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My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, Lucknow

Aadab Rafi friends, I visited the House of Rafi Sahab,”RAFI MANSION” and his holy Grave on 5th & 6th june 2010.

I reached mumbai in the morning of 5th june and Miraz ahmed saab (elder son in law of Rafi Sahab) has given the time to visit Rafi Mansion at 7:30pm to me. I reached to Rafi mansion at 7:30pm and met with Nasreen didi (elder daughter of Rafi sahab). Miraz saab could not arrived at time because he was in hospital for delivery of his grandson and Nasreen didi was also going there.

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Family of Yasmeen didi was also there in hospital. I waited few mins. and then Miraz saab called to Irfan saab (son of Yasmeen didi). Irfan saab came to home  & we entered in Rafi mansion and then after I was in music room of RAFI SAHAB with Irfan sahab. It was very grand and all the trophies were there kept in his room. I was there approximately one hour and taken many photographs of that room. I also asked Irfan saab about his favourite singer and it is written in my survey register with his signature.

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

On the next day I visited the Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab and collected some holy soil from there. I was there approximately 30 minutes. It was very peaceful there at the holy grave of Rafi sahab.

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

That evening I re-visited Rafi mansion again and this time I was fortunate to meet with Parwez Sahab & Yasmeen Didi. Irfan saab entered a while after. They all were too polite and humble with us and spent more than one hour with us. I also asked to Parwez ji and Yasmeen Didi for their favorite singer and written in my survey register with their signature. I invited to Parwez ji and Yasmeen didi to visit Lucknow & my home in near future and they accepted my invitation.

This was ONLY DREAM of my life which became true with the kind help of “Narayan sahab(Bangalore),Beena Didi(Bangalore),AS Murty sahab(Hyderabad),Srikant ji(Mumbai), Miraz Ahmed Sahab, Nasreen Didi, Parwez Ahmed Sahab,Yasmeen Didi & Irfan sahab.” I will always be grateful to them whole my life.

My visit to Rafi Mansion & Grave of Rafi sahab is like a PILGRIMAGE OF CHAR DHAM OR HAZ YATRA & after this visit no wish remains in my life for me“, because God has only given birth to me on this earth but Rafi Sahab has given the true direction to my life through his songs and his great character and personality.I can say proudly that Rafi Sahab has given me the SECOND LIFE, he was always with me in all difficult time of my life & my whole life will dedicate to Rafi Sahab.

I have one more dream for Rafi Sahab which I will disclose to you after some time.

I am sending some pictures regarding my visit of RAFI MANSION. Date on pictures is wrong because I forgot to set the date in camera. Pl don’t care about this.

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Chair of Rafi Sahab

Chair of Rafi Sahab

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

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179 Blog Comments to “My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010”

  1. Mohammed Wasel Sarker Sweden says:

    I like Mohammeds song. He was my best fevoret singer. I hope i will come to Mumby his grevider for pray to Allah for him. My Father was radio singer in Rang pur radio center.. He was born 1924 and died 1996. My father name mohammed Asraf and Mohammed Rafi same older. I like to contact with Mohammed Rafis son and doughter. I want to be a brother. If Mohammed Rafis son or doughter can ring me 0046736951959 i this number. I will be happy for that.
    I pray to Allah giving Rafi jannat haven.

  2. Arun says:

    People Visit Temples .. but visiting him must have been like visiting GOD..
    Is it allowed for anyone to visit the holy place or do we need to take any appointment ? My regret in my life is not being able to see him in person. I would definitely like to visit his holy place given a chance… please let me know.

  3. Harjeet Singh Batth says:

    Rafi Saab was born at village: Maler Kotla, Tehsil: Majithia, Dist Amritsar Punjab, my brother in law Sardar Pyara Singh was Rafi Saab’s class mate where d Kazi used to ask Rafi to, “ oye Rafi gon Sana” in punjabi and Rafi used to sing. My brother in law met Rafi Saab once in Amritsar along with other friends. Pyara Singh is in his late eighties and lives in San Francisco US. with his Son. These facts can be verified by meeting Mr. Pyara Singh or on phone, by d way Pyara Singh who stood first in those days “Punjab” in Farcee, still claims farcee is much more sweet than Urdu.

  4. Shamim Ahmad says:


  5. Shamim Ahmad says:

    Grand salute to Md Rafi saheb, I have recently visited Rafi Mansion 01/12/2018. I cant explain what a great power in Rafi memorial. The voice of Rafi saheb was so melodious as well as his family is also so noble like Rafi Saheb. I have visited at Rafi Mansion at about 0800 PM due great traffic Jamm but on my request Mr Parvej Saheb Son-in-law of Late Rafi sahib allowed mi and my family to visit Rafi memorial. I also saluting Mr Parwej Saheb for allowing us to visit Rafi Memorial. I am fan of late Rafi sahib since school time but can not got opportunity to visit or meet Rafi sahib. God fulfil my wish just one week before. Thanks to Allah for fulfilling my wish. It is one request that this Rafi Memorial may be in some big better place in Rafi Mansion because Rafi’s awards etc are valuable and this may be protected till qayamat. Wah Rafi sahib jaisi sadgi aapke bare men suni thi your family is also so nice and gentle. REALLY I FEEL FROM MY HEART THAT RAFI SAHEB WAS THERE IN RAFI MANSION. KHUDA UNHE JANNAT ATA KARE. AAMIN. — SHAMIM AHMAD, PATNA

  6. Md Ahsan says:

    mohammad rafi is the best singer of first and last.

  7. Parth Patra says:

    I really want to visit the great lord Mr Rafi sahab mention.My dad is a true fan of rafi sahab n i want take him here as a surprise….pls pls reply me coz i really want to take my dad to his dream place.

  8. Tauhid alam says:

    Thnxx for showing us abt rafi sahab

  9. Ajoy Chatterjee says:

    Rafi Saab is the greatest singer India has ever had.What range! Melody personified! Unbelievable versatility!God has sung through Rafi Saab.He was a saintly person.Life becomes so joyful when I hear him.
    Great to see the home of this saint and his personal belongings! Thanks Sanjeevji.
    I wish to go someday to his sacred home and grave and touch the ground there with my head.
    He is a Ratna in the hearts of billions of Bharatvaasis.
    Rafisaab should be conferred Bharat Ratna posthumously​.

  10. Ajoy Chatterjee says:

    You are so lucky that you visited God’s house.God has sung through Rafi Saab.Whenever I think of him my heart is filled with joy.

  11. g m ansari says:

    respected sir sanjeev ji.yiu rae great rafi ratna.


    Atleast, I got an opportunity to view some musical instruments and awards of Rafi Sahaab in the PC. But desired to visit Rafi Mansion in Mumbai. I am a singer sings Rafi Sahaab’s melodies 0f 1950’s to 1980. I am a Telugu person shows much interest in Rafi Sahaab’s songs. My Hear felt Tributes to my beloved Singer on his 36 th Death Anniversary. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sanjeev bhaiya u d very lucky u visited charo dham bur me not
    Anyway bhai if i meet u i will do charan sparsh of u for me u r god
    Come to Delhi n share with me all Rafi ji conversation that will b enough for me charo dhaam


  15. Mayuri Shinde says:

    Great legend of this and earlier century. May I know where his house is in Mumbai please?

  16. nazma says:

    aslam I am sister nazma from uk oxford .Rafi saab will always remain in heart.and I will never forget his golden voice. yes he is an angel.i love all his song and nobody can his place.Allah hafiz.May Allah grant him paradise.

  17. Burhan Ahmed says:

    Mohammad Rafi the second one will not born again. Rafi sahab is the first and last. Rafi sahab.
    Always in my heart and will remain till death. Fortunately I can read,write Hindi, Urdu fluently. So thanks Allah pak , I understand almost all the songs composed in Hindi and Urdu. I studied t biography of Rafi sahab. His charector and faith on relegion and religious duty performed like a true Muslim saint. At least one song or gazal of Rafi sahab I lsten evey day. His melody voices is the gift of the God. No doubt of it. During his tour of England, Probably In 1968, I was in England. He had a programme at Royal Albert hall of London. I missed that due to some urgent personnel work. Still I remember.Quite a few times been to Mumbai, failed to visit his grave and his home. InshaAllah next.a

  18. RK Rai says:

    The golden voice. Many many singers tried to copy him but honestly they could not reach his malody.
    He was absolutely great.

  19. SUDHEER says:


  20. rashmi patnaik says:

    You’re so lucky to visit his place . I’m always a fan of him.being a woman I can’t had enough opportunities to get a darshan of at this elderly age im able to know more about the legend through net….im watching him doing live performances….I begun to cry seeing the video of his last journey. I think him the most handsome person…his cute smile just mind blowing.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i prabhat kumar singh & his son from howrah m.c ghosh lane is eager to meet you and your family.i we are great fans of rafi please call us at this h0 09748394084 and 8420633401 our family is a broad minded family of art and culture and people loving and great respect for humane feelings.please we wll be greatly obliged

  22. shammi says:

    Dear Sanjeevji, I have nothing but the greatest of respect for you. Time and time again the articles you have written have given us fans a good insight into the great legend ‘Mohd Rafi Saheb’ that combined together with all your efforts in campaigning for Mohd Rafi saheb to be awarded the Bharat Ratna is giving us fans a glimmer of hope that justice may eventually take place. I know I speak on behalf of many I say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. dear brother,,sairam,thaks for givu\ing such a rare photograps of rafi saab,i also want to visit his house ,,god knows when he makes my visit possible,please pray for that,,you so fortunate to visit his house,,love you dear brother,,sairam,sudhir badnerkar,Bhopal.

  24. Manoj Tyafi says:

    Today on 31 July 2014 a sorrow day , I am remembering Rafi Sahib and searching something about his great personality, I seen some music Instruments which had been used by Rafi Sahib .
    I am very much thankful to Sanjeev Dixit to uploading some memories of Rafi Sahib.

  25. ABOVE ALL ALL ALL IN THIS UNIVERSE , GREAT SALAM AND SALUTE TO U AND TO UR GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MANKIND WHICH THE WORLD WOULD NEVER FORGET. I being the lover and admirer of Great Rafi Sahab, try to sing on the same, but too far. With honour and great love for u dear.
    Charanjit Singh,Mob. no. 9650056125,H-20,Lane 11, New Mahavir Ngr. New Delhi-110018

  26. dr lalit agrawal says:

    Jab talak ye kaynaat hai tab talak rafi saheb jaisa gaayak doosara nahin hoga. If I was as rich as Ambanis I would have erected a mnument in his beloved memories; which would have been more popular than ‘TAZ-MAHAL’. the difference would be that it erected by not a family member by fans.

  27. SUHAS PURANIK says:





  28. Nasreen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and pictures of Rafi Sahaab’s awards and personal belongings. I have always wanted to visit but as to yet unfortunatly not yet had the opportunity like yourself Rafi Sahaab has truly been an inspiration to many of us including myself and will live in our hearts forever.

    God bless his soul Ameen.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and pictures of Rafi Sahaab’s awards and personal belongings. I have always wanted to visit but as to yet unfortunatly not yet had the opportunity like yourself Rafi Sahaab has truly been an inspiration to many of us including myself and will live in our hearts forever.

    God bless his soul Ameen.

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