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Mohammad Rafi and Jagmohan (translated)

This article is translated by Ms. Chitralekha

Hi all, I finally managed to translate part of that Gujarati article about Rafi sahab. Posting it on here for everyone to read.

The article “Budhvar ni Bapore” is humorous article published every Wednesday. This week it was about two singers – Rafi Sahab and Jagmohan Mitra. I have traslated the part that was about Rafi sahab.



From Gujarat Samachar (
Author: Ashok Dave.


Mohammad Rafi has become postal stamp…!

Tomorrow, on the 31st, it will be 23 years since Late Rafi sahad big us farewell. Imagine 300 years instead of 23, even then my great great grand-son or grand-daughter will also be paying tribute to Rafi sahab in the year 2303 in exactly same way.

Can we really pay tribute to Mohd. Rafi? Is there a way to bring peace to his soul because we pay the tribute? It is not because of our competence but the prominence of the late… do we pay tribute to Shri Ram or Shri Krishna, Allah or Jesus? they are all worshipped…! Indira ji or Rajiv ji are paid the tributes… then the photos are in newspapers…! In Rafi sahab’s case, on every 31st July, we have to remember his evergreen songs, which are like little adorable children rallying. We have to sing with all our heart “mere geeton ka singaar ho tum, jeevan ka pehla pyaar ho tum”, which melodious song was sung by Sahab for whom is the Late Bilkis Begam. We wouldn’t have known or believed this today if she had not told us about the fact that Rafi Sahab’s last song of his life was no filmy song but a “Kaali Pooja” bhajan in Bengali. The chest pain had started for this celestial being and was unable to record the “Kaali Pooja” album because of his bad health. But because the recording team doesn’t have to come all the way from Kolkata, he accepted it and at his own home did the rehearsal of Kaalimaata’s bhajan. He had a heart attack while recording. That was it… “raaz-e-dil unn se chhupaya na gaya”…

Do you know what was Rafi Sahab’s biggest hobby? Flying kites. While recording, in the half an hour recesses he would come home and go directly to the terrace and fly kites, but if the kite is cut off then he would be upset like a little kid…! Like Begam Bilkis Banu says, we go to movies with “Sahab” and our seven children, but apprehensive with publicity, Rafi Sahab will enter the theater after the film starts and will leave before it ends. Children would get mad.. but after coming home, he would sing seven different favorite songs of each of the children… doesn’t matter if the song is sung by Kishoreda or Mukesh bhai! Don’t know why, but he only watched ‘Sholay’ thrice. He loved it. Do you know, who was his most favorite hero? No… Not Dilip Kumar or any other Kumar… He adored Shammi Kapoor and Dharmendra. He used to play badminton with Shammi Kapoor almost everyday. Whenever he had to sing a song for Shammi, he would be in such a jolly mood. But his all time favorite song sung by himself was from film “Dulari” “suhaani raat dhal chuki”. But Begam Sahiba liked his non-film songs more. Specially, “mere liye, to bas yehi pal hai haseen bahaar ke, tum saamne baithi raho, main geet gaau pyaar ke” and “tuma ao, rum-jhoom karti, paayal ki jhankaar liye”. Begam Bilkis died on March 4, 1998.

There are many songs which were Begam Sahiba’s favorite but if you want to see all colors of life then listen to these non-film songs of Rafi sahab. You will absolutely fall in love with them.
1. shaam ke deepak jale, man ka diya bujh gaya
2. shyaam se neha lagaaye, radhe nir bahaaye
3. paar nadi ke deep jalaaye, baithi koyi baanwariya
4. do ghadi baitho tumhara roop aankhon mein basaa loon
5. hansa gagan beech roye
6. paagal chanda mere mann ki
7. gazab kiya tere waade pe aitbaar kiya
8. meri mohabbar qubool kar lo
9. paagal naina sagari raina, teri baat nihaare
10. kya yaad tumhe hum aayenge
11. tum geet ho solahve saawan ka
12. main kab gaata mere mann mein pyaar kissi ka gaata hai
13. iss dil se teri yaad bhulaayi nahin jaati
14. tere bharose hai nand-laala
15. more shyaam pal pal more mukh se nikle nisdin tero naam
16. paanv padu tore shyaam brij mein laut chalo
17. main gwalon rakhwalo maiyaa maakhan nahi churayo
18. suniyo araj hamaari
19. shaukh har rang rakibe saro sama nikla
20. dard minnat kashe davaa na hua

Today Mohd. Rafi has become a postal stamp just like this three mates Mukesh, Kishore and Hemant Kumar. Indian Govt. has brought all four of these to our tongue from our ears. I didn’t even like it when they made a postal stamp of Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph. The govt. makes a stamp of everyone we love… postman uses all the strength he has to stamp their faces black with the ink and we tear apart the envelopes with the faces of these great personalities. And even the pieces of those photos are brutally thrown away… “ek dil ke tukade hazaar hue, koyi yahaan gira koyi wahaan…”

I have already talked to God-Allah and Jesus. In next birth, don’t bring me back as Mohd. Rafi but please give me the same life of a Rafi-fan.

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34 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi and Jagmohan (translated)”

  1. yashwant singh rathod says:

    JAGMOHAN——-eak aisi mast sadhi hui awaz jo safed saree ke liye mufeed hai !us raag ko payal main jo soya hai jaga do— sundar ho kitni sundar ho pyari tum kitni sundar ho ………….KUNDAN LAL SAHAGAL/PANKAJ MALIK/JAGMOHAN/MASTER MADAN/BEGUM AKHTAR/NOORJAHAN KYAAAAAAA BAHAREN THEEEN! MAIN HAZIR HOON CLASSIC LIVE!!!!!—-09893670579.

  2. yashwant singh rathod says:

    yea sahi hai rafi saheb classiqe the unki private gazals vaha!vaha!!1-meri nigah ne kya kaam-“muhabatisko kahte hain.”2-koi mujh se pooche ke tum mera kya ho. “yea raaste hain pyaar ke.”gazal nonefilmi…KITABON MAIN NAHIN. BIGDI HUI BANADE AJMERWALE KWAJA. MUJHE LE CHALO AAJ PHIR US GALI MAIN. TERI TASVEER BHI TUJH JAISI HASEEN HAI LEKIN. SAAQI KI HAR NIGAH PE. JINHEN NAAZ HAI HIND PAR VO KAHAN HAIN……VAH///VAH//…..09893670579-

  3. raj rafi kumar says:

    mohd.rafi saheb is like God 4 me….hazaron baras nargis apni benoorie pe roti hai tab jaa ke paida hota hai chaman mein deedavar mohd.rafi jaisa. i m failed to understand and this feeling always pinches me as to why Govt.of India, inspite of recognizing the ever born talent of rafi saheb, could’nt honour the legendary singer from the title ‘Bharat Ratna’ whereas Lataji has already been enjoying her credential. Lataji’s singing capabilities comes only after Mohd.rafi saheb. she is well known diplomatic in maintaing her position whereas rafi saheb was very innocent and pure hearted soul always encouraged new talents. i strongly invite all rafi saheb fans to protest for Bharat Ratna Award which will be a true tribute to this great soul.

  4. Arvind Jain says:

    Modh. Rafi Sahab was really a doyen in playback singing and lata comes after that…the range he possessed was unmatchable. …heard that once he sang in a live performance the song of Baiju Bawara song and the octaves he rendered were even more wider than he actually sung in for the film……But this era is for cheap and mediocre singers…kishore sells today because of Asha Bhonsle and the other cooterie….even lata is quite reticent about Rafi Sahab………….

  5. A S MURTY says:

    These writeups and articles that lie beneath the unexplored archives section need to be revived Sir. There seems to be a lot more treasure hidden in your website that I had realised earlier. May all rafians explore these pages and they will learn a lot of newer things of the life and times of Rafi Sahab. Thanks to Ms. Chitralekha and shri ashok dave ( i heard his name from my friends in ahmedabad).

  6. Yashwant says:

    yas sriram ji, there are lot of non-filmi songs of rafi saheb. some of those i have. please contect me. i will send you all those songs list. my e-mail id is

  7. Sriram says:

    Is there anyway you can share the non-filmi songs sung by rafi sahab ?

  8. habib quadri says:

    hello virendra
    it’s wonderful to c that u have such rare collection.

    have u got talat’s other non movie songs/ghazals
    i would really appreciate if u please could give me info as to where else i can search.

    thanks a lot
    best regards

  9. Virendra Kukreja says:

    I am crazy about private (non-film) songs of all ourl egends.
    I have all the LP’s & 78 rpm records and a working Gramaphone also.
    I specially like Mohd. Rafi’s Do Gadi Baitho…, Talat Mehmood’s Tasveer teri dil mera behla nasakegi…, Asha Bhosle’s Salona saath sajan Ka…, Lata Mangeshkar’s Barse boondaniya saawan ki… all those 12:30 – 1:00 pm songs on Vivid Bharti.

  10. binus2000 says:

    Shashi bhushan ji.. Pyaar Mohabbat se raho..har insaan ko respect
    karo aur aage badho.. yehe hai secularism.

    Some people in the industry ask big time money for speaking about
    rafi saab – its on record. Some have big egos so they will not speak
    about rafi saab. there is a side-line rafi and legend music makers
    group also who are very active in the industry. Sonu Nigam is on
    record saying these realities.
    I will not take names in this forum as some friends have get offended
    and may get offended. This I will not cherish.

    Let us all music lovers enjoy the great contributions of legends
    and forget for the time being other issues which may be controversial.

    binu nair. the rafi foundation

  11. piece on rafi was out of this world.rafi and sahir have gone,but khayyam is still it too late to acknowledge their contribution to a secular india?pity is that the word secular has become dirty today.

  12. Narayanan says:

    Dear Sunitaji,
    Thanks for ur valuable information but we all thought that Rafi saab became very popular from Jugnu, Dulaari, Deedar days onwards……
    Kindly contact us Binu nair at Rafi Foundation Mumbai mob 9833250701 or leave ur contact tel or mob number with him or me P.Narayanan 9886779557 Blore based for knowing more insights to legendary lovable Rafi Saab…
    regards n god bless

  13. Sunita says:

    Did anyone know b4 Mhd Rafi gone on to become the Greatest Voice he use to simply sing as a ‘Chorus’ singer? well, One day an old time music director Mr.Murari Sharma of film ( ‘Ek Tha Ladka’ film released in 1951 which introduced handsome Bharat Bhushan into world of acting and Mukesh as singer (guess, no one know that..right???) heard Mhd Rafi and immediately said ‘You are blessed with voice of gold u must sing LEAD’ there was no looking back for rafi after that. Today he is a LEGEND.
    You may ask who am i and how do i know this? Well, That music director happened to be my father Late Mr.Murari Sharma who just passed away 08jun07.
    When we speak about great singers Rafi tops by far above all the rest!! This son of India made all of us proud..He deserves our respect and adoration..
    What a Great Voice and What a humble human being..
    Thanks so much for this websit and some really great updates.
    God Bless
    Sunita M Sharma

  14. Jameel Ahmed says:

    A billion thanks for such a nice heart catching article. My most favourite song is ” Suhani raat dhal chuki” If I hear 1000 time I feel like hearing anonther 1000 times.
    Righlty pointed out the insult on the stamps. How the post man defaced with all his strength. It touches the heart.
    Thank you so much
    The beautiful thing of Rafi sab is that just by listening the song we can make out on whom it is picturised. Wonderful
    Jameel Ahmed

  15. Jameel Ahmed says:

    A biion thanks for such a nice heart catching article. My most favouring is is ” Suhani rrat dhal chuki” If I hear 1000 time I feel like hearing anonther 1000 times.
    Righlt pointed out the insult on the stamps. How the post man defaced with all his strength. It touches the heart.
    Thank you so much

  16. v.narayan says:

    I have been trying very hard to listen to one of rafi’s best renderings “. kya yaad tumhe hum aayenge” . Does anyone have a copy that you can send me or send a link as to where I can hear it.

    It brings back very fond memories….


  17. binus2000 says:

    dear unknow 1 : we will love to hear from you in hindi : for
    obvious reasons..
    binu nair.

  18. binus2000 says:

    dear rafi lovers who are t a j lovers:

    Aap vote kare ya na kara TAJ MAHAL KO koyi neecha nehai kar sakta.
    yeh voting official nahi tha.. ek private initiative tha…
    unesco the world body ke manjoori nahi tha… cheating karke logon
    ko ulloooo banana paap hai…
    Mai taj mahal ko maanto hoon, desh ko maanto hoon, rafi saab ko
    maanta hoon : par yeh cheating bardasht nahi kar sakhta hooooon.

    taj mahal amar rahe… mohd rafi amar rahe .. ;pyaaar mohaaaabat
    amarrrrrr rr a h e nnnnn…

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation

  19. P. Haldar says:

    Mr. Akela, you are absolutely right about “Man tadpat hari darshan”; it’s the ultimate bhajan. Shakeel, Naushad, Rafi — they made this place we live in an “insaaf ka mandir”, a “bhagwan ka ghar”.

  20. when people talk about ‘bhajans’…i remember just three names__
    Naushad ali, md. rafi and shakeel badayuni…the composer of the
    immortal bhajan “man tadapat hari darshan ko aaj…”
    Interesting fact is that all the three were muslims and just see their
    creation ! What a wonderful composition !!
    this tells us not to bind an artist in the narrow circle of religion.
    and just listen lata tai singing “Allah, dard se mera daman bhar de..” in
    “sajada”… will forget her religion.

  21. unknow1 says:

    Dear P. Haldar,
    As u asked has anyone sung better bhajans than Rafi? Yes there is one only said by naushand Ali he called Mohd Rafi,do u know how?

  22. बीनूज़ी, मैं रफ़ी साब की फ़ैन हूँ. मैने आपका पत्र पढ़ा. आपने लिखा है ताजमहल
    को वोट देना एक फ्राद है इस से मोबाइल कंपनियाँ फ़ायदा उठती हैं . हम तो
    अपने देश की शान ऊँचा करना चाहते हैं सिर्फ़ इस लिए की कुछ मोबाइल
    कंपनियों को फ़ायदा ना हो…हम ताज को वोट ना करें ये क्या बात हुई ?

  23. Raajkumar Akela says:

    dear mr. binu,
    making money by mobile companies on/by television is not a new game.
    “aaj taj” channel claims it is the best channel and invites people to participate in so many contests with a prize of Rs. 10,000/-. Can anybody say he has received a prize so far. This is an everyday game.
    I, and perhaps a millions others, voted for “TAJ” because I love india and
    the marble monument is a pride of our country.
    “TAJ” has been selected one among the seven wonders of the world..that’s all.
    I will definitely contact mr.vinod regarding the biography of Rafi saab.
    thanks for the information.

  24. binus2000 says:

    My dear raj kumar akela:

    Voting for the taj mahal is a big fraud according to a UNI journo
    who is a rafi fan from delhi…
    the mobile companies made huge money and the ceremonies associated
    was of a private initiative and UNESCO the world body has dis-accociated
    with this huge gimmick… pl. do not be happy…
    Its another fraud to ring in millions of gullible people and they have
    Talk to uni journo mr.vinod viplav on 9868793203. He has written
    a bio on rafi saab : Meri awaaz suno… to be released on July 31.

    binu nair

  25. P. Haldar says:

    In my opinion, “tum saamne baithi raho, main geet gaau pyaar ke” is one of the best songs of Rafi saab. It has always been a favourite of mine; it used to be played quite often on a non-flimi geets & ghazals program on radio. “Shaam ke deepak jale” is also a very beautiful song. And “tere bharose hai nandlala”, composed by Khayyam, is one of the best bhajans ever. Forget ghazals, has anyone sung better bhajans than Rafi?

  26. Raajkumar Akela says:

    “ek shahanshah ne banawa ke hasin tajmahal
    Sari duniya ko mohabbat ki nishani di hai”

    Today I am recalling Rafi Saab’s this song when
    “Tajmahal” has been chosen No. 1 among the 7
    wonders of the world !
    Congratulations to all my countrymen !!!

  27. akmal jangvi says:

    can any one send these songs?

  28. binus2000 says:

    chitra: Pl keep writing : we look forward to it.. great work.

    binu nair the rafi foundation

  29. Raajkumar Akela says:

    A touchy article by Ms. Chitralekha. I feel eternal joy whenever I go
    through such an article. We need such articles time to times in this
    beautiful website…instead of dragg the legs of Rafi Saab and kishor
    who are no longer with us.
    I sincerely request all all and all rafians from all over the globe to
    come forward with their experience and write more and more about
    the legend Md. Rafi.
    Mr. Kaushik has mentioned few very beautiful ‘bhule-bisre’ songs of
    the legend. Badhai !

  30. Dear chitra

    Is it ashok dave’s article ?

    It is good and informative one article.

  31. binus2000 says:

    Lovely article….Its time that India s highest civilian award the
    bharat ratna is honoured in india – by bestowing it on mohd rafi
    india s great singer, cultural ambassador, a great patriot and an
    exemplary son of India – on Jan.26 , 2008, coming republic day.
    Lets all petition to the central government ….

    binu nair de rafi foundation Mumbai

  32. Kaushik says:

    Lovely article by Ms Chitralekha. Incidentally I came across this webpage, while searching on Google “Mere liye to bus yehi, pal hai hassen bahar ke, tum samne baithi raho, main geet gaoon pyar ke” plus the others below which I found. I have been hunting madly for the lovely collection of the non-filmy songs, of those listed above, especially:

    4. do ghadi baitho tumhara roop aankhon mein basaa loon
    5. hansa gagan beech roye
    6. paagal chanda mere mann ki
    7. gazab kiya tere waade pe aitbaar kiya
    8. meri mohabbar qubool kar lo
    9. paagal naina sagari raina, teri baat nihaare
    10. kya yaad tumhe hum aayenge
    11. tum geet ho solahve saawan ka
    12. main kab gaata mere mann mein pyaar kissi ka gaata hai
    13. iss dil se teri yaad bhulaayi nahin jaati

    These used to be a part of a LP which I cherished and lost and can’t find it either on a LP, audio cassette or CD, with a search even at Rythm House in Bombay. Unfortunately due to lack of patronising, even HMV (now SaReGaMa) who are the original publishers, have not published for long as I was told. Can anyone please help with either a website or a FTP where I could pick these precious songs?

    Please respond to my email, will be much obliged.


  33. Segaran says:

    A very touching and informative article indeed. There are a number of interesting and valuable details about the life of Mohd Rafi which we can treasure. Eg. His favourite song by himself, “suhaani raat dhal chuki” . We are surely grateful to the writer and the translator for their sharing of this good article.


  34. Bonifacius says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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