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Mohd Rafi is still the number one playback singer

This article is written by Mr. K.S. Ramachandran.

I am writing this article with lot of conviction and truth by saying that Mohd Rafi is still the best play back singer for times bygone and also times to come! I have known people from my childhood days who have said that they used to stop by and listen to Rafi’s song, coming out of a roadside teashop or a restaurant. The voice is so magnetic and a crowd puller. The voice does not have more than what is necessary and does not at any moment convey the supremacy or pride. The voice is simply melodious, lilting and pleasant for a genuine music lover who does not see any one behind the voice but listen only to the voice. It is something very difficult to even propose to someone or even for any great singer to even attempt to sing Rafi’s songs with that perfection, melody, dhard and depth. The vocal chord is simply Godly and so powerful to penetrate the hearts of the millions of music lovers not only in our country but also across the globe, all over. He has sung songs with such dexterity that it cannot be narrated in words. Tere Pyarme Muje Kya Mila from Suhaagan, Kabhi Kudh Pe Kabhi Halladpe Ronaa Aayaa from Hum Dono are a few of his ocean of songs that may be scratched to get the sweetness and melody, if it is any indication.

On the occasion of his 26th death anniversary tomorrow the 31st July 2006, I would like to pray the Almighty to give all that his needed for his peaceful soul to rest and also give all his family members the due recognition that is well deserved for giving Mohd Rafi to this world, who by his voice, has literally carved out the very definition of melody and music and also by being a good human being with such great humility.

Long live Mohd Rafi’s voice and his treasure of melodious songs for the generations to appreciate his depth, strength, melody, range, dedication, meditation and life in every song he has delivered from his golden vocal chord.

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6 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi is still the number one playback singer”

  1. ajay says:

    mohd.rafi voice is truly god,s own voice.that not belong any reliogn .his voice is a god gift for all of us .nobody sing like that a truly class i fell that not even tansen singing like rafihis songs his bhajan is gone deeply in your heart and touch your soulhe is the KOHINOOR in indian film body can touch his kind of voice.i am the great fan for him

  2. adnansajid says:

    mohamed rafi we miss u
    nafrath ki duniya ko chodhke pyar ki duniya mai khush rehna mere yaar

  3. Suraj Kannan says:

    The songs of the great Mohd Rafi, were always at the very top on my wishlist. Even when I was 8-9 years of age, my favourite song used to be “Maine Poocha Chaand Se….” Back then, I was not much aware as to who had sung the song, but later on, as my list of favourites began to overflow, there was only one name that stood out, Mr Mohd Rafi….
    As time passed, his songs became very much part of my daily routine. There was hardly a day which passed without me humming atleast one of his wonderful songs. There was a sense of satisfaction that I got, when I sang his songs.
    But suddenly one fine day, while I was just checking some songs of his songs on the internet, I came across this date, “31-07-1980″ and a feeling of immense uneasiness crept into me….
    31st Of July 1980, the day I was born, the day I celebrated each year with soo much joy and happiness, why did it had to me this day, I kept on wondering…. Since then, my birthdays are never the same….

  4. vijay shah says:

    well i dont have any more words to say about this great legend he was not only good in his singing but he was a very good human being by nature as like a little innocient child.

  5. manish gokhale says:

    i am true rafi sahab’s lover. thats why i have visited the site.
    Definately he is best singer and will remain the best forever.
    About me,it will not be untrue if i say my whole life revovles around one name and i.e. Mohammad Rafi.

  6. unknow says:

    What the world have Indians have but Indians have Mohd Rafi and the world they don’t

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