rafi stuff ive got ,even a film of him live!

  8. Faiz A Faiz says:

    A lot of Rafi Lover/devotee/Worshipper but no place to gather.
    So i am making a community in orkut naming it rafilovers.please feel free to join that. Rafi Sahab we NEED you.
    I am looking forward to all Rafi Lovers to join that community.
    With eager anticipation
    Faiz A Faiz

  9. Harvinder says:

    I like Surjit Singh’s confidence in claiming that there are only about 5000 documented songs sung by legendary Rafi Saheb as against rumours of 26,000 songs. The gap is too much to accept.

    Since Surjit speaks with so much confidence, can he please state numbers of other prominent singers for us to compare.

  10. MANOJKUMAR.R. says:

    Please send me Live concert songs of Muhammad Rafi. at my above mentioned address. I have about one thousand songs from early fiftees till eightees. But i dont have any video of his golden voice.

    Forgot to include email id.

    So, kindly note this:

  11. MANOJKUMAR.R. says:

    Please send me Live concert songs of Muhammad Rafi. at my above mentioned address. I have about one thousand songs from early fiftees till eightees. But i dont have any video of his golden voice.

    Hoping you will make this possible though this valuable site.

    Thanking and soliciting favourable action.
    murali bhavan,
    kollam dist
    kerala state

  12. monu says:

    rafi sahab is the best was the best and remains th best . i am monu a 13 year old young fan of rafi sahab i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rafi sahab my father to thankyou bye

  13. PARAS says:


  14. Roger Federer says:

    I agree with Sagar Thakkar. Thank You.

  15. Surjit Singh says:

    Hi All:
    My name has been mentioned above in connection with 5,000 or 26,000 songs of the great Rafi Sahib. 99.9% of the songs that Rafi Sahib sung for Hindi films have already been cited in the 5-volume Hindi Film Geet Kosh and three books that have been published on Rafi Sahib. If you can find ANY more songs of Rafi Sahib for Hindi films that are not already listed in these 8 books, please send the song to me with documentary proof that it was indeed sung by him. I will give yoy $10 per song. Here is you chance to make $210,000! My address is
    Surjit Singh
    PO Box 720911
    San Diego, CA 92172-0911 USA
    and email is

  16. noushad valancheri says:

    dear brother, i am in entertainment secratery of al ain indian social centre al ain , uae. we planning to coduct rafi night on 3rd august at isc primaises please pray for about this programme grand sucsess. yours loving, noushad valancheri

  17. bina says:

    greetings to all rafi saab’s divine music lovers!

    i am thrilled and grateful to find this website where i can share my love and thoughts of rafi saab with others. a musician who was also an equally great human being. his art reflects the profound beauty of his soul. i can go on and on…and never say enough in his praise. i really, really miss his (physical) presence in this world…and am saddened that we have had to live without more of his fantastic songs. i would give him a few years of my own life, if it were possible. i find solace and immense joy in listening to his songs and always either start dancing to them, or get swept away by tears! one can feel all the emotions in his songs directly and become totally enthrolled in them.

    like all of you i too feel a exxtrememly blessed to have lived in this world during the time of his life and music.

    i would love to say few words to rafi saab’s grandson raashid. i have always wondered about and wanted to meet his family. my husband’s uncle lived in the same building in bombay as rafi saab. wish i had the great honor of being there at that time.

    so..please, if any of you find raashid’s contact info, please do share it with me.
    thank you…and best wishes to all…


  18. luckyxxx says:

    hi to all Rafi Fans….
    at least we all share one thing in common and that is an ear for a great voice that was Rafi Saab. There was noone like him when he was around and i doubt anyone will ever fill his great role. Just so versatile, deep and just a suberb down to earth human being.
    will be well missed by us all….but we have his songs to celebrate his wonderful and enchanting career. Through his voice alone he can bring a tear to your eyes and within seconds the mood is one of mischief and it leaves you smiling. What more can i say? TRUE LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!

    Alas i was but a young child when Rafi Saab was performing live….if only i could turn back the clock so that i may have had the pleasure of experiencing the Magic that was Rafi.
    There is a 2 PART CD entitled MOHD RAFI LIVE AROUND THE WORLD which is available by mail order through a website called AUDIOREC.
    Also these tracks (live) are available to listen to through MUSICINDIAONLINE
    Best of luck

  19. Sagar Thakar says:

    Rafi Saab , well the legend and probably the best in the world and it will not be wrong if we call him ” TANSEN ” really he was who could forget the Baiju Bawra songs , NAUSHAAD saab once said that no one can take Rafi Saab’s place , I am proud to say that I have more than 500 songs in my collection and that too all SOLO songs of Rafi Saab .
    As we all know that ” GOOD ” and ” EXCLUSIVE ” things have very little life as Rafi Saab was GOD’S Gift to us we had a very small but impressive feeling of him.
    I pray to god to rest his soul in peace.
    I do not listen to LATA , ASHA and KISHORE KUMAR is way out of my list because I don’t think they are singers.
    Rafi Saab was one example who told us that singing can’t be a profession but it’s a journey of life which should be useful to others welfare and why not he has sung so many songs for those music directors without charging a penny , who can forget Madan Mohan Saab’s music composition he use to compose his songs with Rafi Saab only with his voice and also he had once said that I should not be paid for the music it’s Rafi Saab who does the magic.

    I am not a FAN of Rafi Saab but a devotee because Rafi Saab was a true human being and that where he is an IDOL for me.

    If anyone is interested in any songs of Rafi Saab please get in touch with me. My email is



  20. M. A. Hafeez says:

    About Rafi Sahab, I always sing rafi sahab and been singing for many years in private gathering in uae, I like all the songs but there is a song from film HUM DONO,(Khabi khudpe kabhi halat pe roa aya) when i sing with song I can do it but when I sing alone I get stuch at HUM TAO SAMJHEY THEY KE HUM BHOOL GAYE HAEN UNN KO (TWICE) and at this point I always say it was onlyRAFI SAHABwho sang this song and nobody ever can copy or sing in his way and the style, not only india but the whole world can never get asing like RAFI SAHAB at all.

  21. Imran says:

    I have seen quite a few people asking for Live concert songs of Muhammad Rafi. Here is one location from where you can download one….

  22. Shaikh Aafaque says:

    hi to all,
    can some one let meknow the website where i can get rafi sahab’s live concert songs.i will be greatful
    my email is .
    and thanks

  23. Satwant Lota says:

    My Brother, Balvinder Singh Sian lived and died for M Rafi, I listen to M Rafi each and every day and will do for the remainder of my life, thank you God for giving the world such a beautiful gift…

  24. adnansajid says:

    i request mr narayan to send that live shows iam vry much thankful to him if he provide me ,my email adress is thanks a lot for this site

  25. yashpal says:

    i am greaful you and those person who love rafi&songs i reqest i want to see live program how is it possible ek sahib mr p.naranyanan who mil that he has 3live telecast i am thanful kis tarha hum bhi yah dekh sakey iam going to ph him RAFI JAISEY AWAAJ PHIR JANAM NAI LEY SAKTI

  26. Prakash. S.A says:

    Can any one provide info regarding Rafi Saheb’s live performances. I would like to collect those DVD’s


  27. Bonifacius says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

  28. Md. Emdadul Haque says:

    Can any one help me to find live concerts of Mohd. Rafi singing?

  29. Khan says:

    thanks to Mr.Narayanan for giving postive answer in regards to RAfi Sahib live programme. I am also a dying fan of Rafi Sahib. I love to listen Rafi Sahib…I would be thankful if Rafi Sahib live programme be uploaded….Khan

  30. NAWAB AHMED says:

    Rafi Sahab means a lot to me. His voice is everything. Sahab is no more but yes memories is for ever.Can somebody please help me :: where can i buy Rafi saab’s live concerts as mentioned above ?? Plaese help me. send answer at my fellowing email address.

  31. P.Narayanan says:

    Dearest fans,
    I can very much understand the emotions involved in not getting live video of Farishta and Badshah of music Rafi sahab. From my side I will sincerely try to find out the source and if succesful will proudly announce the availability in this forum. Alternately pl send your views to the email id of this spectacular website organisers.
    But since 1983 I am out of Mumbai and now living in Bangalore where we organise 2 or 3 programmes on Rafi Sahab.
    P.Narayanan 09886779557.

  32. Amit Dave says:

    Rafi Sahab means a lot to me. His voice is everything. Sahab is no more but yes memories is for ever.
    Jaane Vale Kabhi Nahin Aate…. Jaane Vale ki Yaad Aati ha.. DIL EK RAFI HA….
    Long live the great singer. You are my idol. God Bless Your Soul.

    Amit (USA)

  33. Ali Baluch says:

    Dear Mohd Rafi’s fan
    Mohd Rafi mean the great gift which God give to the Bollywood,Mohd Rafi mean quality of singing with great voice.

  34. Ajay Sharma says:

    I would like to say that Rafi Saab was an extra ordinary singer and God gifted.This type of singer take birth in century but even than he can not be compare to anyone.I personally love him a lot and I am sure that there would be no Indian who did not love him.It is my bad luck I could not see him face to face but when I listen his songs I feel him.When I listen his devotional song like”O duniya ke rakhwale”, trust me, I think he has made God to listen and God would have said”Who is this calling me?”.
    I am proud of think that Rafi was from my own country.

  35. bhupesh says:

    RAFI was a god of MUSIC !
    RAFI is a god of MUSIC !
    RAFI were a god of MUSIC for ever & ever & ever!
    We are so lucky that we can listen his voice !
    Without RAFI’s voice my life is NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. umesh makhija says:

    please give me mr.raashid rafi’s email address. i am pujari of rafi saheb & i had make a temple of rafi saheb in my home at ahmedabad-gujarat.

  37. Rauf says:

    hello, i was searching through your webiste, it was amazing, but the video section is down. so, can u please debug the problem. if not possible, can you mention any other websites in which there are live concerts of rafi singing? thank you.

  38. Ijaz says:

    Salaam / Namastey to all Rafi fans
    Me and many others have asked about any Rafi sahibs live recording severel times , but unfortunately no one have mentioned about any live recording of Rafi Sahib , wasent there any live recording on that time ?? very strange for me to think that Rafi sahib was that great person and that popular all over the world and India or any another country did not recorded any live song almost at all ????

  39. mohan hanamsagar says:

    i am mohd.rafi fan, since my childhood, i missed a opportunity to see him during his lifetime, it is my badluck.i wont sleep a single day without hear his song,. it is my sincere aim to see the live performance videos of mohd rafi sahab, so any body having it pl let me know, i will be greatful to them,.my

    goodluck to all rafi sahab fans

  40. Simhadri says:

    My entire family is a fan of Rafi Sahab (Gaayakon ki baadshah). Aise gayak kabhi nahin honge. The one and the only Rafi sahab. Even today I cry when I hear song O duniya ke rakh waale. I am a hardcore fan of Rafi sahab. My day never starts or ends without listening to atleast one of Rafi Sahab’s song. I worship him. He is my god. My music guru. He is everything to me.

    I have posted a song sung by me with Karaoke support on, under experimental category with the id RU RED E. Title of the song is Suhaani Raat. I love music and music is my passion. I need an opportunity to perform.

    I live in the US of A in New Jersey.

  41. hello…………………….what ever u know about rafi saab please let me know

    i’m allways ready day r night to hear about rafi saab

    take care
    ba bye
    allah hafiz

  42. amlan says:

    would anybody be kind enough to mail the name of the site containing late Mr rafis live performances? I will be grateful

  43. I feel proud to be a Rafi Fan just like others. I think his quality of singing, voice and humanity he has, as listened from legendry music directors and others associated with him looks very difficult to see in next few decades. No other singer/contemperary sings is able to touch him. Whenever, we talk about music, sangeet, only one name comes first in my mind i.e. Mohd. Rafi. I don’t know what magic was in his voice/songs.
    For the last few days/months, I’m looking for some websites where I can listen live songs, infact ‘LIve in Concert’ but not able to find. Please tell me the right path to locate such websites or send me in my mail some collections of Live in Concert, it might have with you in CDs. Will be waiting.
    Have a good day.

  44. suhail ahmed ansari says:

    I would like to request you to load more and more clips of Rafi Saheb singing live on stage on the video category. Also let me know if there is any site which can provide me videos of Rafi Saheb Singing live with various artists specially with Lata and Asha.



  45. asifrafi says:

    hi to all,
    can some one let meknow the website where i can get rafi sahab’s live concert songs.i will be greatful
    my email is .
    and thanks

  46. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    I am an ardent fan of Rafi Sahab since my child hood. I had the deep desire to meet Rafi Sahab and to sit just beside him at least for a second. I used to go to Mumbai to my uncles house frequently but my shyness to express my desire before my uncle became my own obstacle for which I repent for my life time. The clarity, diction and above all the expression with the throw of the words by Rafi Sahab while renedering a song is unparallel. We can get singers who can sing like Rafi Sahab but can never make us forget Rafi sahab. That is our Rafi Sahab the great. I salute to that great soul who came to us in a mortal frame for a short time and dissapeared like a morning star leaving behind lingering melodies which keeps on vibrating for the time infinite.

  47. mohammedrafi says:

    i am mohammedraf from kerala/ alappuzha i am workinng in polaris infotech
    i love rafi shab and his songs

  48. khalique says:

    Please let me know how many number of songs credit to Mohammad Rafi Sahab in his 40 years singing career from 1940 to 1980 from the reference of all encyclopedias shows approx. 26000 number of songs credit to him. But some unreliable sources says only less than 5000 verified songs only what is the matter? Compiler of “Hindi Geet Kosh” Harmendar Singh was a Radio Listener and Record Collector Surjit Singh’s claims unreliable they cannot prove from discographical record of different labels sound recording companies.

    This case is depend on:
    1. What are the sources of collections?
    2. What interest of selections?
    3. What Discographies of Rafi shows from different labels?

    There is a very big gap and confusion between 26000 and 5000 figures. If any reliable sources confirm and send me correct figure of Rafi Sahab Songs I will be very thankful to him.

  49. Ijaz says:

    Can somebody please help me :: where can i buy Rafi saab’s live concerts as mentioned above ?? Plaese help me. send answer at my fellowing email address ;

  50. It is marvellous to have great websites on Legendry Mohd. Rafi. But I’m in search of websites which may provide live songs in concern. I have written so many letter to different websites for providing compilations. Still waiting for it. Mr. Raashid Rafi, grandson of Rafi Sahab. I salute you to be connected with Rafi Saab. You immediately give me useful website which are covering live songs of Rafi Sahab preferably live in concert and with female singers Lata and Asha.

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