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Music After Rafi

This article is written by Mr. Anmol Singh

Music After RafiIt is believed that an individual’s importance is understood better when one leaves us for ever. The same can be said for Rafi Saab. This was during the era of 80s when music passed through one of the most difficult phases.

Singing the most of songs in 1980 and providing maximum number of hits, Rafi Saab leaves us suddenly forever on 31st July. The result of Rafi Saab’s need in the 80s was deeply felt by music composers, which brings his clones like Anwar, Shabbir Kumar and Munna Aziz into limelight. Most music composer made the most effective use them. LP used them through of their compositions. To name a few – “Sari Duniya Ka Bojh Hum Utha Te Hai”, “Jeet Janyenge Hum”, “Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Denge”, “Tum Se Mil Ke Naa Jaane Kyon“, “Pyar Kiya Nahi Jaata Hai”, “Mohabat Ab Tejara Bann Gaye Hai”, “Zindagi Imtihaan Leti Hai”, “Teri Mehbaniyan”, “Dil Beqrar Tha Dil Beqrar Hai“, “Aaj Kal Yaad Kuch”, etc. Even Pancham contributed using the above singers through songs of ‘Betaab’ and one unforgettable score sung by Anwar, “Koi Pardesi Ayaa Pardes Main”. Early 80s also saw the gradual rise of Anu Malik, some of his works involving the above singers consist of – “Kahan Jate Ho Ruk Jaao“, “Sohni Meri Sohni”, “Yaad Teri Ayegi”, etc.

Mohd Rafi with O.P.Nayyar and Guru Dutt
Mohd Rafi with O.P.Nayyar and Guru Dutt

Another singer who emerged after Rafi Saab death was Suresh Wadkar. Being classically trained he sang many quality songs mainly under LP, Pancham and KA. There where few contributions from other composers as well. To name a few – “Saajh Dhale Gagan Tale”, “Chal Chameli Baag Mein”, songs of Prem Rog where he sang for Rishi Kapoor, “Likhanewaale ne likh daale milne ke” a duet with Lata from the film ‘Arpan’ is truly mind blowing. A ghazal with Bhupindar from ‘Masoom’, “Huzoor Is Kadar Bhi Na Etra Ke Chalie”, another super performance by Suresh under Pancham. A duet with Anwar from Vidhaata, “Haathon Ki Chad Lakiroon Ka” is truly magnificent. A great composition from KA. Another marvelous contribution from the duo for Suresh was “Aur Is Dil Mein Kya Ratha Hai”. There are many such great contributions by Suresh.

Despite many good scores composed by established music composers and singers many good films didn’t perform as per expectation. The result of which many quality film makers experienced a gradual downfall from 1983 onwards. Many well known film makers like BR films, Gulzar, Ramanand Sagar, Ramesh Sippy, etc made a switch over to television producing serials. Rafi loyalists like Nasir Hussain, J Om Prakash, Manmohan Desai and Shakti Samath also ran out of steam in the 80s with a number of flops in a sequence. Perhaps a lot of blame was put in video piracy for the failure. But the fact remains, without Rafi it was difficult to compose quality songs.

The downfall of quality filmmakers restricted the work for quality music composers, singer, lyrics, scriptwriters, etc. At this point sub standard filmmakers step in, which also brought in sub standard music composers, lyrics writers, etc. Most of these filmmakers who had no sense in filmmaking, imposing their own ideas on majority composers. As a result it became extremely difficult for quality music composers like LP, Pancham, KA, Khayyam, etc to get work quality work. Many old music composers contributed in very few quality films rather being more cautious in their approach to get recognition for their work. In fact the LP and Subhash Ghai combo were the most successful pair to contribute quality scores through out the 80s. Rajesh Roshan was primarily associated with his brother Rakesh Roshan. KA could manage at least one hit in a year to maintain their position. In orders words all the composers lost their freedom in the 80s, which they enjoyed in the earlier decades when Rafi Saab was there. Music lovers wondered whether the old composers had forgotten to compose good tunes in their later years. It is believed the LP where left with many unused tunes which only Rafi Saab could render. This implies that they were not able to operate with their full potential, which is applicable to other music composers as well.

Mohd RafiApart from composers even singers where also affected. With Mukesh and Rafi gone perhaps Kishore was the only quality singer left. Ideally it was an open ground for the Pancham and Kishore combo to bring back the old glory of early 70s in the 80s. Kishore end up singing majority songs much below his caliber in the 80s. The best of Kishore was lost once Rafi was no more. Same is the case with Mahendra Kapoor who kept himself associated with the B R banner whether films or television, not much contribution for Manoj Kumar after ‘Kranti’. The down fall of music in films sees the rise of many ghazal singers like Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Talat Aziz, Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, etc in the 80s, since music lovers had no choice but listen to melody in private concerts or through private albums. Few of them contributed in films under LP, KA & Khayyam.

Kishore & Pancham contributed their best in the entire 70s when Rafi was there. When Rafi Saab leaves us there was not much contribution from the duo other than few exceptions in the early 80s, which possibly were recorded prior to Rafi’s death. Since Rafi was a very high quality singer it kept all his contemporaries along with music composers on their toes to deliver their best. This in turn benefited many film makers to produce quality films and write quality scripts. Since music has been the primary criteria for success in filmmaking, many below average or small budget films had many hit songs prior to 80s sung by Rafi Saab and other singers. Where as in the 80s many big budget films could contribute very few hit songs.

As the dominance of sub standard films reaches its peak from mid 80s (somewhere 1986-87) the only way to bring back crowds to the theaters was to re-release the old films of 50s, 60s and 70s through film festivals. We see the songs of films like “Dosti”, “Caravan”, “Karz”, “Amar Akbar Anthony”, etc being played on the screen. As the golden era comes back on screen, once again we see the showering of coins by the music lovers. Yes, Rafi Saab lived after his death for his fans and will live forever.

Mohd Rafi with poet lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and composer Khayyam
Mohd Rafi with poet lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and composer Khayyam

To conclude Rafi Saab took away many things along with him once he left us, which triggered many sequence of events resulting in the downfall of music. Quality was affected to a great extend in every possible aspect of filmmaking. A good script or lyrics need a great voice with great power of expression and emotions to make a song win the hearts of the music lovers. Rafi’s voice had every thing that was needed giving us incredible numbers from late 40s to the late 70s. His ability to enhance an ordinary tune to an extra ordinary score was not seen after his death. When the tunes in 80s were good enough the singers who sang them exceptionally well, could not add some thing new or different to enhance the over all quality. Indeed there where many things only Rafi Saab could do. His honesty and humbleness added to his work. No wonder a great composer like Naushad said "I lost 50% of myself after Rafi’s death". Similarly O P Nayyar also stated "There would have been no O P Nayyar if there was no Rafi". The same holds true for Madan Mohan as well who was never associated with any big banner, but composed incredible scores with Rafi Saab. Similarly Rajesh Roshan in his tribute to Rafi Saab said, that “People complain about today’s songs, but then tell us where are the singers like Rafi to deliver them”.

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83 Blog Comments to “Music After Rafi”

  1. unknow says:

    I don’t know why few people want to Make RD and KK the best offourse they were great but not even in best five as I think..
    IF we speak abount best music I think in 1940’s was Anil Baswan in 1950’s was naushand ,1960’s the best year of music was SJ in 1970 was LP as I think after 1980 there is no one at top but we can say LP was at top.
    If we speak about best singer also KK will be not in best five singers as I think

  2. xxx says:

    ref to p 48::


    u r viewing d things through d commercial angle, and yes commercially lp always lead his contemps… but im viewing d things through quality angle, and after d death of shri madan mohan ji & sachin da i believe pancham contributed maximum to d quality followed by lp & ravindra jain…

    actually golden era was only from 1949-75, it was only aftr rafi ji’s comeback some quality returned so we can extend golden era upto 1980, but after great rafi sahab there was no quality music, 2nd generation composers(lp,rdb,ka) only disappointed us in 80s…

    these 5 maestros were d real architects of d golden era

    1.naushad burman
    3.madan mohan

  3. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref to Post – 47

    In terms of commercial success mid & late 80s was a very bad phase of Pancham. His music cannot be considered bad as such, but it was not that great to create an impact the way it was in the early 70s. Perhaps ‘Ijaazat’ was his last best perfomance in the 80s. His biggest downfall in 80s was loosing the Nasir banner plus the success QSQT through Anand-Milind. Nadeem-Shravan followed next through ‘Aashique’. This acted almost like a dead end for Pancham.

    In terms of commerical success LP were way ahead of their comtemporaries. Plus they were successfull with many new film makers of late 80s viz. N Chandra(Tezaab), Boney K(Mr India), Mukul Anand (Hum). Above all Subhash Ghai was always there with them. They were successfull with many new singers also, where Pancham couldn’t click successfully.

  4. xxx says:

    ref to p:45,

    anmol ji,

    i dn know much abt commercial success but these 3 albums by pancham from 1987-94 were totally in higher stand in quality dan those by odrs..

    3.1942 a lv stry….

    much better than albums by odr biggies– l-p, k-a, salil da, ravi ji during 1987-94…

    whenever pancham got some sensible filmmakers & lyricists he clicked but odrs unfortunately didnt, reasons like death of rafi sahab, downfall in standard of film making were d primary reasons behind deterioration.

    imagine those 100+ unused tunes by lp in 80s, 80s wud b gr8 for lp if rafi sahab wud b hav been there to render those tunes, which they shelved after death of this gr8 singer …..

  5. Sanjay says:

    in an attempt to be all bold & garner attention for my point lol…i forgot to add…thanks very much for the article, i enjoyed reading it, and rafi sahab zindabad!

  6. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref to Post – 38 & 41.

    Prior to writing this article I had taken the entire download of films in which KK had sung for most of the music composers between 1981 to 1987. The following are the statistics.

    Bhappi Lahiri – 71 Films (Hits – Namak Halal, Sharaabi)

    Pancham – 64 Films (Hits – Kudrat, Barsaat Ki Ek Raat, Shakti, Sanam Teri Kasam, Satte Pe Satta, Agar Tum Na Hote, Shaukeen, Saagar)

    LP – 34 Films (Hits – Rajput, Andhaa Kanoon, Avtaar, Mr India)

    KA – 13 Films (Hits – Laawaris, Kalakaar, Jaabaaz)

    Rajesh R – 21 Films (Hits – Yaraana, Kaam Chor)

    Usha K – 11 (Hits – Souten)

    KK sang maximum no. of songs for Bhappi Lahiri.

    Between 1981 to 1983 the following are the hits rendered by KK under various Music Compsoers

    ‘Kudrat’, ‘Namak Halal’,‘Yaraana’, ‘Silsila’, ‘Barsaat Ki Ek Raat’, ‘Laawaris’, ‘Shakti’, ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’, ‘Satte Pe Satta’, ‘Rajput’, ‘Andhaa Kanoon’, ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’, ‘Avtaar’, ‘Souten’, ‘Kalakaar’, ‘Shaukeen’, ‘Kaam Chor’.

    Between 1984 to 1987 the number goes down.
    ‘Sharaabi’,’Saagar’,’Jaabaaz’,’Mr India’.

    During the period of 1984 to 1987 till Kishore’s death Bollywood witnessed the worst quality of music. The last best contribution by Pancham for Kishore was in ‘Saagar’ in 1985. One cannot really blame Bhappi completely for the downfall of music, since he was being offered very few quality films. He did had quiet a number of hits in the late 70s to his credit. Plus success criteria for both Pancham and Bhappi Lahiri appeared to be very much Kishore dependent. This was not the case with LP and other music composers. Therefore after Kishore’s death Bhappi Lahiri & Pancham almost vanished from the scene.

  7. unknow says:

    Daer Azamm
    as u said I will say it again, a singer like Rafi sahab is born in centuries!” but the true is singer like Mohd rafi born once only and never again,Indain are lucky because they have Mohd rafi,He was true Human in many culture.
    A ,Born in late 1940’s child in 1950’s young in 1960’s old in 1970’s and no mare music after 1980’s
    the answer we get it so easy that no music without mohd rafi
    Anil Baswas was at the top in 1940’s but after mohd rafi came with Naushand there was no Anil baswas,Anil baswas said that Mohd rafi voice is not good but when Mohd rafi was at the top in 1958 when anil went to him to sing for him Mohd rafi singed for him,RD used KK in the place of mohd rafi in 1970’s but when he went to Mohd rafi he singed for him,same to dev Anand,DharamJi,

  8. Azam Khan says:

    Anmol sahab, beautiful article. Very informative!

    I just want to add that Rafi sahab sang each and every with heart. In order to make your singing affective, one must sing with heart and Rafi sahab always did that. That is also part of the reason people cry, smile, laugh, and feel his voice in their hearts.

    I will say it again, a singer like Rafi sahab is born in centuries!

  9. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Further to my post 33:
    After 80’s, many old Pakistani songs were used in Indian films by some music directors. Either they had not enough caliber to produce good compositions or they were too lazy to create good compositions, which ever was the reason but they imitate many songs. Few songs which quickly came into mind are given below. Unfortunately I did not remember the films, singers or music directors names.
    1. Noor Jehan’s “Chalo Acchha hua tum bhool gaye” was used in voice of Lata ji with same lyrics and composition and picturised on Rekha.
    2. Mehdi Hassan’s “Aaj too ghair sahi” was used with same lyrics and composition and picturised on Rajesh Khanna.
    3. Akhlaq Ahmed’s “Sona na chandi, na koi mehel” converted into “Choti si dunya, muhabbat ke hai mere paas” with same composition.
    4. Muserrat Nazir’s ghazal “Chalay to cut hi jaye ga sefer, aahista aahista” converted into “Tumhein apna benaney ki qesem, khai hai khai hai” and used in film “Sadak”.
    These are some songs which came immediately into mind. The list is very long. Once in an interview, Mehdi Hassan pointed out the same and said that Nadeem – Sherawan had become famous due to his songs, which they used with their names.

  10. xxx says:

    sanjay ji,

    partially agree wd u, but i think primary reason was death of rafi sahab, as
    lp’s deterioration in 80s has lot to do wd rafi sahab, there 100s of tunes got wasted coz of 80’s tragedy, also imagine ravi’s only gr8 album from 80s “nikaah” & lp’s “ek dooje ke liye” in voice of rafi sahab, both were gr8 albums and wud b revolutionary too if rafi sahab wud rendered all those tunes..

    agree wd u dat demise of those magical and most gifted mds was also d reason behind sub standard music of 80s, actually quality came down from post 1975 itself wd demise of gr8 madanji & dada, early demise of j from sj also affected d music, earlier dis worst thing happened in late 60s-early demise of gr8 roshan sahab , naushad sahab denied to compromise wd quality, all these were factros behind wat happened in post 75era, but rafi sahab kept everybody on their toes to deliver best untill 1980….

    also ignorance of rdb by big banners in late 80s was also reason behind deterioration, majority of wat rdb delivered from 1961-83 was quality work, things went against him in 1984 wen 90% of his work was crap, from dat moment all big banners went to bappi,lp,rr,rj…

    even wat he delivered in early 90s was better dan those of nadeem-shravan, anu malik etc etc.. lets onsider only three songs by rdb in early 90s..

    1.tum jo mile to laga hai (drohi-1992, singer-suresh wadekar)

    2.mile jhoom ke milan rut aayi (professor ki padosan-1993, only classical number from early 90s sung by lata & anoop jalota )

    3.aaja meri jaan (aaja meri jaan-1993, superbly sung by spb & anuradha, notice here dat pancham totally revived his as well as hfm’s orchestra wd dis song)

    there is no any song of anu & ns which can surpass quality of above songs, note dat i have not mentioned his comeback album after 10 long years 1942als.. all big banners commited big mistake by ignoring rdb, composers like ns, anu, ram-laxman, anand-milind were toddlers b4 pancham’s talent

  11. BOBY SAIFI says:


  12. Good article by Mr.Anmol. whtever will be after Mohdrafi’s demise the film industry lost its musical charm and even after kishore was there we hear so many songs of rafisahab also. now also i feel that there is so many rafi songs are not released, now somebody should do a film as a tribute to mohdrafisahab, his unreleased songs and his life-story. if any body have a copy of film’s division documentry film of mohdrafi. plz. can i get a copy of it. He was a unique playback singer in the film industry.

  13. Sanjay says:

    I do not agree with this article. It is true that the vacuum left by Rafi will never be filled and that no singer today can render a song as magically as he did. However, this is not the reason why music spiralled downhill after Rafi. The ultimate reason: there was a shortage of quality music directors. Look at the trends from 1950 to 1990. 50s & 60s you had HB, SJ, MM, SDB, Roshan, OPN, Salil, Chitragupta, Naushad, peak LP, peak KA. You also had great talents in that time like RDB, Jaidev, etc who weren’t as prolific. These MDs are so great I’d hesitate to rate one over the other! Then in the 70s it goes right down to RDB, LP, & KA. SDB was ailing and MM was depressed. You go from dozens to just 3! See a trend? 1980s LP take hundreds of assignments and go for quantity over quality (as xxx pointed). RDB & KA are not composing at respective bests. It is easy to make trash that becomes popular for a short time – just see charts of American music. I can’t give examples due to language so take my word for it. It is tougher to impose your talent and make something popular, eternal AND do it regularly. This is what we had in 1950s and 1960s and sometimes in 1970s. The three MDs were no longer able to do that in the 1980s. Usha Khanna did it in 1983 but overall movement was declining. Ask yourself this: if SJ, SDB, Roshan, MM, etc where around in 1980s (the large string of mega talents) – would music decline? No nearly as much. Udit Narayan doesn’t compare to Rafi but he is still a good singer. When Madan Mohan tune was given to him in 2004 – what happened? Immense popularity + quality. Same with 1942 A Love Story. Yes if Kishore or Rafi were around those songs would be much better – but the songs were very good on absolute scale rather than a comparative one. Even when Rafi & Kishore were around they complained about declining quality of compositons. Immortal, good, and bad are three different things. We had immortal music with Rafi, we could have had good music with decent singers but instead we often got bad music because a decline of MDs. What if peak Mohammed Rafi was around in 2008? Of course his intrinsically awesome voice would add light to some compositions but the impact would be limited because very few compositions would make full use of his abilities. The reason for decline is not many good MDs today.

  14. Nadeem says:

    Good Article nice topic raised Mr. Anmol

    In one sentence I complete yuor Article, According to Rajesh Roshan “Nowadays good songs are not coming because there is no RAFI

    I m also a great fan of Rafi Saab I have a large collection of 4000 songs of Rafi Saab’s song in 250 imported TDK Audio Cassette, 300 HMV Audio Cassettes, and many CDs, VCDs, DVD’s and MP3. Its in filmi non film, released, unreleased, bhajan , qawwalies, shabad, around the World Prog Audio Cassette, a psycholopedia, many rare movies and etc in 20 various languages not only Audio but also I have his Personal family Video like his sons wedding around duration 30 minutes, live interviews, doccumentry film and many video clips in VCD format, and his many audio interviews and arround 100 LPR( Long Player Record)

    And also KL Saigal, Talat Mehmood, Mannaddey, Kishore Kumar, Asha, Lata, Noorjahan, Shamshad and Geeta Dut, Mehdi Hassan Pakistani Film Songs in 40 Audio Cassette, Ghulam Ali Ghazals, Vast Collectio

    Due to some private reason I want to sale my entire collection, If there is any person who wants to purchase my collection approach my name

    Mr. Nadeem
    Tell. 022-24051327/28
    Cell. 09323749890

  15. unknow says:

    Music after mohd rafi we can see it in flim JHODA AKBAR,as I think this flim is missing music of Nausand Ali and voice of Mohd rafi or we can say music of Mandon mohan and again voice of mohd rafi……… I think

  16. thanks a lot for sending me the books/cd to Murtyji & vinod viplavji.

    I got the books yesterday itself.

  17. In the 80s LP tried out his compositions with most of the singers that had been referred by the author. Actually LP were absolute admirers of Rafi and probably given the maximum number of songs to him as they survived for the longest period. For example Jaikishan died in 1971, otherwise SJ could have given more songs to Rafi. In the 80s stars like Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor in films like Vidhata had to sing with some playback singer. And most of the Rafi clones could not fill up the vacuum created by Rafi.I have mentioned realtionship of Rafi with OP Nayyar, Madanmohan, etc. in and they had not compromised with alternatives, they preferred not to give music than try out others.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  18. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Post 3:
    Dear Binu ji,
    Nadeem – Sharavan was not revived back the music. They were simply imitator. They stole music from old Pakistani songs (specially songs of Mehdi Hassan) and re-create them in India.

  19. Anmol Singh says:

    First of all thanks to all the Rafi Fans for your compliments.

    Ref to Post 31- Possibly my focus on this article is mainly on the era of 80s. Sonu Nigam certainly is a better singer than the Rafi Clones like Shabbir & Munna Aziz. Sonu Nigam possibly imerged some where in the mid 90s.

  20. An interesting article. In the list of the singers mentioned by the author, perhaps Sonu Nigam had been the most successful at present. I have mentioned about Sonu Nigam in my article at
    Very significantly the other singers who imitated Rafi, just imitated his style, they did not have the classical talim to provide same level of excellence. Sonu Nigam is a much trained singer and can sing western songs at ease. His greatest victory is the esteem at which he sees Rafi. Because to understand Rafi’s greatness one has to have lot of musical understanding.
    Many ccomposers like Naushad, OP Nayyar, Khayyam, etc. who were alive after Rafi’s death did not experiment with the replacements. Neither Rafi can be replaced nor Lata can be replaced. Rafi can only be remembered like a saint.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  21. rafian1 says:

    Post 29.

    Please don’t spill this precious website with your communal writings.This site is too beautifull so that we don’t allow anybody to ruin the precious nature.Pls don’t compare your ‘bacha’ singers like Aziz & Kumar with the Legendery Mohd Rafi.


    Pls delete the post 29.

  22. binus2000 says:

    Post 29 :: only poison… and communal feelings in his mind. feel sorry
    for his thinking.

    binu nair….

  23. santosh says:

    This is Santosh from Ahmedabad.I have misplaced your number .Pl give me your number so that I can talk to you and re live the magic of our rafi saab.Honestly it gives me great pleasure to talk to people who love rafi saab.

    Long live rafi saab.He was and will be the best singer as far as voice, range, emoting and suitablity to different actors and different generations.

  24. ATM SALIM says:





  25. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Only a very small group of rafians are paticipating in this website.
    i have talked with so many rafi saab lovers.People still love music
    of rafi saab and the same time loving him as their own beloved one.
    rafi saab and his music need much more attention as some of the
    medias and jelous people try to vanish rafi saab.really so far i did not
    care about after seeing so many things i feel we need to do
    little more effort.Dear Krishnaji (refer post 15) after seeing your coment
    tears come out from my eyes.You know one of my friend’s wife was
    telling she used to weep when she hear the rafi saab song “Aaya hum
    mere dil bar theri anjuman me lekar”

    For us mohamed rafi saab is a singer,is a gentle,soft,humble man and
    above everything “a miracle” which is always near our soul and why it is like
    that only the almighty knows

  26. Narayanan says:

    post 22 Dear Imtiaz sab,
    Sir I totally disagree ur view points both Shabbir and Mohd Aziz were very poor imitators of Rafi saab and most of the songs were pathetic to say the least. For eg in Khudah gawah and Tere Meherbhaniyan both of them spoiled the show by crying n crooning without any melody.poor LP had no Sonu Nigam at that time. Only in Betaab, Shabbir was melodious.
    I feel Sonu Nigam who speaks to his Demi god Rafi saab everyday and who considers Rafi saab as his father can atleast come close to 70% of Rafi saab’s melodies. Perhaps Rafi saab has blessed him so much that is why Sonu is in great demand amongst the current MDs also.
    No current MDs worth their salt can ever afford to forget the Emperor of music that is RAFI SAHAB>
    Another famous singer who has a style of his own is Udit Narayan and proudly say that he belongs to the school of MOHD RAFI MUSIC and no wonder he is still a force to reckon with.
    Shaan loves both the legends Rafi and KK.
    So today’s gen next are fans of Sonu,Udit,and Shaan and they are all big fans of Rafi saab

  27. binus2000 says:

    Anwar the playback singer with his maiden song in mere gharib
    nawaaz , “kasme hum apne jaan ke ” , made music lovers sit
    up and take notice.
    this was in 1976-77 period and rafi saab too blessed anwar for
    coming closest to rafi saab.
    but pride and certain habits took the better of him and his art
    and the man vanished from the screens.

    binu nair.

  28. santosh says:

    Rafi saab will live on till music lives.All I can say is that we all love u rafi saab and if you are looking at us from above please know that we all love and worshipp you.

  29. Imtiaz Khan says:

    We all believe music died when Mohammed Rafi saab passed away on 31st July 1980. Two naujawans’ stood up to keep the spirit of Mohammed rafi’s singing style alive.

    These naujawans’ were Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz. Although both were competing against each other for the love of Mohammed Rafi saab, they managed to sing many songs in the same films.

    But I would say Mohammed Aziz was the best singer after Mohammed Rafi saab. He had more range and depth than Shabbir Kumar in terms of singing style. He sang for all the top actors in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

    Manmohan desai, a die hard Mohammed Rafi follower, utilised Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz in Coolie, Mard, Allah Rakha, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati and Toofan. Harmesh Malhotra used Mohammed Aziz in Nagina, Nigahen, Heer Ranjha, Banjaran, Paapi devta etc to bring Mohammed Rafi style of singing in his films.

    Like Manmohan Desai, KC Bokadia also used Shabbir Kumar very well in his films such as Teri Meherbaniyan, Naseeb apna apna, Jawab hum denge, Pyar kiya hai pyar karenge, Paap ka anth, Main teri dushman, Kundan, Aaj ka arjun etc.

    So I would like to say Mohammed rafi is the best singer and after him would be Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz. But it is very sad that they are not singing today in films as current music directors dont appreciate Mohammed Rafi.

    To end I would like to quote one of Mohammed Aziz’s song:



  30. rafian1 says:

    Excellent Analysis Anmol Singh ji.But I would like to disagree the part where you mentioned about Nadeem Shravan.I think that songs from QSQT(‘Ae mere humsafar especially) has given some fresh air to other wise dying hindi film music.Of course ‘Ashiqui’ was popular too.But when you look back now I feel it was QSQT.

    Few of my Favourites in Post Rafi era are

    .Apne dilse padi dushmani ee…isaliye mein tumse dost ki(Betab)
    .Apnom mein mein begana(KK)
    .Agar tum na hote(Lataji)
    .QSQT SOngs
    .Teri ummeed tera intezar(Deewana)
    .Na jane mere dil ko kya hogayaa(DDLJ)
    .Kuch Na Kaho(1942 a love story)
    .Ae ajnabhi(Dil se)

  31. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Anmol Singh Saheb,
    Congratulations! An excellant and well written article.
    I salute all the Rafians for their wonderful and heart touching statements about this Legend. All the praise goes to almighty God, who gave us Rafi Saheb.
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  32. Ashar Hafeez says:

    haaaaaaa, what can i say, Rafi Sahib died before i born but i love his songs, listen his songs. i have never nought a caste of y other male singer but Rafi sahib’s.
    what a voice that is, the more i listen the more he amazes me, how to discribe his qualities, you will feel that there is nothing in the layrics, nothing n the composition but yet you want to listen that song just coz of that man. the expresion and emotions he gives to each and every word he sung is amazing. even just in one word he gives different expressions. he was tought by Allah

  33. binus2000 says:

    anmol ji : music tastes change with every era . people do want
    a change in every sphere of life . hence, we saw the era of
    k l saighal, ch atma, durrani, talat , rafi , kishore and again rafi
    up to 1980.

    some of the greatest songs were recorded in different eras
    according to the generation tastes which changed according to the
    to give an example , for puritans rafi’s voice was loud and there
    were many critics then. the yahoo song really “put Off” these
    puritans of the older generation but the “new” generation and the
    youth fell for rafi’s new trend songs : lock, stock and barrel.

    we have enough stuff to write about golden songs of each era
    and compare these with the music post 1980…

    surely, melody has gone away from the music with the new trends
    in film making and with the advent of the keyboard which has
    taken away majority of the jobs of musicians; along with
    their bread and butter.

    with the advent of new instruments and dearth of real singers, the
    melody has gone ‘away’ , but surely we have about 30000 songs
    from the hfm or more to enjoy and live for.

    binu nair………the rafi foundation……

  34. xxx says:

    although golden era died wd rafi sahab but what was the music scenario of those days!!!,, i mean y janta totally neglected rdb’s ijazat and libaas from late 80s?? i think these two music along wd album dil padosi hai were really high quality albums by rdb.. janta did the same thing wd rdb’s ijazat & libaas as earlier they did wd madanji’s haste zakhm & dil ki raahen…

    ijaazat & libaas were gr8 steps taken by gulzar & pancham to revive d melody, and these two albums were in higher pedestal in comparison to odrs from late 80s.. i still cant believe dat albums like aashiqi became rage those days..

    god bless bappi da & nadeem-shravan…..

  35. I would like to congratulate all Rafians for their presious contributions which enriched my information regards Rafi Sahab and enspired my soul. I am not Indian citizen, but luckly I came to know Rafi Sahab since the mid of the seventees from Indian films and great actors like Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, and Ragendra Koomar. Alonside with Rafi, I came to know the voices of the great Lataje and Ashajee. I fully agree with Anmol paya that music had suffered after rafi Sahab left this world. I believe that no one can take his place, because people like him is a gift from the Lord and will not easly replaced. Bahhot bahoot shokria Rafians.

  36. KRISHNA says:

    Superb Mr.Anmol Singh,

    You have written here like what we have in our minds. Music has actually ended with Rafi Saab. am very unfortunate that I could not see him at all. God is great that his voice is there always with all of us. Rafi Saab zindabad…
    Even though I belong to present generation my mind always goes with people of 60s and thereon.IMusic actually started degrading since 70s and not in 80s. We missed gorgeous tunes by beautiful musicians like SJ, OPN, Roshan, Naushad Saab, Madan Mohan in the 70s itself. Why blame Rafi Saab alone. RDB killed the music with western tunes. It was only LP who gave a good competition to him and gave some lilting tunes with ofcourse our beloved Rafi saab. Rafi Saab joined God (mokshai) after a good karma on earth. 1977 was really Superb. There is no record that Kishore Kumar took a filmfare award in 60s when Rafi Saab reigned but in 70s Rafi saab gave a comeback with National award as well as Best singer of the year 1977. What should one say on this. Does anybody have that beautiful video where Rafi saab coming to the stage to take the award. I beg to everybody here to send a copy of it to He is always above superior to any singer on earth. He is PadmaSharada, He is Gem of India, He is next to God. He is everything for me on earth. No day or night goes for me without hearing a song. God you are too partial to take him away from us. I will stop here as tears might roll out…

  37. This is a brilliant article by Anmol Sir please keep up this excellent work on Rafi saab

    Many Thanks

    Khalid Rashid

  38. unknow says:

    today will be Pran Bithday,I think the Bharat Ratna Award should be given to this man I think he is only one we can compare him with Mohd Rafi maybe as I think because he was at top and still know there is no will him came.
    People they didn’t put Pran name on there new born boys and abount MohD rafi they put Mohd rafi name to there new born boys,
    As I think actor will Dilp Kummar and Mr bachchan comes after 100’s years like Pran maybe after 1000’s but like Mohd Rafi never and never……

  39. binus2000 says:

    many singers will come and go but alas their songs dont have
    long shelf lives… one month , six months or few days ?????

    rafi saab songs are “eternal” since they hit the head first and
    then the heart – where it remains “for-ever”.

    for almost a decade or more music lovers lost their interest
    in music.

    the oldies are back again and rafi-centric singers who can give
    sixty percent or little more are back in demand as the music shows

    the maximum shows are of rafi saab and they are all superbly

    there is a “renaissance” happening in music too..

    anmol ji…. well analysed piece….

    binu nair. the rafi foundation……… mumbai.

  40. myk says:

    Music lost its charm after Rafi saab passed away. People who can’t see this or are ignorant of facts will say well no singer would have made a difference in the 80’s. However Rafi would have made a difference, as he wasn’t just any singer, he was a phenomenon, and he would have kept music flying high in the 80’s. The majority of MD’s were never the same again after Rafi saab passed away, the likes of Lata, Kishore, Asha etc. could not do anything about the sad state of music post-1980.

  41. Very good article. It is true that even KK could not recreate his magic in the eighties, perhaps he lost interest in film music of those days or he became very casual because of no competition. How many songs of KK from 80s are remebered today as compared to his seventies, especially sixties and fiftees songs. Very true that even the Mds could not come out with something soothing, because the man with unlimited range had gone.

    We had so many musicals in the fiftees and sixties and seventies, but how many after eighties, a handful which can be counted on your fingers. 1942 Love Story, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Baazigar, how many more one can add? I do not get any more perhaps because I lost inetrest in Hindi Film Music after 1980, in fact I stopped seeing movies iteself. One of the main attraction during my College days was the Rafi songs, which drew me even to some inane movies like Thokar, Mauva, Aabroo, Raton Ka Raja, etc. After he left, I was more happy listening to his casettes rather than get my mood off by listening to very ordinary songs of post 1980.

  42. Imtiaz Khan says:

    Mohammed Rafi saab has inspired so many singers such as Anwar, Shabbir Kumar, Mohammed Aziz, Vipin Sachdeva, Sonu Nigam etc but not one of possessed the same talent as his.

    Mohammed Rafi saab was divinely and is still being blessed by Allah the almighty and that is the reason why every generation of music lovers still listen to that voice that has departed from this materialistic world almost 28 years ago.

    The music today is at its lowest than ever and is all about making money regardless of the quality of music and singers.

    The singers today are not talented at all neither are the music composers or the lyricists.

    We all bow down in front of Allah and pray to him to send us back Mohammed Rafi.

  43. xxx says:

    first of all gr8 article by anmol ji.. wat a balanced article you have written,, i mean ur article is totally factual & logical wdout criticising anyone.. keep it up sir..


    r u sure nadeem-shravan revived the melody back?? i think there is no any relation of melody & nadeem-shravan,, they even degrade d shyari,, they also degrade gayaki by over-exploiting kk’s clone kumar sanu,,

    im really feeling pity for d janta of those days who made songs like “saaso ki zarurat haai jaise..” popular,, also preffering sanu over sp & hariharan is juss beyond belief…

  44. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear Anmolji,
    Some people are not ready to accept Rafi Saab as good singer and they have
    no alternative also.So many rafians put so many words about this and still
    I am repeating that if we hear the songs of Amar Akbar Antoney,Hum Kiseese
    Kum Naheen,Sargam etc.(the films in 1970s) we can understand nobody
    was there to replace Rafi Saab for his abilities to perform various types of

    When we hear the others singers songs we are feeling the repeatation
    as they have only handful of good songs in their credit.

  45. A S MURTY says:

    Very well crafted article mr anmol singh. simply nothing more can be said after departure of Rafi Sahab from the hfm. despite kishore’s presence until his death, the best of music was locked in the period before 31st july 1980. kishore did produce excellent pieces of songs since his rise, but the quality of songs that the 1960s produced was alas absent and no more to be seen thereafter. and the central figure in all the movies and behind all the herioes and other characters was the golden voice of rafi sahab. like mr hussain sheikh says, i too have stopped listening to music after the 1980s and have not seen any movie for the last several years now. even the compositions of good mds has faded away and except for a song here and a song there, most of what has been recorded in the period after rafi sahab’s depatture has been loud noise rather than pleasant and soothing music. congratulations for an excellent article.

  46. Narayanan says:

    Nice article Yes we want more such articles from u Anmol.
    well said Hussein bhai after Rafi saab there was no quality music.

  47. K.J.Ravi says:

    Anmol Singh has hit the nail on the head! The combined presence of all the singers (male) in the post-Rafi era has not been able to fill the huge void left by the legendary singer’s departure from the scene. One can only recall a poignant line form one of Rafi Sahab’s melodies (from Ek Nari, Do Roop, 1973) “Mujhko mere baad zamana doondegha…”

  48. binus2000 says:

    music had indeed died post 1980; one culd here only repeated and
    tiring bongo beats in r.d.b music; his poor cousin bhappi lahiri too
    could’nt out-perform any other composer ; L P the giants who
    could tune to any given situation would not be the same again with
    the departure of their main singer – mohd rafi saab.

    i think only nadeem-shravan revied the melody back in to hfm and
    pulled back “music lovers” back again to music.

    1942 – a love story was an exception in a decade for r.d.b for sure.

    binu nair.. the rafi foundation..

  49. ztas77 says:

    The music industry had lost its Jewel in the Crown on the 31st July 1980.

    I remembered seeing an interview with Lata in 1983, when she said “I do not feel like singing these days”.

    Kishore stated in a UK radio interview in 1986 that songs these days sound like “cham chama cham” There were phone in calls to Kishore regarding about Rafi, in response Kishore said he would be singing a Rafi tribute number on stage for his UK concert.
    Remember Kishore even considered of calling it day and returning to his native home town.

    I remembered in late 1981 when our local video rental/audio provider said, there had not been a single superhit since Rafi passed away.

    If only Rafi could have lived longer!

  50. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very true said by Mr. Anmol. Music after Rafi Saheb is zero. Singers like Shabbir kumar, Anwar, Mohd. Aziz came and vanished! No one can take Rafi Saheb’s place, it’s just impossible. I have stopped listening and bothering on today’s songs and singers as well. But, I believe Rafi Saheb is still living in millions of heart all over the world

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