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My numerous daily cups of tea and Rafi Sahab

By Achal Rangaswamy

Na Jaa Kahin Ab Na Jaa

Rafi Sahab lives on, fresh as ever, in our hearts and our lives.

The testimony to this fact is:

  1. Take the names of most Tv serials and you’ll find a large number of Rafi Sahab’s songs as the title.
  2. Look at TV commercials and listen to the jingle. Whether it’s for a car lubricant or for cosmetic product, Songs made famous by Rafi Sahab play along, reminding us of the beautiful moments in our lives.
  3. Listen to conversations between friends or colleagues and you’ll immediately spot a sprinkling of hit songs of Rafi Sahab.

What does all this mean? It simply amplifies the fact that our lives have been interestingly woven around many breathtaking moments that our idol created for us to enjoy.

My day begins with a bhajan or two of his and I dare say that at times it does so even with a Yahoo!
As the day progresses and I travel to work or for shopping I listen to numerous songs but almost every song from even randomly chosen radio stations and playlists happens to be a Rafi number.

I enter a store and am gently surprised to hear a lively Rafi composition coming out of the Speakers above.

And when I step into an elevator to reach the 8th floor of a hotel or a commercial building the instrumental version of a super hit Rafi number greets me. A similar scenario greets me at the stylish restaurant.

My life is built around the moods and moments of Rafi Sahab. There have been moments like chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe to scenarios like kabhi khud pe kabhi haalaat pe rona aaya and at times it’s been like a pukarta chala hoon main. Why, there has also been an abhi abhi toh aayi ho moment!

My friends and my family pat me on the backhand ar times chide me for my attitude which has always been as if Har fiqr ko dhuven mein udata chala gaya ( only I don’t smoke).

I shall remain like this. Rafi Sahab shall remain with me. He’s is to me my constant companion, my guide and my numerous cups of tea.

Happy Birthday, Rafi Sahab!!!

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18 Blog Comments to “My numerous daily cups of tea and Rafi Sahab”

  1. Manoj Kumar says:

    I wish to mesmerise the following songs.. Pehaps No singer in this country or any part of this world be it Indian or of other creed can ever come closer singing these songs :-

    1. O P Nayyar composed – Chand zard zard hai.. ( with whistle background)
    Movie- Jali Note- rafi for Dev saab

    2. O.P. Nayyar composed – Nazaneen, bada rangeen hai safar, O haseen
    Movie- Phir wohi dil laya hoon- rafi for Joy Mukherjee

    3. Shankar- Jai Kishen composed- Hai kuch aisi ada se wo mera Yara chala
    O chala
    Movie- Yaar Mera rafi for Jeetendra

    4. Hemant Bhosle composed – Gam chupate raho, Muskurate raho..
    Movie – Nazrana Pyar Ka, rafi for Raj Babber

  2. Mohd Saqlain says:

    Binu Nair ji,Ahmad Kutty ji Namaste Aadab
    I am also a big fan of our beloved Mohd Rafi sahab since my childhood.I am lucky as i have met Rafi Sahab in my young age.After Roti aur Kapda voice of Rafi sahab is most essential for my living.i had also reached Mumbai on his funeral in 1980. i often weep hearing Rafi sahab yet there are many stories about my love for Rafi Sahab in my area. Jai Bharat Jai Rafi sahab Jai indian music.I am also a small shayer(All india mushairas and TV channels)& geetkar from HARIDWAR. Thanks you to provide us the articles about our Sahab to read and enjoy.

  3. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Achal Jee, Salaam,
    Lajawab presentation
    Bahut Khoob

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  4. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear All,
    When singers like Mannadey,Lataji,Yesudas,SPB,Mahendra Kapoor
    say about Rafi Saab means we should take it very serously since
    they know their limitations as a complete singer.It is better to keep
    silent by people wo do not have any idea about music and musicians.

  5. Binu Nair says:

    Dear Admin :

    Pls revert on my Note sent to you by Mail.


    Binu Nair

  6. Bhagwanji Parmar says:

    I am in my 70’s, and ever since I first saw Baiju Bawra I was his fan, and like all his fans I have his songs in my car, IPad etc.
    I recently had the best surprise gift from my daughter. Bearing in mind that we have lived in UK for the last 50 years, and that my daughter is married to an Englishman she named her first child Rafi! I was over the moon,, especially as I had no knowledge the she knew how much I loved Mohd Rafi.
    My only regret in life is that I was unaware Rafisaab had come to UK and gave live concerts. Wish I had Sen him or met him.

  7. shammi says:

    Not only is listening to the sublime voice of the great Mohd Rafi a great start to the day but I often end the day with doing the same.

    I was just recently watching an interview with Pradeep Kumar and I can’t tell you just how annoyed I was with him because up until recently I thought he was a nice man but not once in his interview did he mention Mohd Rafi’s name and for an actor like him who in my opinion wasn’t exactly a great actor in fact well below average and wasn’t even blessed with the looks of a leading man he owed a lot of his success to the playback singing on Mohd Rafi. SHAME ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Achal Sahab, good morning. what you have said is absolutely right and i am sure every rafi sahab’s devotee feels like the same. I am also a small devotee of Great Rafi Saab. Wishing you a very happy birthday Rafi Saab.
    Duniya mein jo aayega woh ek din duniya se jaayega par ek awaaz jo duniya mein sada kaayam rahegi woh hai ham sab ke pyaare Rafi Saab ki awaaz.
    Jai Ho Rafi Saab Ki. Regards, Birendra Singh Bisht

  9. mercy says:

    Good to know I have company in starting the day with Rafi’s songs, especially couple of Bhajans even though I have no religion. Rafi generally keeps me awake late at night. I put on CDs or Rafi radio and find it hard to switch it off, saying to myself “just one more song” over and over until I reluctantly turn it off in the wee hours of the morning. I feel sorry for those people who have not discovered and experienced the soothing, inspiring and invigorating powers of Rafi’s rendition of songs to fit every mood.
    Thank you for your article.
    Let me also express my gratitude to those who developed and manage this website.
    Rafi for ever.

  10. Moumita says:

    An immortal and outstanding singer. His melodious voice still rings in the mind.

  11. SalRafi says:

    Happy birthday Rafi Saab yet again. There will be people celebrating this great singer and human being for 100s of years to come. I agree everything written here and the comments by readers.
    While I don’t know about your point No. 1 as I don’t watch serials. I would sadly disagree with your point No. 2 that I thought there is a vested interest in the industry and radio stations that undeservingly boost KK and Asha songs in the jingles, remixes and titles.

  12. Well said Achalji. The same is the case with me and his billions of fans all over the world. Truly said. Thanks. Wah wah wah. Hats off to you and Salam and namaskar to our Farishtha.

  13. achal rangaswamy says:

    Thank you so much my friends

    we have all been brought together by the magical influence of Rafi Sahab

    he watches over us like a kindly farishta

    warm regards

    Achal Rangaswamy

  14. Jameel Ahmed Sheikh says:

    You r great fan of M Rafi Sahib……
    You think about Rafi Sahib in a different manners…


    Achal ji .. Yes we feel Rafi Sahab s presence more so as the years roll by. The world discovers the treasures left behind by him and to the delight of fans like us, use these melodies in commercials, in house music , lifts etc. I can see that your relationship with Rafi Sahab has matured from that of an awestruck fan who cant get enough if Rafi Sahab to that of a devotee who has Rafi Sahab constantly beside him.. Smiling and leading him through life s landscape! Nice evocative style of expression ! Warm regards, Venkat

  16. varsha gujar says:

    I am varsha gujar ,like 2 listen old gold songs & share with my all friends ,song is my hobby so i don’t like make Money on my hobby ,I am always happy with my family .

  17. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Achal ji, even though this is a small write up each line
    is catchy.Yes Rafi Saab is always with us.

    The Golden Voice with the Golden Personality and it is
    a rare and unique one which no other celebrity possess.
    That is why he is always with us.The people like we are
    all lucky to have such a veteran to get.

    Long live Rafi Saab………….

  18. Anonymous says:

    It goes without say just how listening to the great Mohd Rafi has become an integral part of so many peoples life. However, I never tire of people sharing their memories, in fact it fills my heart with joy and I will never tire of listening to the legends voice which is just sublime. Thinking even more of him today which would have been his birthday, long live his memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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